Daily Digest 1/21 – Some Strategists Say Get Ready for ‘Peak Decade’, Has Natural Gas Hit Rock Bottom?


After coronavirus outbreak, India issues travel advisory for trips to China (Sparky1)

New Delhi: The Indian government has issued a travel advisory asking citizens to follow certain precautionary measures while visiting China in the wake of the outbreak of infection there because of a new strain of the virus which is causing respiratory problems.

The advisory issued by the Union health ministry cautioned those visiting China to avoid travel to farms, live animal markets or where animals are slaughtered, and refrain from consuming “raw or uncooked.

How Prepared Are We For The Next Pandemic? Not Very, Experts Show (Sparky1)

What will happen when an unexpectedly virulent flu, or SARS, or Disease X—any other rapidly spreading viral infections—spreads globally causing a pandemic? How prepared are we? What do we need to do to be ready?

China Says Virus Outbreak Controllable as Millions Set to Travel (Sparky1)

Chinese authorities said the outbreak of a new SARS-like virus that’s killed two and sickened dozens is “still preventable and controllable,” in an attempt to reassure the public as hundreds of millions prepare to travel ahead of the country’s biggest annual festivities.

The source and transmission routes of the novel coronavirus in the city of Wuhan are still unknown, the National Health Commission said in a statement on Sunday.

Some Strategists Say Get Ready for ‘Peak Decade’ (Sparky1)

Amid the Alpine peaks of the Swiss resort of Davos in the week ahead, politicians, investors and executives will be busy debating whether we are witnessing peaks in key drivers of the world economy.

From oil demand, car production and the proportion of young people as a share of the population, to less-measurable themes like globalization, inequality and central banking power, there’s an argument each will ebb in the 2020s.

Davos 2020: Billionaires, Bankers, Actors, Trump, Thunberg Will Meet To Talk Inequality, Climate Crisis (Sparky1)

Bankers, executives, politicians, actors and more than 100 billionaires will meet in Davos, Switzerland next week for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. Among the high rollers will be Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio (net worth $18.6 billion) and Blackstone Group Chairman Steve Schwarzman ($18.3 billion).

This year’s meeting will occur during a period of unusual geopolitical turmoil, fears of a climate emergency and global trade disruptions.

These Syrian Women Rarely Left the House. Then the Men Disappeared. (Sparky1)

ALEPPO, Syria — The women of eastern Aleppo were rarely visible before the war, but now they shape the bitter peace. In the poor, conservative districts of Syria’s ancient commercial capital, many women seldom used to leave the house, and only with their husbands if they did; the men not only won the bread, but also went out to buy it.  Then came the civil war.

Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats (Sparky1)

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s prime minister said Monday that his country will form a space defense unit to protect itself from potential threats as rivals develop missiles and other technology and the new unit will work closely with its American counterpart recently launched by President Donald Trump.

The Space Domain Mission Unit will start in April as part of Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force, Prime Minister Shinzo Abesaid in a policy speech marking the start of the year’s parliamentary session.

Protesters, police clash in Beirut in ‘week of rage’ over financial crisis (Sparky1)

Hundreds of protesters were arrested and tear gassed this week in Lebanon as protests over the country’s financial crisis turned violent.

Some 352 people were arrested in Beirut during what has been dubbed a “week of rage” at the country’s political class and banks, which protesters blame for Lebanon’s worst financial crisis in decades.

When will your parents die? The factors that make the difference in America (Sparky1)

Even though it is a sad inevitability for everyone, the death of our parents is still defined by many of the same factors that shape the rest of our lives – factors like race, educational attainment and poverty.

In May, the US Census Bureau published a working paper to look at how demographic factors affect the age we are when our parents die.


Foreign powers back Libya ceasefire as commander’s forces choke oil flows (Sparky1)

BERLIN (Reuters) – Foreign powers agreed at a summit in Berlin on Sunday to shore up a shaky truce in Libya, but the meeting was overshadowed by blockades of oilfields by forces loyal to commander Khalifa Haftar that could cripple the country’s crude production.

Has Natural Gas Hit Rock Bottom? (Michael S.)

U.S. natural gas prices fell below $2/MMBtu on Friday for the first time in nearly four years.

The gas market is suffering from oversupply, as the shale industry has drilled the market into another bust. The share prices for top gas players were deep into red territory on Friday. Range Resources, for instance, was off by more than 8 percent.


Golf ball-sized hail, a town engulfed by a giant dust storm, two people struck by lightning — and that’s just 24 hours in Australia (ezlxq1949)

While firegrounds across NSW and Victoria have been sent some much-needed rain, locals now have to worry about flash flooding, which could be complicated by debris run-off from recent fires.

Storms began in parts of suburban Melbourne and southern Victoria on Sunday afternoon, when golf-ball sized hailstones rained down amid severe thunderstorms which brought damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

See hail and dust storms batter southeastern Australia (Sparky1)

Parts of southeastern Australia are being pelted by golf ball-sized hailstones — less than 24 hours after the region was hit by massive dust

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