Daily Digest 1/20 – The Gilets Jaunes Are ‘Unstoppable,’ Has the Gov’t Legalized Secret Defense Spending?

Daily Digest 1/20 - The Gilets Jaunes Are 'Unstoppable,’ Has the Gov't Legalized Secret Defense Spending?
  • Space Force, F-15X, Light Attack: What Will the Air Force Seek in Latest Budget?
  • Modern Monetary Theory or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the National Debt
  • Locked Up: How the Modern Prison-Industrial Complex Puts So Many Americans in Jail
  • ‘The gilets jaunes are unstoppable’
  • Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Who Could See It Coming?
  • Has the Government Legalized Secret Defense Spending?
  • Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their ‘New World Order’?
  • Ebola Outbreak in D.R. Congo Spreading Exponentially Faster
  • Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds
  • The stunning chart revealing Australia’s record-breaking run of rising temperatures
  • Rapid shift in Earth’s magnetism triggering urgent update in navigation program
  • New “Planetary Health Diet” Aims To Save Earth Before It’s Too Late

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