Daily Digest 1/20 – China’s coronavirus cases likely grossly underestimated, Missouri could jail librarians for lending ‘age-inappropriate’ books


All of the World’s Wealth in One Visualization (Thomas R.)

The financial concept of wealth is broad, and it can take many forms.

While your wealth is most likely driven by the dollars in your bank account and the value of your stock portfolio and house, wealth also includes a number of smaller things as well, such as the old furniture in your garage or a painting on the wall.

The Tractor Backlash (Thomas R.)

John Deere, like Ford and GM and all the rest, is forced by the government to build tractors as complicated as new cars – and just as impossible for the average owner to service.

But people still have the choice not to buy them. Many are beginning to exercise this choice.

Missouri could jail librarians for lending ‘age-inappropriate’ books (Sparky1)

A Missouri bill intended to bar libraries in the US state from stocking “age-inappropriate sexual material” for children has been described by critics as “a shockingly transparent attempt to legalise book banning” that could land librarians who refuse to comply with it in jail.

Fed Adds $52.6 Billion To Markets As Central Bank Official Defends Operations (Adam T.)

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York added $52.6 billion in short-term liquidity to the financial system Friday to help money markets get through the weekend.

Officials want to clear a mile-long homeless camp on a Sonoma County bike trail. Some don’t want to go (Sparky1)

“I think it’s sad and overwhelming,” said pest control technician Matt Dougherty of the conditions for more than 200 homeless residents. “We’re here just to make it better for them.”
The rat problem could hardly have been a surprise. Trash and human waste had been piling up for months along the Joe Rodota Trail, nestled behind neighborhoods in the heart of Northern California wine country.

Tech Upstarts Say Tech Giants Abuse Market Power to Stifle Competition (Adam T.)

WASHINGTON—Four midsize technology companies told Congress that industry giants use their market power to beat back their businesses, an unusual public airing of criticism that suggests antitrust probes of the companies are gaining steam.

China’s coronavirus cases likely grossly underestimated, study says (Sparky1)

London (CNN)The number of cases in an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus in China is likely to have been grossly underestimated, according to a new study, which warns that human-to-human transmission of the mysterious virus may be possible.

St. Louis donations wipe away $13 million in medical debt (elinski)

ST. LOUIS — Thousands of St. Louis-area families were freed from a major financial burden thanks to a charitable effort that is increasingly popular among churches and other organizations trying to help the needy — eliminating medical debt.

Trump reverts to Obama policy on China’s currency (edelinski)

The commitment to  market-determined exchange rates was long the policy of the Obama administration and China had accepted this goal through its participation in communiques of G-20 finance ministers and central bank governors, who endorsed it.


At the top of the peak (james w.)

If our global industrial civilisation was a mountain, we are likely to be at or very close to the peak.

If this is correct, our collective future will be a story of the decline and eventual collapse of our industrial civilisation.


America’s most widely consumed oil causes genetic changes in the brain (Thomas R.)

New UC Riverside research shows soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but could also affect neurological conditions like autism, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression.

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