Daily Digest 1/17 – Good News Friday: Teen Discovered New Planet 6.9 Times Bigger Than Earth, World’s Last Known ‘Dinosaur Trees’ Saved

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Teen Discovered New Planet 6.9 Times Bigger Than Earth Just Days into NASA Internship (jasonw)

A 17-year-old high school student is being hailed for discovering a new planet that is roughly 6.9 times larger than the Earth—and he did it on his third day of an internship with NASA.

California woman found alive in snow-covered vehicle after 6 days missing in mountains (jasonw)

A woman with dementia who was reported missing six days ago in Northern California was found alive on Wednesday in a snow-covered vehicle, according to officials.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that around noon, a sheriff’s helicopter searching the area near the Butte Meadows spotted a vehicle matching the description of an SUV owned by Paula Beth James, 68. After the pilot landed the helicopter, two officers hiked to the vehicle and found James inside, alive.



Wind Farms in Africa Aim To Power New Era of Clean Reliable Energy While Saving a Billion Tons of CO2 (jasonw)

Senegal is preparing to take a large step in the emerging market of African renewable energy with the construction of the 340 million euro Taliba N’diaye Wind Farm.

Almost all of the 46 wind turbines planned for the site have been completed, with the first trickle of totally renewable energy finally flowing into the capital city of Dakar.

A molecular solution for storing the sun’s heat (jasonw)

Swedish scientists say they have solved one of the challenges of solar energy: how to store the sun’s heat for later use.

The team from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg have designed a liquid molecule made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen that traps and stores the sun’s energy until a catalyst triggers its release as heat when required.

Testing Underway For World’s Largest Zero Emission Hydrogen Aircraft (jasonw)

Zero emission vehicles are becoming a reality. After all, Greta Thunberg sailed across the ocean on a sailboat. Besides boats and trains, airplane companies are also vying for the title of being a truly zero emission commercial success. Now California- based ZeroAvia is trying to do just that.


Gut Bacteria Could Guard Against—and Even Reverse—Parkinson’s Disease, Says ‘Exciting’ New Study (jasonw)

A common bacteria that boosts digestive health can slow—and even reverse—the build-up of a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease, new research suggests.

Building on previous research linking brain function to gut bacteria, this study in a Parkinson’s model of roundworms, identified a probiotic—or so-called “good bacteria”—which prevents the formation of toxic clumps that starve the brain of dopamine, a key chemical that coordinates movement.

Microsoft is Now Aiming to Capture All the CO2 They Have Ever Emitted (jasonw)

Microsoft may have just taken on the most ambitious environmental goals of any corporation to date.

This week, the tech company announced they are now working to be carbon-negative by 2030. Furthermore, they plan to remove all the carbon they have ever emitted into the environment—either directly or by electrical consumption since their founding in 1975—before 2050.

World’s Last Known ‘Dinosaur Trees’ Saved From Australian Bushfires Thanks to Determined Firefighters (jasonw)

Conservationists are celebrating the success of a mission to save the world’s last remaining “dinosaur trees” from the Australian bushfires.

Australian Farmer Celebrates Torrential Rainfall On His Drought-Stricken Farm (jasonw)

A farmer in New South Wales was ecstatic on Thursday as rain poured down on his drought-stricken farm.  Australia was finally graced with its first significant rainfall after months of drought and wildfires.

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