Credit Suisse Says to Buy These 13 High-Yielding REITs

housesAnalysts at Credit Suisse are bullish on a large swath of the REIT space, identifying nearly a third of the stocks they cover as Buys.

MarketWatch recently brought these recommendations to light:

Here they are, sorted alphabetically within each category, as defined by Credit Suisse in an Aug. 14 report:


While some of the equities above offer nice-looking yields, others have yields near the stocks’ historical lows. That’s mainly because investors have flocked to higher-yielding investments in today’s zero-percent interest rate environment. Still, REITs aren’t for everyone:

So should you consider REITs now? Maybe, if you are investing for income, or if you have a strong belief that a particular REIT is positioned to perform well as its business grows, or both.

Since the market values of income-producing securities generally move in the opposite direction of interest rates, there can be quite a bit of volatility over the next few years if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates consistently. The Fed has raised rates only once, in December 2015, since 2006.

Even the fear of higher interest rates can drive prices lower. But if you need the income, and can tolerate volatility as interest rates fluctuate and headlines anticipate and exaggerate the market’s reaction, it’s not too late to make a purchase.

For investors looking to avoid the exposure to a single security, the Vanguard REIT Index Fund (NYSE:VNQ) is an attractive option. The largest REIT-focused ETF in the world is diversified across the entire real estate investment trust world.


The VNQ fell $0.47 (-0.53%) to $88.95 in Thursday afternoon trading. VNQ has risen 11.5% since the start of 2016, outpacing the S&P 500 index’s 7% gain in the same period.

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