Coronavirus: Prepare For National Lockdown

As the number of covid-19 infections outside China now exceed those within, the masses across the world are starting to panic.

Empty grocery store shelves. Fights over toilet paper. Schools closing and sending students home en mass. Desperate pleas from health workers to stay home when sick unless in truly dire condition.

And this with just 170,000 total worldwide cases (that we know of).

Now, just imagine what the fear factor will be like when that number is 1.7 million. Or 17 million. Or 170 million. Or (and this is possible) 1.7 billion.

Chris predicts that more national lockdowns — as we’ve seen so far in China, and now Italy, Spain, and a fast-increasing number of other countries — are likely to be announced soon.

These will be mandatory quarantines enforced by the police/military.

Most folks are only still just getting their brains around the reality that they’re not going to be able to go to work, or their kids to school, for the foreseeable future.

How many of these are ready for a 1-2 month forced lockdown? Or longer?

Well, we may not have to wait long to see.

In today’s video, Chris runs sensitivities on a simulator to demonstrate how such lockdowns really are the only effective way to “flatten the curve” and reduce the overwhelming of our health care systems.

Lockdowns are no fun and create a host of challenges and sacrifices. But they may be absolutely necessary. This is our generation’s “victory garden” campaign.

So #STFHome and #FlattenTheCurve!

And if you haven’t read them yet, the coronavirus preparation megathreads available for free on are a great resource for preparing for lockdown:

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