Chloroquine: A Promising Coronavirus Treatment?

Finally some good news? Several drugs show promise for treating covid-19.

Chloroquine (and hydroxychloroquine), an anti-malarial drug, is in the news today, prominently mentioned during President Trump’s morning press conference.

Research does indeed indicate that chloroquine has ‘apparent efficacy and acceptable safety against covid-19 associated pneumonia’, and has shown to help patients recover more quickly from the coronavirus.

Other treatments — azithromycin, antiviral remdesivir, and Kevzara — are now thought to make a positive difference, too.

This encouraging news comes none too soon, as countries around the world are now in a race against time with covid-19.

Entering the hockey-stick BOOM! phase, cases are jumping dramatically and health care systems world-wide brace for the coming tsunami of seriously ill patients.

Will we “flatten the curve” enough in time? We will find out very soon. just released an important new resource today: The Covid-19 Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

And it’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it.

Stay safe!

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