Can’t we just get along? Not! There is a wall in the way.

The government shutdown goes hand in hand with the hate for Trump. Does anyone doubt this? Doesn’t this make Trump more important than the American people in the view of the Democrats?

One of the newscaster in CBS mentioned today the government workers affected by the government shutdown aren’t being paid but those who make the decision to keep the government shutdown are getting paid…

What it is not so obvious is if it is compassion, principles or pride that is put above all else for those who are making the decisions.

It appears to me that by standing firm in their position, both sides are disregarding the suffering of the American workers and the cost to the country as a whole.

Democrats are protecting illegals vs. the American worker, and what does that tell the American workers? That they aren’t important. Not important enough to sit down and try to find a way to reconcile and find agreement, not important enough to decide that a “wall” is less important than the American people. And let’s not even mention that some more liberal states allow illegals to vote and who is going to get that vote?

At the same time Trump seems to be trying to protect the American worker against illegals that take jobs by getting paid below what the American worker gets, by protecting the rule of law, by trying to protect Americans (as well as immigrants already in this country) by making it more difficult for criminals to come in.

Is it then any surprise that there are legal immigrants and even illegals already in this country that are in favor of a wall?

Food for Thought or Not (or Ramblings from an Innocent Bystander)