Can Bitgold Inc. Help Restore an Honest Monetary System?

Roy Sebag, CEO of Bitgold, and James Turk of GoldMoney explain how you can profit from the merger of GoldMoney into the crypto world of Bitgold. Turk has sought to use technology to enable people to use gold as money once again. His belief that Roy’s BitGold holds the answer led him to merge GoldMoney into Bitgold, which company’s shares now trade publicly in Canada and soon in the U.S.

Bitgold enables holders of gold to load their credit cards with a portion of their GoldMoney holdings for the purchase goods and services just as you would with any other credit card. Self serving Paul Tustain, CEO of Bullion Vault, expressed criticism against the newly merged company suggesting people who keep their gold at GoldMoney may lose it in bankruptcy. Sebag and Turk addressed those criticisms and talk about potential profits for equity investors in Bitgold.

Abraham Drost joined me to provide an update on the progress of Carlisle Gold’s emerging mine which is moving forward with partner Aurico Gold Inc.

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Abraham DrostAbraham Drost is President, CEO and a Director of Carlisle Goldfields Inc. Mr. Drost is a registered Professional Geoscientist (Ontario) with over 25 years’ experience in the Canadian mining industry. He has a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences (University of Waterloo, 1984), the M.Sc. degree in Mineral Exploration (Queen’s University, 1987) and brings considerable senior management success in discovery, finance and mineral project development. Mr. Drost is a former Chairman of Premier Gold Mines USA, Inc. and Premier Royalty Corporation, former CEO and Director of Premier Royalty Inc. (NSR:TSX), former President and Director of Sabina Gold and Silver Corporation (SBB:TSX), former President and Director of Sandspring Resources Inc. (SSP:TSXV) and former Director of Source Exploration Corporation (SOP:TSXV). He has been a Director of Mega Precious Metals Inc. since May, 2009. Prior to this, Mr. Drost was a consulting geologist and with the Mines and Minerals Division of the Ontario Government.

Roy SebagRoy Sebag is the founder and team leader of Bitgold. He has been an active investor and portfolio manager for over a decade specializing in distressed, event-driven, and natural resources investments. Throughout his career he has correctly predicted important investment and economic themes before they materialized resulting in risk-adjusted returns that significantly outperformed market indexes. Roy loves to consume information and is a voracious reader of all things science, history and economics.

James Turk-newJames Turk is the founder and chairman of GoldMoney, which provides a convenient way to buy and sell gold online using the digital gold currency for which he was awarded four U.S. patents. He has specialized in international banking, finance, and invest¬ments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a B.A. degree. He began his career with The Chase Manhattan Bank, with stints in Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. In 1980 he joined the private investment and trading company of a prominent precious metals trader and moved to the United Arab Emirates in Dec. 1983 to be appointed Manager of the Commodity Department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, until he resigned in 1987. James Turk has written several monographs on money and banking and is the co-author of “The Coming Collapse of the Dollar,” which has been updated for a paperback version titled, “The Collapse of the Dollar,”

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