Buy the Dips or Sell the Rips?

Bill Laggner and Robert McHugh returned as guests on the radio program this week.

The Bearing Fund that blew every other fund away with triple digit gains during the 2008-09 market crash says buy the dips will no longer work. In fact he agrees with David Stockman that it is time to “sell the rips” resulting from Fed and Treasury market manipulation.

We asked Bill if he thinks Jim Sinclair is right in asserting the Plunge Protection Team is now in fact losing control of the markets and that we are on the verge of a reset in which you will never want to sell the next rally in gold. Most important, what kind of strategies is the Bearing Fund using to profit from the view that we are at the beginning of a massive bear market perhaps destined to be much larger and more damaging than that of the 2008-09 time frame?

McHugh joined me to provide his view of the stock, bond and precious metals markets. You can’t afford to miss the views of these successful market professionals?

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Bill Laggner-newBill Laggner went into the investment industry in the late 1980s, initially as a stockbroker; then moved to the buy side at Fidelity Investments out of Houston, TX. Kevin Duffy and Bill Laggner are the brains behind the Bearing Fund. Bill met Kevin in the ’90s and both cut their investing teeth on the short side of the tech bubble markets which imploded in 2000. Bearing Asset Management was formed in 2002. Bearing created the “Bearing Credit Bubble Index” in 2003, which identified the credit enablers of the biggest private sector bubble over the last 100 years. This allowed Bearing Fund to capitalize on the unwind of the last bubble while positioning the fund for the third and final bubble, the sovereign, stimulus bubble currently underway.

Robert McHughRobert McHugh, Ph.D., is President and CEO of Main Line Investors, Inc., founded in 2003 to provide technical market forecasts for stock and precious metals markets, offering trading education and a Platinum trading service for subscribers interested in managing a speculative segment of their total portfolio to achieve above average returns, at Dr. McHugh is the author of the soon to be published book (available October 2013), The Coming Economic Ice Age, Five Critical Steps to Survive and Prosper. Prior to 2003, Dr. McHugh was a founder and Chief Financial Officer of a regional bank in Eastern Pennsylvania, Main Street Bancorp, and President of Main Street Investment Corp. Prior to that, Dr. McHugh was Chief Financial Officer for National Penn Bancorp. His daily newsletter’ The Technical Indicator Index is a must read for everyone who watches markets closely and desires to stay ahead of the herd at every market turn.

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