Businesses Pummeled by Pope’s visit to Philly

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Businesses Pummeled by Pope’s visit to Philly

September 28, 2015

Last week, I mentioned how mega events like the Pope's business are a burden on tax payers, and bad for local businesses. Study after study has statistically shown that such events do not contribute to the local economy. and now the anecdotal evidence is in for the Pope's visit:

Yesterday, the AP reported that the Pope's visit was “a flop for businesses.”

Some businesses closed early, some downtown hotel rooms went unfilled and normally bustling city streets were deserted over the weekend as residents either stayed home or left town, and pilgrims kept their wallets in their pockets.

Celebrity chef Marc Vetri, whose eponymous restaurant is a fine-dining landmark, took to Facebook to rail against city leaders who he said “decided to roll out the red carpet for everyone making the pilgrimage, and roll us up in the carpet to place in storage until Monday.” He said he was “haunted by the empty streets and shuttered windows.”

Government officials made things even worse than expected, however, by putting the National Security State into overdrive.


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