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BullionStar website features a wide variety of original analysis and content on the global precious metals markets which provide readers and viewers with unique and up-to-date insights not available elsewhere.

A case in point is the BullionStar Perspectives video series which provides viewers with free access to leading independent views of the precious metals markets. In July, BullionStar had the privilege of hosting an exclusive interview in Singapore with legendary investor, author and financial commentator Jim Rogers for this BullionStar Perspectives series.

The interview touches on potential crises that Rogers thinks could impact the global economy and the opportunities that such crisis may offer investors. Rogers also believes in the importance of acquiring physical gold and silver as an insurance policy.

BullionStar website also features in-depth factual gold market information in BullionStar’s Gold University portal, original research and analysis of the global precious metals markets by BullionStar analysts Koos Jansen and Ronan Manly, a unique monthly review of the world’s most important physical gold markets in chart form in BullionStar’s Gold Market Charts series, and a specific company-focused blog series known as BullionStar Blogs (also known as ‘Inside BullionStar’). Continue reading…

The Jim Rogers Interview, which is just over 14 minutes long, can be viewed here

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