Building Resilience In A Warming World

Building Resilience In A Warming World

Executive Summary

  • Future shock (on track, unfortunately)
  • Hope for the best, plan for the worst
  • What too little water means to those living without reliable rains
  • Planning for too much water
  • How great garden soils mitigate…well…practically every ill
  • Electricity at risk.  Plan accordinly.
  • Storms and rising seas.  Got any coastal real estate in low lying areas?  Get rid of it.

The heat surge this year is now impossible to ignore and speaks to a rapidly warming world. Truthfully, the only way to slow down the warming would be to undergo an emergency reduction in carbon output coupled with aggressive carbon capture methods especially carbon farming.

If the world suddenly wakes up to this threat and decided to take it seriously, what could it do? What’s really possible? Not much besides put people on an emergency carbon diet. Half rations of electricity, gasoline, and huge taxes imposed on goods based on how far they had to travel to get to you.

Some countries will do a lot better than others. Some people will fare better than others. Some companies will fare better than others.

If you have not yet read Time For Some Climate Honesty, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.Note that this Part 2 is an updated version of a report first published in 2014.

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