Daily Digest 6/11 – Gas Prices Set To Plunge, Inside America’s GoFundMe Health Care System

Economy Life And Debt: Stories From Inside America’s GoFundMe Health Care System (edelinski) Successful fundraisers can generate $100,000 or more, as neighbors and strangers alike rally around families in need, and that money can go a long way to ensuring that treatments can continue, that housing and other daily costs […]

Daily Digest 6/10 – Weak Employment Report Raises Red Flag on Economy, How Safe Is Sunscreen?

Economy Weak US Employment Report Raises Red Flag on Economy (Thomas R.) President Donald Trump in early May slapped additional tariffs of up to 25% on $200 billion of Chinese goods, which prompted retaliation by Beijing. Last week, Trump said he would impose a tariff on all goods from Mexico […]

Daily Digest 6/8 – It’s Bad Out There In Retail, “That America” Is Gone

Economy From Beds to Beads to Bracelets, It’s Bad Out There in Retail (Sparky1) “The industry is little bit softer and more promotional than we’ve ever seen,” At Home’s Chief Executive Officer Lewis Bird said on Thursday’s earnings call. Signet’s CEO Gina Drosos called it a “very competitive U.S. retail […]

Important Consequences Of Expatriation

Executive Summary The nuts and bolts of expatriation, including the legal process of expatriation The tax consequences of expatriation The immigration consequences of expatriation The pros and cons of U.S. investments once you expatriate The tax consequences should you choose to spend more than a few months each year in […]

A Primer For Those Considering Expatriation

A growing number of Americans are frustrated with the way in which their economy has been managed and are becoming increasingly concerned about future measures the government may take to keep its coffers full. A question that’s arising with increasing frequency is: does expatriation offer a viable protection to those […]

Daily Digest 6/7 – Good News Friday: CO To Cap Price Of Insulin, America’s Largest Public Food Forest

  This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to dd@peakprosperity.com with subject header “Good News Friday.” We will save and post weekly. Enjoy! Economy FCC’s robocall blocking plan may finally give […]

Daily Digest 6/6 – Climate Change Could Pose ‘Existential Threat’ By 2050, The Real Cost Of Tariffs On Mexico

Economy U.S. Manufacturing Index Dips to Lowest Level in Almost a Decade (Thomas R.) Survey respondents stated that weak client demand drove the drop in new orders for the first time in almost a decade. Some firms also noted that customers were postponing orders due to growing uncertainty about the […]

Off The Cuff: The Earth’s Lament

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris discusses: We’re Polluting & Depleting, For No Real Gain Why Shale Oil Reflects Our Wrongheadedness Time Is Fast Running Out Before The Real Consequences Arrive But There Are Many Ways To Do Things Better This week Chris looks at the big picture: […]

Daily Digest 6/5 – Japan’s Pension System Inadequate In Aging Society, Rare Earth Metals Caught in Trade War

Economy Japan’s pension system inadequate in aging society, council warns (Saxplayer00o1) In recent years, retirement money for those with college degrees averaged around ¥20 million, a drop by 30 to 40 percent from its peak. A large number of elderly people are living in poverty in the world’s third-biggest economy, […]

Turd Ferguson: The Highs In Gold Are Ahead Of Us

With the world re-entering a period of greater economic instability, with the central banks painted into a corner, with global stocks looking weaker by the day, the price of gold is starting to shine again. The yellow metal has recently hit all-time highs priced in a number of world currencies […]

Daily Digest 6/4 – Millennials Poorer Than Their Parents, Temps Exceed 50C In Northern India

Economy Druckenmiller Piled Into Treasuries on Trump’s China Tweet (Adam) Druckenmiller, who was interviewed by Key Square Capital Management founder Scott Bessent at The Economic Club of New York, said at the moment he doesn’t see Trump giving China room for negotiation because the president sees tariffs as a winning […]

Why The Next U.S. Recession Will Be Exceptionally Painful

We all know another recession is coming at some point. Economies are cyclical. Bust always follows boom in the same way the moon follows the sun. We very nearly had a recession in 2016. I remain impressed how it was averted in 2016 by the application of thin-air money.  It […]

Daily Digest 6/3 – U.S. Prepared To Talk To Iran With ‘No Preconditions’, Wall St. Wakes Up To Peak Car

Economy Chinese warships cause surprise in Sydney Harbour (Sparky1) “Chinese naval visits to Australia have more typically been a lone frigate, not a task group with an amphibious assault ship and 700 personnel,” Rory Medcalf, head of the National Security College at Australian National University, tweeted. “Sydney is hardly a […]

Daily Digest 6/1 – AI Learns Teamwork, How Clean Is “Freedom Gas”?

Economy North Korea executes envoy to failed U.S. summit -media; White House monitoring (Sparky1) The February summit in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, the second between Kim and Trump, failed to reach a deal because of conflicts over U.S. calls for complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and North Korean demands for […]

Preparing For The Reckoning

Executive Summary The government is NOT riding to our rescue here. So don’t count on it. Our decisions today will determine our destiny tomorrow The most important single insight to base your future plans on How to focus the time you have now If you have not yet read Part […]

These Are The ‘Good Old Days’

Bill was 48 when his wife stunned him with a request for divorce.  Right up until that moment, he’d thought everything was fine. He’d been pouring all his energy into his work to provide a very comfortable life for his wife and 2 children.  But she was unhappy and fell […]

Daily Digest 5/31 – Good News Friday: Hope In A Changing Climate, Amsterdam Getting Rid Of Diesel & Gas Vehicles

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to dd@peakprosperity.com with subject header “Good News Friday.” We will save and post weekly. Enjoy! Economy Complex life may only exist because of millions […]

Advanced Strategies For Real Estate Investing

Episode #6 of our webinar series on real estate investing airs live this Saturday June 1 at noon ET. It will be the final structured presentation of this series. (There will be a subsequent Episode #7, but that will be fully dedicated to open audience Q&A) Episode #6, titled Putting […]

Off The Cuff: Why Currency Crisis Is The Real Risk Here

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Wolf Richter discuss: Tesla’s Woes A harbinger of what’s coming for many other overvalued companies How Bad Could A Trade War With China Get? There will be lots of unintended consequences Why The Smart Bet Is On Currency Devaluation Governments will […]

Daily Digest 5/30 – Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest, Amazon To Cut Ties With Many Small Vendors

Economy China Gears Up to Weaponize Rare Earths in Trade War (tmn) A flurry of Chinese media reports on Wednesday, including an editorial in the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party, raised the prospect of Beijing cutting exports of the commodities that are critical in defense, energy, electronics and automobile […]