Daily Digest 11/30 – Good News Friday: Signs You’re Making Progress, The Philosophy Of Hope

Six Signs You’re Making Great Progress in Life 5 Weeks and Counting: Dutch Church Holds Worship Marathon to Protect Migrant Family The Good News From Africa Want a free country house in Japan? They’re giving them away This City’s Overdose Deaths Have Plunged. Can Others Learn From It? Hellbent bikers […]

Off The Cuff: A New Liquidity Crisis?

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris speaks on: Gratitude A key element of Emotional Resilience “But Technology Will Solve Everything!” Here’s why it won’t Housing Market Woes We’re on the downward slide now A New Liquidity Crisis Stap in. It’s going to get bumpy Recording on Thanksgiving, Chris […]

Daily Digest 11/29 – The Approaching Storm, How The Ultra-Rich Hide Their Properties

This Scholar Says the Government Should Buy Stocks When They Plunge Nostalgia – Not So Much Don’t Get Distracted By The Trump/Fed Soap Opera – The Crash Will Continue The Approaching Storm Secret luxury homes: how the ultra-rich hide their properties Saudi Arabia Struggles As Oil Prices Crash Dead sea […]

Daily Digest 11/28 – IL Hikes Property Taxes To Pay For Pensions, The Insect Apocalypse Is Here

Jacksonville City Council votes to raise tax levy Norridge hikes property taxes by more than 35 percent to pay for pensions (Illinois) Pension board seeking to raise teacher retirement age in New Mexico 10 Cities Where Americans Are Deepest in Debt—but Still Buy Homes! China to Designate More Institutions as […]

How To Choose The Right Size Fiskars Axe

A quick and informative video on how to choose the right Fiskars splitting axe for your size and strength. Bigger is not always better.  Happy chopping. Join the conversation » Powered by WPeMatico

Daily Digest 11/27 – GM To Slash 14k Jobs From N. American Workforce, Could Oil Prices Fall To $40?

These 11 Companies Control Everything You Buy GOLDMAN: 3 reasons why the US housing market is slowing down Chinese scientist claims world’s first gene-edited babies, amid denial from hospital and international outcry More than 100 Chinese scientists have condemned the CRISPR baby experiment as “crazy” GM to slash over 14,000 […]

Ben Jones: The Housing Bubble Is Popping Right Now

The housing market is starting to look quite ill, as we’ve been tracking here at PeakProsperity.com. After the central bank-driven Grand Reflation following the Great Financial Crisis, home prices are now beginning to nose over from their new bubble-highs. Has the Housing Bust 2.0 begun? If so, how bad could […]

Daily Digest 11/26 – No Refuge For Investors, Visualizing U.S. Poverty

Visualizing the Poverty Rate of Each U.S. State Blockbuster Cyber Monday Is Overshadowed by Economic Outlook Why the IMF will use the ACC and SDR to Capture Wealth San Diego border crossing shut down after migrants try entering U.S. US authorities fire tear gas to disperse migrants at border Ukraine […]

Daily Digest 11/24 – A Grave Climate Warning, The Time to Prepare For the Next Financial Crisis is Now

Sales Reps May Be Wearing Out Their Welcome In The Operating Room Rep. Tulsi Gabbard eviscerates Trump as ‘Saudi Arabia’s bitch’ The Time to Prepare For the Next Financial Crisis is NOW Gap looking to close hundreds of stores at malls ‘quickly and aggressively’ Ikea to slash 7,500 jobs, focus […]

Easy Come, Hard Go

Executive Summary What to expect now that the decade-old credit cycle has entered a downturn How bad will things get economically? Why today’s lower oil prices will make things even worse Our key 7 crash-watch/recession-watch indicators to track closely If you have not yet read Part 1: In Gratitude – […]

Thoughts From The Precipace

As it is practiced, economic growth as pursued around the world today is now destructive. If we continue on our current trajectory, it will become fatal. Join the conversation » Powered by WPeMatico

Off The Cuff: The United States Of Anxiety

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss: Fraudulent Markets Justifying today’s valuations requires more and more absurdity Rampant Risk We’re too fearful of the small risks and too complacent of the big ones Con Job A complacent populace is easily manipulated The Need For […]

Daily Digest 11/23 – Good News Friday: Resilience In Practice, CA Evacuees Find Meaning In Holiday

‘Best Thanksgiving of my life’: Amid wildfire destruction, evacuees find meaning in holiday Meditation helps veterans with PTSD 7 credit-card hacks to save money over the holidays Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life A gut bacterium as a fountain of youth? Well, let’s […]

Thanksgiving Day Only: PP Subscriber Discount On New Charles Hugh Smith Book

Frequent contributing editor Charles Hugh Smith has graciously included Peak Prosperity premium subscribers in the VIP launch sale for his brand-new book. Just for today, you can purchase his new release Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic at his wholesale cost — 47% below the listing price. […]

Daily Digest 11/22 – Homebuilders Get Desperate, Multiple Risks Are Converging on Markets

Free Vacations, $100,000 Discounts: Homebuilders Get Desperate  Multiple Risks Are Converging on Markets Police ‘give up’ on town where vigilantes patrol and crime is solved on Facebook Report: Saudi royals turn on king’s favourite son after killing  Latin America Has Fewer Guns, But More Crime Amazon data breach exposes customer […]

Daily Digest 11/21 – Bitcoin-Rigging Criminal Probe Launched, Who’s Going to Pay for LA’s Pension Plans?

Parks chief warns of ‘massive cuts, huge layoffs’ as soon as 2020 (Chicago) No more excuses. Fix Pa. pension funds | Editorial Who’s Going to Pay for LA’s Unsustainable Pension Plans? ECB Official Warns QE Exit Could Spell Trouble for Italy’s Debt U.S. recession chances edge up, risk Fed delivers […]

Scott Tinker: Can The World Energy Supply Become Fully Sustainable?

As we claim often here at PeakProsperity.com: Energy is everything. Will our global society be able to transtiton off of its extreme dependence on fossil fuels? And if so, can we do so without too much pain? Scott Tinker is the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of […]

Daily Digest 11/20 – Degrees Of Freedom, The World Order That’s Now Emerging

The World Order That’s Now Emerging Consumers love smart speakers. They don’t love news on smart speakers. (At least not yet.) Stop Complaining About Your Rent and Move to Tulsa, Suggests Tulsa Degrees of Freedom Mad World Fuel price protesters in France are being injured and killed by drivers The […]

Bitcoin Breakdown

Led by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies are breaking down. After experiencing a months-long boring wedge formation, things have finally gotten interesting again for Bitcoin, et al.. Unfortunately for the HODL’ers, it’s to the downside. Seen in closer detail in this chart, it looks like Bitcoin is now… Join the conversation » […]

Daily Digest 11/19 – Middle Class Destruction, Rough Refuge for Wildfire Evacuees

Amazon’s Accent Recognition Technology Could Tell the Government Where You’re From Middle Class Destruction: Suicide Rates Soar Among American Workers Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life Living Through A Complete Collapse: Boots on the Ground -with Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre How ZTE helps Venezuela create […]