Daily Digest 3/20 – Intergenerational Theft, How Much Oil Is Displaced by Electric Vehicles? So Far, Not Much

Palladium hits record high as supply woes mount on likely Russia ban How Much Oil Is Displaced by Electric Vehicles? Not Much, So Far No end date for South African power cuts as capacity shortages persist CalPERS moving forward with $20 billion expansion of its private equity investments Japan bank […]

Off The Cuff: Inflationary Pressures Are Rising

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Axel Merk discuss: Powell’s Non-Message He’s trying to be as boring as possible to keep the markets placid Rising Inflation We may quickly go from “too little” inflation to “too much” Good Times? Many of the metrics the Fed looks at […]

Daily Digest 3/19 – The Surrealism of the Information War, Record Floods Bring New Toll For Farmers

The Surrealism of the Information War We are already ruled by “private governments,” and they suck The Government Is Using the Most Vulnerable People to Test Facial Recognition Software The Chaotic Triumph of Arron Banks, the “Bad Boy of Brexit” Commercial Ammo: The Untold History of Springfield Armory and America’s […]

Daily Digest 3/18 – Facebook Being Abandoned By Top Execs, GE Cash Flow Will Bottom Out in 2019

China says it has arrested 13,000 ‘terrorists’ in Xinjiang Journalist Matt Taibbi Explains How Following The News Can Be Hazardous To Your Health Facebook is being abandoned by top executives. Here’s everyone who has left since the Cambridge Analytica catastrophe last year. White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots GE Cash Flow […]

Daily Digest 3/16 – Brexit Delayed By UK Parliament, The Trump Phenomenon As Seen In Europe

49 killed in mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand Tech Companies Scramble To Remove New Zealand Shooting Video The UK Parliament has voted to delay Brexit BREAKING: Everyone Who Opposes War Is A Russian Antisemite How to Win a ‘Fifth-Generation’ War The Trump Phenomenon as Seen in […]

Assume The Crash Position

Executive Summary The latest outlook from our endorsed financial advisor, New Harbor Financial My recent portfolio changes & the rationale behind them 6 strategies for positioning your portfolio for the next market downturn Deciding which strategies are most appropriate for you If you have not yet read Part 1: Hair-Trigger […]

Hair-Trigger Markets

The market looks very much paused at the brink of a breakout here. The question is: up or down? The bulls are expecting a sharp rebound in GDP from Q1, which they claim was artificially low due the government shutdown. They point to 2018’s solid 3% economic growth, claiming the […]

Daily Digest 3/15 – Good News Friday: Congress Votes To Expand Public Lands, NM To Require Electricity From Renewable Energy

Congress Has Voted To Massively Expand Public Lands And Create Four National Monuments Atlanta mayor bans salary history questions on city job applications Son’s tweet about dad’s empty donut shop gets sweet reaction JPMorgan Ends Financing of Private Prisons After Criticism Scientists have built world’s first ‘time machine’ in experiment […]

Daily Digest 3/14 – Facebook, Amazon and Google Have a 2020 Problem, The Tragedy Of Baltimore

Facebook, Amazon and Google Have a 2020 Problem JP Morgan escalates deposit wars with expansion into the heart of Bank of America country U.S. House technology panel heads seeks delay in 5G spectrum auction The U.S. Now Has More Millionaires Than Sweden Has People One thing Congress gets right: funding […]

Daily Digest 3/13 – S&P Warns ‘A Debt Crisis Is Brewing,’ Research Team ‘Wakes Up’ Mammoth Cell Nuclei

Consumers racked up $67 billion in credit card debt in 2018, study finds Global Growth Slowest Since 2009, $1 Trillion Deficits: Eco Day Bad loan build-up clouds emerging share market picture France’s central bank revises down quarterly economic growth estimate BOJ can be flexible in meeting its price goal: Japan […]

VIDEO: The Fed Stooges

On Sunday night, 60 Minutes treated the American public to a sit-down interview with the current Federal Reserve chairman and his two immediate predecessors. Hilarity ensued. Not really…unless your enjoy gallows humor. In the below video, Chris explains why this relatively gentle puff-piece assisting the Fed’s hawking of its “All […]

Daily Digest 3/12 – Trump Proposes Record Budget, Lootings As Desperation Grows In Venezuela

Trump Proposes a Record $4.75 Trillion Budget Trump 2020 budget projects big deficits despite spending cuts Venezuela power cut: Lootings as desperation grows The U.S. Blamed Maduro for Burning Aid to Venezuela. New Video Casts Doubt. What If Politics Can’t Fix What’s Broken? “Now Is the Time of Monsters” China […]

Daily Digest 3/11 – Yellow Vests Fan Flames Of Anti-Semitism, How To Prepare For A Dying Future

Yellow Vest protesters fan flames of anti-Semitism in France Hundreds march in Paris as childminders join ‘yellow vest’ protests Tax collectors chase rich New Yorkers moving to low-tax states. Auditors inspect cell records, even your dog’s vet bills They’re still in the dark in Venezuela, and it’s really ugly How […]

Daily Digest 3/9 – U.S. Households See Net Worth Decline, The Writing On The Wall

US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021 Pentagon may tap military pay, pensions for border wall U.S. officials made list of reporters, lawyers, activists to question at border Venezuela plunges into darkness […]

Requirements For Any Kind Of Credible “New Deal”

Executive Summary The key incentives to align to direct our efforts intelligently towards the key goals we want to achieve The specific national policies Peak Prosperity advocates Common sense guidelines for ecological sustainabilty, social justice, and addressing wealth inequality Adding your ideas to this list If you have not yet […]

Deconstructing The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal (GND) is important as a starting point to have a long, long overdue conversation about energy. Specifically: How we are going to eventually transition away from fossil fuels? As such, the proposal — while (very) far from perfect — should not be ignored and deserves our attention.  […]

Last Chance To Register For Real Estate Investment Webinar #3

This is a reminder notice that Episode #3 of our new webinar series on Real Estate Investing aires live tomorrow morning, Saturday, Mar 9 @ noon ET/9am PT. If you haven’t registered for it yet, you only have hours left to do so. Regitration costs $50. Click here to register. Join […]

Daily Digest 3/8 – Good News Friday: Finding The Root Of Human Writing, The Science Of Dad Jokes

Code hidden in Stone Age art may be the root of human writing Philadelphia Is First U.S. City to Ban Cashless Stores  What Can Science Tell Us About Dad Jokes? A third person may have become HIV-free after a bone marrow transplant Goodbye bidding wars: Homebuyers gain edge in this […]

Daily Digest 3/7 – Border at ‘Breaking Point,’ Vietnam’s Energy Dilemma About To Become A Crisis

Median 1-Bedroom Rent In San Francisco Soars To Nearly $3,700 A Month US trade gap jumped to 10-year high; record gap with China Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More than 76,000 Unauthorized Migrants Cross in a Month Senators Demand Investigation Into Sexual Abuse at Immigrant Children’s Shelters Gun Background Checks: […]

Daily Digest 3/6 – NJ’s Budget Mess Getting Even Worse, China’s Dirty $1T Stimulus Secret

ACA premiums rising beyond reach of older, middle-class consumers New Jersey’s budget mess is getting even worse Illinois Pension Liabilities Add to State’s $3.2 Billion Deficit College Illinois bailout takes shape China lifts 2019 fiscal deficit target to 2.8 pct of GDP U.S. Credit Card Debt Closed 2018 at a […]