Daily Digest 10/13 – Trapped By The “Walmart Of Heroin,” Best Government Money Can Buy

You might not be anonymous, thanks to genealogy databases Could Donald Trump be the last world emperor? Jim Rogers: Worst Crisis In My Lifetime Best Government Money Can Buy Watch Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robot Do Parkour After Soyuz Failure, Space Is Now Weirdly Inaccessible to Astronauts Trapped by the ‘Walmart […]

Preparing For The ‘Big One’

Executive Summary Long-suppressed market forces are suddenly coming unleashed Why the status quo of the past decade is ending fast What’s most likely to come next How much damage would a true “market crash” wreak? If you have not yet read Has “It” Finally Arrived?, available free to all readers, […]

Has “It” Finally Arrived?

With the recent plunge in the S&P 500 of over 5%, has the long-anticipated (and long-overdue) market correction finally begun? It’s hard to say for certain. But the systemic cracks we’ve been closely monitoring definitely got an awful lot wider this week. Join the conversation » Powered by WPeMatico

Off The Cuff: Making Sense Of The Recent Market Gyrations

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Wolf Richter discuss: Impact Of Fed Tightening Likely still underestimated by the market Funds Are Trying To Protect Stock Prices A futile (in the long run) attempt to prevent losses Why Bond Funds Are So Risky Much more dangerous than owning […]

Daily Digest 10/12 – Good News Friday: Oyster Shells Saving NY Harbor, Cities Embracing 100% Renewable Energy

Washington state abolishes death penalty The world’s oldest barber is 107 and still cutting hair full time Voyager 2 probe may be on the edge of interstellar space 4 Retirement Rules to Live By A brain scientist who studies Alzheimer’s explains how she stays mentally fit The powerful lesson America […]

Daily Digest 10/11 – GW Report Falls Short Of Honest Truth, Alexa, Should We Trust You?

The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The U.S. – And No One Is Paying Attention Chretien calls U.S. president ‘unspeakable’ Alexa, Should We Trust You? The Distortions of Doom Part 2: The Fatal Flaws of Reserve Currencies UK Issues First Ever ‘Unexplained Wealth Order’ Sears is in trouble: What shoppers […]

Daily Digest 10/10 – PA Debt Much Higher Than Reported, Death by Fertilizer

Our View: Having insurance no shield from high health care costs California Taxes: The Sky Is the Limit Report: Pennsylvania’s debt much higher than reported, up to $82 billion ‘Great Depression’ ahead? IMF sounds dire warning Inequality is worsening and could hit U.S. credit rating: Moody’s The rating game: ‘Junk’ […]

Daily Digest 10/9 – U.S. Consumer Credit Hits All Time High, What’s Next For Oil Prices?

Unwinding QE could trigger financial crisis, warns JP Morgan How Mainstream Economics has Led to Clueless Governments Emerging market stocks’ descent to 17 month lows entices U.S. investors Ron Paul: US is barreling toward a stock market drop of 50% or more, and there’s no way to prevent it With […]

Daily Digest 10/8 – Seven Days in September, ‘Time Quickly Running Out’ On Climate Action

Banks Brace for the Downside of Higher Rates Raconteur Report: Monthly Checkup Here’s What Makes the Facebook Data Breach so Harmful  Seven Days in September  As Medicare issues new cards, scam callers try to profit Hamptons millionaires build luxe panic rooms to hide from MS-13 Challenged by Long Island Lawmakers, […]

Daily Digest 10/7 – India’s Population Bomb, Finding The Right Words For Very Bad News

One Click Closer to Annihilation Could Trump Take Down the American Empire? More Cold War extremism and crises – by Stephen F. Cohen Australia And New Zealand Are Ground Zero For Chinese Influence Fed Chair Powell Hints He May Soon Crash The Market India’s Population Bomb: The Explosion Within Charting […]

Daily Digest 10/6 – Revisiting the Fall of 2008, Massive Red Tide Chokes Florida Beaches

Revisiting the Fall of 2008 Amazon eliminates monthly bonuses and stock grants after minimum wage increase How Trump Is Trying—And Failing—To Get Rich Off His Presidency Alarm as Red Cross workers attacked in Congo Ebola efforts Trump administration pushing to ease roll-out of driverless cars and trucks GM’s self-driving deal […]

Think You’re Prepared For The Next Crisis? Think Again.

So how ready are you, really, if we’re indeed headed into another 2008-style market crash? One in which the major stock market indexes could drop 50% or more in a matter of just a few weeks? Where housing prices could drop by 30-40% (or more) and home buyers go on […]

WARNING: The Markets Are Suddenly Looking Very Sick

As you probably know, our model here for tracking and staying ahead of the next financial crisis is to watch for trouble to move from “the outside in.”  This means that the weaker elements in the system always fail first. Therefore, we prioritize watching junk debt more than investment grade […]

Daily Digest 10/5 – Good News Friday: In Praise Of Mediocrity, Using Renewable Energy To Live Independently

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 3.7 Percent, Lowest In Nearly 50 Years In Praise of Mediocrity The Good News for People Worried About Saving for Retirement Uber will offer free rides to the polls on Election Day How I Paid Off $10,000 in Debt While Teaching English in South Korea […]

Daily Digest 10/4 – Sources of Existential Angst, What Happened To Treasurys On Wednesday?

Hussman Market Comment: The Music Fades Out To Understand Venezuela’s Crisis, Look to the Past … and the CIA James Howard Kunstler: Imaginary Monsters and the Uses of Chaos Sources of Existential Angst Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself Chinese spy chips are found in hardware used by Apple, […]

Daily Digest 10/3 – Italian Political Risk Hits Euro Sentiment, Will Brazil’s Economy Survive Its Presidential Election?

Consumers Feel Sticker Shock As Out-Of-Pocket Health Care Costs Rise Shadow banking crisis may push India’s central bank to leave the rupee stranded Egypt faces borrowing crunch as foreign debt market sours Will Brazil’s Economy Survive Its Presidential Election? IMF’s Lagarde warns of slowing global growth, possible ‘shock’ from trade […]

Daily Digest 10/2 – India’s Shadow-Bank Bust Has a Lehman Echo, Is It Nature Or Nurture?

India’s Shadow-Bank Bust Has a Lehman Echo Global De-Dollarization Spells Jolts and Crises for US Economy  Nifty can stabilize if it reclaims 11,170, pull back rally on the cards So is it nature not nurture after all? Venezuela’s Socialism…And Ours  In the Heart of a Dying Empire  Your Cat’s Dirty […]

Daily Digest 10/1 – Working While Homeless, New York’s Epidemic Of Plagues

Conservative Group Behind Kavanaugh Confirmation Has Spent Years Reshaping State and Federal Benches Colorado flu survivor tells cautionary tale: ‘You can go downhill within hours’ Over the years New York City has had an epidemic of plagues World War Three alert: ‘You CAN’T stop us sailing there’ US warship heads […]

Daily Digest 9/29 – Washington’s Sanctions Machine, America’s Latest Crisis

How the Deep State made Commander Kavanaugh?—?an intersectional analysis  Club of Rome: World’s policymakers unfit to ensure the future of planet Earth Washington’s Sanctions Machine Why America’s Latest Crisis is Suicide Can You Really Delete Your Internet History? Trump Is the Laughingstock of the World—Literally Universal Basic Income For Everyone!  […]

Our Delusional Economy Is Poised To Slam Into The Brick Wall Of Reality

In the ten years I’ve personally been banging on the drums of logic and reason, I can honestly say that our society has made virtually no progress towards developing a credible action plan for weaning the global economy off of fossil fuel.  Humanity seems fully committed to its current trajectory: […]