Lew Rockwell speaking at Ron Paul Institute’s “Breaking Washington’s Addiction to War”

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Why Roddy Piper Was Too Rowdy in ‘They Live’

Bob Murphy analyzes John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic They Live, starring Roddy Piper. After making some general observations about the major thematic elements, Bob critiques the main character’s strategy for dealing with an alien takeover of the media and government. For more information, see BobMurphyShow.com. The Bob Murphy Show is also […]

Bob Graboyes: From Fortress to Frontier in American Healthcare

According to our guest, American health care is stuck in a fortress mentality that stifles innovation, constrains medical advances, and yields low quality care. That fortress was erected more than one hundred years ago but, in many ways, is being circumvented by creative actors who are seizing opportunities to make […]

The Triumph of Socialism

[Originally published November 11, 2009.] Do you think ideas don’t matter, that what people believe about themselves and their world has no real consequence? If so, the following will not bug you in the slightest. A new BBC poll [reported November 2009] finds that only 11 percent of people questioned […]

Per Bylund on the Entrepreneurial Opportunity of B2B versus B2C

Dr. Bylund observes that students, when selecting entrepreneurial projects for his course, lean heavily towards consumer products and services. Does this represent smart entrepreneurial thinking, or not? Is it biased by (lack of) marketplace experience? Is it biased by media reporting and “buzz”? And what can practicing entrepreneurs learn from […]

Patrick Newman Cracks the Code to Publish a New Rothbard Manuscript

Economist Patrick Newman relays his adventurous tale of deciphering Murray Rothbard’s handwritten manuscript on early American history. Needless to say, Rothbard’s take is not what you learned in school. For more information, see BobMurphyShow.com. The Bob Murphy Show is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and via RSS. Powered by […]

Neil Schulman QEPD

By: David Gordon Neil Schulman, que falleció el 10 de agosto, era más conocido como escritor de ciencia ficción, y su obra Alongside Night y The Rainbow Cadenza son clásicos libertarios. Sólo me reuní con Neil unas pocas veces, pero su presencia dominante y su vigorosa defensa de sus ideas […]

A World of Malice

The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics, by Michael Malice.All Points Books/St. Martin’s Press 2019 307 pagesThis review appears in the September/October issue of The Austrian Conservatism, Michael Malice famously remarks, is progressivism driving the speed limit. Malice’s latest book, aptly titled The New Right: A Journey […]

Why Mises Opposed a Global Government for Managing Trade

A recent episode of the Human Action Podcast dealt with Mises’ Omnipotent Government, written between 1939 and 1943 and first published in 1944. Besides its treatment of German national socialism, Mises’ Omnipotent Government also contains an analysis of the various suggestions for “world government” toward the end of the second […]

Neil Schulman RIP

By: David Gordon Neil Schulman, who passed away August 10, was best known as a science fiction writer, and his Alongside Night and The Rainbow Cadenza are libertarian classics. He was one of several brilliant writers and thinkers associated with the great Sam Konkin’s “anarcho—village.” I met Neil only a […]

The Social Philosophy of the Austrian Economists

[A selection from “Austrian Economics and Classical Liberalism.” See source for full list of citations and notes.] Erich Streissler (1987, p. 1) has maintained that what united the Austrian economists into a “school” was never any theoretical concept, such as marginal utility, but simply their liberal political ideas. While this […]

No One Has a Right to a Good Reputation

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia) has multi-billion-dollar contracts (see here and here ) to supply various ships to the Canadian government. Major news outlets (Postmedia, Globe and Mail) have posed questions to the government about, and raised concerns about, various aspects of these contracts. The government has […]

The Feds Move Closer to a $15 Minimum Wage

Democratic presidential candidates from centrists like former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to progressive champion Bernie Sanders have come to a consensus on the issue of a $15 minimum wage. Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has declared, “Any job that pays $2.13 an hour is not a job, it’s indentured servitude.” She is […]

Lew Rockwell on Amash, Nationalism, Black Sabbath, and More: An Interview

By: Ryan McMaken Atilla Sulker has posted a new interview with Lew Rockwell at LewRockwell.com. My favoire part: AS: Why do you think people like the Bushes and the McCains, who in many ways can be seen as nationalistic imperialists, denounce Trump’s brand of nationalism?  LR: I don’t think that […]

In Brazil, Social Democracy Breeds Corruption

Brazilians were told the way to reducing poverty and curbing social inequality was enlarging the government’s role in the economy through the expansion of public services and public works. And the voters believed it. Social democrats were elected with the hope that they would bring a more prosperous and egalitarian […]

Las leyes de armas crean violencia por armas

By: David Gornoski ¿Creen los izquierdistas que la prohibición de armas hará que las armas se evaporen? Aproximadamente 5 a 10 millones de rifles estilo AR-15 existen en Estados Unidos de acuerdo con la National Shooting Sports Foundation. Si mañana prohibiéramos estas armas, ¿se esfumarían en el aire? Eso es […]

Give Guantanamo Back to Cuba

The U.S. Empire, which controls much of the world through hundreds of military bases in foreign countries, through foreign regimes run by domestic U.S. puppets, and through foreign dependency on U.S. foreign aid, got its start in 1898 during the Spanish American War. It was that war that enabled the […]

Richard von Strigl on Subjective Value

[This is an excerpt from Richard von Strigl’s 1937 textbook Einführung in die Grundlagen der Nationalökonomie, as found in chapter 3, part 5: “Die Lehre vom wirtschaftlichen Werte.” It is here presented in the English language for the first time. The translator, Pedro Almeida Jorge, from Instituto Mises Portugal, would […]

Federal Judges Are Waging War on the Fourth Amendment

In 1984, as part of Ronald Reagan’s renewed war on drugs, the Drug Enforcement Administration launched Operation Pipeline. This program was inspired by the strategies employed by state troopers in New Mexico who, after pulling somebody over, asked specific questions designed to determine whether the driver might be a drug […]

Gun Laws Create Gun Violence

By: David Gornoski Do Leftists believe gun bans will make guns evaporate? Approximately 5 to 10 million AR-15 style rifles exist in America according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. If we were to ban these guns outright tomorrow, would they just vanish into thin air? That is what gun […]