Africa’s Way Out of Monetary Colonialism

Africa has been plagued with rampant inflation and monetary instability over the past fifty years. There have been numerous cases of currency crises and currency resets. Even hyperinflation, the most destructive economic phenomenon, has left its ruinous mark on several African societies. Some may say this is because African central […]

PPI Inflation Is Over 10% Yet Again, Suggesting More CPI Growth in Coming Months

By: Ryan McMaken The Us Bureau of Labor Statistics released new producer price index (PPI) data today, and it’s not good news for consumers. The PPI is a measure of prices at the production phase of goods and services, and is often an indicator of where consumer prices are headed. […]

The Transgender Debate Should Be about Women’s Freedom and Private Property Rights

The hot topic in British politics is whether it is appropriate for transgender-identified males to go into women’s only spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, and prisons. With J.K. Rowling as their figurehead, there has been a rise of women voicing their concerns about their safety and comfort if biological […]

Inflation Up, Wages Down as Biden Passes the Buck to the Do-Nothing Fed

Inflation is so high in America that we’re now supposed to believe that inflation is “moderating” if it doesn’t go above 8.5 percent. That, at least, was the message in much of the speculation yesterday around what April’s CPI inflation numbers would show. Much of the “consensus” was that inflation […]

Real Wages Fall Again as Inflation Stays Near 40-Year Highs

Inflation is so high in America that we’re now supposed to believe that inflation is “moderating” if it doesn’t go above 8.5 percent. That, at least, was the message in much of the speculation yesterday around what April’s CPI inflation numbers would show. Much of the “consensus” was that inflation […]

War, Sanctions, and Sanity: A Purely Hypothetical Inquiry

Dealing with specific geopolitical circumstances can be messy. We may disagree on the facts and on which sources are reliable, making it hard to make any headway in a discussion. This may be further compounded by extreme emotions we may have about that situation. The advantage of purely theoretical inquiry […]

Biden: Inflation Is Everybody’s Fault but Mine

Speaking at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, President Biden on Tuesday morning declared inflation to be his top “domestic priority” and insisted that inflation would not be a problem were it not for covid and the war in Ukraine. There was little room, however, for any sound economics in a speech […]

Why the Warmongers Are Wrong About China

In an earlier article, “No War with China,” I discussed the plans of braindead Biden and the neocon gang that controls him to start a war with China. This of course would be a disaster, but it leads to another question I’d like to talk about this week. Do we have to […]

This Colorado Cop Is Learning a Lesson about Proportionality

By: Ryan McMaken Loveland, Colorado police officer Austin Hopp was sentenced this week to prison time after attacking an elderly woman with dementia in June 2020. After pleading guilty to second-degree assault and other crimes, Hoppe reached a plea agreement with the county and was sentenced to five years in prison plus […]

Biden-in-Wonderland: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Increase Business Costs

President Joe Biden in the state of the union address called for a $15 minimum wage along with pushing against and calling out corporations for spreading inflation.  Raising the minimum wage, along with the fallacy that increased government spending brings growth, lies at the heart of the interventionist agenda.  As […]

Rothbard Explains The Failure of the “New Economics”

[This foreword to Henry Hazlitt’s Failure of the New Economics (available at free in PDF, ebook, and audiobook) was first published in National Review, August 15, 1959.] For most people, economics has ever been the “dismal science,” to be passed over quickly for more amusing sport. And yet, a glance […]

Student Loans and Government Subsidies: Another Government “Benefit” Creates Financial Chaos

The origins of the federal student loan program are well documented and follow a similar trajectory to most government subsidy programs in American history. Each previous government subsidy program has had a history of mismanagement, inefficiency, backwards incentives, and inflationary pressure via creation and distribution of new dollars in exchange for goods […]

Taxes: The Barbarous Relic of the 21st Century

By: Andrew Packer Ah, spring. That magical time of year when every productive American’s fancy turns to thoughts of how to legally reduce their income tax obligations. This year, filing an extension and waiting to pay as long as possible has been the ideal tax strategy, thanks in part to […]

Lighting the Gas under European Feet: How Politicians and Journalists Get Energy So Wrong

“We live in a time where few understand how things get made. It is fine to not know where stuff comes from, but it isn’t fine to not know where stuff comes from while dictating to the rest of us how the economy should be run.” —Doomberg Eighty-five percent of human […]

“The Northman”: Synthesizing Hollywood Historians with Reality

By: Sam Branthoover Starring Alexander Skarsgård, the recently released film “The Northman” portrays Viking life in stunning and vivid detail. The historical accuracy is said to be unprecedented; Robert Eggers, director of The Northman and other historical tales (The Witch, The Lighthouse), emphasizes his employment of Viking experts to achieve […]

Forget What the “Experts” Claim about Deflation: It Strengthens the Economy

For most experts, deflation is bad news since it generates expectations for a continued decline in prices, leading consumers to postpone the purchases of present goods, since they expect to purchase them at lower prices in the future. Consequently, this weakens the overall flow of current spending and this, in […]

France Is Catching Up to Japan, but Not in a Good Way

Inequality and social mobility are hotly debated issues. One important indicator of social mobility are wealth-to-income ratios. If a country’s wealth-to-income ratio is high, the country is not necessarily wealthy. It merely implies that the monetary value of all assets in that country is relatively high compared to the incomes […]

Powell’s Soft Landing

By: Robert Aro It’s happening. The Federal Reserve raised the Fed’s Fund Rate to 1.0% and announced their plan to shrink the balance sheet. In the Q & A that followed, Powell shared his thoughts on the possibility of recession and what he thinks about the decision to reduce the […]

Mises and Fascism

“Fascist” these days is little more than a term of abuse for opponents and has no cognitive value, but in what follows I’ll be using it in a precise sense, to designate a supporter of the regime established by Benito Mussolini in Italy. Was Ludwig von Mises in this sense […]

Cultural Traits and Work Ethic: Human Capital Matters

Countries are in an economic arms race to surpass competitors by accelerating levels of human capital. It is crucial that schools and universities not only graduate students with relevant certificates but also people with the appropriate skills to make a useful contribution to the knowledge economy. The failure of employees […]