How the Rivalry Between Church and State Made Europe More Wealthy and Free

Historian Ralph Raico was one of the great popularizers and scholars of European decentralism. That is, Raico recognized and supported the idea that Europe’s traditions in favor of human rights and limited political power grew out of Europe’s long history of decentralized and fragmentary politics. Many historians over the centuries, […]

The Corporate Debt Market: Is It Teetering on the Edge?

By: Joseph T. Salerno Jeff Peshut answers the question that has been widely discussed in the media lately: Is There Really A Corporate Debt Bubble That’s Ready To Burst?  To unravel the mystery, Peshut compares movements in the Rothbard-Salerno TMS monetary aggregate with movements in corporate business debt from 1978 through 2017.  […]

What the Fake History of Guns Can Teach Us

In 2000, Emory University history professor Michael Bellesiles published the book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture. The central argument of the book was that the culture of American gun ownership does not date back to the colonial era and, instead, emerged in the middle of the […]

Austrians Should Pay Attention to the “Replication Crisis” in Scientific Research

By: Michel Accad Austrian economists should take an interest in the so-called “replication crisis” in science, which is affecting primarily affecting the field of psychology, but is likely under-recognized in other social sciences—and in economics in particular. Over the last several, an increasing number of reports have highlighted the fact […]

A History of Venezuelan Inflation

Count Venezuela among the victims of hyperinflation. Economist Steve Hanke has done a meticulous job over the years raising awareness on troubled world currencies, with Venezuela’s Bolivar receiving the bulk of his focus. Hanke’s recent findings place inflation rates at 60,324 percent — rendering the Bolivar practically worthless. The Bolívar’s […]

Men Begin Avoiding Female Co-Workers in Age of #MeToo

Bloomberg reports this week that on Wall Street, men have started to implement office strategies that the men believe will minimize the likeliness of being accused of sexual harassment: While the new personal codes for dealing with #MeToo have only just begun to ripple, the shift is already palpable, according […]

Trump is the Rare Honest Politician about US Debt

By: Tho Bishop Once again Donald Trump’s presidency has done a great job of highlighting the hypocrisy and delusion of the beltway bubble. A recent story from the Daily Beast reports that Trump is frustrating advisers with his apathy towards the current trillion dollar deficits coming out of Washington.  Since the 2016 […]

The Classical-Liberal Roots of Marxist Class Analysis

Recorded 15 October 1988 at the Marx and Marxism Conference. The laissez-faire liberals understood that state violence is used by government agents, employees, and benefactors to exploit the rest of the population. Thus, the liberals understood the economic and political important of “class warfare.” Later, though, the Marxists twisted the […]

Big Tech has Big Problems, but More Regulation Will Only Hurt Consumers

By: Zachary Yost Big Tech has long faced calls for more regulation, and as their companies have grown, so has the pressure. Now those demands are coming from within Silicon Valley itself. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently told Axios that, though he supports the free market, it’s only a matter of time […]

Chapter 9. Political Democracy

Carabini explores the inherent inhumanity of political democracy as a social scheme in which common sense and goodwill are scorned and individual predation upon others is praised. Pages 101–108 in the text. Narrated by Daniel Bennett. Powered by WPeMatico

Chapter 10. A Better Life — A Better World

Carabini concludes, and considers finding purpose in life while trying to make the world a better place. Pages 109–112 in the text. Narrated by Daniel Bennett. Powered by WPeMatico

The Eurozone Banks’ Trillion-Euro Timebomb

Eurozone banks have fallen dramatically in the stock market despite the results of the stress tests carried out by the ECB, and the EU Banks Index is down 25% on the year despite year-long bullish recommendations from almost every broker. This should not surprise anyone because we have seen in […]

Chapter 1. The Political Box

Carabini explains why so many people remain trapped in a political box, holding firmly to the illusion that politics and government serve a beneficial social function. Pages 19–24 in the text. Narrated by Daniel Bennett. Powered by WPeMatico


The Introduction to Liberty, Dicta & Force by Louis E. Carabini. Pages 7–18 in the text. Narrated by Daniel Bennett. Powered by WPeMatico

Chapter 2. Barbaric Civility

Carabini discusses the duality of standards of conduct in which people condone dastardly conduct in public (political) matters that they would never think of using in their personal affairs. Pages 25–28 in the text. Narrated by Daniel Bennett. Powered by WPeMatico

Why Tariffs Won’t Create Jobs or Help the Auto Industry

At a mid-November hearing before the United States International Trade Commission, several U.S. automaker groups complained that proposed car tariffs would undermine the success of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and cause heavy job losses for the car sector.1 The main U.S. car-producer association — the US Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers […]

The Creepy Line: A New Documentary on the Immense Power of Tech Giants

The Creepy Line, a new documentary by director M.A. Taylor, is now streaming at Amazon Prime. It takes a disturbing look at how Google and Facebook influence their users’ view of the world, and how the companies have pioneered new ways of doing business. It’s a business model in which […]

The Obvious Contradictions of Politicians on Trade

By: Per Bylund The trade policies of both the USA and the EU seem to be based on the contradictory philosophy that unrestricted trade is beneficial within its borders, even if across internal borders, but not with parties outside those borders. But this makes no sense. From the point of […]

Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result

By: Ron Paul After a week of insisting that a meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Argentina was going to happen, President Trump at the last minute sent out a Tweet explaining that due to a Russia/Ukraine dispute in the Sea of Azov he would […]

48. Many Statisticians, Many Answers: The Methodological Factor in the Replication Crisis

In 550 BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously declared: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” In this episode, we learn from our guest whether scientists can step into the same data pool and obtain the […]