Understanding Why Government Policies Fail

Pathways to Policy Failureby Gary GallesAmerican Institute for Economic Research, 2020, 490 pp. Gary Galles, an economics professor at Pepperdine University, has in this outstanding book shown how to apply basic economic principles to evaluate concrete policy proposals. In doing so, he offers a comprehensive defense of the free market […]

That Bangladesh Mask Study!

Our guest is Ben Recht, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, who recently got hold of and analyzed the raw data from the Bangladesh cluster randomized control trial of masking which made headlines in September. SHOW NOTES? Ben Recht: Twitter and webpage Ben Recht’s recent […]

A Chance to Double Your Gift

Dr. Gary Schlarbaum, one of our generous supporters, has again offered to match donations received through December 11. That means your $10 donation becomes $20, your $25 donation becomes $50, and so on. With a donation of $25 or more, you’ll receive a copy of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s What Must Be Done. […]

How Lincoln Dealt with “Draft Dodgers” and other Dissenters

By: Ryan McMaken Mises.org reader Brad Cole writes: A great-great-grandfather Montgomery Cole, got imprisoned during the Civil War because of speaking out against the draft policies. His arrest, along with others, resulted from President Lincoln’s invoking his Proclamation 94 in September of 1862.  As for a bit of background, Montgomery […]

Jenin Younes on Legal Challenges to Vaccine Mandates

Our guest is Jenin Younes, a Litigation Counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance. She joins us to discuss her involvement in advocacy and in legal challenges against vaccine mandates. She holds a B.A. degree from Cornell University and a J.D. from New York University School of Law. She has […]

The Rise of the Sovereign State

The first myth one has to debunk in order to assess the relationship between the provision of law and order and the rise of the (modern) State is that this political institution is merely a natural and organic outgrowth of political power, as old as the history of mankind or […]

How Student Loans Drove Up Tuition Costs

By: Grace Walter The American federal government from its inception has expressed powers that they do not have the right to express. One of these powers they respectively gave themselves is the power to give out student loans to practically anyone who plans to go to college and needs a […]

The Bank of Canada’s Failed Mission to “Preserve the Value of Money”

In Canada, inflation hit 4.7 percent in October, and is expected to go even higher. According to a recent survey, 46 percent of Canadians are struggling to feed their families because of the rising cost of living. Perhaps they are also struggling to understand the logic of the Bank of […]

Luca Dellanna on the Power of Adaptation: Adapt or Die

Ceaseless flux. Those are words Ludwig von Mises used to describe the perpetual change in business conditions that entrepreneurs experience. The consequent need, he told us, is for a process of constant adjustment. The current word for that process is adaptation. Economics For Business talks to Luca Dellanna, a leading business […]

The Virginia Elections Showed Some Parents Are Seeing How Bad the Government Schools Really Are

If there’s one political fight worth seeing through, it’s the crusade against government schooling. Many parents in Virginia may have started to see just how important the fight has become. Original Article: “The Virginia Elections Showed Some Parents Are Seeing How Bad the Government Schools Really Are” This Audio Mises […]

American Troika

By: Robert Aro It’s called the troika. It sounds like communism. It looks like communism. But is it true communism? Wall Street Journal explains: The Fed’s vice chair, along with the New York Fed president, is part of the inner circle of advisers—known as the troika—that shape the agenda for […]

No, Inflation Is Not Good for You

According to the Marxists and their fellow travelers, inflation is good because it transfers wealth from creditors to debtors, and debtors are “the 99 percent.” But inflation doesn’t work that way.   Original Article: “No, Inflation Is Not Good for You” This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. […]

This Professor Hates the Austrian School. But He Clearly Doesn’t Know Much about It.

Capitalism vs. Freedom: The Toll Road to Serfdomby Rob LarsonZero Books, 2018, 233 pp. Rob Larson, who is a professor of economics at Tacoma Community College in Washington, does not agree with Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, and Friedman that the free market promotes freedom and prosperity and that socialism is the […]

The US Misery Index Shows How Weak This Recovery Is

United States consumer confidence has plummeted to a decade-low in November. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index fell to 66.8 in November, down sharply from the October figure of 71.7 and well below consensus forecasts of 72.4. Inflation is hurting consumers and the impact on daily purchases is more severe […]

The Effects of Pandemics on Trade and Private Property

By: Lipton Matthews Trust is a crucial ingredient for economic growth and innovation. Without the engine of trust fueling, the free flow of ideas innovation would come to a scurrying halt. Before people can cooperate in business and research, they must harvest an environment that cultivates trust. Through the cross-fertilization […]

Introduction to Natural Law

This article is excerpted from the first 5 chapters of The Ethics of Liberty. Audio versions of these chapters, read by Jeff Riggenbach, are available for download. 1. Natural Law and Reason (Listen to MP3) Among intellectuals who consider themselves “scientific,” the phrase “the nature of man” is apt to have […]

Austrian Axioms 101

This article is unashamedly in Friedrich von Hayek’s category of “second-hand dealers of ideas”. In fact, it is lower than that being third-hand. More specifically, I, as the third-hand dealer, intend to summarize the axioms of Austrian economics by a second-hand dealer, by the name of Percy Greaves, who first […]

The Oklahoma National Guard Refused the Vax Mandate. The Pentagon Is Not Pleased.

Combined with the US military’s turn toward “woke” politics, this latest episode around vaccine mandates will further help to undermine support for military institutions among conservatives and Republicans. Original Article: “The Oklahoma National Guard Refused the Vax Mandate. The Pentagon Is Not Pleased.” This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored […]

The Heroic Draft Dodgers of the American Civil War

In the wake of the American Civil War, one’s status as a veteran could bring significant social and economic benefits. Indeed, the Grand Army of the Republic would become an extremely influential interest group and helped fuel the early creation of an American welfare state for veterans. “Do it for […]

Housing Hubris: Can Home Prices Spiral upward Forever?

For the Wall Street sequel, the subtitle was Money Never Sleeps. But the Oliver Stone reprisal of Gordon Gecko was the stuff of 2010. In America, a decade plus ago, money slept. Now, it truly doesn’t, with cryptocurrency prices gyrating 24/7/365. This frantic activity has spread to other asset markets. […]