¿El coronavirus justifica el argumento para un gobierno mundial?

By: Jeff Deist A veces suceden cosas terribles sin que haya ninguna mala conducta humana, y el novedoso coronavirus de Wuhan puede ser de hecho una de esas cosas. Es totalmente plausible que el virus haya surgido de «mercados mojados» en la provincia china de Hubei, en lugar de ser […]

Does the Coronavirus Make the Case for World Government?

By: Jeff Deist Sometimes terrible things happen without any human malfeasance, and the novel Wuhan coronavirus may in fact be one of those things. It is entirely plausible the virus emerged from “wet markets” in the Hubei Province of China rather than as a fumbled (or worse, intentionally released) bioweapon cooked up by […]

The Feds Choose Winners and Losers in the Energy Industries

By: Mike Holly In my previous article, I looked at how government regulations have created an an uneven playing field that favors natural gas and oil over coal. This time, we’ll look at how regulators favor some types of “renewable” energy over others while biasing the system against nuclear energy. […]

The Coal Industry’s Ongoing Demise Is Helped Along by Federal Regulators

By: Mike Holly U.S. policymakers are spurning free competitive markets for government-created energy monopolies and oligopolies, and the picking of winners and losers among fuel types. The preference for monopolies that block innovation, along with favoritism for oil and natural gas and also wind and solar, increases the risks of […]

Es fácil creer que AOC tiene un título de economía

By: Ryan McMaken It has become something of a tradition in the free market corners of social media to express shock and dismay over the possibility that New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)—an avowed “democratic socialist”—has an economics degree from Boston University. This is how it works: AOC makes a […]

It’s Easy to Believe AOC Has an Economics Degree

By: Ryan McMaken It has become something of a tradition in the free-market corners of social media to express shock and dismay over the possibility that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) — an avowed “democratic socialist” — has an economics degree from Boston University. This is how it works: […]

Legislation should help rather than hinder the gig economy

By: Mark Thornton Peter St. Onge, senior economist at the Montreal Economic Institute co-wrote an Op-Ed in the Globe and Mail (Toronto) that highlight the increasing importance of part time workers and the benefits they provide customers over traditional lines of work.  Casual or “gig” work has been around a […]

Trump’s Budget: More Warfare, Slightly Less Welfare

By: Ron Paul Listening to the howls from Democrats and the applause from Republicans, one would think President Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2021 budget is a radical assault on the welfare state. The truth is that the budget contains some minor spending cuts, most of which are not even real […]

¿Es Islandia demasiado pequeña? Un islandés dice que no.

By: Ryan McMaken Gylfason señaló cómo los políticos islandeses han afirmado que la pequeña población del país era «nuestro mal social más… Agradecemos a Thorvaldur Gylfason por señalar su artículo de 2009 en el que examina las consecuencias económicas de la pequeña población de Islandia, de sólo unos trescientos mil […]

Pete Quiñones and I Talk Immigration in This Podcast

By: Ryan McMaken Last summer when we were both at Mises University, Peter Quiñones and I sat down in the studio and talked about immigration for a full hour. I think we’ve provided enough to annoy both open borders people and hard-core restrictionists. I cover the horribleness of border guards, […]

Is Iceland Too Small? An Icelander Says No.

By: Ryan McMaken Thank to Thorvaldur Gylfason for pointing out his 2009 article examining the economic implications of Iceland’s small population of only about 300,000 people. Gylfason notes how Icelandic politicians have claimed the country’s small population was “our most serious social evil,” and that the critical mass for a […]

Senate Attacks Judy Shelton for Sin of Being Outside the Mainstream

By: Tho Bishop Today the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing for President Trump’s two most recent Federal Reserve nominees. In one chair sat Christopher Waller, vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, whose dreadfully dull answers could have been the product of […]

Democrats Ignore Trump’s Real Violations

By: Ron Paul This week the latest Democratic Party attempt to remove President Trump from office—impeachment over Trump allegedly holding up an arms deal to Ukraine—flopped. Just like “Russiagate” and the Mueller investigation, and a number of other attempts to overturn the 2016 election. We’ve had three years of accusations […]

Recordando a Burt Blumert

By: David Gordon Hoy habría sido el cumpleaños 91 de Burt Blumert, una de las mayores personalidades del movimiento libertario moderno. Burt era el hombre indispensable entre bastidores y era una figura clave en el Instituto Mises, el Centro de Estudios Libertarios y LewRockwell.com. Era uno de los amigos más […]

Lew Rockwell Discusses His Book ‘The Left, the Right, and the State’

By: Ryan McMaken If you havent’t yet bought yourself a copy of Lew Rockwell’s Against the Left: A Rothbardian Libertarianism do yourself a favor and pick one up. But at the same time, I recommend Lew’s 2010 book The Left, the Right, and the State.  I don’t think this book […]

«Los buenos gobernantes no consideran a su pueblo como su presa»

By: Gary Galles En la campaña presidencial de 2020 hasta ahora, ha habido una notable ausencia de preocupación seria por la libertad. La idea que dio origen a nuestro país ha sido desplazada en gran medida por los enérgicos esfuerzos para superar a los rivales en lo que H. L. […]

“Good Governors Do Not Consider Their People as Their Prey”

By: Gary Galles In the free-for-all that has been the 2020 presidential campaign so far, there has been a notable absence of serious concern for liberty. The idea that gave birth to our country has been largely crowded out by spirited efforts to outdo rivals in what H. L. Mencken […]

Corona Virus? The Chinese Central Bank Has a “Solution”

By: Frank Shostak In response to the economic paralysis brought about by the coronavirus, the Chinese central bank has pumped $243 billion into financial markets. On Monday February 3 2020, China’s equity market shed $393 billion of its value. Most experts are of the view that in order to counter […]

El estado de la unión: un recordatorio anual del inevitable impago

By: Tho Bishop El estado de la unión de anoche fue particularmente notable por su espectacularidad. Se dieron becas, se otorgaron medallas, se reunieron familias. En un momento en que la política nacional es un mal teatro, el presidente Trump es claramente su estrella más talentosa. Trump también sabe lo […]

The State of the Union: An Annual Reminder of Inevitable Default

By: Tho Bishop Last night’s State of the Union was particularly noteworthy for its showmanship. Scholarships were given away, medals were awarded, families reunited. At a time when national politics is bad theater, President Trump is clearly its most gifted star. Trump also knows what sells. As a political figure, […]