Economic Nationalism: From Mercantilism to World War II

[Excerpted from chapter 3 of Studies in Economic Nationalism.]  We now move to a period that, from the point of view of the present inquiry, is of particularly great importance. It extends over roughly 300 years — the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries — and involves the birth and consolidation […]

WeWork’s IPO Disaster and the Problem of Easy Money

One of the most spectacular events in the startup world this year was the collapse of The We Company IPO. Originally WeWork, We is a company that is, essentially, a gigantic sublessor. Started in 2010 by Adam Neumann, the vision of We was to provide collaborative short-term leases to companies. […]

Jeff Deist on the Death to Tyrants Podcast

By: The Editors Jeff Deist joins the Death to Tyrants podcast to discuss themes in his recent article, “Politics Drops Its Pretenses” and his recent speech on how “meaningless words” create a narrative. Is “democracy” really a good thing? Do those who use it even know what it means? Are we best […]

Globalist-Endorsed War on Cash May Be China’s Next Terrifying Weapon

Recent protests in Hong Kong, along with the resulting fall out from international corporations questioned for their relationships with mainland China, has placed a renewed focus on the authoritarianism of the Chinese Communist Party. This has led to several articles identifying ways in which Western countries have learned from the […]

The Indianapolis Monetary Convention

The presidential election of 1896 was a great national referendum on the gold standard. The Democratic Party had been captured, at its 1896 convention, by the Populist, ultra-inflationist, anti-gold forces, headed by William Jennings Bryan. The older Democrats, who had been fiercely devoted to hard money and the gold standard, […]

China’s Growing Real Estate Bubble

China’s economy has been growing dramatically for many years to become one of the world’s leading economies. According to the World Bank, in 2018, China’s GDP (nominal) was 13,608 trillion USD, the second-highest in the world.1 However, there is some underlying unsustainability in their development strategy that impressive aggregative economic […]

The West Was Never Really an Enemy of Soviet Communism

[Vladimir Bukovsky, tr. Alyona Kojevnikov, Judgment in Moscow: Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity (Ninth of November Press, 2019), 707 pages.] Few remember him today, for reasons that should unsettle us all, but Vladimir Bukovsky was a hero from a dark age whose example confirms Mises’s motto, taken from the Aeneid: […]

Yes, Taxation Is Theft

Libertarians think that taxation is theft. The government takes away part of your income and property by force. Your payments aren’t voluntary. If you think they are, try to withhold payment and see what happens. An influential book by Liam Murphy and Thomas Nagel, The Myth of Ownership, tries to […]

It’s Trump vs. the Deep State vs. the Rest of Us

One of the best side effects of the Trump presidency has been the hostility of the so-called “deep state” or “intelligence community” directed at the president. This, in turn, has led many Americans to realize that America’s powerful, un-elected secret police agencies serve an agenda all their own. Consequently, polls […]

How Entrepreneurs Build the World

Jeff Deist: Professor Bylund, you grew up in Sweden. What stands out from your childhood? PER BYLUND: I grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, separated from Stockholm by just a lot of nature. It’s close enough to be part of the Stockholm metropolitan area, but far enough away from […]

Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop?

By: Ron Paul When the New York Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repurchasing (repo) markets (the market banks use to make short-term loans to each other) in September, they said this would only be necessary for a few weeks. Yet, last Wednesday, almost two […]

Budget Deficits, not “Neoliberalism,” Are To Blame for Argentina’s Crisis

Argentinians are known for for slinging clever insults. Spaniards, for example, love Argentine “puteadas” so much that they created a website called “Curse like an Argentinian.” Now in the world of bad words, one stands out that, when received, mortally wounds the rival in the argument. It’s hard to recover […]

Psychiatry v. Antipsychiatry

As a medical discipline, psychiatry has often been the target of severe criticism, particularly in the last fifty to sixty years. Is the criticism valid or not? What is the outlook for the science of mental illness and the practice of psychiatry? Our guest today defends his chosen medical specialty. George […]

Keynes on Eugenics, Race, and Population Control

The literature on John Maynard Keynes’s life and ideas is enormous. However, his defenders have neglected his views on population. Why? His ideas in this area are highly problematic. This article provides documentation that shows Keynes advocated extensive government controls on the size and quality of the population. Keynes was […]

Cómo la economía austriaca ayuda a los empresarios a entender la mente del cliente

By: Hunter Hastings En el podcast de Economía para emprendedores del Instituto Mises, el Dr. Per Bylund ha declarado más de una vez que los emprendedores que pueden desarrollar una comprensión tanto de las leyes de la economía como de la mente del cliente pueden así crear una ventaja competitiva […]

How Austrian Economics Helps Entrepreneurs Understand The Mind Of The Customer

By: Hunter Hastings On the Mises Institute’s Economics For Entrepreneurs podcast, Dr. Per Bylund has stated more than once that entrepreneurs who can develop an understanding of both the laws of economics and the mind of the customer can thereby create a competitive advantage and a successful business. The laws […]

Ludwig von Mises, Sociology, and Metatheory

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 22, no. 2 (Summe 2019) full issue. ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the epistemological status and potential scope of the discipline of sociology based on the writings of Ludwig von Mises. More specifically, it presents his epistemological distinction between theory and history, and argues that sociology […]

The Case for Free-Market Liberalism in Africa

Perceived as a by-product imported from the West, liberalism — often known in the English-speaking world as “classical” liberalism — has been rejected as an ideological model to define the political culture and systems of the African continent. It was primarily rejected because liberalism, like its related economic system capitalism, […]

Por qué un «criptoyuan» no amenaza al dólar

By: Daniel Lacalle Una criptodivisa de propiedad estatal es, en sí misma, una contradicción en los términos. La razón principal por la que los ciudadanos quieren utilizar criptodivisas u oro es precisamente evitar el monopolio del dinero por parte del gobierno o del banco central. Para que una moneda sea […]

Why Friedman Is Wrong on the Business Cycle

According to an article in Bloomberg on November 5, 2019, Milton Friedman’s business cycle theory seems to be vindicated. According to Milton Friedman, strong recoveries are just natural after particularly deep recessions. Like a guitar string, the harder the string is plucked down, the faster it should come back up. […]