Ilana Mercer on Trump’s Call to Putin

By: Ilana Mercer “This is just a truly astonishing moment coming from the White House podium,” tweeted MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt. Like the rest of the media pack-animals she hunts with, Ms. Hunt had been fuming over President Trump’s telephone call to Vladimir Putin, congratulating him on winning another term as […]

Justin Raimondo on the “Libertarian Remnant” | Jeff Deist

The always provocative Justin Raimondo, longtime editor of, has a new column in Chronicles Magazine that asks a very simple question: Whatever happened to the libertarian movement? It’s a question worth asking, especially given the multifarious disagreements over what “libertarian” even means at this point. This may be the natural result of growth; […]

Congressional Budget Vote Includes Feinstein-Sponsored Bill to Grow Federal Gun Database | Tho Bishop

The Federal Reserve continues to slowly increase the federal funds rate from 1.5 to 1.75 percent today, the first such decision of the Jerome  Powell era. More interesting is that, when asked during his press conference, Chairman Powell dismissed the idea of the Fed’s Interest on Excess Reserves (IOER) policy as a subsidy to Wall Street. IOER […]

Why Understanding Inflation Is So Important

03/19/2018 Frank Shostak According to Ludwig von Mises, Inflation, as this term was always used everywhere and especially in this country, means increasing the quantity of money and bank notes in circulation and the quantity of bank deposits subject to check. But people today use the term ‘inflation’ to refer […]

Being Right Isn’t Enough

March 20, 2018 Jeff Deist You can help the Mises Institute publish an exciting new book this spring from one of our Senior Fellows, and it couldn’t be more timely. Dr. Mark Thornton’s text — titled The Skyscraper Curse — is his definitive work on booms and busts, and it […]

Socialism: The Calculation Problem Is Not the Knowledge Problem

At the Mises Institute’s upcoming Austrian Economics Research Conference (AERC), there will be a panel commemorating the 30th anniversary of the second debate over socialist calculation. This second debate began with Israel Kirzner’s 1988 Review of Austrian Economics article that analyzed the original debate between Mises, Hayek, and the market […]

The Middle of the Road Leads to Socialism

The fundamental dogma of all brands of socialism and communism is that the market economy or capitalism is a system that hurts the vital interests of the immense majority of people for the sole benefit of a small minority of rugged individualists. It condemns the masses to progressing impoverishment. It […]

An Austro-Libertarian View: Essays by David Gordon

Volume 1: Economics, Philosophy, LawVolume 2: Political TheoryVolume 3: Current Affairs, Foreign Policy, American History, European History Review by Paul Gottfried David Gordon, from the Foreword: Shortly after Murray Rothbard’s lamented death in January, 1995, Lew Rockwell telephoned me. He asked me to write a book review journal for the […]

The Progressive Era

Progressivism brought the triumph of institutionalized racism, the disfranchising of blacks in the South, the cutting off of immigration, the building up of trade unions by the federal government into a tripartite of big government, big business, big union alliance, the glorifying of military virtues and conscription, and a drive […]

Why Understanding the Progressive Era Still Matters

Editor’s Note: Murray Rothbard’s new masterwork, The Progressive Era, is now available for purchase. Judge Napolitano’s preface below speaks to why the Progressive Era is so key to our understanding of modern America. This is the first of many selections from the book we will be offering at in the future.  […]

Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative

In non-technical terms, the libertarian is simply someone who is against the use of force against peaceful people in civil society. You would think that this would be a universally accepted idea but, as will be discussed in greater depth in this paper, to believe in government as we know […]

E-Verify Threatens Us All

By: Ron Paul In addition to funding for a border wall and other border security measures, immigration hardliners are sure to push to include mandatory E-Verify in any immigration legislation considered by Congress. E-Verify is a (currently) voluntary program where businesses check job applicants’ Social Security numbers and other Information […]

Mark Thornton: Is the Bust Here?

By: Mark Thornton, Jeff Deist With stock markets in turmoil earlier this week, the Mises Institute’s resident expert on booms and busts joins Jeff Deist to make sense of it. Will new Fed Chair Jerome Powell do everything possible to prop up markets, or will he be more hawkish than Janet […]

When Democracy Fails — And There Is No Compromise

By: Ryan McMaken The UK Independent reported last week that legislators in Iceland have proposed a ban on circumcision of boys. In practice of course, a ban on male circumcisions essentially outlaws Judaism. Anticipating opposition from advocates for religious freedom, the legislation “insists the ‘rights of the child’ always exceed the ‘right of […]

When There Is No Compromise — And Democracy Fails

By: Ryan McMaken The UK Independent reported last week that legislators in Iceland have proposed a ban on circumcision of boys. In practice of course, a ban on male circumcisions essentially outlaws Judaism. Anticipating opposition from advocates for religious freedom, the legislation “insists the ‘rights of the child’ always exceed the ‘right of […]

Central Banks Holding Steady, But Promise More Rate Hikes

By: Ryan McMaken On February 5, the Reserve Bank of Australia held its key rate steady at 1.5 percent.  The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate to 1.25 percent in January. At its February Meeting, the Federal Reserve announced it would hold the Federal Funds Rate steady at […]

The New German Government Is Bad News

By: Kai Weiss Germany finally has a new government. After months of negotiating, a breakdown of talks between the Conservatives, Greens, and Liberals, and constant fighting between the Conservatives (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD), the two major parties reached an agreement yesterday. Members of the SPD still have to vote […]

The United States Is a Tax Haven for Global Investors…and that’s Good for America

By: Daniel J. Mitchell According to bureaucrats at the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, so-called tax havens are terrible and should be shut down. Their position is grossly hypocritical since they get tax-free salaries while pushing for higher taxes on everyone else, but not very surprising since the […]

Filibuster in Nicaragua, Part 2: Nicaragua Conquered

By: Chris Calton Despite the bitter defeat in the First Battle of Rivas, William Walker and his small army of American filibusters successfully take control of the Democratico capital of Nicaragua, ending the Nicaraguan civil war. This episode is Part 2 of 6 of the story of William Walker’s attempt […]

Infrastructure Spending Won’t Make America Great Again

By: Christopher Westley This past Tuesday afternoon, I was speaking with a reporter who was interested in the positive effects of infrastructure spending that occurred in the form of fiscal “stimulus” in my part of the country, back during the dark days of the Great Recession, around 2009 and 2010. […]