The End of the Petrodollar? What Next?

  Some massive news broke in the last couple of hours in regards to the US dollar – Join Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart in today’s video update as they discuss what happened, what it means, and where we could be head next.

Gold continues to surge higher

    The phrase “may you live in interesting times” has never been more applicable than now. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, unrelenting inflation including soaring food and gas prices, and unpayable debt levels that continue to relentlessly climb.    As if that wasn’t enough, the Fed finds itself increasingly stuck; […]

World War E Has Begun – But What Is It?

  World War E has started – but what is it? Join Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart as they discuss the implications of this new form of combat in which nation states attack each other via electronic means.  We are in brand new, never-explored territory, so what does it mean […]

Some Perspective On Ukraine & Russia

  Almost seven years ago, Mike Maloney gave a presentation that outlined the potential for the present situation in Ukraine. Join Mike today as he revisits the presentation, and offers some advice on how the world can take a step back, take a deep breath….and gain some much-needed perspective.  Links […]

The Slippery Slope of Currency Censorship

  Recent events in Canada have alarmed some of our regular viewers, specifically the instances of citizens having their bank accounts frozen. What does Mike Maloney think of all this? Could it happen here? How has he prepared? Where is this all going?  

80% Crash? Roller Coast Crash Update

  What is the logic behind the possibility of a market crash greater than 80%? As you’ll see in today’s must-watch video with Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart, it has happened before…and there is a good chance of it happening again. Also the link to Mike’s video that he recommends: […]

This ‘Economic Twilight Zone’ Warning Is Playing Out In Real Time

  Listen to the warning about ‘The Money Illusion’ given by Jim Rickards from Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 7. More pertinent today than ever.   And don’t miss the latest Wealthion video: The World’s Largest Gold Nugget: Just How Big Is It? We Take A Road Trip To See […]

Gold & Silver Smashed: What I’m Doing

  Why are gold and silver falling while inflation is raging? What is Mike doing with his portfolio now that gold and silver have dropped two to three percent? Is the ‘Dollar Milkshake Theory’ coming true? All that and more in today’s video update. C

This 50 Year Chart Blows My Mind

  Will inflation ever show up in gold and silver? Will the latest global health alarm lead to more currency printing? And what is the 50 year chart that blows Mike Maloney’s mind? Join Mike in today’s video update to find out.

Here’s Why the Next Market Crash Will Be Vicious In Nature

  Why does Mike Maloney see the next crash as being particularly vicious in nature? Join him in today’s presentation where you’ll see some amazing statistics on where the economy is heading. Thanks for watching.

What They Aren’t Admitting About the Digital Dollar…

  Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark in today’s video update as they dive deep into the world of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). You’ll also get Mike and Jeff’s opinion on whether the ‘rich’ are paying their ‘fair share’.

Hyperinflation? Deflation? The Day Of Reckoning for the Global Economy

  Inflation. Deflation. Unprecedented currency creation. Falling velocity. With all that is happening in the economy, we figured it would be a great time to revisit one of Mike Maloney’s ‘most likely outcome’ presentations.

6 Charts That Show the Coming Economic Implosion and How To Take Cover

The Team  OCT 26, 2021 Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark in this must-watch update as they discuss six important charts from a recent article published by Crescat Capital. As you’ll see, many of Mike Maloney’s early predictions are not only coming true…but they are becoming ‘mainstream’. Where does […]

How the Debt Ceiling is Actually a TRAPDOOR

  Today’s video from Mike Maloney is a must-watch. In this clip, you’ll learn how the National Debt is a huge open pit that we are constantly digging deeper into the future, while supporting ourselves with nothing but a flimsy trapdoor. It is one of Mike’s best analogies to date, […]

The Truth About The Debt Ceiling and TRILLION Dollar Coin

  Trillion dollar coins. The ‘debt ceiling’. What does it all mean, and what is it that they aren’t telling you? Join Mike Maloney for today’s video update. Link to the Debt Ceiling video that Mike mentions is here:

I Uncovered a Half-TRILLION DOLLAR FRAUD $$$

  “We are approaching a half-trillion dollar accounting fraud…this is just flat-out, bold-faced lying.” Join Mike Maloney as he uncovers what may be the biggest accounting fraud in history.

What is the Fed Hiding From Us?

  Why is the Fed seemingly on a mission to obfuscate the most useful economic data available? Are they trying to cover their tracks? What are they trying to hide? Join Mike Maloney in today’s video where he shows that this alarming trend is accelerating.

Behind the Fed’s Curtain, Something BIG is Brewing

  Behind the scenes at the Federal Reserve, something is up. While we can’t yet say exactly what it is, Mike Maloney has compiled some compelling evidence showing that whatever it is…it’s big. Check out today’s video update to find out more.

What are the chances of gold reaching a new all-time high price by the end of this year?

Mike Maloney,  AUG 26, 2021   What are the chances of gold reaching a new all-time high price by the end of this year? Actually, the chances are precisely 45% – according to a model used by Ronnie Stoeferle and his team. Join Mike Maloney and Ronnie as they […]

10 Reasons I Bet My Life On Triple Digit Silver

  “I absolutely stand by my claim that silver is going to triple digits one day…there isn’t anything I can measure that would show it not going there.” – Mike Maloney What would silver’s price be today if it matched its performance from the bull market of the 1970s? At […]