Time to convert Bitcoin profits into gold?

  It was a wild weekend for Bitcoin… After touching an all-time record high, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is now selling off.  It’s down 12% as of writing.  Thankfully for those who invest, it’s still up 291% over the past year. Still, the sudden drop is a good reminder […]

Why Buy Gold If the System Will Be Crypto & Digital Fedcoin Dollars?

The GoldSilver Team  JAN 5, 2021 One of the hot topics today is Gold vs Bitcoin, or a completely digital dollar. What does physical gold and silver do for us if the system is going to be all digital? Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark in today’s discussion.

The Big Payday For Gold & Silver Investors – WHEN?

  Gold and silver investors have been waiting a long time for the ‘big payday’. In today’s video, Jeff Clark asks Mike Maloney when he thinks this may happen, and how big a payday it might be.

The Coming Flood to Gold and Silver

  Just a few of the world’s massive institutional funds own any gold and silver at all, as Mike Maloney points out in today’s video “it’s just a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage”. Now we are seeing announcements from many funds that they are going to start putting gold in their […]

The End Game is Here!

  Is this the Endgame? Join Mike Maloney in this extensive two-part conversation with George Gammon, host of the Rebel Capitalist Show, to hear what they think comes next – and what the average person can do do shield themselves from the financial insanity that prevails. Watch Mike Maloney and […]

The World Has Racked Up $277 Trillion in Debt

The GoldSilver Team   NOV 19, 2020 What is the ‘Great Reset’ currently being touted by technocrats across the globe? Is this something new, or have the plans been in place for a long time? What does it all mean? “You’re going to play this game whether you want to or […]

Gold & Silver Mining Stocks: What % Are They Of My Portfolio?

  Mike Maloney revealed recently that he has re-entered the world of mining stocks via several ‘private placement’ deals. We’ve had many questions asking what percentage of Mike’s portfolio is in these mining stocks, join him in today’s video with Jeff Clark to find out.

Trump vs Biden: Calling the Definitive Victory NOW

Trump vs Biden. Biden vs Trump. What will happen economically if either candidate wins? Who will suffer the knockout blow? Join Mike Maloney in today’s must-watch update for the definitive answers to these questions. LISTEN NOW  

Why On Earth Would I Sell My Gold & Silver For Dollars?

oday Jeff Clark asks Mike Maloney one of the most common questions we receive here at GoldSilver.com – “Why on Earth would I sell my gold and silver for fiat currency?”

Get Prepared for a New System Based on Gold & Silver

  In today’s must watch update: “This will create a global economic convulsion like the world has never seen, there will be a wealth transfer and everyone will participate – you do not have a choice. Your only choice is: Are you going to have the wealth transferred toward you? […]

Digital Dollars Coming To Your Phone: Alarming Plan Revealed

The GoldSilver Team  OCT 8, 2020 “This is the ‘whips and chains’ that can be imposed if we go to a purely government-backed digital currency”. . Join Mike Maloney as he connects the dots on some alarming evidence, showing that a digital dollar is not only coming – it is […]

TRIPLE DIGIT SILVER – Why 2 Experts Believe It Is Inevitable

The GoldSilver Team  SEP 22, 2020 Is ‘triple digit silver’ inevitable? How could the price ever go that high? Join Mike Maloney and his guest Keith Neumeyer for an in-depth look at the silver market, and why they both believe that silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet. […]

Buying A House With Silver Coins

  Can you buy a house with silver coins? How much silver will it take? They are two of the most common questions we get at GoldSilver.com, tune in to today’s update and get Mike Maloney’s thoughts on how this could play out.

US Dollar Loses Critical Support – What Next?

  The dollar has broken critical support levels, what is the short-to-medium term outlook? Join Mike Maloney, Chris Martenson and moderator Mr Jeff Clark as they discuss some of the biggest news stories this week.                 

Riding Warren Buffett’s Gold Rollercoaster

  Warren Buffett just boarded his gold and silver rollercoaster. Join Mike Maloney as he shows how this ride actually operates in reverse to what most people think.                                          

The Gold Silver Show – Inflation, Deflation or Crisis?

  Are you planning on inflation, deflation or crisis? That’s the question answered by Mike Maloney, Jeff Clark and Chris Martenson in today’s video update. Also covered – the precious metals pullback, increasing strains on the global economy, the latest insane actions by the Fed, and most importantly…Mr Jeff Clark […]

Gold & Silver. What Comes Next?

  Join Mike Maloney as he explores the triggers that could lead to astronomical action in the gold and silver markets, and how learning what is going on right now is the the key to protecting your financial future. Thanks for watching.

The Surprising Truth About $50 Silver & the Hunt Brothers

The GoldSilver Team  AUG 5, 2020 You may have heard about ‘that time back in 1980 when the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market – that’s why silver went to fifty bucks!’ It’s quite a common story – but it’s just not true. Watch this video from Mike Maloney to […]

Global Economy To Freeze Up. Here’s Why.

  “I am getting prepared for a freezing of the global economy, in which case there will be a period of time where credit cards don’t work…they’re going to be scrambling, trying to figure out what to do. Massive currency creation is the only thing they can do and that […]

Gold & Silver – Ignite Stage 3

Gold and silver have now entered ‘Phase 3’ according to Mike Maloney. So what is it that has changed to bring us into this new environment? It is something that Mike has been expecting for some time, and is finally here: monetary demand. And as he hints towards the end […]