The True Story Behind China’s ‘Currency Manipulation’

  There’s more than meets the eye to most economic processes, and the latest news regarding China’s label by the USA as a ‘currency manipulator’ is no exception. Join Mike Maloney as he revisits a presentation given to a group of private investors in England that that shows another side […]

Does Gold’s Breakout Mean Silver is on the Launchpad?

Mike Maloney discusses the perfomance of silver vs. gold through our recent times. Watch Now ?

Silver Investors: Something Big Is Happening Here

JUL 23, 2019 Join Mike Maloney for a follow up from last week’s video on the extreme event occurring in silver. You’ll see the level of accumulation has only struck these levels before twice since 1969… what does it all mean?

What is Up With the Silver Market? Who Is the Whale?

What is up with the silver market? Join Mike Maloney as he dives into two immensely powerful data sets that suggest that something big is happening behind the scenes.

Inside The Battle For the Next Global Monetary System – Facebook Libra vs Central Banks

Mike Maloney JUL 10, 2019 Could these be the opening shots in the battle for the next global monetary system? Join Mike Maloney as he explores the serious implications that arise from Facebook’s foray into the world of finance, and whether or not their Libra project is the ultimate Trojan […]

The Untold Story Behind USA’s Biggest Secret Deal – The Petrodollar

JUL 2, 2019 Mike Maloney has been giving updates on the ‘Death of the Global Dollar Standard’ since 2009… Join him in this latest video as he discusses one of the biggest nails in the dollar’s coffin to date. Bloomberg The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret […]

Fed’s Tragic Plan For Long Term Rates Revealed MAY 21, 2019 Here comes QE on steroids. Join Mike Maloney as he explains the Fed’s latest plan to manipulate and distort the markets, and what the results are likely to be.

Trade Wars: The Truth About Tariffs

Join Mike Maloney as he examines the latest moves in the US/China trade war, and visits some compelling arguments from the Foundation for Economic Education. To quote their article by Mark J Perry: “It’s a scientifically and mathematically provable fact that all tariffs, at any time and in any country, […]

Part 2: Mike Maloney & Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

Mike Maloney APR 30, 2019 Join Mike Maloney and Patrick Byrne as they conclude their latest conversation about free markets, free people and sound money. If you missed part 1, watch it here.

The World Is Changing Before Our Eyes – Part 1

In this two-part conversation, Mike Maloney speaks with Patrick Byrne of Patrick was a guest in Episode 8 of ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’, and has always been one of Mike’s favorite people to speak with. Find out how they both see the world changing before our eyes in this […]

Why I’m Concerned for US Dollar Reserve Status

APR 16, 2019 It’s been a while since Mike Maloney has given an update on the ‘Death Of The Dollar‘ as the world’s reserve currency. Join him today for a look at some important events that are unfolding right now.

Ray Dalio Is Wrong This Time

Mike Maloney APR 11, 2019 Find out why Mike Maloney believes that Ray Dalio has his wires crossed in this week’s video. In a nutshell, you can’t blame something that you don’t have. Link to Ray Dalio’s article.

Basel III & Gold: The Big Picture

MAR 21, 2019 There has been a lot of talk lately about Basel III and a potential return to a gold standard. Find out what it is, and what Mike Maloney feels is happening in today’s latest update.

USA’s Debt Time Bomb Just Got Bigger…

Today brings news of the latest federal budget proposal, a $4.75T presidential wishlist doomed to defeated in the House that spends money we don’t have. Perhaps most striking is that we are on pace to shatter the all-time debt-to-GDP record established in 1946 — when the country was in the midst of […]

Which Sector Is the Pin That Pricks the Everything Bubble?

Mike Maloney MAR 7, 2019 With seemingly everything except precious metals in a bubble, it can be quite hard to keep your eye on the ball. Join Mike Maloney as he uncovers what could potentially be a huge factor in the next crash – insane levels of corporate debt.

Alert: My”Market Fragility Index” Is off the Charts

FEB 19, 2019 Most investors have heard of the “Buffet Indicator”, a simple but effective way of looking at the size of the stock market compared to the size of the economy. But have you heard of Mike Maloney’s “Market Fragility Index”? It’s an extension of the Buffet Indicator that […]

Are We Already In A Recession?

Mike Maloney  at FEB 12, 2019 Join Mike Maloney as he explores the question of whether or not the United States has already entered recession territory.

Proof: Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG

The Hard Proof That Shows Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG Mike Maloney FEB 5, 2019 Three decades of a lost, zombified economy. That’s what traditional Keynesian economics brought to Japan – will the United States suffer the same result?

If You Don’t Think QE4 & QE5 Are Coming, You’re Smoking Something

Mike Maloney JAN 29, 2019 In this week’s video, Mike Maloney reveals some startling information on the increasing number of “Zombie Companies” in the the S&P 1500. Find out what kind of threat these walking dead companies pose to the economy, and prepare accordingly.

The Everything Except Gold and Silver Bubble

JAN 15, 2019 Mike Maloney, founder of, recently completed a marathon, 81-minute interview with Nicholas Merten of the DataDash YouTube channel. The conversation was far reaching, covering Mike’s entry into the world of precious metals, his alliance with Robert Kiyosaki, and how Mike thinks the next financial crisis may […]