“Why I canceled my Tesla roadster order” – Mike Maloney

Why in the world would Mike Maloney, lover of all things Tesla, cancel his order on his Roadster?! Because he believes he’ll someday buy this quarter-million dollar car with a $25,000 investment in this asset now. Yes, you read that correctly, Mike thinks there’s a potential 10X with this undervalued […]

Gold price following the trend from the 1970s

In their new video, Mike Maloney and Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum show the enormous potential that lies ahead for gold and silver.

Coronavirus: What I’m doing to prepare

  We’ve had a lot of questions on what Mike thinks of the Coronavirus situation and how he is preparing. He recently prepared a 22 minute update for Insiders at GoldSIlver.com, and this segment has been taken from that video. 

That Time When ONE Fund Blew Up the Silver Market

  Mike and Jeff continue their discussion of Jeff’s recent presentation in Vancouver. In part II of the Coming Silver Price Shock, Jeff shows why he thinks the silver price is vulnerable to a shock.  Check out just how small the silver market is in his fun example, along with […]

The Coming Silver Price Shock, Part I: Warnings Everywhere

  Jeff Clark gave a presentation at the Vancouver Resource Investment conference in Vancouver l ast month. The video hasn’t been released yet, so we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at the first part of his talk. Part I shows what a silver price shock can look like, […]

Mike Maloney buying mining stocks?

    Mike Maloney plans on adding some select mining stocks to his portfolio soon. Until now Mike’s only related investments have been almost entirely physical gold and silver bullion, held in our storage accounts with BRINKS. The only other investments Mike has made during this precious metals bull run […]

QE is back! Five top analysts reveal their plan for 2020

Have you seen this chart? It shows how many securities the Federal Reserve has purchased since the financial crisis. It’s important because these are assets that would normally be purchased in the open market but are being taken off the board. Have a look… You see that big spike in […]

Silver is INCREDIBLY Undervalued

GoldSilver.com Team JAN 2, 2020 Many investors know that silver is undervalued relative to gold. Many also know that silver remains undervalued relative to the stock market. But check out just how undervalued silver is in this new video with Mike Maloney and Ronnie Stoeferle. This chart shows the silver/gold […]

What’s your backup plan if gold is confiscated?

Editor’s Note: Nothing in this video constitutes legal or tax advice, and you should not rely on its claims as such. “If the survival of the dollar is threatened, you cannot rule out the government trying to make gold and silver illegal again.” That’s how Mike Maloney begins his new […]

It’s Too Late to Fix This Financial Armageddon!

“It’s a cycle” says Mike Maloney in this new video with Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante. And the cycle says we’re headed into hard times. Check out the meme Mike got from his producer, Dan, and how it fits with where we stand today. Mike admits that it worries him […]

“The Amazing Chart That Launched My Career”

The GoldSilver Team DEC 2, 2019 Ever been curious about how Mike Maloney got his start in the gold industry? As Mike says at the very beginning of his new video with Ronnie Stoeferle of Incrementum, “this is the chart that started my career in precious metals.” Listen to Mike […]

The #1 Performing Asset Around the World

The GoldSilver Team NOV 26, 2019 Unbeknownst to most mainstream investors, gold has been the best performing asset of this century. It’s really true, as the first table shows in video #5 from Mike and Ronnie. Other than a few cryptos, gold has been the top investment since 2000. That’s’ […]

The case for $5,000 gold

Here’s Why $5,000 Is a LOW PRICE for Gold—Mike Maloney and Ronnie Stoeferle Video #4 The GoldSilver Team NOV 20, 2019 Why is Mike Maloney so heavily invested in gold at this time in history? And why does he believe prices are headed substantially higher? The answer starts with a […]

The scary truth about Fed rate cuts

“What is going on with the world economy?” That’s how Mike Maloney begins his new video, which is actually not about the economy, per se, but about currency abuse, interest rate cuts, and a big fat warning about the coming recession. Mike starts with a slide he’s shown before, US […]

Would China & Russia Really Use the “Nuclear Option” on the US?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver NOV 5, 2019 Mike Maloney and Ronnie Stoeferle #3 Would China and Russia really use the “nuclear option” on the US—in other words, dump Treasuries to punish the US and push their countries higher? Such a move would cause a severe spike in US interest […]

The ALMOST Everything Bubble Will Implode

Mike Maloney and Demetri Kofinas OCT 15, 2019 Mike Maloney recently appeared as a guest on the ‘Hidden Forces’ podcast with Demetri Kofinas. Demetri is a good friend of Mike, and has actually appeared as our own guest in Episodes 2 and 8 of Hidden Secrets Of Money. During this […]

Silver & Gold as Portfolio Core…But What Else?

October 10, 2019 In the second of this three video series, Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson reveal that there is one asset apart from gold and silver that they are both looking to accumulate. What could it be? At what valuation will they trade gold or silver for this most […]

End of the Everything Bubble – Maloney & Chris Martenson (Part 1)

Mike Maloney & Chris Martenson OCT 9, 2019 Mike Maloney recently visited his friend Chris Martenson at his home in Massachusetts. In this first of a series of three videos, they discuss the general state of the economy since the last time they spoke together, and the importance of being […]

Socialism Vs Capitalism

  Mike Maloney is a collector. He collects fine art, cars, books, music, gold, silver…and MEMES. Enjoy this ‘first in series’ video where Mike gives you a look at his collection of memes that highlight the stark differences between socialism and capitalism. Watch Now ?

The US Dollar Is On Life Support – Got Gold?

AUG 20, 2019 What is at the core of the latest turmoil in markets? Is it a trade war? Is it a yield curve inversion? Or is it something far more simple…like the fact that the US Dollar is on life support? Originally posted at https://goldsilver.com/blog/the-us-dollar-is-on-life-support-got-gold-1/