Move toward more tangible real money assets!

Below you can listen to my interview with Host Dennis Tubbergen that was aired on August 8, 2019 at the Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio ( Is it time to start getting away from paper money assets and moving more toward tangible real money assets? On the August 8th edition of […]

Risk Off! Gold and Silver On!

First, reflect on the market movements this past week, because they most certainly scream, “RISK OFF!” Michael Oliver has vigorously waved his arms in favor of silver during the last two weeks on my radio show. Quite timely I would say, given the 6.85% move higher the past week compared […]

Watch the movie “THE HOUSING BUBBLE” – NYC Premiere

Legendary investors Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Doug Casey, and Peter Schiff star in the film alongside economists Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, Robert Murphy, Jeff Herbener, Mark Thornton, Roger Garrison, and Patrick Barron.  Financial writers Jim Grant, David Stockman, and Gene Epstein also join the cast. The Housing Bubble Release Date – NYC Premiere Wednesday, June 26, 6:30 pm Angelika Film Center 18 W. Houston Street Live […]

Sanctions Make Russia Stronger And The Dollar Weaker

There is much I like about Donald Trump. His desire to protect American Sovereignty, to protect U.S. Borders and avoid foolish wars like those self-destructive events in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, that have in fact made America weaker financially and morally. For sure I praise President Trump’s decision this past […]

Currency Wars Are Rocketing Gold Higher

Some investors may think prospects of war with Iran are triggering gold’s explosive move above key resistance levels. But it seems clear that what is really causing gold to become a go to monetary metal once again are currency wars that have been beginning to occur but are now breaking […]

Socialism and the Great American Economic Growth Myth

I could not help but pass along this article by Lance Roberts of and quote it here because it outlines the history of democracies and why given human nature, that form of government has a limited average lifespan of around 200 years. Since America was founded in 1776 we […]

My Interviews at the MIF of May 2019

I invited five of my favorite companies covered in J Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks to the May 24 & 25 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver. Following is a brief description of each of those companies as well as my Back Stage Interview with a member of each company’s […]

The Challenge for Christians

The challenge for us Christians is that it is becoming increasingly unfashionable to be a Christian in the western world. In other words, the world is getting darker. It may become increasingly challenging not only to be a Christian but simply to call yourself a Christian. But then I […]

Time, Money and Gold

An excellent video (The Golden Question: Time vs. Money) with Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research for GoldMoney, and Jan Skoyles, Gold Markets analyst,  discussing time, fiat money, Keynes, bubbles, debt, fiat money and, last but not least, gold. At 13:30 m into the video a segment where an infograph explains […]

My Interviews with Companies I Brought to the MIF

Below are links to the presentations of the companies I brought to the MIF in Toronto in early March, which are covered in my newsletter and are some of my favorites, as well as my one-to-one interview with each one of them.  You can just click on each of them […]

Why I Am a Gold Bug!

Once again I attended and did a presentation at the MIF March 2-3, 2019, in Toronto, which you can watch in youtube (see below).  My presentation explains why I keep believing in gold and proudly call myself a gold bug. Click here

Under “Basel III” Rules, Gold Becomes Money!

Thanks to Chris Powell of the Gold Anti Trust Action committee (GATA), I was alerted to the fact that on March 29th, new BIS rules, termed “Basel III,” will go into effect. Those rules will allow physical gold bullion (but not paper gold) to be on a par with cash […]

The Fragility of Fiat Currencies vs. the Gold Standard

In his article of February 21 Alasdair Macleod said “In my last Goldmoney article, I explained why the monetary policies of inflationist economists and policy makers would end up destroying fiat currencies. The destruction will come from ordinary people, who are forced by law to use the state’s money for […]

Why You Stay Long Gold Now

In an article I wrote for my subscribers in my monthly newsletter, I showed why Michael Oliver says you should stay long gold now. The gold charts put out that week by Michael Oliver illustrate his work very well. The top chart is a weekly price chart. The bottom chart […]

Jay’s Favorites for the January 2019 Metals Investor Forum

The five companies listed below, all of which are current recommendations in my newsletter, were invited by me (or in the case of Great Bear Resources by another newsletter writer) to the January 2019 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver. Next to the name of each company are links to both […]

Safe Haven Market for 2019?

Which Safe Haven Market Will Dominate in 2019? In my January 2019 Metals Investor Forum Speech, I explain why I think money may flow into gold as well as U.S. Treasuries as U.S. equities enter a prolonged bear market in 2019. Watch on Youtube here The topic assumes 2019 […]

Long-Term Investors: Pause, Look, Consider…

So you think stocks are a far superior investment to gold right? Wrong! Over the past 20 years, gold has massively outperformed stocks. True, the S&P has been quite a bit better than gold since 2011, but Michael Oliver’s very dependable momentum and structure metrics suggest the yellow metal is […]

Reflections on the Economy and the Markets

We have gotten off to a reasonably good start so far in 2019. What has become fairly obvious is that the Fed, even under Jay Powell, is held hostage to the stock market. The fear is of course that we will have another financial crisis. So, even a reasonably free-market-oriented […]

Which Safe Haven Markets Will Dominate in 2019?

So far in 2019, the equity markets have been characterized by very substantial volatility as stocks are entering what I think will be a very significant bear market. With equities heading into dangerous territory, traditional safe havens like U.S. Treasuries, and to a lesser extent gold, have benefitted. As we […]

Why Massive upside for Novo Resources from $2.00?

On December 20, 2018 Novo Resources put out a news release that triggered gains of as much as 40% within minutes of the open. Why so? Part of the reason, no doubt, had to do with a very strong gold bullion market. But why did a 170-tonne bulk sample grading […]