Clive Maund’s – Gold set to soar as hyperinflation looms…

I found the following article by Clive P. Maund that is in sync with the hyperinflationary scenario that Alasdair Macleod sees. From a fundamental perspective I can’t say I disagree . Gold is real money and the demise of the dollar seems to be in motion. It is worth reading […]

A Brief Note About Mining Analyst Leanne Baker’s Passing

When I heard the news of Leanne Baker’s passing, I knew I had to express my sadness.  My work as an investment letter writer allowed me to meet this very special person only briefly on a few occasions. Except for people close to me, I have never felt such sadness […]

Preparing for a Monetary Reset – Podcast

In my radio show of yesterday, I expressed some of my thoughts about our elections as well as interviewed Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Alasdair Macleod. After engaging in the noble deed of saving the world from fascism in World War II, the U.S. has since then forgotten its values of […]

Peter Krauth Says Gold Stocks Are Cheap, But Not For Long

You could say I am touting my own book as I have been a gold bull all my life, but I can’t disagree with Peter Krauth, a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market – with special expertise in energy, metals, and mining stocks.  I would […]

Michael Oliver’s Anarcho-Capitalism

I have Michael Oliver on my radio show every other week. Many of those who listen to my podcast in youtube complain I don’t give Michael enough time to speak his mind. Well, this Tuesday, I had Michael as my main guest and for those who listen to the show […]

Two Great Gold & Silver Discoveries Explained!

Two companies that I have followed in my newsletter and have performed very well are Great Bear Resources (TSX: GBR.V) and Silvercrest Metals (TSX: SIL).  Great Bear and SilverCrest are partnering to do the first of a series of educational webinars – the first one with Greg McCoach, author of […]

Gold price volatility made to shake out gold investors

When the establishment doesn’t like views that disserve its own interest, one of the tricks used most often to keep the masses from exploring an idea distasteful to the mainstream is to simply label it as a “conspiracy theory.” Simply labeling an idea as “conspiracy theory” is enough to keep […]

More and More People Questioning the Mainstream on COVID-19

I have often wondered how so many good people could fall into line for Hitler. I think we are seeing the answer playing out across the western world now. Well done propaganda is powerful. If there is no God, then we put our trust in the smartest and strongest humans. […]

Economy in trouble! Gold to the rescue!

On May 14, the Metals Investor Forum staged its second Virtual MIF (and first one I participated in) as the Coronavirus prevented us from presenting the companies in a more normal setting in Vancouver as we have previously done.  Most of you have probably heard my views on the economy […]

Virtual Metals Investor Forum – May 14 – Register Now

Register today for the next one day Virtual Metals Investor Forum which will be held on Thursday, May 14th 2020. Join me Jay Taylor of J. Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks, Gwen Preston of Resource Maven and Brien Lundin, Publisher And Editor Of Gold Newsletter for this exclusive online event. […]

A Perspective on the Coronavirus

Just some thoughts as I’m trying to put this Chinese virus in perspective. While I understand that COVID-19 is very dangerous, I was trying to put it in some kind of larger picture in my thinking. In 2017 2.7 million people died from all causes in the U.S. I think […]

Bob Moriarty’s Thoughts on Coronavirus

My friend Bob Moriarty published a fascinating article at and Streetwise Reports . He mentions a lot of good points, but another one of my friends, one that I also respected very highly for his knowledge and even handed critique, after reading the same article commented the following points, […]

Johns Hopkins Hospital – Information about Coronavirus

A friend of mine sent me this new information coming from Johns Hopkins Hospital (their website is extremely informative too) that seems very helpful and try to provide answers to many of our questions. So I am passing it along. New information coming from Johns Hopkins Hospital. Copied.. IMPORTANT […]

Dr. Quinton Hennigh and the Coronavirus’ Challenges

Dr. Quinton Hennigh discussed with me the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic and explained how he is responding to that challenge to ensure the safety of employees in companies he has some responsibility for like Novo Resources, Irving Resources and Lion One Mines. Dr. Hennigh also shared with me a […]

Join me at the MIF in Toronto – Feb 29 – Mar 1

Join me at the Metals Investor Forum, February 29 to March 1, at the Delta Hotel, downtown Toronto. You will get a chance to meet some of the companies I follow plus many other companies that other newsletters such as Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston, Joe Mazumdar, Chen Lin, Brien Lundin, […]

Jay Interviews Some of His Favorites at the MIF in Vancouver

In addition to my presentation at the MIF that I shared with you in my previous email, I also want to share with you the presentations of the two companies I brought to this Forum along with my interview with each one of these two companies, Klondike Gold Corp. and […]

Which Safe Havens Will Dominate In 2020?

On January 18th I presented again at the Metals Investor Forum.  I really like this Forum because it allows a more intimate contact with the companies and investors and you are not overcome by the sheer number of companies presenting there. Likewise, all the companies invited to present at the […]


Because I was in Vancouver at the Metals Investor Forum last week, I had to do Week in Review for my subscribers as of Thursday evening. So I thought what I said then might change dramatically by the close of the week. At that time, it looked pretty much like […]

Forgiveness: The Answer to our Broken World

The primary concern of my newsletter is economic well being for subscribers. But beneath all the destruction that is taking place in America and around the world is a spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of each of us human beings. (Ephesians 6:11-13 11 Put on the full armor of […]

My Presentation and interviews at the September 2019 MIF

In my new presentation at the September 2019 Metals Investor Forum I explained how negative nominal US Dollar interest rates would spell doom for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and cause gold, rather than U.S. Treasuries, to become the leading safe haven asset.  You can watch it at: […]