It’s Time For Gold Miners & Other Value Stocks

Lyn Alden, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s program. Gold and Silver miners are the only non-financial sector in the S&P 500 that has been generating real positive free cash flows. Yet the value orientated gold shares are not performing anything like growth stock […]

The Most Undervalued Equity Market Sector? Gold Miners!

John Rubino, Gwen Preston, Eric Coffin and Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. You might be surprised to learn that according to Bloomberg, the only S&P 500 sector (excluding Financials) that is enjoying positive free cash flows after factoring out consumer price inflation is the gold and […]

We May Have an Inflation Problem

This week we had the “good” kind of inflation with stocks and bonds rising in value while “bad” inflation (commodities and precious metals) fell. Good inflation is defined by the legalized thieves that the Federal Reserve feeds and rewards with easy money, which is responsible for the massive allocation of […]

How Will a Bankrupt America Fund Socialism?

Alasdair Macleod, Patrick Highsmith and Michael Oliver return on this week’s episode of the program. The U.S. has three categories of buyers for U.S. Federal debt: the financial and non-financial private sector, foreigners, and the Fed. The banks in the financial sector have limited capacity to expand bank credit and […]

Silver is Indicator of Inflation

The 10.73% rise in the price of silver sticks out, relative to what is more and more obviously taking place—namely, that inflation is on the rise, big time! Note my IDW below hit another all-time high rising to 191.64 by the end of this week. The point is that everything […]

How America’s Emerging Revolution is Similar to Cuba’s

Richard Maybury and Dr. Roger Moss return this week on the radio program. When President Eisenhower was leaving the Presidency, he warned Americans of the emerging “military industrial complex” (MIC) that would destroy our democratic form of government. Sadly, it seems the President was right as a massive bureaucracy now […]

Credit Creation Has Run Off a Cliff

The markets through the first four days of this week have been a total risk on as you can see from our Key Market Metrics shown below. But as this was being written, the mainstream fiat currency fraudsters who run our world are smashing gold down in the futures markets […]

Playing Three Card Monte With President Biden

John Rubino, Michael Oliver and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guest on this week’s program. David Stockman had a last-minute conflict with the timing of his interview with us, so John Rubino will be replacing him on today’s program, but we asked for John’s comments on David Stockman’s article. Don’t […]

More Inflation Showing Up

More hints of inflation are noticeable in our Key Market metrics with commodities up 2.55% and the T-Bond down 2.39%, meaning yields are up by a similar amount. Peter Boockvar reported that, “According to the Manheim Used Vehicle Index, prices went up 5.3% m/o/m in September and are up 27.1% […]

Can Virtual Money be backed by Gold?

Frank Holmes, Michael Hudson and Chen Lin return as guests on this weeks program. Last time we talked with Frank he suggested that China is leading the world toward a crypto currency that would be backed by gold. But does a gold-backed crypto currency make sense if the Chinese virtual […]

Fed Policy is Unsurprisingly Insane

Even the Federal Reserve is now catching on to the idea that rising levels of inflation is not transitory. But the Fed still doesn’t understand that it is the primary cause of rising price levels. Print massive amounts of money to pay for trillions of vote-buying free stuff that politicians […]

The Money Tree, Open Borders & Other AOC Fantasies

John Rubino, John Watson & Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s program. As the Biden administration invites the world’s poor to come to America to receive free college, free medical care, free housing, etc., and vote Democrat, how will all those services be paid for? No problem, say […]

Can The Fed Taper Enough?

Early in this past week, equity markets were troubled by fears that China’s Evergrande insolvency would lead to a global financial pandemic. As well, Wall Street continues to believe against all evidence that inflation is transitory and thus that the Fed is on its way to tapering. I tend to […]

Why the Dollar’s Debt Trap is Inflationary

Alasdair Macleod, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Chen Lin return as guests on the program. Including bonds and other financial issues emanating from the U.S. Government, the individual states, the private sector and the broad money supply, dollar debt totals roughly $100 trillion, to which we can add shadow banking liabilities […]

At a Turning Point

Regarding this week’s markets, you get the sense that we may be at a major turning point for asset classes, as Michael Oliver has been suggesting. His view is that we are likely to see a switch out of equities into T-Bonds and gold. As you can see from the […]

What’s Wrong With Gold? Absolutely Nothing!

Without a doubt, the “real” yields (interest rates less inflation) are perhaps the most important determinant in the dollar price of gold. On your right are four charts that clearly demonstrate the correlation between “real” yields and the price of gold. Interest rates are on the vertical axis and the […]

Crescat’s Macro Economic Case for Gold

Michael Oliver and Quinton Hennigh return while Kevin Smith and Otavio “Tavi” Costa visit for the first time on this week’s program. At a time in Western culture when individuals are told to stop thinking and simply follow orders, Kevin and Tavi have demonstrated that if you want to avoid […]

Pressure on the Fed

A bit of air came out of the market this week, and as inflation rates rise, there will be more pressure on the Fed to start to reduce money printing by reducing the Fed’s bond buying binge. Another pressure point on the Fed may be the enormous increase in reverse […]

Making Sense of a Financial World Gone Mad

Frank Homes and Chen Lin return as guests on this week’s program while Walter (Jay) Buckley visits for the first time. If anyone can help us make sense of a world that seems to rely more on miracles of technology and on concepts of equality rather than on merit, it’s […]

Jobs Report Miss

This week the big news was the massive miss in the jobs numbers.  Nonfarm payrolls increased just 235,000 after an upwardly revised 1.05 million gain in July. The median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists was for 733,000. According to one source I read ~200,000 of the shortfall resulted […]