Is Inflation Transitory?

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group, visits for the first time and Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources will update us on the growth of that company’s tier-one gold discovery in Ontario. Quinton Hennigh provides an update on the production progress being made by Novo Resources’ Beatons Creek project.  After acknowledging […]

Are Rapidly Rising Prices Transitory?

Two metrics that stand out in our weekly table are the Rogers Raw Materials Index, up 2.22%, and the T-Bond (TLT), which went down 1.01%, meaning that interest rates rose. You might expect rates to rise when money flows into equities but U.S. equities were, at best, flat last week. […]

Why the Future of Money is Gold & Silver

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests on this week’s radio program. With bitcoin’s price still rising and expected to rise even more, there has been a growing belief in crypto currency circles that it will replace unbacked government currencies when they eventually fail. Alasdair says the […]

Real Inflation Pushing Forward

James Turk, the founder of Gold Money,  tweeted my IDW graphic last weekend, stating the following: “Measures of #inflation by private sources are more reliable than US gov’t stats. The true impact of #federalreserve money printing is worse than reported in #CPI or #PPI. “The 15-yr-old inflation index by Jay […]

America’s Economic Decline & Rising Geopolitical Tensions

John Rubino and Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. America’s economic, social and spiritual decline is well recognized apart from Marxists who are cheering it on. U.S. debt is growing exponentially & can’t be serviced without higher rates that will send us into a deflationary depression akin […]

In Government and Scholars We Trust

Everything went up this week, so if ever there was a risk off week it was the one we just passed through, although something tells me we may be just at the beginning. President Biden, the Fed, Wall St., and the Pentagon see no reason why we can’t print money […]

Living & Investing in a Dystopian Digital Currency World

David McAlvany, Michael Oliver & Quinton Hennigh return on this week’s episode of the radio show. The handwriting is on the wall now for EVERYONE to see. Freedom to spend your money as you wish without government permission is about to end. That’s because a mismanaged global monetary system now […]

Appearance of U.S. Government Solvency

Growing fear of financial fragility in the markets and rising fears of inflation are keeping the Fed suppressing the long end of the yield curve and proclaiming anti-inflation rhetoric. It reminds me very much of my early adult years, of the inflationary 1970s, when my first mortgage rate was 17.5%. […]

Biden’s Last Throw of the Geopolitical Dice

Alasdair Macleod, Chen Lin and Michael Hudson return as guests this week on the radio program. One reality American policy makers overlook is that the basis for strong nations is a strong economic footing. Believers in the Keynesian fairy tale that you can create wealth by printing money are blinded […]

A Very Dangerous Economic Period

Our Good Friday celebration shortens the trading week to just four days. The last day of this trading week, April 1 was a day of resurrection for stocks more in tune with what we Christians will celebrate in the spiritual realm on Sunday. April 1 was a happier risk on […]

President Biden’s Next $3 Trillion Boondoggle

David Stockman, Michael Oliver & Michael Timmins return at this week’s program. “Leave it to the New York Times to remind us why prosperity is not just around the corner. And that’s regardless of whether or not the force-feeding of $6 trillion of Everything Bailouts into the US economy during […]

Real World Inflation

The financial markets enjoyed a great week at the expense of the monetary metals and commodities. And in his March 25, 2021, missive, Michael Oliver’s work suggests that commodities are likely to become involved in a choppy arm-wrestling consolidation at or around current levels for the next month or two […]

Interest Rates amid Out of Control Spending

John Rubino, Corwin Coe and Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. As countless thousands of illegal immigrants swarm over the U.S. southern borders from all over the world, Democrats can’t wait to give them free stuff in exchange for votes. It’s as if money grows on trees.  […]

Inflation Fears

We witnessed a slight whiff of deflation last week as fears of inflation drove interest rates higher to the point where they started to give stocks a bit of competition. The 10 Yr. Treasury rose to 1.75%, which compares to the 1.34% on the S&P 500. True, you get a […]

Central Bank’s Deception of Monetary Reality

Chris Powell, Michael Oliver and Patrick Highsmith return as guests this week on the program. If individuals created money out of thin air as central banks do, they would go to jail for counterfeiting theft. The need for this central bank’s immorality is to be able to clandestinely pick the […]

A Sick Cycle of Money Printing

In America, money grows on trees. Actually, it doesn’t: In America, money grows from computer keystrokes! So, party on! Wall Street celebrated this week—sort of—though there are growing concerns even among Keynesians that inflationary pressures may be about to get out of hand. Oil was a big weaker this week, […]

Investments for this Brave New World

Frank Holmes and Jeff Deist return as guests on this week’s program. Trillions of dollars created out of thin air serve to reduce interest rates toward zero. This combined with lower capital gains taxes has resulted in the greatest financial gambling casino in history and taken wealth away from production. […]

We Hold these Truths to Be Self Evident. Not!

The founding of America in 1776 was based on the following values spelled out in our Declaration of Independence. “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected […]

The Future of Money is Gold

Alasdair Macleod, Chris Taylor and Michael Oliver are returning guests on this week’s program. Alasdair will explain why gold, not crypto currencies, is destined to replace fiat money because cryptos can only act as stores of value so long as fiat exists. Alasdair will explain how a world transacting with […]

The Return of the Bond Vigilantes?

Bloody Awful! While copper and oil continued to rise and the Rogers Raw Materials posted a strong gain this week, the Biden Treasury and friends made sure price discovery for gold and silver, which compete as money with fraudulent fiat, was denied. The paper markets once again smashed those honest […]