Tapering Will Lead to Massive Equity Declines

Through the first four days of this week, we are seeing a very significant “risk off” environment though gold and silver have hung in with only minor declines. Most noteworthy in my view is the fact that T-Bonds were hacked so hard, meaning that interest rates soared even as money […]

How Does Ukraine Fit into the Global Jigsaw?

Alasdair Macleod, Eric Coffin and Chen Lin are this week’s guests on the program. Alasdair’s February 24, 2022 article upon which the topic of this show is based occurred before the Russian invasion into the Ukraine. Since then, it appears that the NATO countries have been more unified than anticipated […]

Could We Be Facing Deflation?

Before I comment on the horrific events of this week and their impact on the markets, next week’s hotline will be short and will be sent on Friday rather than Saturday. That’s because I’m scheduled to participate in the Metals Investor Forum (MIF) on March 10 and 11 in Vancouver […]

We Are Not Useful Idiots!

David Stockman and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s program. As Dr. Yuri Maltsev noted last week, societies that believe citizens have no sovereign rights but rather are slaves of the state tend to engage in propaganda to keep their subjects obedient and in line with the wishes […]

The World Has Changed!

In his February 25 missive, Bill Blain wrote the following in “Bill Blain’s Porridge”: The world has changed and changed utterly – although we may not realize it yet. We are likely on course for massive disruption, inflation, rising geopolitical crisis and uncertainty, and a high probability of stagflation. But […]

The Sovietization of America and What It Will Mean for your Future

Dr. Yuri Maltsev visits for the first time while Quinton Hennigh and John Rubino return as guests on this week’s program. Ron Paul once said in a GOP presidential debate that “if we are free, we will be prosperous.” Yuri understands that as well as anyone having worked as an […]

Gold Downside May Be Over

This week was another inflationary risk-off week, as commodities and precious metals rose and the latest Producer Price Index closed in on double digits at 9.7% year over year. In the midst of this obvious rise in prices, Bitcoin is not holding up well, having lost another 5.79% this past […]

Owning Ships & Gold to Beat Inflation

Frank Holmes, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver are this week’s guests. Frank Holmes has long been known for his gold and natural resource funds, all of which are expected to be useful hedges against inflation. Not only have central bankers triggered massive inflation into the global economy but government […]

Inherent Instability in Financial Markets

While last week was a complete risk-on inflationary event, a 7.5% CPI print and a 10-year Treasury yield along with wars and rumors of wars with Russia sent equities in a tailspin on Friday. High oil prices in part due to prospects for war helped push the Rogers Raw Materials […]

Helping President Biden Understand Inflation

Alasdair Macleod, Quinton Hennigh and Chen Lin are this week’s guests. The Keynesian religion has been taught to every college graduate in America and Europe in recent decades. But that religion is based on falsehoods such as: “You can consume more than you produce and get rich by so doing.”  […]

Got Gold?

This week had “inflation” written all over it. Stocks, commodities, silver, and gold were all up. My IDW hit a new high as well. And so, not surprisingly, interest rates also rose considerably this week. The 10-Year U.S. Treasury rose to 1.916% this week on news that the jobs report […]

Pathological Capitalism – American Style

Lyn Alden, Michael Oliver and Quinton Hennigh return on this week’s program. America is supposed to be the leader of the capitalist world. But Lyn’s January 2022 Newsletter titled “The Capital Sponge” provides some hints as to why American capitalism has moved far away from true capitalism to a model […]

Inflation is Under Control?

If there is anything Fed propagandists need most to keep people believing they are in charge, it is to keep the dollar’s competition under control. So, it’s no mystery to me why the monetary metals—gold and silver—were slammed down by the bullion banks this week while rates continued to rise […]

Note to Fed: The Laws of Math Still Apply

John Rubino, Patrick Highsmith and Chen Lin return as guests on this week’s program. The big Keynesian fantasy that a country can forever become wealthy by consuming more than it produces has seemed believable to Americans because we have owned the world’s fiat reserve currency. That meant for the past […]

Gold Gains as Markets Decline

With the S&P down 5.68% while gold and T-Bonds were up, this week was decidedly a “risk-off” week. Note the 5.79% gain in silver along with a 1.63% gain in the Rogers Raw Materials Index, all indicating underlying cost-push inflation is alive and well. Chen suggested a major commitment in […]

Will 2022 be “The Great Crossover” Year?

Beating the S&P 500 with Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy, Patrick Highsmith and Michel Oliver return as this week’s guests. Over the last 16 months, Kevin Duffy’s conservative “Coffee Can Portfolio” has gained 54.14% compared to a gain of 43.80% for the S&P 500. He did that despite 20.22% in reserves, 7.71% in portfolio insurance, 18.15% in gold […]

Inflation and More Coming

This week was all about inflation with the CPI hitting 7.0%, a 39-year high, and the PPI hitting 9.7%, which is strongly suggesting there is a lot more inflation ahead of us. The PPI would have been even higher were it not for a temporary 6% decline in gasoline prices. […]

Has Capitalism Failed?

Doug Casey, Chen Lin and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. Not only rhetoric but policies of the Biden Administration look more akin to those of fascist and/or communist dictatorships than a free-market capitalist system. While America never had a perfectly free market capitalist system, thanks […]

The Ruling Elite Back in Charge

It was another “Inflation on” week with my IDW reaching another new high. It rose from 173.87 last week to 175.65 as of today. No doubt inflationary pressures and increased equity prices have put some downward pressure on the T-Bond. With rising levels of price inflation, you might expect the […]