About Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor is editor of J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter. His interest in the role gold has played in U.S. monetary history led him to research gold and into analyzing and investing in junior gold shares. Currently he also hosts his own one-hour weekly radio show Turning Hard Times Into Good Times,” which features high profile guests who discuss leading economic issues of our day. The show also discusses investment opportunities primarily in the precious metals mining sector. He has been a guest on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and BNN and many mining conferences.

Beating the S&P 500 with Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy, Patrick Highsmith and Michel Oliver return as this week’s guests. Over the last 16 months, Kevin Duffy’s conservative “Coffee Can Portfolio” has gained 54.14% compared to a gain of 43.80% for the S&P 500. He did that despite 20.22% in reserves, 7.71% in portfolio insurance, 18.15% in gold […]

Inflation and More Coming

This week was all about inflation with the CPI hitting 7.0%, a 39-year high, and the PPI hitting 9.7%, which is strongly suggesting there is a lot more inflation ahead of us. The PPI would have been even higher were it not for a temporary 6% decline in gasoline prices. […]

Has Capitalism Failed?

Doug Casey, Chen Lin and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. Not only rhetoric but policies of the Biden Administration look more akin to those of fascist and/or communist dictatorships than a free-market capitalist system. While America never had a perfectly free market capitalist system, thanks […]

The Ruling Elite Back in Charge

It was another “Inflation on” week with my IDW reaching another new high. It rose from 173.87 last week to 175.65 as of today. No doubt inflationary pressures and increased equity prices have put some downward pressure on the T-Bond. With rising levels of price inflation, you might expect the […]

Why Gold’s 2021 Disappointment? What about 2022?

2021 has been a disappointing year for profit-seeking precious metal investors, but for the few who look to accumulate gold and silver as the ultimate insurance against runaway inflation, it has been an unexpected bonus. After reviewing the current year to gain a perspective for 2022, Alasdair Macloed analyzes the […]

A Look Back and 2022 Outlook

While I usually comment on weekly changes, this being the end of 2021, I thought it would be fitting to comment briefly on how 2021 shaped up and then look forward to 2022. If there was one word that caught the mainstream market off guard this year it was “inflation.” […]

Viewing 2022 through the Eyes of Crescat Capital

Kevin Smith, Tavi Costa and Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. This episode of Turning Hard Times Into Good Times will focus on the macroeconomic views of Kevin Smith and Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital and the views of Dr. Quinton Hennigh regarding some of your host’s […]

The Monetary Path to Hell!

James Turk, Michael Oliver and Quinton Hennigh return on this week’s program. America’s Founding Fathers defined the dollar in terms of a set amount of gold and silver because they understood fiat money would enable politicians and private citizens to counterfeit money as a means of robbing honest, hardworking citizens […]

With Taper Talk, Is Gold in Some Trouble?

Through all the years of writing this letter dating back to 1981, I have never found a technical analyst who has been better from my perspective than Michael Oliver (www.OliverMSA.com). My major need from a technician is to help me avoid major sector declines and to alert me to when […]

Why Inflation is a Runaway Freight Train!

Charles Hugh Smith and Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. Heated debates frequently erupt over whether inflation or deflation is the most important risk factor investors need to be mindful of. First, definitions of those terms are necessary to answer that question correctly. Once definitions are established, […]

Inflation is Most Certainly Running Hot!

Obviously, it was “risk on” this week as money flowed out of bonds into stocks and commodities. Americans are a gullible population. You see that with senseless obedience to mask and vaccine mandates. We have seen it also with a belief that the Fed is honest and in control of […]

How Long until Inflation Breaks Germany & the World?

John Rubino, Michael Oliver and Patrick Highsmith return as guests on this week’s program. Almost alone among the world’s serious nations, Germany has scenes like this within living memory: During the 1923 Weimar Republic’s hyperinflation, newly-destitute Germans burned their life savings to keep warm or carted wheelbarrows of cash to […]

Policy Bullish for Gold

This was another obvious “risk-on” week. But until Friday, gold didn’t join Treasuries as a safe haven.  Bullion banks once again hammered the price of gold downward with their whatever-it-takes paper market short sales. Gold’s weakness even prompted Michael Oliver to warn of a possible decline in gold to the […]

The Need to Focus on Income-Producing Investments

Adam Taggart and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. Adam’s fascinating background as an investment professional, combined with a passion to help people become financially literate so they can thrive, has led him to create a very interesting and informative video series on his Wealthion YouTube […]

Tapering Talk to Fade

Friday when I woke, I checked the price of gold as I always do. Before I was aware of the new COVID variant, the cash price of gold was up 25.25 to over $1,800 again. But from there it was downhill for the safest of all safe havens as the […]

Focusing on World Class Gold & Silver Discoveries Underway

Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver are returning guests on this week’s program.   Looks like Michael Oliver “nailed it” once again in his latest call to aggressively go long gold and gold shares as soon as gold were to register a weekly close above $1,825 anytime this quarter. As […]

Approaching the End of Gold’s Decline

This was a good week for “good inflation”—in other words, stocks and bonds. But that’s not to say all is well in America’s financial markets. To the contrary, I would urge you to read Alasdair’s latest article titled “Returning to sound money.” Alasdair argues that a return to gold-backed money […]

Gold’s Rise Clears Oliver’s $1,825 Triggering the Next Bull Run

Michael Oliver has categorically stated that we need to see a weekly gold price close this quarter above $1,825 in order for the next gold bull market to begin. That was achieved on Nov. 12, 2021. The chart above left shows the monthly average price of gold (red line) since […]

What are the Signs of Fiat Currency Destruction?

Alasdair Macleod and Roger Moss return as guest on this week’s program. Central banks now face a dilemma. Either they allow interest rates to rise to sufficient levels to tackle price inflation and lend support to their currencies, or they take one last gamble on yet more stimulus in the […]

Markets Taking Inflation Seriously

Now as it gets very difficult to buy inflation transitory view, there is direct evidence that the market is taking inflation much more seriously. Stocks were down but so was long-dated U.S. Treasuries. Normally when stocks decline, money moves into the U.S. debt market, but not this week so far, […]