Top 10 Central Banks Have Raised Rates a Combined 2,000 Basis Points So Far this Cycle

This week marked the official start of autumn—or so we’re told. Here in San Antonio, the daytime high temperatures are still hovering in the mid-90s. The week also felt like a huge pivotal shift in global central banks’ fight against sticky price inflation. Monetary policymakers added 350 basis points (bps) […]

Oil Investments Are Expected to Make this Texas University the Nation’s Wealthiest School

The University of Texas at Austin (UT), just a couple of hours up the road from our headquarters in San Antonio, may soon unseat Harvard as the wealthiest school in the U.S. How has it managed to do this? In a word: Oil. At a time when large sovereign wealth […]

Is Europe Changing Its Tune on Nuclear Power?

Winter is coming for Europe, and energy prices are soaring as international sanctions on Russia curb the supply of natural gas, on which many European Union (EU) countries have increasingly become dependent. Continental gas spot prices and futures have already hit record highs, and this week, the massive Russian gas […]

What Constitutes a Recession? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

So did the U.S. just enter a recession? It depends on who you ask. As you no doubt heard, U.S. real gross domestic product (GDP) retreated for the second consecutive quarter, falling 0.2% in the June period after a decline of 0.4% three months earlier. For many people, this is […]

King Dollar is Crushing World Currencies. What it Means for Exports and Gold.

If you were considering taking the family on a European vacation, now may be a good time, as the U.S. dollar and euro achieved parity this week for the first time in 20 years. But as someone who was recently in Europe, I urge travelers to be aware that prices […]

Gasoline Prices Are Falling, but at What Cost?

Gasoline consumers around the world, from families to businesses, have had to deal with record prices at the pump for months as global demand has surged past the rate of new supply. Some relief now appears to be on the way, mostly due to recession fears, which I’ll get into […]

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Martha and the Vandellas’ “Nowhere to Run” was one of the hottest singles of 1965, but the classic Motown hit may as well be the official soundtrack of investing in 2022. Not only did the S&P 500 post its worst first-half of the year in over 50 years and fall […]

A New “Pink Tide” in Latin America?

Latin America tilted further left this week as Colombian voters elected to send Gustavo Petro to the country’s presidential palace. Come August, the former Bogotá mayor and member of the violent M-19 guerrilla organization will join the region’s growing list of leftist leaders in a political shift some are likening […]

Gold Has Been One of the Few Bright Spots in 2022 (So Far)

We’re almost halfway through 2022, and so far gold has been the big winner after oil, coal and other commodities. The yellow metal has managed to stay positive since the start of the year, skirting pressure from surging yields and a strong U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, nearly every other asset class—from […]

The Upside to Record High Gas Prices

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Due to stratospheric oil and gas prices, energy stocks have been the one bright spot in an otherwise dour market this year. Through the end of May, the S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Index gained an incredible 60%, compared to the […]

Which Investments Worked 40 Years Ago When Inflation Was This High?

I just returned home from London, where I was attending and speaking at the AIM Summit, which stands for Alternative Investment Management. Over $10 trillion in assets under management (AUM) were represented among the hundreds of institutional investors, family offices, fund managers and more who were in attendance. One of […]

Crypto Winters Have Been Great Times to Buy. Today, Bitcoin Is Half Off

Some of you may remember the “crypto winter” of 2018. Bitcoin crashed 25% in January of that year, while Ether saw three straight months of double-digit losses. Even though we’re entering the summer months, we may remember this past week as another great crypto winter. The entire digital ecosystem fell […]

Decentralization Is Winning the War Against Centralization

Think back to your American history class, and you might remember being taught the differences between federalism and anti-federalism. On one side were the Federalist Founding Fathers, led by statesmen such as Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, who believed in a strong central government. On the other side were the […]

Colombia at Risk of Electing Its First Socialist President

French voters head to the polls this weekend to decide between incumbent president Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, but the election investors should be keeping their eye on is happening next month in Colombia. On May 29, the South American country could elect its very first leftist […]

The “Putin Price-Hike” is Fake News

By now you’ve heard that the annual rate of inflation hit a 41-year high of 8.5% in March. Prices for food, energy and used vehicles increased the most, with preowned cars and trucks jumped 35%, gasoline 48%. But here’s something you may not know: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), […]

Bitcoin 2022: We’re Still So Early

An estimated 30,000 people attended this week’s Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, which is rapidly becoming a major global crypto-finance hub. Miami mayor Francis Suarez, who takes his salary in Bitcoin, kicked off the event by unveiling a giant cybernetic, laser-eyed bull statue modeled after the iconic Charging Bull installation […]

Is This the End of Globalization?

Globalization in all its forms, from social to economic to political, has been on the rise since about the 1970s, and I genuinely believe it’s had more benefits than drawbacks on average. Although it may seem like an April Fool’s joke right now, the real cost of finished goods has […]

If Covid Management Were the Olympics, This Country Would Have Won Gold

I was speaking with a friend from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently, and he had an interesting observation I want to share with you. Some countries have climates and athletes that are better suited for the Winter Olympic Games, and others for the Summer Olympic Games. Every country on […]

Elon Musk Sold His Houses, But Not His Bitcoin And Ethereum

Own physical things instead of cash. That’s the high-level advice Elon Musk has for those seeking advice on where to store their wealth when inflation is running rampant. The Tesla chief was tweeting in response to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor’s prediction that inflation would persist at 40-year highs, and that […]

Sanctions Have A Spotty Record. Can They Stop Russia?

One of the very first recorded examples of a government imposing economic sanctions against another occurred as far back ago as the fifth century BC. In brief, Athens blocked the city-state of Megara from gaining access to ports and harbors throughout its empire for a number of reasons, including Megarians’ […]