Doomberg: Crisis Ahead As Markets and Economy Reach “Tipping Point”?

  Systemic pressures are building everywhere. Inflation, slowing economic growth, prolonged supply chain outages, falling consumer confidence, the trucker blockade in Canada, Kazakhstan as an energy flashpoint, tensions in the Ukraine. These are all interconnected signals that the status quo is failing. To learn why, listen to this important interview […]

Assets To Own For A Volatile Market – Part II with Felix Zulauf

  Friday we sent you Part 1 of Wealthion’s recent interview with highly-respected money manager Felix Zulauf.    Zulauf predicted that the financial markets will correct by 20% or more over the coming months before the Fed then pivots, sparking a resumption of the bull market in stocks through 2024. […]

Rollercoaster Markets! Earnings, Inflation & Ukraine Send Prices Zig-Zagging

  Yet another whipsaw week for the markets…    Earnings, the January 7.5% CPI print, and growing Ukraine invasion fears sent prices and bond yields zig-zagging wildly. In this week’s Weekly Market Recap, Lance Roberts and I break down what went on and what the major assets should do going […]

Market Reversal Ahead!

  Highly-respected money manager Felix Zulauf oversees billions in assets, so he doesn’t have the luxury of an opinion without conviction.  And he thinks that, after a decade of suppression by global central banks, market cycles are now back with a vengeance and must be respected by anyone allocating capital. […]

Despite Current Inflation Fears, Deflation Still The Bigger Threat – Lacy Hunt

    While today’s headlines & higher prices may understandably convince you which trend won out in the great “inflation vs deflation” debate, think again…  Highly-respected bond fund manager and former Federal Reserve senior economist Lacy Hunt remains resolute that deflation will prevail as the dominant macroeconomic trend going forward. […]

Trouble In The Bond Market’ Will Render The Fed Powerless And The Assets To Own Now

  When investor Bill Fleckenstein was last on the Wealthion program back in April, he warned that the financial asset bubble will be punctured by “trouble in the bond market”. Since then, bond yields have risen substantially. For instance, 10-year US Treasury yield went from 1.17% in August to 1.83% […]

An Entirely New Way To Look At Cryptos

  If, like me, you HAVEN’T invested much in cryptocurrencies to date, this video is for you.  Forget for a moment their arguments as “alternative currencies” and “stores of value”… The true potential for crypto technology appears to be enabling the creation of real & sustainable commercial value over a […]

2022 Gold Price Predictions, Trends and 5-Year Forecast

    By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst,   Most price forecasts aren’t worth more than an umbrella in a hurricane. There are so many factors, so many ever-changing variables, that even the experts usually miss the mark. Further, some forecasters base their predictions on one issue. “Interest rates will […]

Are We On The Path To Hyperinflation?

    The world’s major central banks have increased the global money supply by nearly 50% since the pandemic hit less than 2 years ago:  Add in the additional trillions of dollars worth of fiscal stimulus issued recently by national legislatures around the world, and it’s little surprise that price […]

Who’s Really In The Driver’s Seat, The Fed Or The Market?

    I am piloting a new show here at Wealthion & we’d love your feedback on it.  As a complement to our regular macro-focused interviews, a growing number of you have been asking for more “boots on the ground” analysis of the financial markets. So I asked investment advisor […]

The Forever Bull Market?

  Will Stocks Set More Records in 2022… or Finally Crash? (answers below) The stock market begins the New Year around all-time record highs… capping off its best 3-year run since 1999. And much like the go-go years of the 1990s, today there is a new generation of investors conditioned […]

2022 – The Year of (Gold) Inflation?

High inflation won’t go away in 2022. Good for gold. However, it is likely to continue to climb and reach its peak. That sounds a bit worse for gold. If 2021 was tough for you, I don’t recommend reading Nostradamus’ predictions for the next year. This famous French astrologer saw […]

Can A Recession/Market Crash In 2022 Be Avoided At This Point?

    Monday switched the tables a bit.  Popular macro media celebrity George Gammon and I held a “collab”, where he first interviewed me on his YouTube channel & I then interviewed him on Wealthion’s immediately afterwards. It was a treat to joust with someone who interacts closely with many […]

How to Get a Third MORE Value Out of Every Ounce of Your Gold (and Silver)

People invest in gold because, in times of inflation and extraordinary amounts of money printing, gold and silver have a tendency to rise. But do they? Astute investors see what precious metals are really doing… and that is maintaining purchasing power. Gold doesn’t go up in value, the dollar drops […]

War! Fed vs. Inflation

    The Federal Reserve is finally declaring war on inflation.  Yesterday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced that – to fight the inflation it has played a central role in creating – the Federal Reserve will accelerate its tapering program and likely hike interest rates three times in 2022. That’s […]

Grant Williams #2: Smart Money Moves For 2022

    Yesterday we sent you Part 1 of Adam’s interview with macro expert Grant Williams, who predicts that 2022 will usher in a multi-year ‘Bizarro World’ for the markets.   He cautions that the standard strategies for building wealth investors have long become accustomed to will no longer work. […]

Are Central Banks Ruining The Word?

    Last week, I presented you both Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with technical analyst Sven Henrich. Sven began by first making the macro case that markets are at their most over-valued levels in all of history. He then dialed through a bevy of charts explaining […]

Gold Stuck Between High Inflation and Strong Dollar

Inflation supports gold, the expected Fed’s reaction to price pressure – not. Since gold ended November with a small gain, what will December bring? I have good and bad news. The good is that the price of gold rose 2% in November. The bad –is that the price of gold […]

Yearly ounces of silver & gold it takes to buy Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Has Gotten More Expensive – Unless It’s Priced in Silver and Gold By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst,   The American Farm Bureau Federation says the cost for all the ingredients of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner rose 5% this year, now $49.24.  No surprise it’s higher in 2021. […]

Biden Signs a Bill to Revive Infrastructure… and Gold!

Gold rallied thanks to the changed narrative on inflation, and Biden’s infrastructure plan can only add to the inflationary pressure. Huge price moves ahead? I have a short quiz for you! What the government should do to decrease inflation that reached the highest level in 30 years? A) Decrease its […]