Gold Market in 2019: WGC versus LBMA

Both the WGC and LBMA published outlooks for the global economy and gold market in 2019. Who is right? WGC’s Outlook for Gold in 2019 Let’s start from the World Gold Council (WGC) which published its 2019 outlook on January 10th. As befits the organization representing industry’s interests, the WGC […]

LBMA’s Forecasters Are Modestly Bullish on Gold. And You?

The LBMA published its annual forecast survey for precious metals prices in 2019. Gold prices range from $1,150 to $1,475. Who is right? Gold Prices Will Modestly Increase As one year ago, the views of 30 precious market analysts in this year’s forecasts are strongly divergent. The average price of gold […]

ECB and Fed Dance With Gold at $1,300

ECB’s meeting is behind us, while the gathering of the Fed officials is ahead of us. In the meantime, the price of gold jumped above $1,300. Will it stay for longer? Slowdown in the Eurozone, but not Recession On Thursday, the ECB held its monetary policy meeting. It left the […]

A Weakening Global Expansion Amid Growing Risks. Will Gold Benefit?

Thousands of political, business and cultural leaders are heading now towards Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum. On the eve of the world’s biggest annual gathering of the rich and powerful, the International Monetary Fund released its newest world economic outlook. What are the forecasts – and their […]

Will Powell’s Put Support Gold?

Fed signals more patience with its monetary tightening, despite strong economy. Why? And what does it mean for the gold market? Minutes from December FOMC Meeting and Gold  As everybody knows, in December the FOMC  voted unanimously to raise interest rates for the fourth time in 2018. We have analyzed […]

James Rickards: Runway For Gold Opens Up On Anticipated Tailwinds

Jan 08, 2019 01:58 pm By Remy Blaire James Rickards, Author of The Road to Ruin A New Year is upon us and gold is shining bright. The precious metal is holding onto recent gains after closing out 2018 near a six-month high. Spot gold managed to post its best […]

Bears beware: the Fed has listened to the primordial scream of world markets

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard The Telegraph, London Sunday, January 6, 2019… The US Federal Reserve has called off the hounds. China has abandoned efforts to purge financial excess, reverting to stimulus on multiple fronts. Policy pirouettes by the world’s twin superpowers mark a critical moment in the tightening cycle, with […]

Sprott: “Are We Surprised Stocks Are Going Down? We Shouldn’t Be”

By Albert Lu Eric Sprott, Chairman Emeritus of Sprott Inc. Stocks crashed on Monday before surging back in dramatic fashion on Wednesday following Christmas. But the 1000-point run didn’t last long. The market sank dramatically again on Thursday before staging a late-session comeback in a swing that saw the Dow […]

Can Gold Swim in a Crosscurrent?

Powell noticed some crosscurrents in the path of the US economy. Will it stay on the surface? And is gold a good swimmer? Crosscurrents Cause Fewer Hikes We hope that you enjoyed Christmas. As we promised last week, we will analyze the post-meeting Powell’s press conference today. The Fed Chair […]

Rickards: Will Gold Pop When The Fed Throws In The Towel?

By Remy Blaire Watch video James Rickards, Author of The Road to Ruin The prospects of a Santa Claus rally faded and the doom and gloom on Wall Street hinted at a big lump of coal in investors’ stockings. The final days of 2018 could bring wild swings at a […]

ES Sets Up Major Double Bottom Ahead of the Fed

The downside price rotation in the US markets on Monday, December 17, set up a near-perfect double bottom formation near the 2530 price level and also prompted a dramatic price recovery after reaching these lows.  Currently, the ES has rallied over 35 pts from this low level and will likely […]

Will Powell Turn Into Dove and Make Gold Shine?

Tomorrow, the FOMC will publish its monetary policy statements and economic projections. How could they affect the gold market? And what about the recent developments in Europe? FOMC Preview and Gold  The market awaits the monetary policy decision of the FOMC and its fresh economic projections. If the Committee surprises […]

Ron Paul On The Coming Crisis: “Could Be Worse Than 1929”

Dec 16, 2018 09:00 am By Albert LuWhat started as a strong week for U.S. equities ended with losses, as disappointing economic data from China and Europe pushed global equities down on Friday.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down by nearly 500 points on Friday. Numbers reflecting China’s industrial output […]

Don’t Worry About the Gold Price — China’s Got Your Back

A special note from GoldSilver President Alex Daley: As many of you know, we pride ourselves on the education we provide, everything from Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money series and regular video updates to our numerous articles and Insider’s program. When you buy from GoldSilver you help fund the […]

Trump and Powell More Dovish. Will Gold Fly Away?

President Trump and President Xi Jinping agreed to halt escalation in their trade conflict. At the same time, the Fed officials became more cautious about the pace of future interest rate hikes. How will the softening of the US trade and monetary policies affect the gold market? Trade Truce and […]

Should Gold Bulls Open Champagne?

Powell spoke yesterday. The gold market considered his remarks as dovish. And the market is always right, isn’t it? Just Below Neutral On Wednesday, Powell delivered a speech “The Federal Reserve’s Framework for Monitoring Financial Stability” at The Economic Club of New York. The majority of analysts judged the speech […]

Removing the Cloak from Gold

The new Alchemist is out. What can we learn from the latest publication of the LBMA? We invite you to read our today’s article and find out! Banque de France and Gold  The latest edition of LBMA’s Alchemist focuses on the role of central banks in the gold market. Sylvie […]

Eric Sprott: All Asset Classes Are Plunging

Renowned investor Eric Sprott truly cannot pass up a bargain. But before heading out for some Black Friday discount shopping, the founder of Sprott Inc. checked in with Craig Hemke of Sprott Money News for an update on the market.A DIFFERENT MARKET ENVIRONMENT“We have a different market environment and people […]

The New China and Gold

China has developed tremendously in recent years. But what’s next? Is the country entering the growth recession? And how it will affect the world and the gold market?   A New Chapter in China We have not analyzed the publications of the World Gold Council for a while. Let’s make […]

Is Silence Golden?

People say that speech is silver, silence is golden. Well, not always. The recent FOMC monetary policy statement is the best example. Lets’ read out today’s article and find out why. Nothing Changes in November On Thursday, the FOMC published the monetary policy statement from its latest meeting that took […]