Super-Strong US Dollar Is De-Stabilizing All Other Fiat Currencies – When Will It End?

The US dollar has strengthened so much and so quickly this year that it has become a juggernaut, trampling pretty much every other asset. What repercussions is this creating? And how much longer is it likely to continue? For answers, we turn to market analyst Gordon Long, who just issued […]

A Liquidity Crisis + Recession Is The Big Threat Now

  Are we hurtling towards a 2008-style crisis? With both a liquidity crunch AND a painful recession? Veteran macro analyst Jim Rickards is concerned the odds for this are fast increasing. In this hard-hitting and wide-ranging discussion, Stephanie Pomboy returns as guest host to ask Jim about this threat, his […]

What fund managers told me about silver demand behind closed doors

What Do Fund Managers Think About Gold & Silver Right Now? They Told Me at the Beaver Creek Summit By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst   I attended the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado last week. This is where the big boys and girls go—fund managers, institutional investors, bank […]

The Russians (Propoganda) Is Coming!

by CEO Keith Weiner Headlines shout “Moscow World Standard to Destroy LBMA’s Monopoly in Precious Metals Pricing”.  Is this the gold revaluation we’ve all been waiting for? CEO Keith Weiner says not so fast, in his latest article on the Russian gold market. The headline reads “Moscow World Standard to Destroy LBMA’s […]

Weekly Market Recap: Are Markets Laying A Trap?

Are the markets laying a trap here? Financial advisor Lance Roberts thinks they may be. In fact, he’s concerned over the high degree of uncertainty of the current environment. It’s one of the most challenging he’s seen in his career in terms of making capital allocation decisions. So what changes […]

Weekly Market Recap: Bullish Technicals But Bearish Fundamentals: Which Matters More?

The technical chart data looks really bullish here, observes financial advisor Lance Roberts. But none of the fundamentals do, he also warns. Bullish technicals. Bearish fundamentals. Which matters more? Lance and I tackle that key question, plus go on an epic rant about how excessive speculation is destroying Millennial and […]

Weekly Market Recap: Are The Bulls Gaining The Upper Hand?

The markets have now punched above an important resistance level & the bulls are suddenly talking about stocks zooming back to record highs.  Is that even possible? There’s a battle royal being waged right now between the bulls & bears. Fundamentals are grim and getting worse. But technicals look rosy. […]

Weekly Market Recap: Rally & Jobs Report Sinking Pivot Odds?

Have the near-term odds of a Fed pivot dropped? Yes, concludes financial advisor Lance Roberts. The Fed is hiking interest rates to destroy demand. Most experts think the Fed will continue until it either tames inflation or it “breaks something” and is forced to reverse course. Well, inflation remains at […]

Weekly Market Recap: The Market Is Calling The Fed’s Bluff – Who Will Win?

“Don’t fight the Fed” This has been gospel for investors since 2009. And the strategy has paid handsomely. Which is why it’s peculiar now that the market is very clearly no longer following the Fed. The Fed is busy hiking rates & loudly proclaim that it will due ‘whatever it […]

How gold performs in recessions and market crashes?

Worried about a Recession or Stock Market Crash? Here’s How Precious Metals Perform By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst,   Convinced a recession is here? Worried the stock market isn’t done crashing? It’s a distinct possibility things could get worse. Which raises a natural question: how does gold—and all precious […]

Weekly Market Recap: Strong Dollar At 20-Year High Creating Havoc

  The US dollar index hit a 20-year high of 109 this week. This is creating increasing pain for other countries, especially those with Eurodollar loans, as servicing those is becoming more expensive — at the same time that import costs are rising. Multinational companies are also feeling the squeeze, […]

Weekly Market Recap: Bad Earnings Forecasts To Tank Markets Further?

  Corporations are about to start releasing their Q2 earning reports.  This may be the next catalyst for another downwards leg in the markets. Why? Because high inflation, the rising cost of capital and recessionary demand destruction are squeezing revenue & profit expectations for companies. This is going to force […]

Taggart’s Weekly Market Recap: Is The Bear Market Setting A Bull Trap?

  The job of a bear market is to make as many people as possible lose as much money as possible.  In this week’s Market Recap, financial advisor Lance Roberts returns to explain that while he doesn’t think the bear market is over, it will likely need to sucker in […]

Massive Market Destruction Ahead!

  People are tired of the malaise the markets have been mired in this year.   They want to stop worrying & start making gains again. But “no bear market ever ended due to fatigue” socionomics expert Peter Atwater cautions in our new interview with him hosted by Stephanie Pomboy. They […]

Weekly Market Recap: The Bounce Is Finally Here. Sell Or Buy Into It?

  The long-anticipated market bounce in stocks & bonds is now underway.  How long will it last & how high will it go? Is this a resumption of the bull market? Or should investors use this rally as a gift from the market gods to sell, in preparation of lower […]

“Controlled Demolition” Of Markets The Fed’s Endgame?

  Many argue that Fed policy is the main reason financial assets rose to record highs over the past decade.   Many also argue that the horrible performance of both stocks AND bonds this year are due to a switch in Fed policy. Which, mind you, was made to combat raging […]

Weekly Market Recap: Time To Get Out Of The Market? Or Is A Rally About To Arrive?

  Another emotionally exhausting week in the markets… Bonds continued falling & stocks are testing the year lows. Is it time to get out of the markets? Or is a relief rally from here more likely? Investment advisor Lance Roberts and I debate that in this week’s Market Recap. We […]

Michael Every: A Global “Meta-Crisis” Is Unfolding, Expect Seismic Disruptions In…Everything

WORRIED ABOUT THE MARKET? SCHEDULE YOUR FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW with Wealthion’s endorsed financial advisors at 2022 has already seen more surprises, uncertainty and instability than most thought possible when the year started. But what if the changes underway now are vastly more significant than we realize? Michael Every, Global […]

Weekly Market Recap: Back At Year Lows. Big Drop Or Bounce From Here?

  In this weeks video, Lance and Adam note that this is one of the worst starts to the year for stocks and bonds ever.   Will the bleeding soon stop? Or will it become a full-blown hemorrhage? They also get their rant on about the potential for many households to […]

Weekly Market Recap: Fed’s Tough Tightening Talk Tanks Markets

  In this weeks video, Lance and Adam discuss the unfavorable market reaction to comments made by Jerome Powell and other Federal Reserve staff this week that interest rate hikes will be faster & more aggressive.  Will the Fed really deliver on this? That’s the key question that the future […]