2021 Gold Price Prediction, Trends, and 5-Year Forecast

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver  Most price forecasts aren’t worth more than an umbrella in a hurricane. There are so many factors, so many ever-changing variables, that even the experts usually miss the mark. Further, some forecasters base their predictions on one issue. “Interest rates will rise so gold will […]

What Will the U.S. Dollar Ring in for 2021?

The fate of the U.S. Dollar will weigh heavily on the future of the precious metals in 2021. At first glance, the USDX’s prospects look rather bleak in the first months of the year, but as the pages of the book turn, the dollar’s likely later ascension could prove rather […]

Here’s Who Wins the November Election

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com  OCT 23, 2020 Cantankerous, divisive, even violent—choose your adjective, but the upcoming US election is on a level we haven’t seen in a long time. Even on my own street there are strong feelings on both sides, and a third side that is simply trying […]

Gold Under Fed’s New Monetary Regime

Did you believe that the monetary policy of Ben Bernanke in a response to the Great Recession was extraordinary? Nah, Bernanke was an amateur compared to Jerome Powell. The latter quickly reintroduced ZIRP, implemented unlimited quantitative easing, and provided bailouts to Wall Street – and now he risks higher inflation […]

Fed Not Thinking about Rate Hikes. Maybe Thinking about Gold?

The Fed Vice Chair says that the Fed will not even think about hiking interest rates until the inflation reaches 2 percent. Meanwhile, the price of gold decreases further. What is exactly happening in the gold market? Over the last week, several Fed officials spoke publicly with the purpose of […]

Corona Strikes Back In Europe. Will It Boost Gold?

The number of new daily infections in Europe is rapidly increasing, even reaching new heights in several countries. That is just another reminder that the second wave in fall or winter is upon us. Yes, I know. You are all fed up reading about the coronavirus. And yet, the coronavirus […]

Is Silver the Next Tesla?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com  SEP 14, 2020 It’s no secret that one of the Nasdaq’s best performing stocks this year has been Tesla. Its meteoric rise, until recently, flashed dollar signs in the dreams of its investors. Given silver’s historical volatility, a question dawned on me: could silver log […]

Unemployment Rate Drops. Will It Drag Gold Down?

The U.S. labor market improved in August, although headlines paint too rosy a picture. What does it all mean for the gold market? Great news for the U.S. labor market: according to the BLS, the American economy regained 1.4 million jobs, while the unemployment rate fell below 10 percent for […]

Pension Funds Join the Gold Party

Things Are About to Get Interesting Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver  SEP 4, 2020 Today, institutional participation – the enormous Wall St and global wealth management and investment firms and their clients from hedge funds to pension funds – in the gold market is minimal. But with interest rates near […]

Gold Needs to “Glow Up”

BY Peter Grosskopf | Tuesday, August 25, 2020 As of August 24, gold bullion1 has gained 27.13% YTD and 39.74% YOY. Gold mining equities (SGDM)2 are up 38.85% YTD and 61.54% YOY. This compares to 7.55% YTD and 11.96% YOY returns for the S&P 500 TR Index.3  Silver has posted […]

FOMC Minutes Push Gold Down

July FOMC minutes hit the gold prices. But what’s next for the yellow metal? The key event last week was the publication of the minutes from the FOMC meeting in July. After their release, the U.S. dollar jumped, while the price of gold dropped, as the chart below shows. Why? […]

What the Upcoming Wealth Transfer Could Look Like

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst  JUL 14, 2020 With gold up 20% year-to-date and silver breaking through the $19 barrier for the first time in almost a year, it’s time to consider what a gold and silver mania might look like. If Mike Maloney is right about what’s ahead, […]

Into Darkness (System hurtling Towards Breakdown)

  On January 23, 2020, our close friend Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity issued an alert warning people to prepare for a coming pandemic, the likes of which we hadn’t seen in generations… We now know Chris was right. And unfortunately, 99% of Americans ignored Covid-19 until it was too […]

Daily Gold News: Monday, June 22 – Gold Closer to Medium-Term High

The gold futures contract gained 1.27% on Friday, as it broke slightly above the price level of $1,750. Last week’s Powell’s testimonies on Wednesday, Thursday and his Friday’s speech didn’t bring any new surprises for the financial markets. But gold got closer to its medium-term highs. However, it continues to […]

Daily Gold News: Wednesday, June 17 – Gold Price Bouncing Back and Forth

The gold futures contract gained 0.54% on Tuesday, as it retraced most of its Monday’s decline of 0.58%. The price has been breaking above $1,750 mark recently. But it came back closer to $1,700 on Monday. Last Wednesday’s FOMC Statement came out as a short-term game-changer. Stock prices reversed lower […]

Daily Gold News: Wednesday, June 10 – Gold Still Gaining, FOMC Ahead

The gold futures contract gained 0.99% on Tuesday, as it retraced its Friday’s decline following much better than expected U.S. monthly jobs data release. Global markets went risk-on and gold has sold off as a safe-haven asset. On Monday a week ago the price has reached slightly above $1,760 and […]

Will Great Unlock Push Gold Prices Down?

As Great Lockdown was positive for the gold prices, the Great Unlock will be bad, right? We invite you to read our today’s article about the Great Unlock and find out whether it really must be negative for the gold prices. It’s all government’s fault, right? After all, the Great […]

Daily Gold News: Wednesday, June 3 – Gold Lower After Positive U.S. Data

The gold futures contract lost 0.93% on Tuesday, as it retraced most of Friday’s advance of 1.35%. On Monday the price has reached slightly above $1,760. Yesterday’s daily low was at $1,728 and today it’s getting close to $1,700. Gold is still trading within its medium-term consolidation, as we can […]

How Would Gold Perform In a Second Stock Market Crash?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com  MAY 22, 2020 1929… the 1970s… 2000… 2008… and now 2020? In the biggest stock bear markets over the past nine decades, there was an initial crash… followed by a big bounce… and then a more severe selloff, a “second leg down” if you will. […]

Stagflation Is Coming

Interview with Michael Pento  May 18, 2020 04:30 pm Recorded: May 14, 2020 INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (EDITED) Albert Lu: It’s been way too long. How are you? Michael Pento: I’m doing fine. I hope you’re holding up well, Albert. AL: I’m very well. You know that discussion we had was over […]