Silver Volume Extreme as in April 2013

During yesterday’s session silver moved back and forth in a volatile manner on volume that was the highest since April 2013. There were a few volume spikes in the meantime, but none as big as what we saw yesterday. The silver market is being very loud. But are you listening? […]

The 5 Most Fun Gold Articles of 2017

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver JAN 12, 2018 GoldSilver produced a lot of educational material in 2017. We sincerely hope you find our ongoing educational efforts useful as an investor. Mike prides himself on being the industry leader on education. We noticed, however, that some of our articles […]

Here’s What Historically Happens to Stocks When Bull Markets End

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver JAN 12, 2018 You undoubtedly know that 2017 was a record-setting year for the broad stock markets. And while gold was up last year despite numerous headwinds, most mainstream investors aren’t paying much attention to gold since they keep seeing so much green […]

Does CoT Show Battle over Gold?

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has released the latest CoT report. What can we learn from it about the gold market? Light and Darkness in the Gold Market  The epic battle between good and evil. The conflict between light and darkness. We and them. This is how some analysts portray […]

Crude Oil Commercials at Record Short Exposure

  By Tim Taschler, CMT, Sprott Global Resource Investments On April 10, 2017 I penned a piece called Taking A Look at Silver where I wrote: “When watching COT levels each week, what is important to me is the trend in the positions that Commercials and Large Specs hold. But […]

Macroeconomic Outlook for 2018 and Gold

Luckily or not, 2017 is behind us. It was a positive year for the gold market, as the yellow market gained more than 12 percent. However, investors are forward-looking, so let’s focus on what the coming months will bring. The next year will be shaped mostly by the following broad […]

Will Chinese Dragon Boost or Devour Gold?

 China may slow down its U.S. debt buying. Will gold rally or plunge, then? Dragons Love Hoarding Gold and Not Only  Dragons love gold. In Greek mythology, dragons were set by the gods to guard golden treasures. It makes perfect sense, since it would be rather difficult to find better […]

The 2018 Decline in Precious Metals

The precious metals sector moved higher in the first days of this year, but based on yesterday’s decline and the current price levels, 2018 is already a down year for silver and mining stocks. Gold is almost flat. This is a subtle clue that the rally may have already ran […]

These 3 Facts Show Gold Is Set to Surge in 2018

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver JAN 9, 2018 Crypto and stock prices grabbed most of the investment headlines in 2017. But by the end of 2018, a different asset class is bound to spark investor’s attention. There are multiple reasons for that, starting with the fact that no […]

Gold Prices Choppy after Payrolls

The U.S. economy added only 148,000 jobs in December. Gold prices reacted in a choppy way, confusing some analysts. Why? December Payrolls Disappoint  Total nonfarm payroll employment increased only 148,000 in December, the slowest pace in three months. The employment gains were generally widespread, but the biggest employers were construction (+30,000), […]

The Gold Market in 2017

So another year has passed. How quickly it happened! But we hope that you did not get bored, and instead took time to learn more about the fascinating gold market. At first glance, 2017 seems to be a dull period for the yellow metal, as it was traded within a […]

Three Key Takeaways from December 2017 FOMC Minutes for Gold

 Yesterday, the minutes of the FOMC December meeting were released. What do they say about the Fed’s stance and what do they mean for the gold market? The Fed Is Divided over Number of Hikes in 2018  At the December meeting, the U.S. central bank increased the federal funds rate […]

Strength or “Strength” in the Miners?

Gold moved visibly higher during the first session of the year and this time mining stocks accompanied it. In fact, it seems that they are back on the track after a short pause. What’s the likely reason behind this year’s rally and what does it imply going forward? Let’s jump […]

Gold Market Themes for 2018

2018 has just begun. What will a new year bring for the gold market? Macroeconomic Outlook Will Remain Unpleasant The current economic expansion is surprisingly durable, as it has already lasted more than 100 months. It worries many investors who are afraid of the upcoming recessions. Surely, there are many […]

Bitcoin Trading Alert: Strong Correction and Possible Rebound

Crazy week, huh? Bitcoin is firmly in the scope of mainstream media, and the recent very volatile action makes it only a better story. On Bloomberg, we read: Bitcoin resumed its tumble on Thursday after South Korea said it was eyeing options including a potential shutdown of at least some […]

The Q&A Guide to Cryptos vs. Gold and Silver

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver DEC 29, 2017 Gold or cryptos? That’s actually the wrong question, as Mike Maloney points out in his new episode of Hidden Secrets of Money. This movie-quality production follows his three-year journey into investigating the cryptocurrency landscape. He expected to find nothing but […]

Four Things We Learned About Gold in 2017

2017 is almost over. What did we learn about gold during this time? Gold May Prosper in Good Times First, gold may shine in unpleasant macroeconomic outlook. Generally, gold performs the best during economic slowdown or turmoil. In 2017, the economic conditions were far from recessionary climate. Global economic growth […]

Gold: This Might Hurt

The gold volatility index moved to a new all-time low and there was no meaningful action in gold recently. Well, we profited on the decline and on the following upswing, but the price action that we saw was nothing to call home about. For months, gold has been moving around […]

U.S. Industrial Production in November 2017 and Gold

Industrial production in the U.S. increased 0.2 percent in November. What does it mean for the gold market? The U.S. industrial production rose 0.2 percent last month, but it was flat if we exclude oil and gas extraction. It was slightly below expectations, but it was the third monthly increase […]

Yellen’s December 2017 Press Conference and Gold

The latest FOMC meeting was accompanied by Janet Yellen’s press conference. Let’s analyze the implications of her remarks for the gold market. Solid Growth, Strong Labor Market, and Subdued Inflation  In her opening remarks, Yellen noted that economic activity has been solid recently, the labor market has been strong, but inflation […]