Rick Rule on Gold

This article was originally published at Sprott.com Gold and “The Prettiest Mare at the Slaughterhouse” Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., shares how the worldwide explosion of negative yielding debt shapes his bullish outlook on gold. He examines the impact that a “war on savers” has […]

Global Industrial Slump and Brexit Dance Go On. Will Gold Bop?

The Brexit saga continues. Both the U.S. and China’s industrial sectors suffer from the trade war. How will the Fed react to these downside risks tomorrow? The expectation is that it’ll cut rates, but will that really happen? And how will gold take to that? Brexit Dance Goes On Last […]

Gold, the Shining Star Among Commodities

Gold is the most effective commodity investment, yet it is under-invested, the WGC reports. What makes it special and deserving of our focus? And how to translate that focus into an appropriate allocation within one’s portfolio? Gold is Unique Commodity. Or… Maybe Not? Gold is often included into commodities. It […]

The Duel Between Johnson and Parliament. Will Gold Win?

Boris Johnson struggles to push the Brexit agreement through the British Parliament. For it can bite back! Who wins this battle? One could hope that gold, but this is not so certain… Johnson’s Struggle, Explained On Thursday, the breaking news came out that the EU and the UK reached agreement […]

Don’t Look Now, But India Is Loading Up on Silver

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver OCT 22, 2019 It’s quite possible that a new catalyst for silver is emerging. It didn’t make a lot of headlines, but India’s silver imports have seen a big jump. So big that we need to talk about it, because if this trend continues it […]

The Caveman’s Diary 2019: “Gold Good… Stocks Bad… Get More Gold”

By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com A textbook in my Master of Psychology program theorized that most things in life come down to core drives—food, shelter, sex, etc. Throw in Freud’s pain and pleasure principals and this is supposedly what drives everything we do. We had a good time poking […]

Gold, the Ultimate Safe Haven Asset. A Looming Nobel Prize?

Yesterday, the Nobel prizes in economics were awarded. Unfortunately, gold has been omitted and got nothing. How unfair! But looking at the Dutch central bank press release, gold would have much higher chances if they were the ones granting the prizes and not the Swedish central bank! 2019 Nobel in […]

The Fed Grows Concerned – Should Gold Investors Do the Same?

The Fed released the minutes from its last meeting yesterday. What can we learn from the new light they shine on the U.S. monetary policy? How will it affect the gold market? Minutes Show That FOMC Members Are More Worried Now The minutes from the Sep FOMC meeting show that […]

Millionaire Technical Analyst Says This about Gold Right Now

By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com We don’t employ technical analysis that much, one reason being we’re buying gold and silver for what we believe will be a major shift in our markets, economy and currency. The strategy then, is just keep accumulating and preparing for that shift. But I […]

Gold in the Negative Real Interest Rates Environment

Many believe that negative interest rates will never arrive to the United States. This can’t possibly happen here. The discussions of their theoretical benefits almost remind you of the not-in-my-backyard mentality. But this is not true – they are already present in America. Hard to believe it? Hiding in plain […]

Is Reserve Bank of Australia a New Friend of Gold?

Reserve Bank of Australia joined the chorus of easing central banks, cutting interest rates to record lows. Predictably, that sent the Aussie dollar plunging. Should gold bulls cheer this move? Reserve Bank of Australia Slashes Interest Rates The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the official interest rate from 1.00 […]

Gold among Negative-Yielding Bonds

Teaser: The amount of global debt with negative yields soared to $16 trillion, or more than 25 percent of the market. Isn’t this economic madness? We invite you to read our today’s article about the negative interest rates and find out what they imply for the gold market. Gold among […]

Carney Urges Libra-Like Reserve Currency to End Dollar Dominance

As per article authored by Brian Swint and published by Bloomberg News on Aug. 23, 2019: Mark Carney laid out a radical proposal for an overhaul of the global financial system that would eventually replace the dollar as a reserve currency with a Libra-like virtual one. Just a few months […]

Getting Nervous About the Stock Market? Here’s Your Antidote

By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com If you didn’t catch it, gold has passed the S&P 500 in year-to-date performance. Through August 12, gold is up 18.1%, while the S&P has risen 13.8%. Silver is nipping its heels, now up 10.2% YTD. But what is perhaps more significant is the […]

Gold’s Breakout Could Mean Silver is on the Launchpad

By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com Gold and silver prices continue to push higher. They’re starting to get some attention from the mainstream, too. A new uptrend in gold is clearly underway, but silver’s performance has so far trailed gold’s. Let’s take a look at the price behavior over the […]

Everybody Hates Silver!

Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver.com JUL 16, 2019 Silver is not a four-letter word. But these days, “silver” is often preceded by one. Seldom has sentiment surrounding silver been so universally negative. This chart from a dedicated metals analyst, and especially its title, sums up the prevailing view of silver today: […]

How the U.S. Is Being Held Hostage by Its Own Worst Companies

By: Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver.com If you know where to look, the markets are telling you that they understand we’re moving into a new phase of US-dollar decay. With the most recent dovish statement by Jerome Powell, the wheels have been set in motion for a fresh cycle of rate […]

FOMO: Wall Street Piling Into the Gold Trade

    Wall Street has become a culture dominated by traders. Their zeitgeist on any particular company/asset can set the direction of a trade for months or years. And, there’s only one thing a Wall St. trader hates more than getting laughed at for being the first guy into a […]

Is the Gold/Silver Ratio Headed to 100?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver  JUN 10, 2019  at Is-the-goldsilver-ratio-headed-to-100-three-questions-to-answer/ Gold/Silver Ratio Headed to 100? Three Questions to Answer The gold/silver ratio keeps climbing. And climbing and climbing. When is this darn thing going to reverse and see silver finally outperform gold? While no one really knows the answer to […]

ADL Predictive Modeling Suggests A Big Move In Silver

Our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive modeling system is suggesting that Silver is currently well below the projected ADL price level.  We believe the current pricing pressure in Silver is related to global central banks attempt to regulate precious metals prices over the past 24+ months.  We believe the upside […]