Everybody Hates Silver!

Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver.com JUL 16, 2019 Silver is not a four-letter word. But these days, “silver” is often preceded by one. Seldom has sentiment surrounding silver been so universally negative. This chart from a dedicated metals analyst, and especially its title, sums up the prevailing view of silver today: […]

How the U.S. Is Being Held Hostage by Its Own Worst Companies

By: Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver.com If you know where to look, the markets are telling you that they understand we’re moving into a new phase of US-dollar decay. With the most recent dovish statement by Jerome Powell, the wheels have been set in motion for a fresh cycle of rate […]

FOMO: Wall Street Piling Into the Gold Trade

    Wall Street has become a culture dominated by traders. Their zeitgeist on any particular company/asset can set the direction of a trade for months or years. And, there’s only one thing a Wall St. trader hates more than getting laughed at for being the first guy into a […]

Is the Gold/Silver Ratio Headed to 100?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver  JUN 10, 2019  at Is-the-goldsilver-ratio-headed-to-100-three-questions-to-answer/ Gold/Silver Ratio Headed to 100? Three Questions to Answer The gold/silver ratio keeps climbing. And climbing and climbing. When is this darn thing going to reverse and see silver finally outperform gold? While no one really knows the answer to […]

ADL Predictive Modeling Suggests A Big Move In Silver

Our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive modeling system is suggesting that Silver is currently well below the projected ADL price level.  We believe the current pricing pressure in Silver is related to global central banks attempt to regulate precious metals prices over the past 24+ months.  We believe the upside […]

No Way Out: Jerome Powell Admits

Return to ZIRP and QE Are Inevitable Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver JUN 5, 2019 A funny thing happened on the way to my finalizing this article: Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell finally broke down and told the truth: “The trade comments opened remarks that set a somber tone about the […]

Yield Curve Inverted Again. Will Gold Shine Now?

The U.S. yield curve has inverted again, and it has done so to the widest level since 2007. How much of a reason to worry is that actually? A sky-is-falling moment lurking ahead? If so, what chance of saving us does gold have? Another Yield Curve Inversion Occurs It’s really […]

Gold & Silver Volatility Near Record Lows — What’s Next?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com JUN 2, 2019 As precious metals investors know all too well, gold and silver prices haven’t moved much for the past 5+ years. And along with that stagnant price environment has come low volatility. Volatility readings have fallen so far, in fact, that silver has […]

What Will Negative Interest Rates Do to Me?

With the Brexit threatening to break up the Eurozone, and US/China trade wars escalating at the top of today’s massive credit cycle, what will happen to the the ordinary person during the next downturn, as feverish central banks slash interest rates to zero or negative (ZIRP/NIRP)? Alasdair Macleod, head of […]

Sprott Media: Soaring Prices Are A Sign Of Trouble

By Albert Lu – May 17, 2019 DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS I’ve heard it many times from many people — in the National Football League, defense wins championships. But is it true? Is a team’s defensive prowess the determining factor in its success or failure? Perhaps it was true at one […]

Silver Supply/Demand Crunch Part II

Primary Silver Producers Stuck in Quicksand and Still Sinking Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com MAY 16, 2019 As we outlined in our silver supply/demand crunch article, the silver market has entered a structural imbalance. It is not temporary. Global supply is locked into a decline, leaving the industry ill-equipped to […]

Alchemists’ Dream: MMT or Transmutation Into Gold?

Traditional alchemist always desired to turn lead into gold. The modern ones want to increase government spending without any limits. We invite you to read our today’s article about the Modern Monetary Theory and find out what is it and what would mean for the gold market, if implemented. What […]

Total Debt and Leveraged Loans to the Rescue of Gold Bulls?

The Fed has just published the newest edition of its Financial Stability Report. It covers what the most powerful central bank in the world perceives as risks to the financial system stability. Is it time for the gold bulls to uncork champagne? Financial Sectors Appears Resilient, But… The Fed’s assessment […]

Miners’ Strength – What If It Isn’t Just a Bluff?

The stock market took a dive, and gold with silver barely moved higher. Miners had little reason to rally, especially that they have been underperforming gold for many days now. And yet, gold stocks and silver stocks moved visibly higher. What if it isn’t just a bluff? What if it’s […]

The Notre Dame Fire: Lessons for Gold Investors

The Monday’s fire of Notre Dame Cathedral shocked the world. Since then, the French, the Catholics, and the architecture and art lovers hadn’t been talking about anything else. The precious metals community was less disturbed – even though it turns out that gold investors can actually learn a lot from […]

The Gold Market Right After Super Wednesday

Super Wednesday is behind us! The masters of monetary policy have revealed their cards. The Fed released the fresh minutes, the ECB held its monetary policy meeting, while the Brexit was postponed again. How will all these play out in the gold market? Minutes Show Patience among the FOMC Members […]

Warren Buffett Could and Should Buy All the Gold in the COMEX Now

By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver APR 8, 2019 Dear Warren Buffett, Your recent comments about gold left me a little puzzled. You said “the magical metal was no match for the American mettle,” and that we shouldn’t “panic at the prospects of runaway deficits and a worthless currency.” You […]

Cash Usage Down, Gold Correspondingly Up?

In February, the World Gold Council released the newest edition of Gold Investor. What can we learn from the report? Let’s discuss gold’s role in the onslaught of the cashless society, its role as a portfolio diversifier, reverse asset and source of liquidity. Rogoff Wants Cashless Society, but Appreciates Gold […]

Central Bankers — Keeping The Wheels On The Bus

Mar 29, 2019 01:47 pm By Tim Taschler, CMT Rich, Bob. “Cartoon of the Day.” Hedgeye. 14 June 2018. The Fed is now done with interest rate increases for all of 2019. It currently plans on raising rates only one more time in 2020 and plans to taper the draining […]

Will the Fed Cut its Interest Rate Forecast, Pushing Gold Higher?

Some important pieces of the US economic reports, including the latest nonfarm payrolls, have disappointed recently. May indicators (including the leading ones) have hit a soft patch it seems. Will that push the Fed to downgrade its dot-plot or fine-tune the monetary policy mix anyhow? Can gold jump in reaction […]