Cryptocurrencies, Solid Gold or Just a Flash in the Pan?

Sprott Gold Report: Cryptocurrencies, Solid Gold or Just a Flash in the Pan? By John Ciampaglia THE GOLD VS. CRYPTO DEBATE One prominent 2017 storyline was, “Gold is dead — long live cryptocurrencies!” Gold and cryptocurrencies were cast as opponents in a “monetary” boxing ring featuring the two best alternatives […]

Will Debt Leverage Leverage Gold?

Attention, please! The leverage in the stock market has been recently rising. As one can see in the chart below, the stock market margin debt surged more than $113 billion in 2017, one of the largest annual surges. Moreover, it was the ninth annual increase in a row. Chart 1: […]

Coup d’État That May Shake the World

Everyone focuses now on the chemical attack in Syria. Meanwhile, the most important turnover in the world remains mostly unnoticed. But we’re on guard. Let’s read our analysis of the key revolution of 2018 and find out the implications for the gold market. Hawks Take Over the Fed Are we […]

Gold Hedging From Hedge Funds & Traders Continues to Surge

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver APR 10, 2018 It’s a relatively quiet trend, but the most active of investors—hedge funds and traders—are aggressively putting gold hedges in place. It shouldn’t really be a surprise, given the recent spike in volatility in the stock market. It hasn’t been reported […]

Gold to Rally Due to Increased Stock Market Volatility? Really?!

We were recently asked if the price of gold is likely to rally because of the increased volatility in stocks. This seems believable at the first sight, as gold is seen as a safe-haven asset and thus people could be buying it when the stock market’s movement becomes chaotic, scary […]

Bitcoin – Not Quite Worthless, Potentially Profitable

Is Bitcoin worthless? Depreciation brings such questions as it has in the past. Bitcoin traders might be worried by such statements. But should they be anxious? In the whirlwind of opinions, we can find a theme which might allow profits on our hypothetical positions to grow even further. The fact […]

21 Trillion Reasons to Own Gold

Do you know how much a trillion is (we refer here to the short scale)? A billion is hard enough to imagine, much less a trillion. But let’s try. We can write it as 1,000,000,000,000 – that’s a 1 with twelve zeroes. In other words it’s million million, or ten […]

Gold is not Saying Something – Its Screaming It

Gold soared yesterday likely based on the escalation of the trade conflict between the U.S. and China, but after several hours the rally was over. The tensions didn’t really subside, but the price of gold is already about $10 below the price at which it was trading when yesterday’s rally […]

What Could Be Ahead for Gold and Silver

As Volatility Spikes, Here’s What Could Be Ahead for Gold and Silver Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver APR 4, 2018 The shift from low to high volatility in the markets is on. And almost by default, that’ll include gold and silver, since they’re inversely correlated to stock markets […]

Is Bitcoin Substitute for Gold?

John Maynard Keynes once famously called gold the “barbarous relic”. The emergence of the cryptocurrencies seems to validate that thesis. Will gold survive in the digital era? Bitcoin as Digital Gold Let’s face it. Bitcoin and gold are similar. Both assets are rare and their supply is limited (it cannot […]

Gold Traders’ Report – April 2, 2018

Jim Pogoda, Trader, Gold Bullion International APR 2, 2018 Gold traded higher overnight in a range of $1325.85 – $1335.30. It tripped some buying over last Thursday’s $1329 high and was aided by a lack of resistance and liquidity during European time as much of the Eurozone was off observing […]

Gold Traders’ Report – April 2, 2018

From Whether you’re a long-term holder of gold or want more insights into the day-to-day movements of the gold price, check our news feed or follow us on Twitter to get the Gold Traders’ Report. Published each trading day, it provides a technical look at gold and the economic […]

When Merit-Based Hiring Is Deemed Racist, Bridges Fall Down

Ilana Mercer: ‘South Africa’s hollowed-out establishments are a harbinger of things to come’ “When Merit-Based Hiring Is Deemed Racist, Bridges Fall Down” is the current column, now on and The Unz Review. An excerpt: As individuals, we want the best doctors treating and operating on us, the best pilots […]

Gold’s Old Friend Comes Back

Remember LIBOR? The interest rate which soared during the global financial crisis? It’s on the rise again, but almost no one is paying adequate attention to it. We are – and we will analyze for you what this means for the gold market. Hello LIBOR, My Old Friend Simon and […]

Outlook for Gold – Same but Different

“Some things never change. Some things do.” You might be wondering why we are quoting one of the lines from the Matrix movie. The reason is because that’s exactly what we can say about the gold market and the price patterns in it. The thing that never changes is the […]

When Two Are Fighting, Gold Wins

Do you hear the military march? The world’s largest economies are flexing their muscles and preparing for war. Will gold win the trade conflict between the United States and China? So It Begins Trade war. This topic dominated the recent days. Last week, President Trump announced plans for tariffs on […]

One Change the Bitcoin Posse Is Unlikely to See

“Bitcoin will reach the moon,” they said. “$20,000 is only the beginning,” they pressed. The harsh reality of the recent move is that appreciation has been nowhere in sight. Harsh, that is, if you haven’t been positioned properly. Are Bitcoin traders bound to be left with their teeth clenched, watching […]

Debt Cycles and Gold

There is a range of factors which drive the Kondratiev waves. Following Schumpeter, we have focused so far on technological innovations. However, debt cycles are also a key. What are they? The debt cycles are comprised of alternate leveraging and deleveraging of debt. The former occurs when people incur debt, […]

When Is Three Better for Gold Than Four?

His hand didn’t shake. Powell hiked interest rates at the first FOMC meeting with him as the Chair. But the key factor for the gold market is what he signaled about the future path of the federal funds rate. The crucial word is “three”, not “four”. Another Meeting, Another Hike […]

Additional Signs for PMs Amid Increasing FOMC Tension

Are you feeling lucky? We all should. Whether you’re short or long gold (or you’re waiting on the sidelines), the additional day of signals is truly a blessing. That is if you know what to look at. The previous days and weeks provided us with multiple signs and yesterday’s price […]