Mike Maloney’s Market Fragility Index

Introducing Mike Maloney’s Market Fragility Index: What It’s Saying Now Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver JUL 16, 2018 A funny thing happened in the middle of one of Mike Maloney’s deep-research sessions recently. As you know, he just released a brand new presentation, but while analyzing the stock […]

How Crazy It Is to Short Gold with RSI Close to 30

Aiming to make money on gold price’s decline is always controversial. The long-term fundamentals remain favorable and gold and silver are likely to exceed their previous highs in the coming years. True, but that doesn’t mean that both metals can’t move even lower in the next several weeks or even […]

The End of Quantitative Easing and Gold

June was hot for the central banks. The Federal Reserve lifted the federal funds rate for the second time this year, while the European Central Bank announced that it would end its bond purchase program by the end of 2018. It would mean another step towards normalization of the crisis-era […]

Tension Ramps up

The recent couple of days have turned the short-term outlook on its ear for some traders. The last couple of months have seemed like sooth sailing, not something that could be said about the Bitcoin market too many times in the past. Now, we get a different reading and some […]

The Debt Threat and Gold

In the latest edition of the Market Overview, we have analyzed the risk related to the rising U.S. public debt and private leverage. This month, we will adopt a more global perspective. Until recently, thanks to the synchronized worldwide growth, it was easy to lose sight of the elephant in […]

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Gold/Treasury Inversion Speeds Up

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver JUN 25, 2018 In case you’re unfamiliar with the 1966 movie The Russians Are Coming!, it’s a fun romp about a Russian submarine that accidentally runs aground off the New England coast during the Cold War and the local residents who panic and […]

Respite for Bitcoin Traders Might Be Deceptive

There seems to be some respite for Bitcoin traders. It might be tempting to take this breather as a sign of the tide turning. We highlight the reasons why you probably shouldn’t. In the last couple of days, Bitcoin has gone up a bit. This has brought questions if the […]

Once Again, Gold Is Not Commodity

We know this… we really know it. This is awkward. Gold is a metal. This is why it used to be money for thousands of years: it was rare, tangible and its supply couldn’t be increased at will. An ideal store of value. So why are we saying that gold […]

Outlook Shifting in Predictable Ways for Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is going down, we’re seeing more and more information on how the currency is in a precarious position or how the prospects of the currency is bleak. But what interests traders the most is if the recent developments have changed anything in the current outlook. And we provide […]

How Far Is from North Korea to Italy?

Almost 5500 miles ( 8,800 kilometers ) . That’s the distance between Pyongyang and Rome. It seems a lot, right? But not for gold, the truly global monetary asset. In recent days, the price of the yellow metal has immediately reacted to the developments around both North Korea and Italy. […]

School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem

 An excerpt if Ilana Mercer’s column: The tele-experts assert that to do what he did—kill 10 and maim 13, at Santa Fe High School, in Texas—Dimitrios Pagourtzis had to be insane. Likewise, Nikolas Cruz—killer of 17 in Parkland, Florida—and many shooters before him: All were victims of mental disorder. Or, […]

Clive Maund: Gold and Silver Price Show No Technical Damage

According to Clive Maund’s article below last week’s drop in the gold price actually improved gold’s technical condition. Originally published Sunday, May 20, 2018 at https://www.clivemaund.com Gold’s breach of nearby support last week freaked out some longs of a nervous disposition, but it did no technical damage of any significance, […]

Gold’s Near-term Downside Target

The price of gold moved considerably lower in the past several weeks, despite the pause that we saw in the final part of the previous week. The yellow metal moved below $1,300 and confirmed this move by several daily closes below it. Moreover, gold confirmed the breakdown below the rising […]

Three Drivers of Gold

We cannot value gold. It does not generate any cash flows, which we could discount. But it doesn’t mean that the price of gold changes randomly. Market sentiment is powerful in the precious metals market – but the same applies to other markets (after all, humans are emotional creatures). However, […]

Tide Might Have Turned

Bitcoin stabilized, went  up, went down and now is going up again. The ride has been wild and the opinions on the outlook in the market have been shifting. We hold a steady course and strive to filter out all the noise to give you the most relevant information. An […]

Quarterly Market Wrap: Volatility Returns In 2018

  May 11, 2018 06:18 pm By Remy Blaire NEW YEAR, NEW TRENDS The days of kicking back and watching the equity market hit new record highs came to an abrupt halt in 2018. Instead of cheering yet another record level for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 […]

Bitcoin Simmering Slowly…

The situation in the market has become one where Bitcoin is trading on relatively low volume without major moves. But the currency is in a very important place. Actually, Bitcoin is simmering slowly. Will it boil? Will this increase the profits on our hypothetical positions? The Bitcoin market has its […]

What Can Alchemist Say About Gold?

Alchemists are precious metals experts, aren’t they? So let’s see what we can learn from the latest issue of the Alchemist, the LBMA’s quarterly journal. Silver Linings Silver has been always in gold’s shadow. Could the accelerated and synchronized global growth finally boost silver? In his article, Jonathan Butler offers […]

The Coming Silver Supply Crunch Is Worse Than You Know

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver APR 30, 2018 For data wonks like me, the annual Yearbooks from various gold and silver consultancies make for fun reading. You can always find little gems about what’s going on in the markets, and sometimes you can spot changes in trends early […]

Precious Metals and Mining Stock Chart Paint A Clear Picture

In this article, we are going to explain and show you an interesting pattern that has been slowly forming over the past year in the precious metals sector. This pattern along with our analysis point to a significant rally to start in the next 4 months for gold, silver, platinum, […]