Weekly Market Recap: Time To Get Out Of The Market? Or Is A Rally About To Arrive?

  Another emotionally exhausting week in the markets… Bonds continued falling & stocks are testing the year lows. Is it time to get out of the markets? Or is a relief rally from here more likely? Investment advisor Lance Roberts and I debate that in this week’s Market Recap. We […]

Michael Every: A Global “Meta-Crisis” Is Unfolding, Expect Seismic Disruptions In…Everything

WORRIED ABOUT THE MARKET? SCHEDULE YOUR FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW with Wealthion’s endorsed financial advisors at https://www.wealthion.com 2022 has already seen more surprises, uncertainty and instability than most thought possible when the year started. But what if the changes underway now are vastly more significant than we realize? Michael Every, Global […]

Weekly Market Recap: Back At Year Lows. Big Drop Or Bounce From Here?

  In this weeks video, Lance and Adam note that this is one of the worst starts to the year for stocks and bonds ever.   Will the bleeding soon stop? Or will it become a full-blown hemorrhage? They also get their rant on about the potential for many households to […]

Weekly Market Recap: Fed’s Tough Tightening Talk Tanks Markets

  In this weeks video, Lance and Adam discuss the unfavorable market reaction to comments made by Jerome Powell and other Federal Reserve staff this week that interest rate hikes will be faster & more aggressive.  Will the Fed really deliver on this? That’s the key question that the future […]

The implications of a potential European ban on Russian oil imports

Goldmoney Insights . Goldmoney Staff Russia is the world’s second largest petroleum exporter. About 5mb/d of crude oil and petroleum products are exported to Europe. A European ban on Russian petroleum imports would have an immediate effect on >1mb/d of pipeline imports. Moreover, 4mb/d of crude and products that currently […]

Weekly Market Recap: How Many Rate Hikes Until The Market Breaks?

  Lance Roberts of RIA Advisors joins Adam Taggart to summarize the notable developments in the financial markets over the past week.  This week Lance & Adam discuss whether the Fed has much runway or not to hike interest rates much further. Lance is of the mindset that it doesn’t […]

30-50% Market Drop From Here?

  Money manager Michael Pento returns to our program with a big warning — the prediction he made last year is coming true:  He forecasted that, beginning in Q2 2022, we will start hurdling towards a recession as well as one heck of a bear market correction. And he believes […]

Putin’s Gambit

SPROTT / GOLD REPORT BY John Hathaway | Wednesday, April 13, 2022 The price of gold has been treading water for 10 years while the investment fundamentals have improved dramatically. That is why, in our opinion, significant upside lies ahead for gold and related equities. Putin’s war introduces yet an […]

Weekly Market Recap: How High Will Yields Go?

  Yields on credit are rising fast. How high will they go? Or, more importantly: At what % will the economy and markets start buckling? And even more importantly: How high is Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell able to stomach raising interest rates before being forced to pivot? This really […]

The Recession Is Now Here

  In today’s video you get 2 macro superstars for the price of 1.  Stephanie Pomboy steps in to guest host this interview with economist David Rosenberg — one of Wall Street’s most-awarded analysts over the past 30 years. In it, they discuss the darkening storm clouds of slowing economic […]

Weekly Market Recap: Recent Rally Ready To Reverse?

  The recent sharp rally in stocks was one for the record books.  But until the technical data proves otherwise, financial advisor Lance Roberts regards this as a bear market rally, more likely to reverse soon given current overbought levels. Which is why he’s now taking profits and lightening up […]

A Global Economic Collapse By 2025?

  In this Wealthion interview we hear from Simon Hunt, one of the world’s foremost experts on the copper industry.  Why talk to a copper analyst? Because copper is often referred to as “Dr Copper” given its ability to predict turning points in the global economy. Due to its widespread […]

Jim Bianco: Recession Or Inflation – Which Will the Fed Choose?

  These days, the Federal Reserve is walking a knife’s edge.  High inflation is forcing its hand, and to tame it, the Fed has returned to Quantitative Tightening, hiking rates by 0.25% and promising 6-7 more hikes within this year. But if the Fed hikes too much too fast, it […]

Weekly Market Recap: Commodities Explode Higher, Stoking Inflation

  With the world implementing trade embargoes against Russia, commodity prices are soaring. Oil has spiked to $115 per barrel. Wheat is at an all-time high. So are natural gas prices in Europe. These sudden and sharp rises in input prices will place an increasing drag on economic growth for […]

Macro All-Stars Predict Markets

  Exceptional times call for exceptional minds, which is why we are incredibly fortunate that a “dream team” of macro analysts — Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephanie Pomboy & Ivy Zelman — were willing to pool their thinking in an epic roundtable debate this week. Simply put, this discussion is […]

What Do Gold and Silver’s Trading Ranges Signal to You?

By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com There’s been a lot of “noise” in the financial markets for a while now. From geopolitical conflicts and currency censorship, to unrelenting inflation and slumping stock markets, our psyche’s have been bombarded. There’s been lots of noise in the gold and silver markets, too. […]

Doomberg: Crisis Ahead As Markets and Economy Reach “Tipping Point”?

  Systemic pressures are building everywhere. Inflation, slowing economic growth, prolonged supply chain outages, falling consumer confidence, the trucker blockade in Canada, Kazakhstan as an energy flashpoint, tensions in the Ukraine. These are all interconnected signals that the status quo is failing. To learn why, listen to this important interview […]

Assets To Own For A Volatile Market – Part II with Felix Zulauf

  Friday we sent you Part 1 of Wealthion’s recent interview with highly-respected money manager Felix Zulauf.    Zulauf predicted that the financial markets will correct by 20% or more over the coming months before the Fed then pivots, sparking a resumption of the bull market in stocks through 2024. […]

Rollercoaster Markets! Earnings, Inflation & Ukraine Send Prices Zig-Zagging

  Yet another whipsaw week for the markets…    Earnings, the January 7.5% CPI print, and growing Ukraine invasion fears sent prices and bond yields zig-zagging wildly. In this week’s Weekly Market Recap, Lance Roberts and I break down what went on and what the major assets should do going […]

Market Reversal Ahead!

  Highly-respected money manager Felix Zulauf oversees billions in assets, so he doesn’t have the luxury of an opinion without conviction.  And he thinks that, after a decade of suppression by global central banks, market cycles are now back with a vengeance and must be respected by anyone allocating capital. […]