Gold and Silver Ready For Another Rally Attempt

After nearly three weeks of sideways/downward price action in Gold and Silver, our researchers believe both metals have already set up another breakout/rally attempt after breaching downward resistance (shown as the downward sloping CYAN line). This could be another huge opportunity for precious metals traders as the next move higher […]

Spy ETF Testing March Price Peak – What Do the Charts Say?

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The SPY has been trading below its previous peak resistance level from March for more than two weeks and has begun to retest this level. If the SPY can clear this level on moderately strong volume, we believe the US stock market may enter another “melt-up” phase. If […]

Long term cycles suggest stock price reversion-gold about to explode higher

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: In the early 1900s, multiple events prompted a rising commodity price level and a decline in the Stocks to Commodities ratio. We expect commodities may begin to appreciate and where stock price levels may stall or decline. We also believe we are currently nearing the end of a […]

Massive Dark Cloud Cover Pattern Is Above Critical Support

Will it hold? RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: A Dark Cloud Cover pattern is a Japanese Candlestick Pattern that is typically associated with major top setups. Critical Support on the SPY highlighted by multiple technical analysis strategies suggests 335~335.25 is acting as a major support level. If price stays below the $339.95 level, […]

Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions – Part II

September 28, 2020 This second part of our research post on super-cycles and precious metals will present our expectations going forward for 6 to 24+ months.  In Part I of this research post, I linked a number of our previous research articles we recommended to readers to review for context […]

Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions For 2020/2021

Part I –September 27, 2020 RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Uncertainty and cycle events will likely lead to continued Gold and Silver price appreciation until the cycle events end (likely in 2024 or 2025). The gold/silver ratio chart shows very clear levels of support and resistance. With the next targets $2,000-$2,250, $3,200 then […]

Transportation Index Setting up a Topping Pattern?

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The Transportation Index, has been unusually aligned with the S&P 500 over the past 8+ months. Classic Japanese Candlestick top/sell reversal “Three Rivers Evening Star topping pattern” setting up. We may see a much bigger downside price move where price attempts to find support near 9,800 or 9,200. […]

Gold Setting Up Just Like Before The COVID-19 Breakdown – Get Ready

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Gold rebounded quickly and broke to higher prices after the COVID deep selling. Our Fibonacci support levels for Gold are resting near $1,885, $1,815 & $1,790. More downside pressure on price is possible, but if support is maintained at $1,885 then we could see a big upside recovery […]

Global Markets Break Hard To The Downside – Watch Support Levels

  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: New reports of widespread financial corruption likely triggered the current sell-off. Watch out for market support levels to see if this is a short-term correction or the start of a downtrend. Support for the DOW is just above 26,000. Support for the SP500 is around 3,100. US […]

It’s Go Time for Gold! Next Stop $2,250

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Gold Pennant/Flag formation is now complete and setting up new momentum base near $1,925. Our Adaptive Fibonacci Models suggest support will prompt new Gold rally to $2,250. The rally in Gold will continue to extend higher over the next 4+ weeks.  The US Dollar may move lower and/or […]

Make or Break – Big Trends Ahead

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Although our modeling systems have recently switched into Bullish Trending mode, we are still very cautious of a Bull Trap pattern. Bearish technical divergences between price and RSI with an election 50+ days away indicates market weakness and money rotating out of FAANG stocks. FAANGs are at make […]

FANG Index Nearing Critical Support

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The washout-low price move in FANG stocks may present a needed rotation in price before another upside move sets up. Tweezer Bottoms pattern and RSI pennant formation suggest very clear support levels.  Watch how Volume and the VIX pick up over the next few days, and how price […]

Bitcoin down almost 10%, you’ll be surprised to hear what’s next

September 3, 2020 RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Bitcoin collapsed near Triple Fib Amplitude Arcs – is this a sign of pending reversal for other assets? It is very likely that Bitcoin price levels will fall below the May through July levels, near $9k in an attempt to identify new support levels. The […]


RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: FANG Index may begin to peak/top as RSI Divergence pattern sets up. Dow Theory trend divergence confirmation suggests the end of the “Excess Rally” is near. The VIX moving higher suggests greater concerns of increased volatility. Dow Jones Utility Index moving lower on increased volume may be the […]

Expanding Wedge May Prompt Big Price Correction

Could A Big Top Be Setting Up Right Now? RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The Monthly S&P500 E-Mini Futures chart is revealing an Expanding Wedge pattern that has been setting up since Jan/Feb 2018. The VIX has set up a base and begun to move moderately higher over the past 7+ days – above […]

Look For Platinum To Rally – Following Gold

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Platinum may be setting up in a technical pattern that is similar to the end of 2001/early 2002. Platinum could rally more than 300%, somewhere near $3,450 or higher. This might push Gold above $7,500 an ounce and may push silver somewhere north of $125 per ounce. Rally […]

Natural Gas Rally Nearing $2.95 Resistance – May Target $3.75 or higher

Quietly, as we’ve been focused on Gold, Silver, and other symbols, Natural Gas has rallied above the $2.00 level and is starting to break higher again targeting the $2.95 level.  The very deep “rounded bottom” pattern that set up in early 2020 presented a very real opportunity for skilled technical […]

Special Alert: Massive Dual Head-and-Shoulders Setup

Summary: Dual Head-and-Shoulders patterns warn of a potentially big downside move and new highs may be a trap for bulls Valuation levels suggest the broader US stock market is lagging Precious metals continue to warn of risks The market “melt-up” may be nearing an end My research team is issuing […]

Technical Analysis Points to US Dollar Upside Potential – Part I

Article Highlights: The US Dollar Presidential Price Cycle indicates rising US Dollar The US Dollar is not the best asset, but rather the best of all currencies Price Relationships Suggest The US Dollar Is Currently Undervalued How The Presidential Price Cycle May Create Opportunities in Precious Metals and the US […]

Our Proprietary ADL Predictions for US Markets

Our friends and followers love it when we publish and Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive modeling chart.  These are very special charts because they show us what our proprietary predictive modeling system is suggesting is a likely outcome many weeks or months into the future.  We wanted to highlight the […]