Fibonacci And Elliot Wave Predict Breakout Highs

May 20, 2018 There is nothing more exciting to us than reading the price action of the charts to see what will happen in the future.  It becomes even more exciting when we find something that everyone else seems to have missed.  Right now, traders need to pay attention to […]

Elliott Wave Predictions for US Stock Market 2018 and Beyond

May 19, 2018 Recently, an interesting concept was discussed among our research team – a very interesting concept about the markets.  As many of you know, part of the process or research is to test conclusions that may lie outside common thinking.  While we were discussing the Fibonacci and Elliot […]

PART II – Vix Cycles Point to Market Correction

May 15, 2018 Recently, we authored an article about Fibonacci price levels in which we referred to a term called “Fibonacci Price Ladders”.  This is our own term, as far as we know, and we used it as a way to attempt to explain how price operates within the Fibonacci […]

Fibonacci Price Ladder Points to Higher Prices

May 14, 2018 We continue to appreciate the positive and supportive comments we are receiving from our followers and members.  We can’t tell you how pleased we are that all of you are enjoying our efforts to provide you with the best market research and analysis we can offer.  Today, […]

Metals and Miners – The Sleeping Giant Trade

Throughout this year, many analysts have focused on the price of Gold, Platinum & Silver markets for insight to the fear levels that exist in the global markets.  Demand for Gold and Silver have been near historically high levels for the past 12+ months and the ratio of Gold to […]

Congestion Basing Can Present Incredible Opportunities

Our research team wanted to alert our followers to the incredible opportunities that continue to present themselves in the current market.  While many people have been overly concerned about a market top and price rotation in the US majors, the Energy sector and many others have seen incredible price moves. […]

If You Knew What We Knew…

Since before the start of 2018, we have been relying on our advanced predictive modeling systems, technical analysis and our understanding of the capital markets to help our members take advantage of the incredible price swings in 2018. For those that have been following our calls, we’ve pretty much nailed […]

US Indexes Setup Bottom Confirmation Pattern

May 6, 2018 On Wednesday, May 2, we issued a research post supporting our position that the markets were nearing an apex breakout and that critical support and resistance levels had established within the market.  We indicated that volatility is usually quite high throughout these apex breakout moves with the […]

US Dollar Cycle Rotation To Boost Oil & Other Commodities

May 3, 2018 Our recent analysis of the US Dollar has presented a very unique and interesting setup for traders – an opportunity for a general commodity rally with Oil leading the way. Taking a look at this Daily chart of the UUP (US Dollar Index Bullish Fund) with our […]

Transportation Stocks Are Not Moving and What It Means

Pay attention to the price movement of the transportation sector for a clearer picture of the future rally If you have been reading and following are posts this year then you’ve seen the power of our Advanced Dynamic Learning price modeling system and how well we are able to find […]

Predictive Modeling Calling For A Continued Rally

We are constantly amazed that our Advanced Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling system has been incredibly accurate over the past 7+ months.  Our researchers, at, called the early 2018 rally weeks in advance.  We called the resistance levels and top in late January.  We called a February 21~27 market […]

Silver Trade – what you need to know

April 19, 2018 Everyone is talking about the incredible price move in silver on April 18, 2018.  For years we have been talking about the setup in the metals markets and alerting our members to opportunities as they arise. Recently, we alerted our members to an incredible opportunity in Silver […]

Gold – A Unique Repeat of the 2007 and How to Profit

April 18, 2018 Since Spring is in the air here are some colorful charts and show you where we feel the price of gold and stocks are within the current market cycles. Below are monthly charts of the SP500 index and the price of gold. The first chart shows a […]

The Short Squeeze/Melt-Up

The Short Squeeze/Melt-Up We Predicted Started Today April 17, 2018 The US majors are all nearly 1% higher for the day with the NASDAQ up over 2.25%.  Our analysis of the markets was DEAD ON.  We called the 2678 level on the ES as a key resistance level to watch […]

Palladium Rally Driving Other Metals to Move?

Many months ago we made an interesting call in Palladium and alerted to this setup on January 24th, 2018.  This nearly perfect call included our future price expectations using our advanced ADL price modeling system.  Today, we are refreshing that call with a new market call to inform you that […]

Bombs, Missiles and War – What to expect from the stock market next

Friday night opened up a whole new perspective on the global markets with the coordinated targeted attack on Syria.  It’s not that we didn’t know this was a possibility, yet the event itself changes how the markets may react on Monday and throughout this next week.  Our researchers at Technical […]

SPX Resistance May Prompt A Massive Short Squeeze

April 12, 2018 Our analysis continues today with this research of a potential Short Squeeze in the SPX and other broader markets.  As you are probably well aware, we, at, have been nailing the markets with our detailed analysis for quite a while.  Our Advanced Analytical tools have called […]

Rise Of The New Bull Market?

April 11, 2018 New massive breakout patterns have been setting up in the markets for months and our research team at the Wealth Building Newsletter has been quietly watching these setups – waiting for the right time to alert our followers of these exceptional opportunities.  Today, we are announcing our […]

Buy It When It’s Not Hot!

April 9, 2018 Our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) modeling system has been hot.  Now we want to share something super exciting with all our followers – a super trade setup in the ES.  Our research team at Technical Traders Ltd. has identified what may be one of the best trading signals […]

Political Posturing Distracts – Trade The Wall Of Worry

April 8, 2018 Recent news about the US and China posturing for Trade Deals and the continued increase in rhetoric has weighed heavily on the markets these past few weeks.  Yes, trade issues are a concern for nations and fair trade is essential to support both economies.  Yet, the news […]