BullionStar’s Bullion Center Re-Opening 2 June – Update of Services

  BullionStar’s Bullion Center is re-opening 2 June. Place your order now and collect after we have reopened! We are open for online orders at BullionStar.com 24/7! We offer FREE shipping for orders within Singapore and discounted rates for international shipping. Vault storage orders are processed as per normal. We […]

Amid London gold turmoil, HSBC taps Bank of England for GLD gold bars

By Ronan Manly During March and April, amid global financial turmoil, unprecedented demand for physical gold, refinery closures and a London lockdown, one question on the minds of many in the gold market was how HSBC London, the vault custodian of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), was consistently able to […]

QE Defender – Stop the QE Insanity | Helicopter Money and the Risk of Hyperinflation

  Helicopter cash – Negative interest rates – Government and Central Bank Asset Purchases – Universal Basic Income. Central banks and governments across the globe have unleashed a series of monetary and fiscal interventions on markets and economies which are unprecedented in their magnitude and which are boarding on the […]

LBMA Gold Price benchmark ignoring market conditions, short-changing investors

While media focus has recently been on the current gold price dislocation between London spot and COMEX New York futures, there is another persistently large discount that so far has evaded the spotlight. That is the twice daily LBMA Gold Price benchmark. By ignoring the much higher COMEX gold futures […]

BullionStar – We are Open for Orders – Update of Services 22 April 2020

We are open for orders! Place your order on BullionStar.com 24/7! This is an update covering the impact of COVID-19 on our operations. Powered by WPeMatico

US Mint closes West Point, adding to American gold bullion coin shortage

As New York State extends its coronavirus shutdown until May 15, the global pandemic’s relentless onslaught on economic activity and bullion supply chains has claimed yet another victim, this time the US Mint’s bullion coin production facility in West Point – upstate New York, which announced on Wednesday evening April […]

COMEX Bombshell – Most eligible vaulted gold has nothing to do with COMEX

A newly discovered document from COMEX operator CME to the CFTC contains a full-scale admission that much of the ‘eligible gold inventory’ in COMEX New York vaults is held by long-term holders and cannot be included in deliverable supply. The COMEX concedes that eligible gold should therefore have a 50% […]

How mints will be affected by the big jump in bullion coin demand

With the coronavirus sweeping across the globe, the demand for gold and silver coins as a hedge has exploded. BullionStar, for instance, has experienced “extreme” demand for precious metals over the last month. This race to precious metals has caused bullion coins to trade far above their intrinsic metal content […]

Bullion Bank Nightmare as LBMA-COMEX Spread Blows Up Again

By Ronan Manly The gaping price differential between spot gold and gold futures that has been plaguing the paper gold markets in London and New York for the last three weeks shows no signs of abating and is continuing to flare up. In essence, the contango phenomenon we are seeing […]

BullionStar – We are Open – Update of Services 7 April 2020

We are open! Important update to all BullionStar customers covering the impact of COVID-19 on BullionStar’s operation | BullionStar is open for orders but operate in limited capacity as an essential business with measurements taken against the spread of COVID-19 Powered by WPeMatico

LBMA and COMEX try to Reassure the Market – Twice in One Week

In the space of a week, the bullion bank dominated LBMA and CME(COMEX) in an air of panic, have issued not one, but two rushed out statements to try to placate the global gold market. In the modern gold market this is unprecedented. While LBMA-CME claim that physical gold stocks […]

COMEX can’t find a 400 oz bar for its new 400 oz gold futures contract

As the LBMA and CME launch a new 400 oz gold futures contract to keep their paper gold show on the road, one slight problem – COMEX has no 400 oz gold bars. As the LBMA and CME scramble to keep the paper gold show on the road and monopolise […]

BullionStar – Important Update 27 March 2020

BullionStar is still open for business and accepts physical precious metals orders | Bullion Stock Inventory Update | Business continuity update Powered by WPeMatico

LBMA colludes with the COMEX – To lockdown the global gold market?

With extreme demand and supply shortages in the physical gold market, it was only a matter of time before the paper gold markets in London and New York would come under strain. That time is now. With the spot price of gold lagging the price of COMEX gold futures for […]

In gold market coverage, Reuters confuses key points on demand, supply and pricing

Unprecedented demand for physical precious metals in an environment of equally unprecedented supply chain delays, creating real and present disconnects between the price of physical and the prices of COMEX/LBMA – all great material for reporters covering whats going on in the physical gold market in Asia. In theory you […]

Banknotes and Coronavirus

  With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, many people are worried about infected banknotes. Over the last few weeks, central bankers have themselves taken a number of measures to mitigate virus transmission risks on banknotes. But what does science have to say about the presence of pathogens, such as […]

BullionStar Update – The Window to Purchase Precious Metals with Fiat Currency is Closing

More and more refineries, mints and fellow bullion dealers are suspending their operations indefinitely. At BullionStar, we are facing significant operational and stock inventory challenges. There’s an acute shortage for particularly Gold Coins, Silver Bars and Silver Coins. For Gold Bars, some of the private refineries are still open and […]

Will Gold be the Last Man Standing as Perfect Storm hits Markets?

From the plunge in European stock markets beginning Monday 24 February, instability and volatility in financial markets across the world has continued to reel for some three weeks now. In fact, the market carnage and turmoil has been progressively intensifying leaving no asset class immune. A generational perfect storm. Triggered […]

Gold Shortages – Price of Physical Gold Decouples from Paper Gold

Dear BullionStar Customers and Friends, This is an important update about our company and the current state of the precious metals industry. Order Records In the last month, from 14 February 2020 to 14 March 2020, we have seen a record number of orders, record order revenue and a record […]

Infographic: Central Bank Gold Buying and Gold Repatriation

With central banks ramping up gold buying and gold repatration, could this be the dawn of a renewed role for gold in a new international monetary system? Gold buying by the worlds’ central banks is now at a 50 year high, with sovereign gold buyers having added a net 650 […]