28 Reasons to Buy Physical Gold

There are many compelling reasons to own physical gold in the form of investment grade gold bars and gold coins. Among them are gold’s ability to retain its purchasing power over time, and it’s safe haven status in times of financial turmoil and uncertainty. Gold has been known throughout history […]

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe – It’s back, but maybe not for long

Despite having dollarized back in 2008, Zimbabwe has once again entered hyperinflation territory. With it, the infamous dictator and the world’s oldest leader at 93, Robert Mugabe, is finally losing grip of power. In this blog post, you can read about Zimbabwe’s recent monetary experiment again hideously trying to issue […]

China Gold Import Jan-Sep 777t. Who’s Supplying?

While the gold price is slowly crawling upward in the shadow of the current cryptocurrency boom, China continues to import huge tonnages of yellow metal. As usual, Chinese investors bought on the price dips in the past quarters, steadfastly accumulating for a rainy day. The Chinese appear to be price […]

BullionStar Perspectives – Jayant Bhandari – Aftermath of Modi’s Demonetisation in India

Filmed in July 2017 Luke catches up with Jayant Bhandari (www.jayantbhandari.com) as he shares with us his views on the aftermath of Modi’s demonetisation in India and the knock-on effects on the gold market in India. Powered by WPeMatico

LME gold and silver Reference Prices: Will anyone notice?

As the London Metal Exchange (LME) rolls out the publication of daily reference prices for gold and silver in London, the question must be asked, are they needed? The incumbent and dominant reference prices in the London precious metals market are the LBMA Gold Price and LBMA Silver Price. These […]

Gold Market Charts – October 2017

Using a selection of charts from the GOLD CHARTS R US chart website, this monthly BullionStar series looks at some of the world’s largest physical gold markets including Switzerland, China, Russia and India, and highlights recent developments in each market. Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Gold Withdrawals Physical gold withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange’s network of vaults totalled 214.24 tonnes in […]