The Celebration of Chinese New Year

BullionStar Blogs Inside BullionStar Posted on 11 Feb 2018 by BullionStar Chinese New Year is probably the most important date in the Chinese calendar, with the event being celebrated throughout China and in Chinese communities around the world. Gold plays an essential part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Also […]

The Role of Gold as Turmoil hits wider Financial Markets – Inside BullionStar

As market turmoil hits both equities and cryptocurrencies, the heightened volatility in these assets underscores gold’s unique role as a safe haven, store of value and portfolio diversifier. Stock Market Selloffs With major US stock indices falling again sharply on Thursday (DJIA – 4.02%, NASDAQ – 4.08%, S&P -3.41%), last […]

Should we Restore the Gold Standard? – Inside BullionStar

This blog post is a guest post on BullionStar’s Blog by the renowned blogger JP Koning who will be writing about monetary economics, central banking and gold. BullionStar does not endorse or oppose the opinions presented but encourage a healthy debate.  Would it make sense to rebuild an international gold standard like the one […]

What’s Happening (or Not) at the LBMA: Some Updates

BullionStar Blogs Ronan Manly Posted on 31 Jan 2018 by Ronan Manly   This article is in 3 parts and covers a) upcoming trade reporting in the London gold market which is being led by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), b) the recent publication by the LBMA of a […]

Your Weight in Gold – Inside BullionStar

The traditional phrase “worth your weight in gold” has been used since Roman times, and is a well-known saying signifying that someone or something is very valuable, helpful, or to be treasured. But taken literally, what ‘value’ would a person be worth if they were worth their own weight in […]

Bitcoin backwardation, gold contango – Inside BullionStar

People often refer to bitcoin as digital gold because of the similarities between the two assets. One big difference between gold and bitcoin is currently playing out in their respective futures markets. Since bitcoin futures were introduced last December by the CBOE, futures prices have often been inverted, or in […]

US Gold Reserves, Of Immense Interest to Russia and China – Ronan Manly

Recently, Russian television network RT extensively quoted me in a series of articles about the US Government’s gold reserves. The RT articles, published on the website, were based on a series of questions RT put to me about various aspects of the official US gold reserves. These gold reserves are held […]

Why does money inflate?

Posted on 8 Jan 2018 by BullionStar People who live in developed nations have grown used to inflation of around 2% a year over the last few decades. Why do prices generally rise by that amount? What drives the purchasing power of money in these countries? Why can’t prices stay […]

Gold Market Charts – December 2017

The December issue of BullionStar’s  ‘Gold Market Charts’ looks at developments in the world’s major physical gold markets during November, the latest month for which the relevant data is available. Each month, this series of article uses gold charts from the GOLD CHARTS R US market charting website. SGE Gold Withdrawals Physical […]

The 5 Largest Gold Nuggets that Still Exist – Inside BullionStar

Throughout gold rush and gold mining history, the discovery of a large gold nugget is a phenomenon which always causes excitement throughout a mining community as well as capturing the wider public’s imagination. It has probably something to do with so much gold being found at the same time, often with […]

Gold for Christmas – Gold’s Importance in Religion

From religious artwork to religious symbolism, gold and religion have always been symbolically linked in nearly all of the world’s major religions. Due to its unique glow and yellow shine, gold is symbolic of the sun and the energy of the divine. Since it is relatively rare, indestructible and doesn’t […]

BullionStar Perspectives – Eric Sprott – The Gold Market

BullionStar is proud to present our interview with the world renowned gold proponent, Mr. Eric Sprott. Filmed at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2017. Luke speaks with the legendary Canadian Gold Bull, Mr. Eric Sprott on his view on the gold market, distinguishing between the paper […]

Gold Demand in the Singapore Bullion Market

Singapore’s gold market is now one of the largest in the region after strong growth, particularly over the last 5 years since the Singaporean government exempted investment precious metals from Goods and Services Tax GST in October 2012. The gold market in Singapore is both a wholesale market and a […]

Mustafa Centre: Gold in Singapore

The Mustafa Centre in Singapore’s Little India is well-known as a slightly eccentric and congested shopping mall and arcade in which to buy all manner of diverse items. It also sells a lot of gold jewelry and a small selection of gold bullion. But after navigating through the busy streets […]

Bitcoin isn’t Digital Gold, it’s Digital Uselesstainium

Bitcoin is supposed to be a digital version of gold, but a better analogy would be to uselesstainium, a useless and boring grey metal. The only reason for buying uselesstainium is to sell it on to the next buyer at a better price. This means that the price of uselesstainium–whether […]

Gold Market Charts – November

The latest edition of BullionStar’s monthly wrap-up of developments in the world’s largest physical gold markets has just been published. Chinese wholesale gold market demand for 2017 is shaping up to be the third strongest year on record, with projected gold demand for the full year running somewhere in the […]

Russia, China and BRICS: A New Gold Trading Network

As the Russian central bank continues to aggressively accumulate its official gold reserves, and Russia and China spearhead a plan to create a cross-border gold trading system between the BRICS nations, it seems clear that there are significant changes on the horizon for the global gold market. Given that the […]

Eat Gold

A common phrase in the mainstream financial media is that ‘you can’t eat gold”. This claim is usually trotted out by CNBC and Bloomberg talking-heads as a way of disparaging the benefits of investing gold in times of crisis. But the claim is both wrong and misleading, because you actually […]

BullionStar Perspectives – David Morgan – The Silver Market

Filmed at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2017. Luke speaks with renowned Silver analyst, Mr. David Morgan ( on the key factors and data points he pays attention to in the Silver market, the price development of Silver over the years, current market dynamics and […]

Store Gold in Minced Meat? 26 Ways to Store Gold

If you buy and take delivery of gold bars or gold coins and want to keep your gold close at hand in your own home, you will still need to ensure that it is safely stored on your property, preferably in a hidden location that only you and close family […]