Hugo Salinas Price: ‘Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be…’

Money, in its highest manifestation, is gold. However, silver can also be money, though not as aptly as gold. Money is, has always been, and always will be a commodity. Bitcoins, as well as Dollars and all other currencies today, are not and cannot be money, because they are not […]

Daily Digest 10/28 – Basques Wary Of Independence Bid, Wall Street’s Glory Days Are Numbered

Rising Rents Are Pushing More Tenants Past the Breaking Point Forcing Trump’s Hand, Sanders and Dems Intro Bill to Lower ‘Outrageous’ Drug Prices The Family That Built an Empire of Pain As Catalonia Crisis Deepens, Many Basques Wary of New Independence Bid Wall Street’s Glory Days Are Numbered Silver, Stock […]

What To Invest In When The Everything Bubble Bursts

Executive Summary Why conventional analysis may not be our best guide anymore The critical importance of scarcity and value-production Making the most of your time and capital How to best prepare for the popping of the ‘Everything’ Bubble If you have not yet read Part 1: What Could Pop the […]

Daily Digest 10/27 – Good News Friday: Better Sleep Builds Emotional Resilience, Healing Through Harvesting

Better Sleep Can Build Emotional Resilience Call it Tinder for policymakers: a new TV show sends Canadian politicians on blind ‘dates’ and sparks fly…over issues New York state bans elephant performances City Board of Elections Admits It Broke the Law, Accepts Reforms Time Spent in Solitary Confinement Drops Dramatically in […]

Degussa Singapore Closing its Bullion Shop

Exactly 2 years after opening a retail bullion shop in Singapore and expanding outside Europe, Degussa GoldHandel has announced that it is closing its Singapore shop on 31 October. Of possible relevance to the decision, the Degussa Singapore operation has been loss making since inception, with full year results to […]

Neck and Neck: Russian and Chinese Official Gold Reserves

For the last 10 years, the Bank of Russia has been aggressively adding to its official gold reserves, especially since 2014. Russian official gold reserves now stand at 1779 tonnes, the world’s 6th largest sovereign gold stockpile. Meanwhile, China, the world’s 5th largest sovereign gold holder with 1842 tonnes, has […]

Daily Digest 10/26 – The CIA’s Deal With Amazon, Surgery by Flashlight In PR

The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon In Puerto Rico, Surgery by Flashlight Is Just the Beginning War, Flowers, Silver, Gold and The “Plan” EXCLUSIVE: US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert Burning Memories Two Undeniable Shifts In Today’s Energy Markets Rocking The AC US study […]

Daily Digest 10/25 – Unintended Healthcare Consequences, Big Data Meets Big Brother

The unintended consequences of health care costs in SF’s restaurant industry Chicagoans face another property tax increase in 2020 Venezuela allows $1.7 billion gold swap with Deutsche to lapse: legislator Budget deficit projected to pass $1 trillion even sooner than expected Venezuela’s unpaid debt just grew to nearly $600 million, […]

Daily Digest 10/24 – Norway Unfazed By Peak Oil Concerns, A Huge Salmon Die-Off Is Happening

US refugees: Stricter screening as 120-day ban expires Bitcoin’s Bewildering Race to $100 Billion Gundlach: “The Order of The Financial System Is About To Be Turned Upside Down” Norway Unfazed By Peak Oil Concerns Wildfires scorched marijuana crops, possibly complicating California’s rollout of legal sales A huge salmon die-off is […]

Running Out Of Room

The idea of an ‘industrial economy’ is an extremely recent human invention. And we’ve staked quite a lot on its continuation. But it faces a massive predicament: It’s running out of resources. When talking about the “economy”, we’re really referring to the flow of goods and services — which are themselves […]

Daily Digest 10/23 – Americans Increasingly Sick and Overworked, Japan: NK Nuke Threat ‘Critical’

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between Japan: North Korea Nuclear Threat ‘Critical’ Catalans Plan Human Shield to Block Madrid Takeover Palladium Is the Anti-Tesla Bull Market Tesla’s global sales key: China ‘biggest, strictest’ electric-vehicle plan Oil Shows Weakness, But Don’t Expect A Plunge How California’s Most Destructive […]

On Process, Automation, Jobs & Social Unrest…

I grew up steeped in the concepts of the “differential diagnosis” at the dinner table. Both of my parents were physicians – at a time when this was a true rarity – and they applied the concept to solving pretty much everything. Consider the observed evidence. Determine fact versus speculation. […]

Waiting On Retail Sales…

Good day… And a Happy Friday to one and all! It’s a infusion confusion day, along with a killer cold that won’t let go of me, but those things won’t stop me from writing this morning. However, if this is going to be a Fantastico Friday, then it’s going to […]

Fiat money and gold

It is time to revisit the Fiat Money Quantity (FMQ), which totals US dollar money deposited in the banking system, the commercial banks’ money on deposit at the Fed and physical cash. Besides alerting us to how the expansion of fiat money is progressing, an objective of this exercise is […]