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Articles you might find interesting – January 23-24

As we sometimes do, we list here some articles that might interest you and that affect the economy and political environment. Every day we list new articles at not only of general interest but also about gold and silver companies that we follow that we don’t always list here, so you may want to go there on a daily basis and see what Jay Taylor finds interesting, peculiar and important.


Globalisation once made the world go around. Is it about to grind to a halt? – The Guardian

The Dollar Index Is At A Crucial Level – Dana Lyons’ Tumblr

For The First Time Ever Russia Beats Saudi Arabia As China’s Top Oil Supplier – Tyler Durden

Trump Warns “We Are Going To Be Imposing A Very Major Border Tax”, Will “Cut Regulations By 75%” – Tyler Durden

Carl Icahn Praises Trump Speech: “Our Dangerous Slide Towards Socialism Is Over” – Tyler Durden



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