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Article Submission Guidelines for Mises Daily

December 9, 2015

I've received a few questions recently about submission guidelines for Mises Daily, so here are the original guideline posts: here and here.

To summarize, here is a list of the basics:

1. Format your article as a standard column. It should be 600 to 1200 words. 

2. Submit your article as a MSWord document. Put your name on the Word doc. Right under your suggested title. 

3. Subject matter should be timely and interesting. That means it's interesting to a broad group of readers, including those who are not hard-core devout free marketers and libertarians. This definitely doesn't mean you have to be moderate or milquetoast. (Radicalism is good.) But your column has to be understandable, plausible and (hopefully) convincing to people who aren't already in agreement with you.

4. It's best to link to any article you refer to in your article, and it's best to support your factual claims and material with links to sources. It's also good to link to previously-published articles and material on I'm amazed at the number of writers who repeat arguments and observations already made on (that's fine) without any acknowledgement of what has already been said on the topic on (not so fine).

5. Your article in general should be rich in examples and factual material. Having an opinion isn't enough. Your opinion must be based on facts and sound analysis. 

6. Your article should be easy to read and not filled with lots of big words and long complex sentences. 

7. If your article runs long and becomes unfocused, split it into two or three articles. I'm happy to publish more than one article by you if each one makes the grade. 

8. There are no “certification” requirements for authors. That is, you don't need a degree in economics, or be famous, or anything like that to be published in Mises Daily. You just need to write a good article. 

9. The best way to get a sense of what is best for Mises Daily is to read a lot of recent Mises Daily articles. 

Send submissions to me.

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