Are We Now Obsolete? / Ann Barnhardt

You Are Now Obsolete: Father/Mother/Employee/Investor/Patient/Customer!

This is the new reality!

Have you suffered the disturbing experience of being treated by the system as though you are an unneeded nuisance – and rather than serving your needs, the system is dumping you as though it could go on just fine without you? Are you being displaced from one or many of your natural roles and disenfranchised of your intrinsic rights?

Ann Bernhardt, founder of Barnhardt Capital Management and firebrand for justice, returns to Reluctant Preppers to examine two current news stories that starkly exemplify the surreal inversion that is being perpetrated on ordinary people today: JP Morgan reporting that just 10% of stock trading is from human investors, and Mark Zuckerberg’s call for all people to be guaranteed Universal Basic Income (UBI), regardless of whether they work or not.

Don’t miss Barnhardt’s rousing call for  rational people reclaim our rights and our lives!