Apple Inc. (AAPL): Carl Icahn, David Einhorn Dump “No Brainer” Stock

apple buzzTyler Durden:  Having opened his position in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in Q3 2013, Carl Icahn’s projections, prognostications, and positioning have all lent credence (for CNBC watchers) to buying into the “no brainer” stock.

However, it appears the plunge in the stock of the last few months has taken the shine of Icahn’s glee as, according to his fund’s latest 13F, he dumped 7 million shares (or around 14% of his position) in Q4 2015.

In addition,Greenlight’s David Einhorn dumped 44% of his holding in Tim Cook’s re-leveraging firm.

It began here in August 2013


And here is where it appears to be ending…


His first adjustment since Q1 2014.


AAPL stock is limping lower after-hours on the news.


But, according to Bloomberg, his cost basis for the entire position is $68.05 and so his exit here is still significantly positive.

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