America’s brokeness. A possible answer?

I was personally fortunate to grow up in a rural area in northeastern Ohio during the 1950s and 1960s with a father and mother who dominantly displayed the “fruits of the spirit.” The “works of the flesh” were of course present as they are in all of us lost sinful human beings. But the desire to submit to a Godly life in order to live in accordance with the fruits of the spirit was in the forefront of my parent’s minds. While talking heads are constantly trying to find answers to the growing violence in America, I can’t help but speculate that if this poor pathetic killer, Nikolas Cruz, had the same kind of loving parents I had, the tragedy of last week would have been averted. Only God knows for sure if that is true. But is there any doubt that how we treat one another makes a difference in the quality of those whose lives we touch?

Jay Taylor