A Vision For Living Regeneratively

Executive Summary

  • Requirements for
    • Regenerative Natural Systems
    • Regenerative Relationships
    • Regenerative Community
    • Regenerative Culture
  • Putting it all into action

If you have not yet read Part 1: What’s Possible? , available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Vision Elements

As many Peak Prosperity readers are aware, I’m working closely with a few of you behind the scenes on wrestling a lot of ideas expressed on this site into a grand vision of a model for a new and better way of living — one that improves upon the many unsustainable and failing elements of the current status quo.

The idea to which I am now most keenly attracted, and which is drawing so much of my attention, concerns being in a community dedicated to regeneration.   For the land, for each of us as individuals, for each other, and especially for the all the generations to come.

There’s a bottomless amount of work to be done.  The task is relentless.  And it’s rewarding and meaningful.

I’m reading many excellent books and articles and doing what I do best, which is to sift through a lot of information, enough so that a coherent distillation can be created and then shared.

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