A Pfennig Tradition Day.

* Merry Christmas!
* GPD is upbeat. for now.
* Dollar drifts ahead of holiday
* You had better watch out!!.

And now. Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts.

Good Day. And a Happy Friday to one and all. I know, I know, I told you last week that I wouldn’t talk to you again until after Christmas, but then it hit me. When would I do my traditional Christmas Pfennig, since Christmas eve is on Saturday? Besides, I haven’t been able to sleep in the morning past 3:30 am while I’ve been on vacation, so what the heck, get up, and get this done! I didn’t just mail this one in this year either. It’s all new, and no repeat from the previous year. So, first I’ll give you a quick and dirty update and then to the Christmas Pfennig. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a Magical, blessed, Christmas!

Well, yesterday, the Gov’t reported that the final revision to 3rd QTR GDP was 3.5%… Now that sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it? Well, especially if you could follow it up with another strong quarter, right? Well, so far, my GDP Tracker has 4th QTR GDP at 1.9%… Maybe touching 2%… No follow up there, and no particular place to go with interest rates in my opinion, but then, they don’t pay me to make interest rate decisions! Because if they did, I would have been hiking rates a couple of years ago, and cutting them now. So, like a baby that has their days and nights mixed up, Chuck VS the Fed is mixed up..

The dollar is drifting this morning, no real moves ahead of the Christmas 3-day holiday.. That’s right, Monday is a holiday, because Christmas falls on a Sunday, which in my opinion, should be the case every year! Gold lost $3 yesterday, but is up $2.40 in the early trading today, the price of Oil has slipped about 50-cents, and the 10-year Treasury’s yield is 2.40%, still not telling us much.. and that’s it for today. No currency roundup, (It’s Christmas!) no FWIW, and I can tell you that Brenda Lee takes us to the finish line today with her classic Christmas song: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.. So, now on to the traditional Christmas Pfennig. Have a Fantastico Friday, and Be Good To Yourself!

T’was the Friday before Christmas
And all through the markets
There seems to be trouble brewing
Or is it just Santa stewing?

Stewing over who’s been naughty or nice
Come on Santa, I’ve been nice!
I know the difference between right and wrong
And even try to take time each day to sing a song

My family is all healthy
My friends are all too
The boys and girls on the trade desk
Wish today was through

For they want to go home
And be with their loved ones
Who can blame them
The family is probably more fun!

But I want to acknowledge them by name
So, Merry Christmas to Chris, Mike, and Antione
Ty, Tim and Dane.
Cisco, Aaron and Jen
And I can’t forget our little Christine!

My longtime boss, and good friend, Frank
Is always at the top of my list of people to thank
For always supporting me and the Pfennig
It sure was easier when we were always winning!

The weather has turned snowy and cold
It’s time for this fellow to head to his winter fold
Where the sun shines most days,
And Vitamin D is in the sun’s rays.

I’ve long wished for a country with little or no debt
But the writing is on the wall, and I’ll bet
That our debt keeps rising, as Baby Boomers retire
But come on Chuck, quit being a big crier!

It’s Christmas time, and time to be joyous
And with that I say you couldn’t be more right
My grandkids will have the light in their eyes
All Christmas eve night!

Little Delaney Grace I love her to pieces
And the two boys, Braden and Everett
Are wild and crazy kids
But they are boys, what would you expect?

My wife Kathy, who has been with me for over 40 years now
Is the love of my life, and I thank the Good Lord he put us together
To our grown kids, Dawn, Andrew, Alexander, Rachel and Jerry
I love when we’re all together, even though things can get hairy!

My friends, and spring training buddies are the best
We always have fun and forget about the rest
The Butler patio is the place to be
When Chuck gets wound up everybody tries to flee!

And you dear Pfennig reader, I’m so thankful for
I give to you the gift of a year’s subscription to the Pfennig!
I love your comments to me each and every day
Sometimes I run out of words, and have nothing else to say!

The people I work with are so much fun to be around
They play office Olympic games, and keep things light
And the legal people that keep me straight
Should I have a brain drain and say something that’s not right!

So, I pack up my gifts and give them out
Free Pfennigs for all I say and then give a shout
To the top of the house to the top of the wall
Now SUV dash away, dash away, dash away all!

I’m dreaming tonight, of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it’s a long road back
I promise you..

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can count on me..
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams..

A little Christmas song to brighten your day
I love Christmas music for it takes me back
To a time when I had no worries, no fears
No cancer, no understanding of the world outside
Of my little Southside neighborhood.

So, I’m finally at the end of this little poem
I hope you found it to be worthy
And that it inspired you to go out and show them
That it’s Christmas, time to be happy!

And as I leave the office for the last time this year
I say, Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

May the light of faith, the warmth of heart, and the love of family be your gifts this Christmas.

Chuck Butler
Managing Director
EverBank Global Markets
Editor of A Pfennig For Your Thoughts