A Note Of Gratitude

The ladies and I leave soon for our Thanksgiving dinner with my wife’s extended family. But before I go, I want to share a few quick thoughts of gratitude with you, dear PP.com reader.

First off, Chris and I are ever-appreciative that we have the privilege of running this website for a living. Few people get to ‘live their truth’ the way we’re able to.

While it’s not always easy or lucrative, it’s 100% authentic and aligned with our guiding values. And it gives us the incredible honor of being in community with other like-minded truth seekers around the world — like you — who want to join and support our mission of “creating a world worth inheriting”.

I’m very aware that not many others feel as fortunate when it comes to work. Recently I’ve had a number of conversations with folks, many of them close friends, who are dealing with money and career worries. I can’t say for certain that it’s a sign the economy is getting materially weaker, but I do see the general angst they exhibit as a symptom of a broken system that offers less fulfillment and security than it once did. If you’re in a similar boat, you have my empathy.

So, knowing that what we’ve created here is truly rare and special, Chris and I are committed to doing all we can to protect, nurture and grow the Peak Prosperity movement.

Which, being honest, has been increasingly challenging over the past decade. With the central banks recklessly flooding the world with liquidity conjured from thin air, asset prices have hit record highs year after year after year. The average investor has understandably adopted a “why worry?” attitude. All is good if my 401k keeps getting bigger and bigger, right?

The tremendous volume of US shale oil pumped over the past decade has created similar false comfort. It has kept the overall price of oil contained globally and thus taken the urgency out of preparing for a post-Peak Oil future. Why worry about conservation when oil is cheap?

Now, we and you know that these are incredibly dangerous false signals. In reality, we have pushed off the economic and energetic reckonings that loomed so large in 2008 not by resolving them, but by deferring them — magnifying the destruction they will wreak once they can no longer be delayed.

World debt now stands at $250 trillion. For reference, it was $173 trillion in 2008 and only $83 trillion at the start of 2000. Global income (GDP) has grown much more slowly and is currently trending towards recession. At some point — perhaps very soon — those debts will default either because there’s not enough income to service them (deflation) or to do so, the central banks are forced to destroy the purchasing power of fiat currencies (hyperinflation).

The global energy system is still hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels, most notably oil. The shale ‘miracle’ has actually been a ‘debacle’ from a cash flow standpoint; no one can drill it profitably. The shale basins have been high-graded and companies are starting to exit. The predictable result? Oil prices will be back over $100/barrel sooner than the world is ready for.

It’s imperative that this site persevere to educate and engage the public about these critically-important themes. Because one day, as happened in 2008, the system will break; and panicked millions will suddenly be casting about for answers as to what just happened, why, and what they need to do in response.

And this site will be here for them. To explain, to inspire, and to guide them towards adopting the better behaviors and models that the future needs. All with the help of the existing community of aware, resilient individuals of goodwill — like you — who make up the Peak Prosperity tribe.

Which is why Chris and I have been tremendously busy behind the scenes for the past several months (ever since our April seminar) working on big plans to substantially multiply this site’s impact. Through them, we intend to bring the Peak Prosperity message to many more people, produce more content at higher quality than we’re currently able to, and expand the resilience-building solutions we offer.

Forgive me for being cryptic about the details at the moment; I have to be as they are still quite fluid. But I want you to be aware that — despite the multi-year headwinds that have been blowing strongly in Chris’ and my faces — we are more committed than ever to the mission of this site and are (very) hard at work on this next game-changer.

Timing-wise, we hope to be able to start putting these new plans into action at the start of the New Year. So expect to hear more clarity from me as the winter holidays approach. And keep your fingers crossed for us…

In closing, we love what we do and wouldn’t trade places for the world. Thank you for being a part of the movement here and for making Peak Prosperity the unique curious-minded, action-oriented and supportive community it is.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And if you have a moment, share in the Comments below something you’re particularly thankful for on this day of gratitude.



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