A New “SWIFT” For Russia And China Selling Treasuries

What does this mean?  How does it affect us?

Russia and foreign banks are accepting the new alternative SWIFT that Russia started working on in 2014 (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-19/foreign-banks-are-embracing-russias-alternative-swift-moscow-says).

A very important move that few in the main stream media know or care to know anything about, mostly because they are so ignorant about economics. It’s a geopolitical move against American aggression.

And according to Reuters, “China sold $1.5 billion of five-year bonds at 3.25 percent, $1 billion of 10-year bonds at 3.5 percent, and $500 million of 30-year bonds at four percent.”

All going in the same direction. And this will become more real when there is no one left but Americans to buy U.S. Treasuries…