A Market Crash AND High Inflation?

Adam Taggart, PeakProsperity.com 
FEB 12, 2021


Imagine for a moment that the price of all your investments — your stocks, your retirement portfolio, your house — suddenly drop in half this year. Now imagine that on top of that inflation suddenly picks up, making your cost of living skyrocket.

That would be pretty awful, right?

Well, this might not be just some theoretical thought exercise.

Our friend Adam Taggart recently sat down with highly respected financial researcher Jesse Felder to discuss how the twin dangers of a market crash and higher inflation actually could indeed happen in the near future.

For many months Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart both have been sharing the mounting abundance of data points that reveal today’s markets are at historically unprecedented levels of over-valuation.

Now, Jesse adds record margin debt levels to the list, which by the way, have NEVER been higher compared to GDP than they are now:

Margin debt is a measure of how speculative the investing environment is: the more margin debt outstanding, the more speculative the time. So we are now living in the most speculative moment EVER.

Which is why now, more than ever, is the time to partner with a financial advisor who understands the nature of the risks and opportunities of today’s economy, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate: