A Killer Trade: Make the Grim Reaper Pay

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Hey you stiff, is your portfolio deader than a doornail? Wanna make a killing on a great trade?

Then read on because you could be looking at 30% gains in just a few months investing in the funeral business…

That’s right, the funeral business.

Running a funeral home is a recession-proof business. After all, nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, right? And last I checked Uncle Sam had a monopoly on the latter.

We’re talking about a sensitive topic here, so the death business is loaded with euphemisms and double-speak. No one wants to send their great-aunt to the human recycling plant. So they call the funeral business the “death care industry”.

Catchy, no?

And that’s what it is – an industry. I bet you don’t realize that many funeral homes are owned by larger public companies that also own cemeteries, crematoriums, and other death-related businesses.

And if you actually research the death business you’d see it’s damn lucrative.

So why has the big bull run in these stocks gone unnoticed? And why would you be hard-pressed to find any financial news stories on the topic?

I’d say it’s because the grim reaper doesn’t exactly make for a sexy sales pitch. Think about it. Why would a trader want to buy death care stocks when he could just as easily play the latest social media IPO? Nobody wants to talk about death. I can see you practically squirming in your chair right now just reading this.

So here we have an exceptionally strong trend and basically no one covering it. And these stocks are minting investors plenty of coin right now…

Take a look for yourself:

Service Corp. (NYSE:SCI) is the big kid on the block. This multi-national death care conglomerate has wowed investors over the past six months, rising nearly 30%. But there are other, even lesser-known companies with a hand in this industry.

Another pure-play in the sector is Matthews International (NASDAQ:MATW). MATW is basically a smaller version of SCI. Its gains aren’t as impressive as SCI so far this year—but it‘s still solid. Then there’s Hillenbrand Inc. (NYSE:HI). You might know Hillenbrand for its industrial equipment and conveyors. But Hillenbrand also has a division handling burial caskets, cremation caskets, containers, urns, and cremation vaults. While it’s not a pure play, it’s another way to get your foot in the grave – I mean the door, of the death biz.


Greg Guenthner?
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The post A Killer Trade: Make the Grim Reaper Pay appeared first on Daily Reckoning.