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On the the next radio program: “Michael Oliver Loves Silver & Avino Silver and Gold Has Lots of It” Michael Oliver and David Wolfin our guests this week.

  • Why Do Stocks Keep Rising?

    This week has most certainly been a risk-off week. Money flowed into stocks and commodities and the speculative Bitcoin while flowing out of safe havens of gold and Treasuries. All the talk about AI, which I’m personally finding very interesting, is no doubt a momentum play that is sucking a lot of naive investors in toward the end of this long-term equity bull market. BofA’s Hartnett said, “It would be so ‘on-brand’ for stocks to melt-up into recession, suck them all in right before the hard landing.” If you are wondering why stocks continue to rise even as rates are…

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  • Picking Bullish Stocks in this Bear Market

    Tavi Costa, Kevin Smith and Quinton Hennigh of Crescat Capital return. After many generations of Keynesian fiscal and monetary policies, the leading capitalist nation in the world is now heading toward bankruptcy. That’s not because capitalism has failed. Rather it’s because politicians following Keynesian economists have done their level best to destroy capitalism. While policy makers pass laws that generate votes from an uneducated populace and to line their own pockets, China and modern-day Russia have proven Marx wrong in thinking capitalism will inevitably give way to a socialist utopia. Both countries in some ways portray economic systems more akin…

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  • RadioWHO Episode 4: The American Dream’s “Golden Cage” for Immigrants

    No matter its shifting place in the wider world, the United States is still the only home of “The American Dream.” That’s why millions of legal and illegal immigrants flock …

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  • Losing Faith – Questioning The Latest Central Bank Moves

    Imagine checking your brokerage account only to realize that your investment lost 88% of its value in just one day. That’s what happened with shareholders of currency brokerage firm Forex Capital Markets, better known as FXCM. As readers of the Daily Pfennig ® newsletter probably already know, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided last month to suddenly scrap a 3-year-old cap on the franc. The surprise move sent the Swiss franc soaring against the euro.1 Traders who had bet against the currency lost their shirt. And, that’s what almost brought down FXCM. The volatility in the euro/franc pair resulted in…

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  • The Dollar Will Die with a Whimper, Not a Bang

    This post The Dollar Will Die with a Whimper, Not a…

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