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On the the next radio program: “Michael Oliver Loves Silver & Avino Silver and Gold Has Lots of It” Michael Oliver and David Wolfin our guests this week.

  • Why Do Stocks Keep Rising?

    This week has most certainly been a risk-off week. Money flowed into stocks and commodities and the speculative Bitcoin while flowing out of safe havens of gold and Treasuries. All the talk about AI, which I’m personally finding very interesting, is no doubt a momentum play that is sucking a lot of naive investors in toward the end of this long-term equity bull market. BofA’s Hartnett said, “It would be so ‘on-brand’ for stocks to melt-up into recession, suck them all in right before the hard landing.” If you are wondering why stocks continue to rise even as rates are…

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  • Picking Bullish Stocks in this Bear Market

    Tavi Costa, Kevin Smith and Quinton Hennigh of Crescat Capital return. After many generations of Keynesian fiscal and monetary policies, the leading capitalist nation in the world is now heading toward bankruptcy. That’s not because capitalism has failed. Rather it’s because politicians following Keynesian economists have done their level best to destroy capitalism. While policy makers pass laws that generate votes from an uneducated populace and to line their own pockets, China and modern-day Russia have proven Marx wrong in thinking capitalism will inevitably give way to a socialist utopia. Both countries in some ways portray economic systems more akin…

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  • In Boston Bombing Trial, Racing Past Facts to Spur a Death Sentence

    Under Cover of Darkness: Scene from the Watertown Shootout described in the opening arguments. Last week’s opening arguments in the Boston marathon bombing trial immediately veered away from facts and toward influencing the jury’s willingness to impose the death penalty. That’s …

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  • Three Ways “Old Money” Hangs Onto Its’ Riches

    This post Three Ways “Old Money” Hangs Onto Its’ Riches appeared first on Daily Reckoning . [ Editor’s Note: Jim Rickards has published a third book entitled “The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse…

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  • The IPCC Gets Tough on Climate Change

    This post The IPCC Gets Tough on Climate Change appeared first on Daily Reckoning . Ever …

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  • Gold Down to the $1,100 to $1,150 Range Now Seems Likely

    The fraudulent paper gold markets for gold as opposed to the honest gold markets of Shanghai had been holding at $1,200, until the anti-capitalists of Washington and Wall Street used a “good jobs” report on Friday as an excuse to hammer the gold price down. The thinking goes something like this. With the U.S. economy doing so well, the Fed will conduct a tight monetary policy, thus driving interest rates higher, thus negating the “need” for gold. So the order went out to sell, sell, sell gold! And so they did. Who did? Well the usual suspects who control the…

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  • Will the Curse of the Dow Sink Apple?

    This post Will the Curse of the Dow Sink Apple? appeared first on Daily Reckoning…

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  • The Dollar Goes On A Moon Shot!

    * 295,000 jobs. Really? * Oh the tangled webs we weave. * Greece & Eurogroup start negotiations again.. * Chinese exports rise 48.6%! . And Now. Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day.. And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, if there’s a designated day for problems, it has to be Monday, right? It just always seems to be a Monday, the day we use to kick start the week, to be the one where things just don’t work the way they are supposed to. This morning, for instance, it’s my mobile Bloomberg. Just what I need. the inability…

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  • Will Mexico’s Oil Give the U.S. Another Excuse for Covert Intervention?

    The drug war brought U.S. commandos into Mexico, but the opening of the country’s once publicly-owned energy resources to foreign investors may provide justification for the secretive American presence there to escalate—especially if the cartels are successfully painted as “narcoterrorists….

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  • New Hope for Type 1 Diabetics

    This post New Hope for Type 1 Diabetics appeared first on Daily Reckoning . Verapamil is a calcium channel-blocking drug first approved by the …

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  • Why Investors Should Avoid The Dollar ETF

    David Fabian:  The only trade getting as much (or more) attention than crude …

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  • 3 ETFs To Profit From Europe’s Economic Recovery

    George Leong:  Europe is open for business. Well, kind of. The region—namely the 19-country eurozone—has recently been in the news with the Greece fiasco and its potential exit. Greece now has a four-month reprieve in the form of an extension to…

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