On the the next radio program: "The American Decline & 100 Year Gold Discovery" Richard Maybury, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Where Can We Find the Next Novo Resources?

Eric Coffin and Michael Oliver are back. And so is John Kaiser who will step in for Robert Carrington who requested an interview after receipt of assays’ return. Last week we listened to Brent Cook and John Kaiser talk about the extraordinary potential of Novo Resources, a stock that has already increased nearly 10 fold over the past few months. ... [Read More]

Novo Resources Through the Eyes of Brent Cook and John Kaiser

I was fortunate to interview Brent Cook and John Kaiser this past week on my radio show. The topic was about the prospects for Novo Resources’ most unusual but apparently legitimate gold exploration stories becoming, as John Kaiser calls it, Wits ... [Read More]

The Dollar’s Future and Yours. Ready for a Brave New World?

James Rickards, Michael Oliver and Peter Tallman return as guests on this week’s radio program. In 1971 Richard Nixon detached gold from the dollar and through diplomacy & military might created dollar hegemony. Foreign wars and socialism ... [Read More]

The Dollar’s Future and Yours. Ready for a Brave NewWorld?

Jay introduces the guests and sponsors for the day’s show and Michael Oliver updates us on his latest market indicators and gold momentum readings. Peter Tallman, P.Geo, is President, CEO and Director of Klondike Gold, updates the companies’ ... [Read More]

Poor Cities and Poorer Economics

By: Carmen Elena Dorob??The newest cover story in The Economist deplores the situation of cities in developed countries that are left behind in terms of economic development by the digitized, globalized economy. One such is Scranton, Pennsylvania, ... [Read More]

Murray Rothbard: Mises’s True Heir

By: Joseph T. SalernoRecently a young Austrian scholar made a very interesting observation in an informal discussion on Facebook: I have experienced that when you quote Mises instead of Rothbard (and they say basically the same in most circumstances) ... [Read More]

Why Governments Will Not Ban Bitcoin

Those who see governments banning ownership of bitcoin are ignoring the political power and influence of those who are snapping up most of the bitcoin.To really understand an asset, we have to examine not just the asset itself but who owns it, and ... [Read More]

Are ICOs Replacing IPOs?

Background image created by Dragana_Gordic - Freepik.com   This week I was in Barcelona speaking at the LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference, which was attended by approximately 700 metals and mining firms from all over the globe. I found ... [Read More]

Which Rotten Fruit Falls First?

I predict the current investigations will widen and take a variety of twists and turns that surprise all those anticipating a tidy, narrowly focused denouement.The theme this week is The Rot Within.To those of us who understand the entire status quo ... [Read More]

Bitcoin Tests $5,100

There’s been some talk of gold becoming an alternative to gold. Goldman Sachs doesn’t seem to agree. In an article on CNBC, we read: Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not the "new gold," Goldman Sachs said in a note, advising investors that ... [Read More]

Torturer-in-Chief Turned Savior of Freedom?

By: James BovardFormer President George W. Bush gave a speech yesterday implicitly slamming President Donald Trump for dragging down democracy. Bush told political cronies and other attendees: “We are gathered in the cause of liberty this is a unique ... [Read More]

GDP Is Bogus: Here’s Why

Here's a chart of our fabulous always-higher GDP, adjusted for another bogus metric, official inflation.The theme this week is The Rot Within.The rot eating away at our society and economy is typically papered over with bogus statistics that "prove" ... [Read More]

Can Trump and Rand Paul Save Healthcare?

By: Ryan McMakenLast week, Donald Trump signed a new executive order facilitating more flexibility for consumers of health insurance. The order allows for more flexibility in purchasing insurance across state lines, and greater freedom both small ... [Read More]

Gas Station Hold-Up: Thieves Seize $59,000

By: Joseph T. SalernoBack in 2011, U.S. Army veteran, Oh Suk Kwon, the owner of a gas station in Maryland, was held up.  The perpetrator got away with $59,000 leaving him with no money assets and forcing him to close his business. But it wasn’t just ... [Read More]

Europe’s Secession Problems Aren’t Going Away

By: Ryan McMakenEarlier this week, The New York Times noted that movements for greater local autonomy appear to be spreading throughout Europe. In some ways, the conflict in Catalonia is just the tip of the iceberg. The Times reports: Coming on the ... [Read More]

Kiwi Spends The Night In The Woodshed…

Rocktober 19, 2017 * New Zealand gets new coalition gov't! * Dollar buying ends overnight * Is Gold ready for a turnaround? Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Not for me, but for you! What a night for our Blues! The thumped the ... [Read More]

Crack Babies, the Contras, and the CIA

By: Chris CaltonDuring the 1980s, the war on drugs became defined by cocaine and crack. In this episode, Chris Calton explains how the potent mix of politicians and fake news created the myth of the "crack baby", while the CIA became drug runners for ... [Read More]

Major risks in 2018 could keep the shine on gold

Major Risks Could Keep the Shine on Gold Closing above $1,300 an ounce for the first time in nearly a month, gold looks constructive as we head into the fourth quarter and beyond. Not only was the metal trading above its 50-day moving ... [Read More]

More on Kennedy Assassination: Evidence Seen by JFK’s Doctor Suppressed

ARRB Smothers George Burkley Comment The highly anticipated release of long-withheld US government documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is scheduled for October 26. In the runup to this event, the media have ... [Read More]

Lola Likes Gold Over Bitcoin…

Rocktober 18, 2017 * Gold gets taken below its 50 MDA * Chuck want's to know why? * Chuck has idea for scandalous corporations.. Good Day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I woke up this morning, and my mind immediately thought it was ... [Read More]

Fraud, Exploitation and Collusion: America’s Pharmaceutical Industry

The rot within manifested by the pharmaceutical industry almost defies description.The theme this week is The Rot Within.America's Pharmaceutical industry takes pride of place in this week's theme of The Rot Within, as the industry has raised fraud, ... [Read More]

Where Can We Find the Next Novo Resources?

Jay introduces the guests and sponsors for the day’s show and Michael Oliver gives his latest data-driven thoughts on gold and other key markets.  John Kaiser talks about the extraordinary potential of Novo Resources, a stock that has already ... [Read More]

The Game Changer for Gold, the Historical Link Showing Debt Causes Crises, Bartering After Maria

Mike responds to questions about Jeff Clark’s recent story on Chinese oil imports being priced not in dollars, but yuan. And how they're convertibility into gold on the Shanghai futures exchange creates a new and large source of gold ... [Read More]