2015: The Year in Austrian Economic Research



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Austrian Economics Overview

2015: The Year in Austrian Economic Research

December 28, 2015

Publishing new research is a vital part of advancing Austrian economics and building the case for a liberal society. That’s why, in addition to writing for the Mises Wire, most of its contributors also do academic work intended to engage the mainstream in economics and add to the knowledge developed by previous generations. It’s this work that provides a foundation for the kind of public writing and analysis we do on this blog.

Mises Wire contributors have a wide range of research interests across economics and the social sciences, and their work has something to offer anyone interested in Austrian economics. If you want to catch up on what they’ve been doing, below is a list of books and articles published by Mises Institute bloggers during 2015. Most of the links are ungated, and apologies to my colleagues if I’ve left anything out.

Per Bylund. “Explaining Firm Emergence: Specialization, Transaction Costs, and the Integration Process.” Managerial and Decision Economics.

Per Bylund. “Signifying Williamson’s Contribution to the Transaction Cost Approach: An Agent-Based Simulation of Coasean Transaction Costs and Specialization.” Journal of Management Studies.

Carmen Dorobat and Mihai-Vladimir Topan. “Entrepreneurship and Comparative Advantage.” Journal of Entrepreneurship.

Carmen Dorobat. “An Outline of International Trade Theories: From Pre-Doctrinal Contributions to Heterodox Economics.” Journal of Philosophical Economics.

Randall Holcombe. “Political Capitalism.” Cato Journal.

Randall Holcombe. “Capital and Labor, Past and Present, in the Context of Piketty’s Capital.” Review of Austrian Economics

Randall Holcombe and Christopher J. Boudreaux. ”Regulation and Corruption.” Public Choice.

Randall Holcombe. “Rent-Seeking and Constitutional Political Economy.” In Roger D. Congleton and Arye Hillman, eds., Companion to the Political Economy of Rent-Seeking.

Randall Holcombe. “Capital, Rendement, et Risque: Une Critique de L’ouvrage de Thomas Piketty.” In Nicolas Lecaussin and Jean-Philippe Delsol, eds., Anti-Piketty: Vive le Capital au XXIe Siecle!

Randall Holcombe. “Review of David Reisman, James Buchanan.” Public Choice.

David Howden and Amadeus Grabriel. “The Interest Rate Break on Maturity Transformation.” Journal of Economic Issues.

David Howden and Jason Xingbin Li. “An Austrian Analysis of China’s Unsustainable Boom.” Economic Affairs.

David Howden and Yang Zhou. “Why Did China’s Population Grow So Quickly?” The Independent Review.

David Howden. “Rethinking Deposit Insurance on Brokered Deposits.” Journal of Banking Regulation.

David Howden, Philipp Bagus, and Amadeus Gabriel. “Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere.” Journal of Business Ethics.

David Howden. “Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment: A New Approach to the Firm. By Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein.” International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Foss, Nicolai J., and Peter G. Klein. “The Judgment-Based Approach to Entrepreneurship: Accomplishments, Challenges, New Directions.” Journal of Institutional Economics. 

Jingjing Wang, Mei Chen, and Peter G. Klein. “China’s Dairy United: A New Model for Milk Production.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, and Stefan Linder. “Organizations and Markets.” in Peter J. Boettke and Christopher J. Coyne, eds., Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics.

Peter G. Klein, “Incomplete Contracts.” In David Teece and Mie Augier, eds., Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management.

Matthew McCaffrey. “The Economics of Peace and War in the Chinese Military Classics.” Economics of Peace and Security Journal.

Matthew McCaffrey. “Review of Mark Casson and Catherine Casson, The Entrepreneur in History: From Medieval Merchant to Modern Business Leader.” Business History.


A major event for Austrian economists this year was the publication of The Next Generation of Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Salerno. Joe Salerno has had a profound impact on the development of modern Austrian economics, and this book is a testament to his influence and his many contributions to the Misesian tradition.


In addition to writing for the Mises Wire, many bloggers also contribute to other news and commentary outlets. Here are a few of those writings:

Per Bylund. Top 3 Economic Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs in 2016 (12/23/15) Entrepreneur

Per Bylund. Theory to Practice: 5 Ways Economic Theory Directly Affects a Small Business (12/21/15) Business.com

Per Bylund. Is the Ultimate Goal of a Business to Maximize Profits? (10/26/15) Small Business CEO

Per Bylund. Review of Booth, The Almost Nearly Perfect People (10/5/15) Barron’s

Per Bylund. 4 Things Startups Should Keep in Mind When Seeking Diversity (9/15/15) AlleyWatch

Per Bylund. The Price Is Right – Now Choose Your Cost (8/24/15) Noobpreneur

Per Bylund. 4 Ways to Transition from Founder to Successful Manager (8/19/15) Entrepreneur

Per Bylund. 3 Ways to Ditch Hierarchy and Improve Company Performance (7/17/15) YFS Magazine

Per Bylund. Successfully Adapt Your Company for the Sharing Economy (6/27/15) Tech.co

Per Bylund. How to Give Your Employees a Sense of Accomplishment in the Digital World (6/18/15) Startups.co

Per Bylund. Plenty of Room for Innovation in the Sharing Economy (4/12/15) Techli

Per Bylund. Give Managers Decision-Making Power by Balancing Freedom with Responsibility (3/31/15) Middle Market Executive

Per Bylund. Interview with Per Bylund (1/27/15) IdeaMensch

Christopher Westley. What fuels workforce housing problem in Collier? Naples Daily News.
Christopher Westley. Wealth Producers Turn Risk into Reward. News-Press.com.
Christopher Westley. Reconsidering Lilly Ledbetter. The Anniston Star.

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