On the the next radio program: "Can We Profit in a Stagflationary Environment?" Kevin Duffy and John Rubino are guests.
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Can We Profit in a Stagflationary Environment?

Kevin Duffy and John Rubino return as guests in this week’s program and talk about what happens  to the economy when it dips into a recession. Most investors make money in bull markets and lose most of it in bear markets. An exception is Kevin Duffy whose Bearing fund registered triple-digit gains in the 2008 financial crisis. His Austrian ... [Read More]

A Natural Move Back to Real Money is Underway

The western world is nearing the end of a capitalist system that has created enormous wealth thanks to the false religion of Keynesian Economics. In my recent Vancouver talk, I demonstrated that under the current global monetary system America and ... [Read More]

Powell thinks it’s “Volker time!” Boy, is he wrong! Near-term gold & silver.

By Michael Oliver OliverMSA.Com May 12, 2022 Too many market analysts, investors, and economists think Volker’s anti-inflation policy is the course now, and they applaud the Fed’s tightening as the solution to “commodity price inflation.” Of ... [Read More]

Keynesian Value Destruction

Alasdair Macleod, Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return as guests this week. About the time President Nixon detached gold from the international monetary system on August 15, 1971, he declared that “We are all Keynesians now!” That acceptance ... [Read More]

Markets in Decline

What a week! Some soothing words by Chairman Powell triggered what was only a short selling rally on Wednesday followed by 1,000 plus down day for the Dow and continued selling on Friday. I believe when Powell ruled out a 75-basis point hike, he was ... [Read More]

It Just Might Be Time to Listen to the Austrians

While it is sometimes portrayed as a trivial assortment of anecdotes and odd or mistaken experiments, stripped of its hyperbole and properly contextualized, behavioral economics can offer insights to Austrians seeking to optimize their own ... [Read More]

Time to Go Back to That 70s Show

By: Fran Rodriguez Unless you are living under a rock, you know by now that current times are nowhere near economic stability. In fact, there has not been such “stability” (regardless of what politicians and central bankers say) since the ending of ... [Read More]

It’s Time for America to Ditch NATO

In the first episode of this new podcast, Ryan McMaken and Zachary Yost discuss NATO, Turkey, Russia, and why the USA needs to leave it all behind. Be sure to follow War, Economy, and State at Mises.org/WES.Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

The Epidemic Nobody Talks About: Burnout

Burnout makes everyone uncomfortable, so it's largely a silent epidemic. Epidemics are not just biological in origin. A strong case can be made that a silent epidemic has been sweeping the nation for years, an epidemic few acknowledge: ... [Read More]

Understanding Russia’s War: The Strange Philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin

Russians are “eschatologically chosen.” They must stand against the false faith, the pseudoreligion of Western liberalism and the spread of its evil: modernity, scientism, postmodernity, and the new world order. This is the thesis of Aleksandr Dugin, ... [Read More]

McDonald’s Closes All Stores in Russia as Woke Russophobes Rage

McDonald’s Corporation has announced it will permanently leave Russia, closing 850 outlets. The company’s chief executive Chris Kempczinski explained the move was motivated by “the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine" and that the ... [Read More]

Woke Isolationism: McDonald’s Closes All Stores in Russia

McDonald’s Corporation has announced it will permanently leave Russia, closing 850 outlets. The company’s chief executive Chris Kempczinski explained the move was motivated by “the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine" and that the ... [Read More]

The Goldback: An Alt-Currency That Combines Sound Money with Modern Technology

By: Samuel Peterson Sound money is now more portable than ever! Paper banknotes were originally created and issued by private banks as receipts for their depositor’s gold. Said receipts were then used by the customers as currency, being traded ... [Read More]

A Medical Revolt Is Coming

While the Free Market Medical Association [FMMA] is made up of buyers, sellers, and intermediaries, we decided this year to focus primarily on buyers. That decision inspired the remarks I'll make today. We have always believed that the growth of this ... [Read More]

The Dollar Rally Get Stopped In The Overnight Markets…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   May 17, 2022   * Powell backs off his claim of being able to deliever a "soft landing" * Gold & Silver start the week on a good foot...    Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! How ... [Read More]

$30 Trillion Debt Matters

By: Robert Aro With the Federal Funds Target rate set between 0.75% and 1.0%, and the Fed’s promise to increase rates and reduce asset purchases in the coming months, some consideration should be paid to servicing the USA’s $30.5 trillion debt. To ... [Read More]

Checking In On Five Long-Term Cycles

The decline phase of S-Curves can be gradual or a cliff-dive. Way back in 2007 I charted five long-wave cycles that I reckoned consequential: 1. Public debt (accumulating federal deficits) 2. Inflation 3. Oil (energy) 4. Interest rates 5. ... [Read More]

Federal Reserve Policies Aimed at Creating Price Stability Bring About Economic Instability

For most economists and politicians, the role of central bank authorities is to make the economy as stable as possible. What do they mean by economic stability? Economic stability refers to an absence of excessive fluctuation, so an economy with ... [Read More]

Crypto Winters Have Been Great Times to Buy. Today, Bitcoin Is Half Off

Some of you may remember the “crypto winter” of 2018. Bitcoin crashed 25% in January of that year, while Ether saw three straight months of double-digit losses. Even though we’re entering the summer months, we may remember this past week as ... [Read More]

Dollar Dominance Continues…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   May 16, 2022   * Currencies & metals continue to get sold...  * The ruble is the best performing currency this year!    Good day… and a Marvelous Monday to you! I apologize up front ... [Read More]

The Fallacy of Collectivism

According to the doctrines of universalism, conceptual realism, holism, collectivism, and some representatives of Gestaltpsychologie, society is an entity living its own life, independent of and separate from the lives of the various individuals, ... [Read More]

History and Institutions Matter: The Postslavery Development of Jamaica and Barbados

The success of Barbados relative to other Caribbean countries has unleashed a welter of studies explaining the ascendancy of Barbados. Frequently, Barbados is compared to Jamaica because they are both former colonies of England that attained ... [Read More]