On the the next radio program: "Guaranteed! The Swiss Franc Will Collapse" Keith Weiner, Brian Groves and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Guaranteed! The Swiss Franc Will Collapse

Keith Weiner, Brian Groves & Michael Oliver return as guests on the radio program. One of the strongest fiat currencies over many decades has been the Swiss Franc. It has been so strong in fact that the Swiss National Bank orchestrated negative interest rates to weaken it. Keith will explain how permanent backwardation measured in the Swiss ... [Read More]

US Interest Rates Are Spiking Again – Why This Is A Huge Deal

Tony Barresi joins the radio program as a guest for the first time while John Rubino and Michael Oliver return. In 1970, a 1% increase in U.S. treasury interest rates increased the budget deficit by $3.7 billion. Now, with a $22 trillion budget ... [Read More]

Why this isn’t Your Father’s Credit Cycle

Your Editor at the September Metals Investor Forum Why this isn’t Your Father’s Credit Cycle. In my talk at the Metals Investor Forum which lasted about 21 minutes, I talked about the current credit cycle and where I think we are in that cycle. I ... [Read More]

An American Decline is Not an Apocalypse

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests this week on the radio program. Apocalyptic thinking and prepping are common among some libertarians. While complete annihilation is always a possibility given human kind’s ... [Read More]

The Weighted Average Cost Of Capital

We're now living in an era of rising interest rates. It's an unfamiliar territory for all of us... Join the conversation » Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

It’s OK To Buy Your Pet a Halloween Costume (and Other Luxuries)

One of the more persistent myths about capitalism is that wealth and resources are "wasted" when spent on luxuries. But now this waste has reached a new level. Thanks to our abundant wealth in the developed world, we're no longer just spending money ... [Read More]

Is the Greatest Bull Market Ever Finally Ending? (Hint: Follow the Money)

The key here is the gains generated by owning US-denominated assets as the USD appreciates.Is the Greatest Bull Market Ever finally ending? One straightforward approach to is to follow the money, i.e. global capital flows: assets that attract ... [Read More]

It’s OK to Buy your Pet a Holloween Costume (and Other Luxuries)

One of the more persistent myths about capitalism is that people "waste" their money when they spend it on luxuries. But now this wasted money has reached a new level. Thanks to our general affluence, we're no longer just spending money on luxuries ... [Read More]

The Battle of Ball’s Bluff, Part 2: A Little Short of Boats

After General Stone’s “slight demonstration” erupted into a small-scale battle, communication errors and battlefield mistakes continued to make matters worse for the Union army. The battle would not only end in a Union defeat, but it would also claim ... [Read More]

Mises: Scientist and Fighter

The Free Market 26, no. 2 (February 2005) Mises was a towering figure, representing uncompromising intellectual integrity, the courageous pursuit of ideas regardless of the crop of unpopularity which he well knew he would reap. His scholarship was ... [Read More]

8 Traits of the Entrepreneur

The role of the entrepreneur is central to Austrian economics. Entrepreneurs are the coordinators of individual human action in the context of subjective knowledge and dispersed information. There are two critical individual roles for economic ... [Read More]

Old Wine in Old Bottles? A Nobel for Clever Packaging?

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2018 was awarded October 8 to Paul Romer, Professor at New York University, “for integrating technological innovations into long-run macroeconomic analysis,” specifically for ... [Read More]

Russia To Receive $40 Billion In Investment

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts Rockctober 17, 2018 * Currencies rally, then fall back, over and over again! * Rubles are best overnight performer... Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I have to get this buttoned up and out the door in ... [Read More]

Global Warming: The UN’s Plan Ignores Real Costs of Implementation

Last week, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a sizable new report titled "Global Warming of 1.5°C." The basic premise of the report is that if the governments of the world do what the UN tells them to do, ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/17 – Italy’s ‘People’s Budget,’ Alan Greenspan’s Prescription For American Decline

Main points of Italy's draft 'people's budget' Mayor Emanuel Prepares to Release His Final City Budget (Chicago) America’s $1.5 trillion student debt is a ‘failed social experiment’ ECB still set to turn off QE taps despite cocktail of risks: Reuters ... [Read More]

Italy’s Problem Is Not The Euro, It’s Political Spending

The Italian government has created another massive turmoil in European markets with its 2019 budget proposal. With a huge increase in spending, it estimated a deficit of 2.4% for 2019 compared to its previous target of 0.8% and the 1.6% announced by ... [Read More]

In the Aftermath of Hurricane Michael, Civil Society and Voluntary Action Saved Lives

By: Tho Bishop Last week my hometown of Panama City was devastated by Hurricane Michael, the most powerful storm to make landfall in over 50 years. The aftermath on the ground is impossible to comprehend without seeing first hand: buildings ... [Read More]

Audio: Historian Ralph Raico on the Rise of the West

The European Miracle was one in which humans achieved sustained growth for the first time on earth. Why Europe? Because of European decentralization and private enterprise. Property rights were well-defined and well-defended. Feudalism was of the ... [Read More]

US Taxpayers Are Paying to Train Mercenaries Who Then Work for Mideast Dictators

By: Ryan McMaken Aram Roston reports on how Mideast dictatorships now hire former US military personnel create what are essentially death squads designed to eliminate the regimes' enemies: The revelations that a Middle East monarchy [UAE] hired ... [Read More]

Yes, PC is Real. Yes, it is Illiberal

Brian Doherty at Reason magazine has a new article that attempts to dispel certain myths surrounding "cultural Marxism," a term used promiscuously and inaccurately in Mr. Doherty's view. Fair enough, but the article sheds more heat than light on what ... [Read More]

Is Technological Know-How the Key to Economic Growth?

According to this year Nobel Prize winner in economics, Paul Romer, the technical knowledge that spills over into the creation of new products is the key to sustained economic growth. Is it however true that technical knowledge is the heart of ... [Read More]

Guaranteed! The Swiss Franc Will Collapse

Jay introduces the guests and sponsors and Michael Oliver provides his usual insights into major markets of interest to free market and honest money advocates. Brian Groves, CEO and Director of Genesis Metals, gives updates on the exploration ... [Read More]

Technology Sector Set For A Rebound?

There has been quite a bit of chatter about the FANG stocks recently.  In fact, the entire Technology Sector has taken a beating over the past 30+ days.  Our research team, at Technical Traders Ltd., believes the Technology sector is setting up for a ... [Read More]