On the the next radio program: "Will Crypto-currencies Replace Gold as Money?" Alasdair Macleod, Robert Carrington and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Will Crypto-currencies Replace Gold as Money? 

Alasdair Macleod, Robert Carrington and Michael Oliver return as guests on the radio program. Some people think that crypto-currencies will replace gold as money, but Alasdair Macleod who sits on the board of directors of Goldmoney provides a very well informed opinion on that issue. Goldmoney recently has begun accepting crypto-currency ... [Read More]

My Inflation/Deflation Watch (IDW) Registers a Definitive New High at 160.38

I started my IDW on January 31, 2005, as a means of sensing whether the global stock, bond, and equity markets are inflating. As you can see from the chart above, except for the financial crisis in 2008-09, the system has been inflating. Over the ... [Read More]

Tragically Slave Trade is Alive and Well in Libya

Last week I mentioned to some friends that I had just read that evening about a slave trade in Libya that had occurred since the Obama administration changed that country's regime. One verse my mother taught me when I was a little boy was Matthew ... [Read More]

The Petrodollar & Gold. Will 2018 Be the End of U.S. Dollar Hegemony?

France and other nations began to demand gold for dollars at $35/oz. in the late 1960s into 1971 as the U.S. began printing money to pay for Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and the Vietnam War. Gold was leaving the U.S. Treasury so rapidly that ... [Read More]

How Much Longer Can the Petrodollar Survive?

Jerry Robinson and Michael Oliver return and new guest Nav Dhaliwal joins us this week on the radio program. In 1971 Nixon detached gold from the U.S. dollar and the international monetary system. To maintain demand for a now intrinsically ... [Read More]

Are Russia and China Better Off Financially than the U.S.?

Are Russia and China Better Off Financially than the U.S.? Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s episode of the radio program. Kotlikoff recently opined that given $200 trillion of U.S. national debt, the ... [Read More]

My IDW Is Nearing a Twelve-Year High

The Fed is supposed to be tightening credit, and rising interest rates sug­­­gest they are at least not engaging in QE (mone­tizing debt). But as Alasdair Macleod noted on one of my recent radio shows, as rates start to rise, banks that had held ... [Read More]

A Repeat of the 1970s Inflation or Worse?

John Rubino, Chen Lin and Michael Oliver return on this week’s radio show. Price action in markets often seems counterintuitive. Alasdair explained why stocks often decline even as earnings begin to rise because stock prices ... [Read More]

G. Edward Griffin and The Creature from Jekyll Island

The very first interview ever recorded for Jay Taylor's radio show "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times" was with G. Edward Griffin. Recently, G. Edward Griffin was interviewed by Palisade Radio about the formation of a cartel on the world's money ... [Read More]

Gabriel Calzada on Free-Market Education in Latin America

By: Gabriel Calzada Alvarez, Jeff DeistFifteen years ago Gabriel Calzada was a Fellow at the Mises Institute who aspired to bring the Spanish Scholastics' tradition of liberty to Latin America. Today he is president of Universidad Francisco ... [Read More]

Addictions: Social Media & Mobile Phones Fall From Grace

Identifying social media and mobile phones as addictive is only the first step in a much more complex investigation.For everyone who remembers the Early Days of social media and mobile phones, it's been quite a ride from My Space and awkward texting ... [Read More]

The Digital Revolution Has Empowered Central Banks

By: Brendan BrownWe won’t know till the end of this cycle how much mal-investment has occurred under the great monetary inflation which started in 2010. We may already suspect, though, that much of this will be in “big tech” and related fields. Any ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 11/23 – The Psychology Of Desperate People, Is The Dow Peaking?

Business Is Booming for America’s Survival Food King The Psychology of Desperate People  What I'm (Not) Thankful For This Year Dow Peaking? The Quick Guide to Diversifying Your Stock Profits Bitcoin, Bail Ins & Bullion How Big Sugar Killed a 1968 ... [Read More]

28 Reasons to Buy Physical Gold

There are many compelling reasons to own physical gold in the form of investment grade gold bars and gold coins. Among them are gold’s ability to retain its purchasing power over time, and it’s safe haven status in times of financial turmoil and ... [Read More]

Thanksgiving 2017: 21 Things I’m Grateful For

The realm of gratitude is boundless.In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 21 things I'm grateful for. This is a semi-random list drawn from the many things I'm grateful for, the most important of which are: after 48 years of work I still have my ... [Read More]

Harry Dent’s Gold Prediction Invalidated

We were recently asked to comment on Harry Dent’s predictions for the gold market and we thought that our reply might benefit other gold investors as well. To be precise, we were asked about Harry Dent’s 30-year cycle that supposedly peaked in 2011, ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 11/22 – IL Teacher Shortage Leads To Uncertainty, LA In Pension Denial

Rising Medicare costs leave many U.S. seniors with a flat COLA Healthcare Premiums Set to Increase Next Year Real Puerto Rico Fiasco Starts After Recovery Teacher Shortage and Pensions Lead to Uncertainty for Illinois Rising pensions costs a ... [Read More]

The Christian Ethics Behind the Pilgrims’ Rejection of Communism

By: Shawn RitenourHistorically, Thanksgiving has been a feast day during which Americans are called upon to thank the Lord for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us. Richard J. Maybury and Gary Galles both explain the economic lessons to glean ... [Read More]

Beware the Marginal Buyer, Borrower and Renter

Bubbles always look unstoppable, yet they always burst.When times are good, the impact of the marginal buyer, borrower and renter on the market is often overlooked. By "marginal" I mean buyers, borrowers and renters who have to stretch their finances ... [Read More]

Gene Guarino: Investing In Residential Assisted Living

Demographically speaking, the tremendous wave of aging Baby Boomers is an unprecedented event in our country's history. The sheer size of this age cohort, plus the concerningly-high level of financial unpreparedness for many of its members (which we ... [Read More]

Kelly Kettle Base Camp – Special Discount

11% Special Savings for PeakProsperity.com Readers A favorite item among outdoor enthusiasts and preparedness folks. The Kelly Kettle® Volcano Kettle® will boil water in 3 to 5 minutes depending on the fuel you're using. Made from Aluminum or ... [Read More]

Do We Really Need a Federal Ban on Horse Meat?

By: Ryan McMakenFor decades in the United States, turkey has become the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. Some eccentrics may offer other choices, such as roast beef or duck, but nowadays, it's a sure bet that few households will be offering ... [Read More]

Will Crypto-currencies Replace Gold as Money?

Jay introduces the guests and sponsors and explains the subject for the day’s show and Michael Oliver updates the dollar, gold and important markets. Robert Carrington, President & CEO and Director of Newrange Gold Corp., talks about the ... [Read More]

Bitcoin, Bail Ins & Bullion

Mike Maloney NOV 21, 2017 If you wait for the next crisis before taking action - it will be too late. In this video, Mike Maloney gives evidence of the looming disasters in Italy, China, and Australia - which of these fuses will ... [Read More]

Dow Peaking? The Quick Guide to Diversifying Your Stock Profits

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver.com NOV 21, 2017 It’s been a heck of a run. The S&P has nearly quadrupled since its 2009 low. It currently ranks as the second-longest bull market in the last 140 years (top ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 11/21 – Energy Majors Hit Hard By Climage Regulation, Web Sites Watching Your Every Move

Even a $31 Million Hack Couldn't Keep Bitcoin Down Banks Control Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We Are Being Played Reversal Of Fortune Mugabe Ends 37-Year Zimbabwe Rule Under Impeachment Threat No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching ... [Read More]

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Birth of American Free Enterprise

By: Richard M. EbelingThis time of the year, whether in good economic times or bad, is when Americans gather with their families and friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. It marks a remembrance of those early Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the ... [Read More]

Our National Madness

Fakery and trickery are not solutions; they are a form of self-delusional madness that destroys the nation's ability to face reality squarely and choose real solutions, no matter how painful the choice and path might be.The nation has lost its common ... [Read More]