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Doug Noland’s Unfolding Instability Thesis

On the radio program this week, John Rubino substitutes for host Jay Taylor who is vacationing. John will interview first time guest Doug Noland and frequent guest Michael Oliver. Doug Noland believes the monetary experiment of recent decades and most notably zero-interest rates following the 2008-09 financial crisis has set the stage for the ... [Read More]

The Credit Cycle Says We Are Nearing a Major Tectonic Shift

A dispassionate view of history suggests that Michael Oliver's major tectonic shift into a bear market for stocks is long overdue.Bonds have already started a bear market and I (as well as many others of the Austrian economic persuasion) believe we ... [Read More]

Shining the Light on Krugman’s False Narrative

Keith Weiner and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s episode of Turning Hard Times Into Good Times. One of Paul Krugman’s market false statements is that infinite debt is okay if “we” owe it to ourselves. Keith explains why Krugman’s ... [Read More]

How To Engage Others

Executive Summary The power of narrative Data vs Beliefs Best practices for engaging reluctant audiences Common pitfalls to be wary of If you have not yet read Part 1: The End of Growth available free to all readers, please click here to read it ... [Read More]

The End of Growth

More and more, I hear that folks are feeling frustrated and betrayed, combined with a sense of loss and despair. I feel this way, too. At a deep level, what ails us is not a host of unrelated, intractable problems, but the fact that our model of ... [Read More]

The Dollar Dilemma: Where to From Here?

 Introduction: Where We Are  It’s a fallacy to believe the US has a free market economy. The economy is run by a conglomerate of individuals and special interests, in and out of government, including the Deep State, which controls central economic ... [Read More]

China’s Censorship Obsession

By: William Hongsong Wang The Chinese government has recently produced a lot of international news: the trade war with the U.S. government ; the suspicious financing on Malaysia’s former corrupted ruling party ; the suppression on Taiwan’s ... [Read More]

Is Kanye West for Real or Pulling a Publicity Stunt?

By: José Niño No stranger to controversy, critically acclaimed rapper Kanye West has generated a whirlwind of media attention since returning to Twitter in late April . This controversial tweet storm reached its peak when West praised African ... [Read More]

Are You Prepared to Invest in Troubled Times?

Market "fixes" fuel wealth/income inequality which feeds political and social instability.There are two Grand Narratives about the U.S. economy and asset markets: the mainstream narrative is that nothing is fundamentally wrong with the economy, and ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/22 – Good News Friday: The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You, Foods That Reduce Anxiety

The most important skill nobody taught you Residents fight crime with Neighborhood Watch program 5 Reasons helping other people will help you Basic income could work—if you do it Canada-style One of the World’s Largest Steam Locomotives Is About to ... [Read More]

G. P. Manish Named BB&T Professor of Economic Freedom at Troy University

By: Mises Institute Mises Institute Associated Scholar has been named the BB&T Professor of Economic Freedom within the Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University. Dr. Manish, a former Mises Research Fellow, has been a member of the ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/21 – Ethics On The Battlefield, Is Detroit Really Making A Comeback?

Chinese investment in the United States has plummeted 92% this year What happened when Walmart left How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country Trade Brawls Get World's Top Central Bankers Worried for Growth Puerto ... [Read More]

Don’t Trust Cuban Health Care Statistics

By: Ryan McMaken We've long been told that Cuba's health care system is one of the greatest in the world. In spite of the fact that health usually correlates with wealth in national statistics, we're assured that Cuba's obvious poverty is offset, at ... [Read More]

Professor Israel Kirzner Receives Distinguished Fellow Award

By: Joseph T. Salerno Congratulations to Israel Kirzner who received the Distinguished Fellow Award from the History of Economics Society at its 2018 annual meetings held in Chicago this past weekend. The Society confers the honor of “Distinguished ... [Read More]

Forget the Human Rights Council, Why Not Leave the Entire UN?

By: Tho Bishop Trump Administration recently announced that the US will withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Their justification is that the council consists of human rights violators, such as Cuba, China, and Venezuela, and has ... [Read More]

Gresham’s Law and Bitcoin

Rather suddenly, the state issued fiat currency bolivar lost 99% of its purchasing power.Gresham's law holds that "bad money drives out good money," meaning that given a choice of currencies (broadly speaking, "money" that serves as a store of value ... [Read More]

EU Trade Hypocrisy, in Two Charts

By: Daniel Lacalle The hypocrisy of the EU in two images. “EU to impose duties on U.S. imports Friday after Trump tariffs”... Really? From Daniel Lacalle's Twitter @dlacalle_IA Related:  Global Reaction to Trump’s Tariffs Highlights the Myth of ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/20 – NM Pension Liabilities Trigger Credit Downgrade, Biggest Economies ‘Not Prepared For Another Recession’

New Mexico pension liabilities trigger credit downgrade Budget takes aim at pension costs in Palo Alto Spanish deaths outpace births at fastest rate since records began in 1941 Faced with multi-million dollar deficit, Santa Maria City Council to ... [Read More]

Republicans are Reasonable to Prefer Kim Jong Un to Nancy Pelosi

By: Tho Bishop In a constantly changing media landscape, the value of the shock political poll continues to stand the test of time. Whether it comes in the form of man-on-street interviews, or the slightly more scientific polling firm, seeing a ... [Read More]

Eric Holder’s Gross Hypocrisy on Police Shootings

By: James Bovard Attorney General Eric Holder arrives today in Ferguson, Missouri, in response to the unrest after a local policeman shot 18-year-old Mike Brown. Holder assured the people of Missouri: "Our investigation into this matter will be ... [Read More]

Doug Noland’s Unfolding Instability Thesis

John Rubino fills in as host for the vacationing Jay Taylor and interacts with frequent guest Michael Oliver who gives his update on the major financial markets. Brian Groves, CEO and Director of Genesis Metals, discusses the progress being made ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/19 – Demographics And Destiny, Where Will U.S. Frackers Drill Next?

Demographics And Destiny: This Pension Train Has No Seat Belts Police Use of Facial Recognition With License Databases Spur Privacy Concerns What’s Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated? How Big Tech brought back the barter ... [Read More]