On the the next radio program: "Guaranteed! The Swiss Franc Will Collapse" Keith Weiner, Brian Groves and Michael Oliver are guests.
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US Interest Rates Are Spiking Again – Why This Is A Huge Deal

Tony Barresi joins the radio program as a guest for the first time while John Rubino and Michael Oliver return. In 1970, a 1% increase in U.S. treasury interest rates increased the budget deficit by $3.7 billion. Now, with a $22 trillion budget deficit, a 1% rise in rates adds $220 billion annually to America's deficit. A 5% rise would increase ... [Read More]

Why this isn’t Your Father’s Credit Cycle

Your Editor at the September Metals Investor Forum Why this isn’t Your Father’s Credit Cycle. In my talk at the Metals Investor Forum which lasted about 21 minutes, I talked about the current credit cycle and where I think we are in that cycle. I ... [Read More]

An American Decline is Not an Apocalypse

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests this week on the radio program. Apocalyptic thinking and prepping are common among some libertarians. While complete annihilation is always a possibility given human kind’s ... [Read More]

Technology Sector Set For A Rebound?

There has been quite a bit of chatter about the FANG stocks recently.  In fact, the entire Technology Sector has taken a beating over the past 30+ days.  Our research team, at Technical Traders Ltd., believes the Technology sector is setting up for a ... [Read More]

Margin Call: Why The Next Crash Will Be Worse Than Anticipated

Crash Will Be Worse Than Anyone Anticipates Mike Maloney OCT 16, 2018 Last week Mike Maloney unveiled his new indicator, the Market Fragility Index, to the public. Today he shows us a recent discovery that helps explain why the ... [Read More]

Great Social Media Purge of 2018

By: Alan Mosley Back in the ancient news cycle of August 6, 2018, Alex Jones, host of The Alex Jones Show and curator of Infowars.com, was deplatformed in a coordinated effort by multiple social media and content streaming services. The list of ... [Read More]

In surprise move, Central Bank of Hungary announces 10-fold jump in its gold reserves

BullionStar Blogs Ronan Manly Posted on 16 Oct 2018 by Ronan Manly   In one of the most profound developments in the central bank gold market for a long time, the Hungarian National Bank, Hungary’s central bank, has just ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/16 – U.S. Deficit Rises 17%, ‘Hyperalarming’ Study Shows Massive Insect Loss

US deficit rises 17% to the highest level since 2012 'You Couldn't Make This Up': A Bunch of Mops, Cleaners, and Trash Bags Delivered to Saudi Consulate Ahead of Khashoggi Murder Probe Tremors Rattling World Economy: Takeaways From IMF Talks in ... [Read More]

Rent Control and Minimum Wage Laws Harm Those Who Are Supposed to Benefit

Jacob Bronowski wrote, in The Common Sense of Science, that “at the basis of human thought lies the judgment of what is like and what is unlike.” That is, useful analysis requires treating that which is like similarly, and that which is unlike, ... [Read More]

Ten Years After the Last Meltdown: Is Another One Around the Corner?

By: Ron Paul September marked a decade since the bursting of the housing bubble, which was followed by the stock market meltdown and the government bailout of the big banks and Wall Street. Last week’s frantic stock market sell-off indicates the ... [Read More]

How Two Venezuelans View American Socialists

By: Rafael Acevedo, Humberto Andrade Democratic socialists in America are trying to introduce their ideology as something new, when in fact, they are only retreading old-fashioned ideas that history has already disproven. They are ideas that have ... [Read More]

Positivism and Behaviorism

What differentiates the realm of the natural sciences from that of the sciences of human action is the categorial system resorted to in each in interpreting phenomena and constructing theories. The natural sciences do not know anything about final ... [Read More]

Keep A Proper Perspective About This Recent Move

There has been quite a bit of information and opinion in the news recently regarding the recent downside price action in the US Equities markets.  We’ve seen everything from “The sky is falling” to “The markets will rally into the end of the year”.  ... [Read More]

Wolf Richter: Making Sense Of The Recent Market Gyrations

Recorded last week as the market was in full melt-down mode, Chris and Wolf Richter decode the underlying drivers of the sudden reversal, and peer into the future to predict what is most likely to happen next. Both agree that, whether stocks are ... [Read More]

The So-called Safe Havens Return!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts Rocktober 15, 2018 * Gold soars on Thursday, is the bottom in? * Stocks get stomped last week... Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you!... The pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Mathew are not stuff you ... [Read More]

Understanding “Brazil’s Donald Trump”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board started its defense of Brazil’s conservative presidential candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro by mentioning how global progressives were having “an anxiety attack” over his popularity. After a near-victory on ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/15 – Lessons From Iceland On Financial Crisis, How Amazon Spread Across The U.S.

Meet The Finance Professor Exposing Rigged Markets One Academic Paper At A Time The huge 'blackout' that may be deepening market turbulence Pentagon data breach compromises up to 30,000 workers 4 lessons from Iceland on dealing with a financial ... [Read More]

Understanding Brazil’s Bolsonaro

The Wall Street Journal editorial board started its defense of Brazil’s conservative presidential candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro by mentioning how global progressives were having “an anxiety attack” over his popularity. After a near-victory on ... [Read More]

How Many Households Qualify as Middle Class?

By the standards of previous generations, the middle class has been stripmined of income, assets and purchasing power.What does it take to be middle class nowadays? Defining the middle class is a parlor game, with most of the punditry referring to ... [Read More]

The President’s Economic Betrayal

[From the Rothbard Archive, originally published in The New York Times, September 4, 1971.] On Aug. 15, 1971, fascism came to America. And everyone cheered, hailing the fact that a "strong Presi­dent" was once again at the helm. The word fascism is ... [Read More]

Tall Buildings, Mighty Crashes

On, Wednesday the DJIA took an 800 plus point beating. On Thursday, another 500 points were shed. At the same time, the mood of real estate buyers has darkened. Austrian Business Cycle Theory is proven right again. President Trump is blaming the ... [Read More]

The Myth of Synchronized Growth and the Era of Secular Stagnation

Adapted from an interview with Real Vision. We have been hearing from international bodies, from central banks that we were living in a synchronized growth territory. That we were seeing developed markets grow faster than what was typical while ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/13 – Trapped By The “Walmart Of Heroin,” Best Government Money Can Buy

You might not be anonymous, thanks to genealogy databases Could Donald Trump be the last world emperor? Jim Rogers: Worst Crisis In My Lifetime Best Government Money Can Buy Watch Boston Dynamics' Humanoid Robot Do Parkour After Soyuz Failure, Space ... [Read More]