On the the next radio program: "The Threat of Surging Oil Prices" John Rubino, Michael Allen and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Gold Update – Michael Oliver

Let’s look at some short to intermediate trend charts of gold, and assess the recent drop. The drop three days ago finally and convincingly blew the bottom out of the price range that had prevailed from January to May. Gold and most markets dropped sharply together on Tuesday.  We reiterate that the long-term trend (annual momentum) of ... [Read More]

Calming our Gold Bug Nerves with Michael Oliver

Sticking to the  fundamentals, I remain convinced gold shares will soon realize spectacular gains. Still, it’s easy to get discouraged as a gold share holder when the paper markets seem oblivious to the laws of gravity while our gold shares are ... [Read More]

Earning a Good, Safe Yield on your Gold Holdings

On this week’s radio program, Keith Weiner visits for the first time while Darin Wagner, Chen Lin and Michael Oliver return. One of the major reasons given by anti-gold bugs for not owning gold is that it doesn’t provide earnings. But now, even ... [Read More]

School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem

 An excerpt if Ilana Mercer's column: The tele-experts assert that to do what he did—kill 10 and maim 13, at Santa Fe High School, in Texas—Dimitrios Pagourtzis had to be insane. Likewise, Nikolas Cruz—killer of 17 in Parkland, Florida—and many ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 5/26 – The Calm Before The Storm, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling

Amazon Echo secretly recorded a family's conversation and sent it to a random person on their contact list  GLOBAL FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN CONTINUES: Economic Growth Chokes On Massive Debt Increases The Best Explanation for Our Spate of Mass Shootings Is ... [Read More]

America 2018: Dicier by the Day

Scrape all this putrid excrescence off and we're left with a non-fantasy reality: everything is getting dicier by the day. If we look beneath the cheery chatter of the financial media and the tiresomely repetitive Russian collusion narrative (that's ... [Read More]

Ron Paul-On War, Gold, and My Years in Congress

JEFF DEIST: What makes you optimistic, what makes you pessimistic about what you see in the US? RON PAUL: Well, if I look at the big picture including a long span of time, I would say conditions aren’t that bad, even though I often talk about all ... [Read More]

Building a Better U.S. Economy

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but public trust in the federal government is eroding. Sixty years ago, 75 percent of Americans expressed faith in the government to do the right thing “most of the time” or “just about always.” Seventy-five percent! ... [Read More]

The Breaking Point Is Upon Us

Executive Summary Why despite winning battle after battle, the central banks will lose the war The viscious cycle is already underway in the Emerging Markets Turkey Argentina Brazil and Mexico (not to mention Venezuela) Italy is dragging Europe ... [Read More]

The End Of Stimulus? (And The Start Of The Crash?)

Back in January of 2016 we saw what appeared to be, and in my opinion should have been, the end of the Everything Bubble blown by the word's central banking cartel. The carnage started in the emerging markets. Highly-leveraged positions and carry ... [Read More]

Remembering Rothbard — And Bernard Malamud

By: Doug French Economics professor Bernard Malamud made the local paper today as he is retiring after teaching at UNLV for 50 years. I had Professor Malamud for a class, but darn if I can remember what the class was. Malamad showed up in 1968 ... [Read More]

Quarter Pounder with Cost Theory

By: Tho Bishop Today in stupid lawsuits we have two Florida Men suing McDonalds for not giving them a discount for asking for a Quarter Pound with Cheese without the cheese. They are asking for $5 million in damages.  As the Miami Herald ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 5/25 – Good News Friday: Routines Benefit Mental Health, Anti-Gerrymandering Effort Emerges From Senate Panel

Daily Routines Can Benefit Your Mental Health, According To A New Study & Here’s How To Kickstart Yours Stacey Abrams just won a shot to be the first black woman governor in America  We Really Only Ever Experience One Emotion Anti-gerrymandering ... [Read More]

Technical Analysis Confirm Support Level on SPX

May 24, 2018 This week presented some interesting price rotation after an early upside breakout Sunday night.  The Asian markets opened up Sunday night with the ES, NQ and YM nearly 1% higher this week.  This upside breakout resulted in a clear ... [Read More]

Offending NFL Fans Isn’t Just Bad for Owners, but Players Too

By: Tho Bishop One of the most obnoxious stories in America the past year has been the controversy over players protesting during the national anthem. While I personally sympathize with both concerns from athletes about police brutality in minority ... [Read More]

Who Killed the 10th Amendment?

By: Ilana Mercer Not a day goes by when the liberal media don’t telegraph to the world that a “Trumpocracy” is destroying American democracy. Conspicuous by its absence is a pesky fact: Ours was never a country conceived as a democracy. To arrive at ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 5/24 – Bosnia Then and Now, Are We On The Verge Of A Civil War?

Are We on the Verge of Another Civil War? Is Oil About To Become Front-Page News? “A Glut That Held Prices Down For Years Is Essentially Gone” Are Investors Finally Waking Up To The Opportunity In The Gold Market? 7 skills your child needs to survive ... [Read More]

Are We Entering a Secular Bear Market in U.S. Treasuries?

David McAlvany and Michael Oliver are returning guests on this week’s program. A massive defiance of nature’s markets has been underway thanks in large part to the big lies of Keynesian economic theory. Keynes suggested that saving isn’t important ... [Read More]

Tuesday Is A One And Done Day!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts May 23, 2018 * Currencies for the most part give back Monday's gains * Geopolitical problems arise again... Good Day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! One and done! Yesterday was a One and Done Day for more ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 5/23 – Low Oil Price Era ‘Dead,’ Economists See Potential Nightmare In New Italian Government

Low oil price era is 'dead' as crisis-stricken Venezuela risks a supply shock, analyst says China landscaping firm's shares slump after bond issue falters New Jersey Is Heading for $2.4 Billion Shortfall Without Murphy Taxes Canadian students owe ... [Read More]

The Next Recession Will Be Devastatingly Non-Linear

The acceleration of non-linear consequences will surprise the brainwashed, loving-their-servitude mainstream media.Linear correlations are intuitive: if GDP declines 2% in the next recession, and employment declines 2%, we get it: the scale and size ... [Read More]

Daniel Lacalle on Trump’s Deal with China

By: Daniel Lacalle Our friend Daniel Lacalle was interviewed recently by BBC to discuss recent developments between trade negotiations between the US and China.  On his blog, he goes on to further explain why a trade war would be particularly ... [Read More]

Bill Ryerson — Dealing With The Elephant In The Room: Overpopulation

Worldwide, three new humans are born every second. Every day, 225,000 more mouths are added to the global dinner table. Bill Ryerson, president of the Population Institute, joins us to discuss the work of the Population Media Center in addressing the ... [Read More]