On the the next radio program: "Economic and Market Consequences of Rising Interest Rates" Danielle DiMartino Booth, Michael Oliver and Ivan Bebek are guests.
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More Evidence of a Gold Bullish Declining Dollar

On January 31, 2005, I started to keep tabs on a very informal measure of “inflation.” Government accounting not only provides arbitrary means of accounting for the “cost of living,” if indeed that is what it is meant to be, but it also changes the means by which it accounts for what it costs to stay alive. For example, they use substitution and ... [Read More]

2018 Credit Markets Smile on Gold, Frown on Stocks & Bonds

Alasdair Macleod, Amir Adnani and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. Oliver’s highly accurate Structure and Momentum technical analysis is calling for bull markets in commodities and precious metals ... [Read More]

From Wall Street to Main Street

I prerecorded Alasdair Macleod of Goldmoney for next week’s radio show. In that show he discusses the credit cycle and why the die is now cast for interest rates to rise and for banks to start selling Treasuries and making loans into the real ... [Read More]

Looking into 2018 with Dr. Q. Hennigh, M. Oliver and Chen Lin

Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return to discuss the topic for the day on the radio program. The hottest gold stock on the planet during the second half of 2017 was Novo Resources. Dr. Hennigh updates us on ... [Read More]

Deneen on Liiberalism

By: David GordonWhy Liberalism Failed. By Patrick J. Deneen. Yale University Press, 2018. Xix + 225 pages.Patrick Deenen’s thoughtful book poses a challenge to libertarians. Deneen, a political theorist who teaches at Notre Dame, has with great force ... [Read More]

The FBI’s Attacks on MLK, Jr. Are Helpful Reminders for Today

By: Ryan McMakenWriting for the Wall Street Journal in 2005, federal judge and former U.S. deputy attorney general Laurence Silberman recalled how he was "shocked" to discover the extent the FBI abused its power to spy on Americans. Speaking of the ... [Read More]

The FBI’s Attacks on MLK, Jr. Are a Helpful Reminder for Today

By: Ryan McMakenWriting for the Wall Street Journal in 2005, federal judge and former U.S. deputy attorney general Laurence Silberman recalled how he was "shocked" to discover the extent the FBI abused its power to spy on Americans. Speaking of the ... [Read More]

Let’s Teach Communism

By: Frank Chodorov[A selection from One Is a Crowd by Frank Chodorov]:This is a defense of our universities. As they open their doors for another year of business they teach under a widespread suspicion of teaching communism. The suspicion is ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 1/15 – 2017 In Review, Joke Cryptocurrency Hits $2 Billion

Pandemonium and Rage in Hawaii 2017 In Review: Forecasting Intelligence A Case for Math, Not ‘Gobbledygook,’ in Judging Partisan Voting Maps My Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion and Something Is Very Wrong Use This Simple Strategy to Beat the Market ... [Read More]

The Fascinating Psychology of Blowoff Tops

Central banks have guaranteed a bubble collapse is the only possible output of the system they've created.The psychology of blowoff tops in asset bubbles is fascinating: let's start with the first requirement of a move qualifying as a blowoff top, ... [Read More]

LIVE NOW: Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Webinar (Round 2)

Round 2 of our cryptocurrency webinar with Mark Rees started at noon EST and is currently in process. If you have not yet registered for the webinar, but would like to be sent the replay video of the full event once it ends: submit a $50 payment via ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 1/13 – Surrounded By Neocons, Should Big Oil Pay For Climate Change?

Social Change Will Upend the Status Quo What If Everyone Got a Monthly Check From the Government? Surrounded By Neocons 2007 All Over Again, Part 7: Borrowers Start Scamming Desperate Lenders Silver Antidote to Bubble Craziness Here Come The ... [Read More]

Recipe Calls for a Broad Commodities Rally in 2018

At the beginning of every year, we update what’s typically one of our most popular pages, the Periodic Table of Commodity Returns. I encourage you to explore 10 years’ worth of data on basic materials such as aluminum, zinc and everything in between. ... [Read More]

Protectionism Is About Much More than Nationalism

By: Ángel Manuel García CarmonaFreedom fighters around the globe are aware of the rise of new and serious attacks against free trade. There are bilateral agreements that "harmonize" regulations and may favor crony capitalism, European agrarian policy ... [Read More]

Now’s a Great Time to Stop Meddling in Haiti

By: Ryan McMakenEarlier this week, President Trump allegedly disparaged Haiti, describing it as "sh*thole." The response has been what you might expect. It's been a torrent of demands for apologies from the Trump administration and commentary on how ... [Read More]

Off The Cuff: China’s Warning Shot

In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Wolf Richter discuss: China's Warning Shot The recent Treasury gambit is classic geopolitics Downdraft Risk Will it be possible to avoid a crash in 2018? Real Estate Is Looking Vulnerable Key markets ... [Read More]

Winning Against The Big Club

Executive Summary Taking Advantage of Subsidies The Importance of Adding New Income Streams Income-Producing Assets Hedges, Cost-Controls & Other Strategies If you have not yet read Part 1: Drowning In The Money River, available free to all readers, ... [Read More]

Drowning In The Money River

If you suspect society is unfair, that there's a different set of rules the rich live by, you're right. I've had ample chance to witness first-hand evidence of this in my time working on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Simply put: our ... [Read More]

Michael Boldin: How Decentralization Could Work

By: Michael Boldin, Jeff DeistMichael Boldin from the Tenth Amendment Center joins Jeff Deist to discuss the philosophical, electoral, and logistic realities standing in the way of creating a more politically decentralized America. Beyond thorny ... [Read More]

What Has QE Wrought?

By: Ron Paul[Editor's Note: Watch Ron Paul deliver this Special Report here.?]The Great Recession began in 2007. It didn’t take long for the money managers to recognize its severity, and that a little tinkering with interest rates would not suffice ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 1/12 – Good News Friday: Increasing Voter Registration, Blue Sky In Bejing?

99 Reasons 2017 Was A Great Year Seeking ways to get more voters registered and casting ballots Vermont Senate passes recreational marijuana bill, governor expected to sign North Carolina Is Ordered to Redraw Its Congressional Map Wal-Mart Raises ... [Read More]

Thanks, Government — Nearly Half of Puerto Rico Is Still without Power

By: Ryan McMakenIn the wake of Hurricane Maria, most of Puerto Rico lost electricity. Since electronic transactions were not longer possible under these conditions, the Federal Reserve was forced to fly a planeload of cash to the island to avoid a ... [Read More]

Crude Oil Commercials at Record Short Exposure

  By Tim Taschler, CMT, Sprott Global Resource Investments On April 10, 2017 I penned a piece called Taking A Look at Silver where I wrote: “When watching COT levels each week, what is important to me is the trend in ... [Read More]