On the the next radio program: "The Need to Focus on Income-Producing Investments" Adam Taggart and Dr. Quinton Hennigh are guests.
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Focusing on World Class Gold & Silver Discoveries Underway

Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver are returning guests on this week’s program.   Looks like Michael Oliver “nailed it” once again in his latest call to aggressively go long gold and gold shares as soon as gold were to register a weekly close above $1,825 anytime this quarter. As a technical analyst, Michael leaves the complex causes of ... [Read More]

Approaching the End of Gold’s Decline

This was a good week for “good inflation”—in other words, stocks and bonds. But that’s not to say all is well in America’s financial markets. To the contrary, I would urge you to read Alasdair’s latest article titled “Returning to sound money.” ... [Read More]

LIVE AGAIN! My participation in the MIF Conference – Nov. 12 and 13 – in Vancouver

As usual I attended and spoke at the Metals Investor Forum live in Vancouver this past November 12.  It was the first time that we had this conference in person in Vancouver (although it was also available live on the internet) since early ... [Read More]

Gold’s Rise Clears Oliver’s $1,825 Triggering the Next Bull Run

Michael Oliver has categorically stated that we need to see a weekly gold price close this quarter above $1,825 in order for the next gold bull market to begin. That was achieved on Nov. 12, 2021. The chart above left shows the monthly average price ... [Read More]

What are the Signs of Fiat Currency Destruction?

Alasdair Macleod and Roger Moss return as guest on this week’s program. Central banks now face a dilemma. Either they allow interest rates to rise to sufficient levels to tackle price inflation and lend support to their currencies, or they take ... [Read More]

Introduction to Natural Law

This article is excerpted from the first 5 chapters of The Ethics of Liberty. Audio versions of these chapters, read by Jeff Riggenbach, are available for download. 1. Natural Law and Reason (Listen to MP3) Among intellectuals who consider themselves ... [Read More]

Austrian Axioms 101

This article is unashamedly in Friedrich von Hayek’s category of “second-hand dealers of ideas”. In fact, it is lower than that being third-hand. More specifically, I, as the third-hand dealer, intend to summarize the axioms of Austrian economics by ... [Read More]

In low key move, Singapore’s central bank adds 26 tonnes to it’s gold reserves

It has just come to light that Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), added 26.35 tonnes of gold to its official monetary gold reserves over a 2 month period between May and June this year, in the process boosting its ... [Read More]

The Oklahoma National Guard Refused the Vax Mandate. The Pentagon Is Not Pleased.

Combined with the US military’s turn toward “woke” politics, this latest episode around vaccine mandates will further help to undermine support for military institutions among conservatives and Republicans. Original Article: "The Oklahoma National ... [Read More]

The Heroic Draft Dodgers of the American Civil War

In the wake of the American Civil War, one’s status as a veteran could bring significant social and economic benefits. Indeed, the Grand Army of the Republic would become an extremely influential interest group and helped fuel the early creation of ... [Read More]

Housing Hubris: Can Home Prices Spiral upward Forever?

For the Wall Street sequel, the subtitle was Money Never Sleeps. But the Oliver Stone reprisal of Gordon Gecko was the stuff of 2010. In America, a decade plus ago, money slept. Now, it truly doesn’t, with cryptocurrency prices gyrating 24/7/365. ... [Read More]

The Classical Liberal Theory of Empire

Ralph Raico examines the history and ideology of imperialism—and why the state loves war and empire so much. From the 2006 Supporters Summit: Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom, 27–28 October 2006, Auburn, Alabama. [33 minutes.]Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

3 Charts I’m Thankful for This Week

I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, love and laughter. Even if that wasn’t your experience, there’s still much to be grateful for. Below are three charts for which I happen to be most thankful this week. 1. ... [Read More]

Murray Rothbard versus the Public Choice School

Murray Rothbard was at one time good friends with Gordon Tullock, one of the founders of the public choice analysis of government, and he also corresponded on friendly terms with James Buchanan, another of the founders. Both Rothbard and the public ... [Read More]

Homicide Rates in 2020 Surged to a 24-Year High. It’s Another Sign of a Failing Regime.

Homicide rose at a remarkably fast rate in 2020. This may be a sign that the public is losing faith in the legitimacy of the regime. We see this from doubts about elections to outrage over riots and police abuse. Original Article: "Homicide Rates in ... [Read More]

We Don’t Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse to Prevent It

If one possible result of the current system is collapse, realizing the system itself must be changed isn't doom-and-gloom, it's problem-solving. Those of us who discuss collapse are generally dismissed as doom-and-gloomers, the equivalent of people ... [Read More]

Monetary Policy Is in Turmoil

Monetary policy is in turmoil. Ever since the financial crisis erupted eight years ago,* major central banks have fundamentally reformed the way they create and absorb money. Their activism has failed to extinguish the fires. There are already plans ... [Read More]

Literature and the “Class War”

[Editor's Note: This essay, a prescient blast at the then growing problem of Marxism in literary criticism, was published as an appendix in Henry Hazlitt's 1933 book The Anatomy of Criticism: A Trialogue. The same arguments, of course, apply to ... [Read More]

Joe Weisenthal Thinks Debasing the Dollar Is the Moral Thing to Do

Joe Weisenthal is an editor and host at Bloomberg who has recently been using his large Twitter platform to cast stones at the inflation hawks. In one recent thread, Weisenthal mocked the people worried about the falling purchasing power of the US ... [Read More]

Thanksgiving Table Talk

By: Robert Aro This Thanksgiving, may you never forget the words of the United States of America’s Vice-President Kamala Harris, as reported by Fox News: Prices have gone up and families and individuals are dealing with the realities of the bread ... [Read More]

Why Don’t Police Unions Protect Whistleblowers?

Sergeant Javier Esqueda of the Joliet Police Department in Illinois thought he was doing the right thing by leaking a video recorded from inside of a squad car that showed a black man, Eric Lurry, in medical distress from a drug overdose being ... [Read More]

Two Things to be Thankful For

Now on to the good things to eat--yowzah! Giving thanks for bits of beauty and good things to eat. Wishing you a multitude of both.As you'll see from this selection of recent photos, I find good things to eat beautiful. But let's start with a fiery ... [Read More]

Leonard Read, Thanksgiving, and the Essence of Americanism

By: Gary Galles Thanksgiving plays an important role in Americans’ views of ourselves and our heritage. The mere fact that it is time off from work and school cannot by itself explain how many travel to be with those they care about to celebrate. ... [Read More]

Garet Garrett’s “The Revolution Was”

Garet Garrett was among the most important figures from the literary, political, and laissez-faire economic traditions of the Old Right, but his name is hardly known today. In 1938 he penned "The Revolution Was," a remarkable essay about FDR's ... [Read More]

The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State

One of the realities that nullifies persistent interpretations of the European colonization of the Americas as a cataclysm of subjugation is the existence of state exploitation in the precontact New World. As I have recently shown, many common ... [Read More]