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Watch the movie “THE HOUSING BUBBLE” – NYC Premiere

Legendary investors Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Doug Casey, and Peter Schiff star in the film alongside economists Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, Robert Murphy, Jeff Herbener, Mark Thornton, Roger Garrison, and Patrick Barron.  Financial writers Jim Grant, David Stockman, and Gene Epstein also join the cast. The Housing Bubble Release Date - NYC ... [Read More]

Sanctions Make Russia Stronger And The Dollar Weaker

There is much I like about Donald Trump. His desire to protect American Sovereignty, to protect U.S. Borders and avoid foolish wars like those self-destructive events in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, that have in fact made America weaker financially and ... [Read More]

Currency Wars Are Rocketing Gold Higher

Some investors may think prospects of war with Iran are triggering gold’s explosive move above key resistance levels. But it seems clear that what is really causing gold to become a go to monetary metal once again are currency wars that have been ... [Read More]

Are We Now Moving Toward a Gold Standard?

Ronald Peter Stöferle, Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return this week on the radio program. Peter & his colleague have published the annual “In Gold We Trust” report. It suggests that a world awash in debt is sitting on the edge of a ... [Read More]

In Gold We Trust

I have just began reading through the 2019 updated “In Gold We Trust” by Ronald-Peter Stoeferle/Mark J. Valek in preparation for my interview with Peter on June 18. If you miss the live broadcast, you can listen to it at ... [Read More]

How Can the US Hyper-inflate With So Much Debt?

Economist John Williams, Gene Epstein and Michael Oliver return this week on the radio program. John believes the U.S. is destined for a Weimar Republic like hyper inflation. But recent history suggests that with so much debt sloshing around the ... [Read More]

Review: Capitalism in America: A History

Capitalism in America: A HistoryAlan Greenspan and Adrian WooldridgeNew York: Penguin, 2018, 486 pp. Joakim Book (j@joakimbook.com) is a graduate student at Oxford University. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 22, no. 1 (Spring 2019), full ... [Read More]

Donnie Gebert Explains That a Direct Republic is Now Possible

Like the Matrix, you cannot be told about a three-hour conversation with Donnie Gebert; you must hear it for yourself. But here’s the blurb from his book, A Direct Republic: The Null Hypothesis of Politics: All members of a direct republic sign… the ... [Read More]

Negative Rates Have Damaged Banks, But That Is Not The Worst Effect

By: Daniel Lacalle Different members of the ECB state that effects of monetary policy on banks’ profitability have been “broadly neutral”.  Many also refer to papers defending that banks lend more under a negative rate scenario. Here is a paper they ... [Read More]

Market Mania Bets the Cash Registers Go Xi Ching!

The S&P 500 is up 18% and powering toward its biggest first half since 1997. For bulls, things are great. Will they get any better? To a handful of cross-asset strategists who turned skeptical on stocks before this week’s manic sessions, that’s ... [Read More]

Next Bull and Bear Markets are Now Set Up

Sharing market analysis and my opinions every day is far from easy and sometimes I feel like a song on repeat. My focus and goal has always been to try to alert fellow traders and investors of what is unfolding now in the financial markets around the ... [Read More]

From A Trade War To A Currency War?

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts June 25, 2019 * Currencies see profit taking in the overnight markets * Russian ruble proudly displays its highest interest rate.... Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! A night off for my beloved ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/25 – Gold Jumps To Fresh High, ‘Crowding Diseases’ Threaten Migrant Children In U.S. Border Facilities

Economy Iranians say their ‘bones breaking’ under US sanctions (Sparky1) In recent weeks, Iran has threatened to break out of the deal unless European powers mitigate what it calls Trump’s “economic warfare.” Iran also appeared ready to push back ... [Read More]

The ECB’s Ultimate Attack On The Free Market System

Since March 2016, the main refinancing interest rate of European Central Bank (EZB) is zero, and since June 2014 the ECB’s deposit interest rate is in negative territory; it currently stands at –0.40 percent. This means that euro area banks get zero ... [Read More]

The Economics of Healthcare: Market Failure or Faulty Models? (Part 1)

It is commonly believed that healthcare is a sector plagued by “market failure.” A heavy dose of government intervention is therefore necessary to optimize the needs of society. A paper most commonly cited in support of that view is one published in ... [Read More]

How Oberlin College Faculty Tried to Destroy a Small Business for Imaginary Crimes

What started as a relatively obscure trial covered only by alternative conservative media has exploded into a Big Story, a modern David-defeats-Goliath tale in which a small business has won a victory in court against a well-heeled college whose ... [Read More]

Why All Proper Economics is “Free Market” Economics

By: Per Bylund There is a lot of confusion about the term "free market economics." It is not a matter of advocacy, but a description of what's studied. Just like labor economics is not a matter of standing up for working class interests, but a study ... [Read More]

How to Destroy a Civilization

There are lots of ways to kill off a civilization. Wars, politics, economic collapse. But what are the actual mechanics? It might be a useful thing to know whether or not we are killing ourselves off. Ancient Rome is a good place to start. They had ... [Read More]

Karl Smith Defends Keynesian Stimulus and Carbon Taxation

Bob Murphy has a friendly discussion and debate with Karl Smith. First, Bob pushes Karl to clarify the conditions under which government deficit spending could, even in theory, help a depressed economy. Then, they switch to the economics of climate ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 6/24 – Expertise Falling Out of Favor At Work, Who Gets to Own the West?

  Economy At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor (Adam) The ship’s most futuristic aspect, though, is its crew. The LCS was the first class of Navy ship that, because of technological change and the high cost of personnel, turned away from ... [Read More]

The Dollar Bugs Are Nowhere To Be Found!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts June 24, 2019 * Currencies & Metals continue to move higher Vs the dollar * Chuck gives us a history lesson about the beginning of the last weak dollar trend... Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! What a ... [Read More]

Black Markets Show How Socialists Can’t Overturn Economic Laws

If we consider economics to be an objective science, its rules should also have universal significance and use, despite differences in societal order. However, socialists of the materialist camp are committed to the idea that common ownership of the ... [Read More]

The Fed Fears Rising Market Interest Rates

By: Kristoffer Mousten Hansen Donald Trump has not had an easy, straight-forward relation with the Federal Reserve. He has both claimed to be a low-interest rate person and accused the Fed of keeping interest rates too low for political ... [Read More]

What is Money? | BullionStar

For something used every day by billions of people around the world, the subject of money is surprising little discussed and remains widely misunderstood.Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

The Human Cost of “Recovery”: We’re Burning Out

The asymmetries are piling up and we're cracking under the weight.Judging by the record-high stock market and the record-low unemployment rate, the "recovery" has reached new heights of prosperity. Academics and think-tankers viewing the global ... [Read More]

Elizabeth Warren’s Antitrust Crusade is an Economic and Civil Liberties Nightmare

Elizabeth Warren has made antitrust a major public policy issue in her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. She has argued that several high-tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are just too big and that they should be ... [Read More]