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Interest Rates Could Get Away from The Fed

Veteran mining analyst John Tumazos commented on his outlook for gold and the markets on January 13 and he said a couple of things I agree with that most market participants don’t see: First, he said that he ridicules both equity investors who think the Fed controls interest rates or anyone who buys government bonds or US treasuries with ... [Read More]

MIF Letter Writers Share Their Top Picks for 2021

Peter Ball, Brent Cook, Chen Lin, Eric Coffin and Gwen Preston return as guests on this week’s radio program. The junior gold and silver exploration stocks have been on fire and with massive monetary inflation required for the U.S. to fund its ... [Read More]

Dealing with the New Great Depression

Jim Rickards, Dr. Quinton Hennigh & Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s program. Denial is a state of mind used to avoid dealing with reality. We, Americans, have refused to deal with the mathematical reality & systemic ... [Read More]

The Fourth Estate’s Role in Thrusting America into Fascism

Charles Hugh Smith and Jim Greig return as guests on this week’s program. Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, ... [Read More]

What Defund the Police Gets Right

By: Andrew CowleyFor all the hullabaloo that surrounds the “Defund the Police” movement, we forget that our fellow citizens have legitimate concerns that must be openly and honestly discussed. Although the defund the police movement is surrounded by ... [Read More]

Beware the Troop-Withdrawal Bait and Switch

One becomes a hardened cynic when following US foreign policy. Such pessimism is justified: looking at nearly two decades' worth of nation building abroad and a seemingly shatterproof consensus on foreign policy interventionism in DC $6 trillion and ... [Read More]

When It Comes to National Defense, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In the debate over whether or not China will soon rise to challenge the United States as the world’s hegemon, it is often assumed that states with large aggregate economies are necessarily more militarily powerful ones. This stems from decades-old ... [Read More]

A Few Notes on Deflation/Inflation

The consensus is that asset inflation is unstoppable and forever. History begs to differ. Not unsurprisingly, people want a binary option: do we get deflation or inflation?Unfortunately, reality is messy. Broadly speaking, globalization is ... [Read More]

Custom Valuations Index suggests Precious Metals will decline before their next attempt to rally

My team prepares Custom Valuations Index charts to understand how capital is being deployed in the global markets alongside US Dollar and Treasury Yields.  The purpose of the Custom Index charts in this article is to provide better insight into ... [Read More]

2021 Gold Price Prediction, Trends, and 5-Year Forecast

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver  Most price forecasts aren’t worth more than an umbrella in a hurricane. There are so many factors, so many ever-changing variables, that even the experts usually miss the mark. Further, some ... [Read More]

The destructive force and failure of QE

This article concludes that quantitative easing as a means of stimulating economies and financing government deficits will fail. The underlying assumption is that the transmission of additional money to non-banks in order to inflate financial assets, ... [Read More]

Why the Covid Shutdowns of Public Schools Are Driving So Many to Homeschooling

The American public school system fell apart this year. The overwhelming majority of American parents found themselves remote schooling from home. No consensus exists on whether or not schools should reopen, or whether they should reopen only after ... [Read More]

What Does “Freedom” Mean? There Are Many Different Answers.

"These days most people tend to equate freedom with the possession of inalienable individual rights, rights that demarcate a private sphere no government may infringe on. But has this always been the case?" Original Article: "What Does "Freedom" ... [Read More]

The Staggering Levels of Real “Inflation-Adjusted” Gold and Silver Prices

By Ronan Manly In economics, a real value refers to any value that has been adjusted for inflation. A nominal value is a value that has not been adjusted for inflation. Inflation here refers to the general increase in price levels, Many will be ... [Read More]

Signal and Bitcoin: Twenty-First Century Tools of Personal and Economic Freedom

Key Points: Social media’s suspension of President Trump’s social media accounts should be troubling to everyone, whether you support him or not. Recall Ben Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety ... [Read More]

Inflation Breeds Even More Inflation

I. Warning against Fiduciary Media Early in the 20th century, Ludwig von Mises warned against the consequences of granting the government control over the money supply. Such a regime inevitably creates money through bank credit that is not backed by ... [Read More]

A Case for One Billion Americans?

One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Biggerby Matthew YglesiasPortfolio Penguin, 2020xx + 267 pages Matthew Yglesias, a cofounder of Vox and frequent writer for it, has some useful insights in this book. But he perfectly exemplifies a type of ... [Read More]

Covid-19 and the Socialist Calculation Problem

Just as central planners cannot know how individuals will value a product or service, so too are central planners unable to calculate or plan for the endless array of risk assessments made by potential victims of covid-19. Original Article: "Covid-19 ... [Read More]

Politics Won’t Fix the American Decline

While it is popular and accurate to blame our societal elites for being inept, the truth is that these leaders, both political and cultural, are reflections of us. Original Article: "Politics Won't Fix the American Decline" This Audio Mises Wire is ... [Read More]

Understanding Inequality Requires Much More Than Calling Everything Racist

To offer a semblance of solidarity with the working class, wealthy leftists have substituted identity politics for class conflict, and attempted to recast economic problems as problems of racism or bigotry. So, instead of assailing the manipulation ... [Read More]

What Is Fascism? It’s the System We’ve Been Living under for Decades.

[Editor's Note: In 2011, Lew Rockwell penned this thorough explanation of what fascism really is and what must be done to combat it. Fascism, unlike what the dominant media narrative asserts, has virtually nothing to do with people expressing ... [Read More]

Fed Profit = Society’s Loss

By: Robert AroGiven COVID, the mutation, lockdowns, BLM protests and riots, the storming of the Capitol, impeachment and the first Biden stimulus bill on the horizon, it’s easy to miss headlines from the Federal Reserve. On Monday, the Fed released ... [Read More]

Guido Hülsmann on The Ethics of Money Production

Guido Hülsmann's The Ethics of Money Production is a masterclass both on the fundamentals of money and the disastrous moral consequences of monetary "policy." Inflation is not only an economic problem which impoverishes us materially, but a deeply ... [Read More]