On the the next radio program: "How America’s Emerging Revolution is Similar to Cuba’s" Richard Maybury and Dr. Roger Moss are guests.
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Playing Three Card Monte With President Biden

John Rubino, Michael Oliver and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guest on this week’s program. David Stockman had a last-minute conflict with the timing of his interview with us, so John Rubino will be replacing him on today’s program, but we asked for John’s comments on David Stockman’s article. Don’t believe your eyes!  The U.S. border is ... [Read More]

More Inflation Showing Up

More hints of inflation are noticeable in our Key Market metrics with commodities up 2.55% and the T-Bond down 2.39%, meaning yields are up by a similar amount. Peter Boockvar reported that, “According to the Manheim Used Vehicle Index, prices went ... [Read More]

Can Virtual Money be backed by Gold?

Frank Holmes, Michael Hudson and Chen Lin return as guests on this weeks program. Last time we talked with Frank he suggested that China is leading the world toward a crypto currency that would be backed by gold. But does a gold-backed crypto ... [Read More]

Fed Policy is Unsurprisingly Insane

Even the Federal Reserve is now catching on to the idea that rising levels of inflation is not transitory. But the Fed still doesn’t understand that it is the primary cause of rising price levels. Print massive amounts of money to pay for trillions ... [Read More]

Can The Fed Taper Enough?

Early in this past week, equity markets were troubled by fears that China’s Evergrande insolvency would lead to a global financial pandemic. As well, Wall Street continues to believe against all evidence that inflation is transitory and thus that the ... [Read More]

Why Congress Should Default on its Debt

Washington politicos want to keep the debt going up at breakneck speed forever. But the responsible thing to do is refuse another increase to the debt ceiling and force a partial default. Politicians hate that idea because default would make it ... [Read More]

The End of the Abe Administration—The End of Abenomics? Books on Past and Present in the Japanese Political Economy

Jason Morgan ([email protected]) is associate professor at Reitaku University in Kashiwa, Japan. PRIME MINISTER ABE SHINZ?’S RESIGNATION AND THE END OF AN ERA IN JAPAN On August 28, 2020, Japanese prime minister Abe Shinz? entered a Tokyo press ... [Read More]

Why Did Google Ads Ban LewRockwell.com?

One thing struck me as especially odd about Google’s ban of LewRockwell.com from its advertising program. This was the claim that articles on this site could “undermine participation or trust in electoral or democratic process.” I suppose what is ... [Read More]

Nord Stream 2: The Value of German-Russian Cooperation

Hopefully, increased interdependence and overlapping interests will help to shape a future of stability in Europe and continue the precious absence of another major war on the continent. Original Article: "Nord Stream 2: The Value of German-Russian ... [Read More]

How the Fed’s Easy Money Spurred Today’s Financial Frenzies

Though the effective federal funds rate remains less than 0.1 percent, the reaction of the markets and financial press as the ten-year Treasury yield crossed the 1.5 percent threshold near the start of the month reminds us just how fragile our ... [Read More]

Are We Really Crazy Enough to Believe This Is Going to Work?

Unbeknownst to the giddy participants, they're not just betting on the omnipotence of the Fed Politburo, they're also making a max-leverage bet that "the madness of crowds" will never end. Imagine an economy so dominated by its central bank that all ... [Read More]

Gold looks poised for a run eerily similar to the 1970s

1976 Says Silver & Gold Have Been In This Exact Place Before By Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com   It’s frustrating to watch gold and ... [Read More]

Inflation Celebration

By: Robert Aro As reported by Reuters on Wednesday: Yes, inflation is back, and you should probably be relieved if not outright happy. It seems strange to start a news article with the above sentence. When they talk of inflation, they’re talking ... [Read More]

Review: Austrian Economics in Contemporary Business Applications

Austrian Economics in Contemporary Business Applicationsedited by Hunter HastingsAuburn, Ala.: Mises Institute, 2020, 68 pp. Fernando D’Andrea ([email protected]) is a Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. The six-chapter ... [Read More]

¿Necesita la Fed más progresistas?

By: Robert Aro El Sistema de la Reserva Federal necesitará personas que cubran el hueco dejado por la jubilación de los presidentes regionales de Dallas y Boston, que dimiten tras la revelación pública de sus actividades comerciales. El ... [Read More]

Pre-Columbian America Wasn’t Exactly a Paradise of Freedom

The story of European colonization of the Americas is popularly understood as the conquest of American Indians—the end of natives’ control of the land and the beginning of their subjugation. The contingencies of indigenous agency and geopolitics mean ... [Read More]

Why a Bear Market in Bonds Points to a Weakening Economy

After closing at 0.53 percent in July 2020 the yield on the ten-year US T-bond moved relentlessly higher, closing on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at 1.55 percent. There is a growing likelihood that the July 2020 figure of 0.53 percent might have been ... [Read More]

Billionaire Plutocrat Jamie Dimon Wants to Ditch the Debt Ceiling

At a meeting with President Binden and other CEOs last week, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon predicted a global catastrophe if the debt ceiling is not raised. Dimon was echoing the words—nearly verbatim—of Biden’s Treasury secretary Janet Yellen in ... [Read More]

Critiquing an MMT TED Talk

Bob provides a running refutation of Stephanie Kelton's recent TED talk on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest: Stephanie Kelton’s TED TalkBob’s review of Kelton’s book explaining MMTBob’s article on ... [Read More]

How “Cultural Distance” between Societies Can Hamper Economic Prosperity

Cultural disparities between national, linguistic, or cultural groups can prevent the spread of trade and hamper the adoption of useful economic strategies. Original Article: "How "Cultural Distance" between Societies Can Hamper Economic ... [Read More]

How the Debt Ceiling is Actually a TRAPDOOR

  Today’s video from Mike Maloney is a must-watch. In this clip, you’ll learn how the National Debt is a huge open pit that we are constantly digging deeper into the future, while ... [Read More]

Supply Chain Problems Continue…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   Roctober 13, 2021 * Currencies & metals get bought in the overnight markets * the Stupid CPI will print today… What will it show?  Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, that just goes to ... [Read More]

The UK’s National “Crisis”: Age-Adjusted Mortality Is at 2008 Levels

All over the world, populations have been locked up, have become fearful, and none of it can be justified. Looking at the UK, the overall death rate for 2020 is not unprecedented, and some of the increase in the death rate is likely the result of an ... [Read More]

Everything Solid Melts into Air

That the neofeudal lords and their lackeys offer the debt-serfs "choices" of forced labor would be comic if the results weren't so tragic. We know we're close to the moment when Everything Solid Melts into Air when extraordinary breakdowns are ... [Read More]