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All Sign Point to Inflation

Wow! It’s getting harder and harder not to take rising inflation seriously. My IDW rose 1.1% during the week to hit a new high of 187.66. And while Equities rose a bit, the real zingers were Copper (+6.29%), Silver (+6.11%), Housing (+4.90%), and the Rogers Raw Materials Index (+3.85%). This is in keeping with the rise of commodity prices since ... [Read More]

Is Inflation Transitory?

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group, visits for the first time and Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources will update us on the growth of that company’s tier-one gold discovery in Ontario. Quinton ... [Read More]

Are Rapidly Rising Prices Transitory?

Two metrics that stand out in our weekly table are the Rogers Raw Materials Index, up 2.22%, and the T-Bond (TLT), which went down 1.01%, meaning that interest rates rose. You might expect rates to rise when money flows into equities but U.S. ... [Read More]

Real Inflation Pushing Forward

James Turk, the founder of Gold Money,  tweeted my IDW graphic last weekend, stating the following: “Measures of #inflation by private sources are more reliable than US gov't stats. The true impact of #federalreserve money printing is worse than ... [Read More]

Keynes Thought Scarcity Would Disappear in the Near Future. Boy, Was He Wrong.

The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynesby Zachary D. CarterRandom House, 2021 [2020]xxii + 628 pages For many people, though not, to be sure, readers of The Austrian, John Maynard Keynes ranks as the greatest ... [Read More]

April Jobs Print Only 266,000

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   May 10, 2021   Good day…. And a Marvelous Monday to you… This will be the shortest Pfennig on record, as I almost didn’t answer the bell this morning… My cold took a turn for the worse, and I pulled a ... [Read More]

Here’s How ‘Everything Bubbles’ Pop

But weirdly, and irrationally, bubbles pop anyway. At long last, the moment you've been hoping for has arrived: you're pitching your screenplay to a producer. Your agent is cautious but you're confident nobody else has concocted a story as outlandish ... [Read More]

Should the State Support the Arts?

Ought the state to support the arts? There is certainly much to be said on both sides of this question. It may be said, in favor of the system of voting supplies for this purpose, that the arts enlarge, elevate, and harmonize the soul of a nation; ... [Read More]

An Autoethnographic Account of the Free Market: My Father

Instead of approaching the free market abstractly, in this short series, I’ll approach it from the standpoint of my own experience. In short, I’ll treat the free market in an autoethnographic account. Autoethnography is just what the word suggests: ... [Read More]

No Country Has Ever Taxed Itself into Prosperity

We’ll be hosting a webcast on Monday, May 10, 2021, at 7:30 a.m. Central time to discuss our results for the third quarter 2021. An update on HIVE Blockchain Technologies, our strategic exposure to the crypto asset boom, will also be discussed. To ... [Read More]

Thanks to Covid Stimulus, Employers Can’t Find Workers. Montana’s Governor Is Having None of It

By: Alice SallesMontana governor Greg Gianforte has had enough of President Joe Biden’s covid relief bills. Instead of paying people to stay unemployed, he’s giving them a bonus for finding work.After scrapping what he called the “impractical ... [Read More]

Rothbard on the Betrayal of the American Right

America's "Old Right"—rooted in 19th century liberalism but birthed in the 1930s to oppose the New Deal—was strongly laissez-faire and non-interventionist. Murray Rothbard wrote the comprehensive story of that movement, it's influences and influence, ... [Read More]

An American Classical Liberalism

Every four years, as the November presidential election draws near, I have the same daydream: that I don't know or care who the president of the United States is. More importantly, I don't need to know or care. I don't have to vote or even pay ... [Read More]

Hey Fed, Explain Again How Making Billionaires Richer Creates Jobs

Despite their hollow bleatings about 'doing all we can to achieve full employment', the Fed's policies has been Kryptonite to employment, labor and the bottom 90%--and most especially to the bottom 50%, the working poor that one might imagine most ... [Read More]

Decentralization and Political Satisfaction

By: Kyle WardAs the State grows larger and more centralized, combat in the political arena will grow more desperate and extreme because there is more to be won and lost in each conflict. The States are trapped in an unhealthy relationship that ... [Read More]

Social Media’s Algorithms Aren’t Really Controlling You

Senator Josh Hawley’s just-published The Tyranny of Big Tech (Regnery, 2021) raises important issues. Hawley asks, for example, Do Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censor views that that their managers do not like? It seems clear that the answer is ... [Read More]

Due Process on Campus Keeps Justice on the Streets

Politics moves from campus to Main Street. The next political attack is likely to be on due process—the foundation of Western justice itself. Much depends on which side of the current debate on campus sexual misconduct hearings wins. Does a person ... [Read More]

Charlie Munger’s Oddly Desperate Attack on Bitcoin

By: Connor MortellRecently, Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger spoke vehemently against bitcoin and other cryptocurrency claiming that “I don’t welcome a currency that’s so useful to kidnappers and extortionists and so forth, nor do I ... [Read More]

The State of Modern Economics

Peter G Klein is Carl Menger Research Fellow of the Mises Institute and W.W. Caruth Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business. He is also senior research fellow at Baylor’s Baugh Center for ... [Read More]

Joe Biden, Stock Market Hero

By: Robert AroThe CNN headline news article says it all:Biden at 100 days: Hottest stock market since JFKSounds like quite the accomplishment! As reported, the S&P 500 is up a whopping 8.6% since Biden took office, the largest gain since 1961. ... [Read More]

The US Recovery Is Weak, Especially Given the Size of the “Stimulus”

It seems that governments want to convince us that they have saved the world when the reality is that the misguided lockdowns were the cause of the economic debacle and lifting them is the main cause of the recovery.  Original Article: "The US ... [Read More]

Three Reasons Why the Biden Tax Increase Makes No Sense

Anyone who believes the “rich” and large corporations will pay for $28 trillion in debt or the $2 trillion in new deficit has a real problem with math. Biden’s announcement of a massive tax increase on businesses and wealthier segments of the ... [Read More]

Gold & Silver Begin New Advancing Cycle Phase

May 3, 2021 Before going into detail regarding my latest research and cycle phases, I want you to think of these cycle phases as Advancing and Declining cycle trends.  They act as a “build-up of trend”, then an “unwinding of trend”.  ... [Read More]