On the the next radio program: "Our Dysfunctional Government is Good News!" Richard Maybury and John Kaiser are guests.
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Our Dysfunctional Government is Good News!

Richard Maybury and John Kaiser return as guests on this week’s radio program. Constant lament is heard on the mainstream media that the government isn’t doing enough. Our Founding Fathers would rejoice if they were aware of our dysfunctional government because an emasculated government is exactly what they designed.  They ... [Read More]

Are U.S. Equities Due to Rise Forever?

Chris Hamilton, who was my guest last week on my radio show, makes a very strong case for a perpetual decline in GDP, given not only a declining rate of population growth but also an outright decline in the number of working-age adults. Like Harry ... [Read More]

Deciphering the Fed for Financial Survival

Chris Hamilton visits for the first time. Michael Oliver and Peter Tallman return.  Michael has assured us we are in the early stages of a bull market in commodities with gold in the lead and a bear market in the dollar and T-Bonds. How do those ... [Read More]

Jeff Sessions’s Drug-War Fanaticism Highlights a Growing Gap Between DC and the States

By: Ryan McMakenIn recent years, numerous states have been passing new reforms of the long-abused civil asset forfeiture in which police agencies seize private property without any due process. At least 11 states, plus the District of Columbia, have ... [Read More]

Why Some People Are Poorer than Others

By: Henry HazlittThroughout history, until about the middle of the 18th century, mass poverty was nearly everywhere the normal condition of man. Then capital accumulation and a series of major inventions ushered in the Industrial Revolution. In spite ... [Read More]

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts

Dear Daily Pfennig Readers... It's our pleasure to be here, filling in for our dear friend Chuck Butler while he's on vacation. To introduce ourselves, we're Mary Anne and Pamela Aden. We write The Aden Forecast letter, and we've been happily ... [Read More]

Our Dysfunctional Government is Good News!

Jay introduces the guests and sponsors for the day’s show, gives reasons why the dysfunctional Federal Government is a good thing and gives news on Novo Resources. John Kaiser is researching some of Jay’s favorite gold stocks and provides his ... [Read More]

There Is Only One Empire: Finance

Any nation-state that meets these four requirements is fully exposed to a global loss of faith in its economy, debt, balance of payments and currency.There's an entire sub-industry in journalism devoted to the idea that China is poised to replace the ... [Read More]

An Evening with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

By: Judge Andrew P. NapolitanoIncludes an introduction by Lew Rockwell, as well as a Question and Answer Period. Recorded on the campus of Auburn University on 24 July 2017. Hosted by the Mises Institute.Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

Congress Loves to Slap Sanctions on Foreign Regimes — But Do They Ever Work?

By: Ron PaulThis week’s expected House vote to add more sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea is a prime example of how little thought goes into US foreign policy. Sanctions have become kind of an automatic action the US government takes when it ... [Read More]

In the Footsteps of Rome: Is Renewal Possible?

Once the shared memories of these values are lost, the Empire ceases to exist; there is nothing left to reform or renew.Is renewal / recovery from systemic decline possible? The history of the Roman Empire is a potentially insightful place to start ... [Read More]

A Mixed Hero: A Libertarian Reassessment of Elon Musk

By: Konrad GrafMany libertarians seem to love to hate Elon Musk these days. His crime is to live off the public purse. His companies would be bankrupt without green subsidies and cheap government loans and contracts. He seeks out favorable terms from ... [Read More]

What I Learned from Murray Rothbard

By: Thomas E. Woods, Jr.Watch the opening lecture of Mises University 2017 LIVE! Includes a welcome by Jeff Deist and faculty introductions by Joseph T. Salerno.Mises Insitute members can attend Virtual Mises University for free.Mises University is ... [Read More]

Week in Review: July 22, 2017

By: Mises InstituteHealthcare once again dominated the headlines as Republicans continue to struggle in their efforts to replace Obamacare. Of course, as Ryan McMaken noted this week, that’s part of the Republicans' problem. The obsessions of ... [Read More]

Should Libertarians Care about the Constitution?

By: Brion McClanahan, Allen Mendenhall, Jeff DeistLysander Spooner called it "The Constitution of no authority." Conservatives fetishize it, but don't follow it. Progressives want it annulled. So, what should libertarians think about America's ... [Read More]

An Interview with Bettina Bien Greaves

By: Bettina Bien GreavesToday is Bettina Bien Greaves 100th birthday. Mrs. Greaves is a truly special person, and without her the Mises Institute would not be what it is today.Along with her husband Percy, she attended Ludwig von Mises's seminars at ... [Read More]

When We Can No Longer Tell the Truth…

Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness.When we can no longer tell the truth because the truth will bring the whole rotten, fragile status quo down in a heap of broken promises and lies, we've reached the perfection ... [Read More]

Money Supply Growth Falls Again, Dropping to 105-Month Low

By: Ryan McMakenGrowth in the supply of US dollars fell again in May, this time to a 105-month low of 5.4 percent. The last time the money supply grew at a smaller rate was during September 2008 — at a rate of 5.2 percent. The money-supply metric ... [Read More]

Preparing for THE Bottom: Part 4 – Gold Stocks and Bonds

In the first part of the Preparing for THE Bottom series, we emphasized the need to be sure to stay alert and focused in the precious metals market, even though it may not appear all that interesting. We argued that preparing for the big moves in ... [Read More]

Chuck Butler’s: What’s Draghi Have Up His Sleeve Today?

Chuck Butler's: A Pfennig For Your Thoughts                              July 20, 2017 * Euro traders get cold feet... * But they'll be back! * Gold down, Oil up...   Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! It's an infusion day for me, ... [Read More]

The Death Spiral of Financialization

Each new policy destroys another level of prudent fiscal/financial discipline.The primary driver of our economy--financialization--is in a death spiral. Financialization substitutes expansion of interest, leverage and speculation for real-world ... [Read More]

Here’s the True Definition of a Recession — It’s Not About GDP

By: Frank ShostakAccording to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the institution that dates the peaks and troughs of the business cycles,A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more ... [Read More]