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Will Financial Cancer Plus COVID-19 End Fiat Currencies?

Guests include Alasdair Macleod, John Rubino and Ivan Bebek on this week’s episode of the program. Elites are scrambling frantically to keep their fraudulent pickpocket-fiat-monetary scheme alive as COVID-19 craters markets & the global economy. Last week Charles Hugh Smith suggested that with the real economy hit directly the elite must ... [Read More]

Unthinkable Changes

Hurtling Toward Oblivion, by Richard A. Swenson, M.D., was written in 1999. He had the following to say about exponential change. First in the early 1970s, we were warned about exponential curves. Then we thought better of the situation and decided ... [Read More]

Why Are Things Falling Apart?

Charles Hugh Smith & Michael Oliver return as guests while Michael Hudson appears for the first time. Mainstream pundits on CNBC & Fox Business channels have been talking about what a great economy Americans have enjoyed with stocks ... [Read More]

Dr. Quinton Hennigh and the Coronavirus’ Challenges

Dr. Quinton Hennigh discussed with me the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic and explained how he is responding to that challenge to ensure the safety of employees in companies he has some responsibility for like Novo Resources, Irving Resources ... [Read More]

Blood in the Streets

“Blood in the Streets” is the only way to describe last week’s market action. Even after a late 9+% surge in the equity markets on Friday, the S&P lost 1.29% on the week. But what is striking is there was no “safe haven” this week as panic ... [Read More]

‘Ask Anything’ Coronavirus+Markets Live Q&A Webinar #3

Chris and I just discovered we have a free window of time tonight and will be holding another 1-hour live "ask anything" Q&A webinar this evening, Friday, Feb 27 at 7:30pmET/4:30pmPT. Why is this event restricted to Peak Prosperity's premium ... [Read More]

Human Action Part Four with Dr. Jeffrey Herbener

We dive into Part Four of Human Action with Professor Jeffrey Herbener, Chair of the Economics Department at Grove City College. This is a fantastic discussion of money and market exchange, with Mises proving timely as ever given the current ... [Read More]

Market Mayhem Update: Is It Safe To Re-Enter?

After last week’s continued meltdown, stocks rebounded sharply earlier this week, with Tuesday’s gains setting an all-time one-day record for both point and percentage gain: Questions we’re now hearing from PP.com readers over the ... [Read More]

Eminent Domain: Are Holdouts Really a Problem?

Eminent domain gives the government the power to take over private property for public use. A popular argument that this interference with private property is needed goes like this: We can’t measure subjective utility, but we can take increases ... [Read More]

Governments Can’t Fix This Economic Crisis They Caused

Before analyzing the emergency plans that the global economy needs, we must remember that, as in the past, the prudence and responsibility of the civil society and businesses will help us to get out of this crisis . In the face of an unprecedented ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 3/27 – Good News Friday: The Virus Can Be Stopped, Why Germany’s Death Rate Is Far Lower Than Other Countries

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to dd@peakprosperity.com with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. ... [Read More]

The Benefits of a Free Society during Pandemics

In this time of crisis, many exclaim how impressed they are by the “swift and decisive” actions by the Chinese regime. Instead of recognizing the abhorrent disrespect for human life, the Chinese response is put forth as an exemplar for ... [Read More]

Coronavirus: The High Cost Of Being Wrong

Picking up from yesterday’s video rebutting the latest media campaign of “It’s not going to be that bad” opinion pieces from ‘experts’, Chris investigates the cost of being wrong in these predictions. This is ... [Read More]

Diversification versus Risk

It is widely held that financial asset prices fully reflect all available and relevant information, and that adjustments to new information is virtually instantaneous. This way of thinking which is known as the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is ... [Read More]

The Noncrime Known as “Price Gouging”

Thank goodness for the First Amendment and social media! The former has allowed amateur comedians to flourish and share their wares via the latter, mostly in the form of humorous memes. It’s come in handy by providing comic relief as concern ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 3/26 – Ending Social Distancing Will Lead To More Deaths, That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

Economy Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients (Jade M.) The conversations are driven by the realization that the risk to staff amid dwindling stores of protective equipment — such as masks, gowns and ... [Read More]

Daniel Jafari : Life at the Center of the COVID Storm

Anish discusses the COVID19 pandemic with Dr. Daniel Jafari, an emergency physician and surgical critical care specialist working at the North Shore University Hospital in New York. Dr. Jafari speaks to us about watching the pandemic unfold, the ... [Read More]

BullionStar – Important Update 27 March 2020

BullionStar is still open for business and accepts physical precious metals orders | Bullion Stock Inventory Update | Business continuity updatePowered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

COVID-19 and the Planners’ Need to Plan

A few days ago, I received an email addressing the ongoing COVID-19 situation from the Wyoming State Bar, of which I am a member. Attached to the email was a thirty-page PDF entitled Wyoming Judicial Branch: Respiratory Disease Pandemic Plan. The ... [Read More]

Why Taiwan Hasn’t Shut Down Its Economy

As the Austrian school of economics demonstrates in the calculation theory of socialism, no central planning body has the capacity to organize society based on coercive mandates. The main reason is that the central planner is unable to obtain all the ... [Read More]

If You Die From The Coronavirus, What Will Happen To Your Assets?

This is an update to Peak Prosperity’s report on estate planning, which the coronavirus pandemic has suddenly and sadly made very relevant. Everyone with a family should take the time to read this. Millions of us are now under home lockdown ... [Read More]

Politicians Have Used This Crisis to Remind Us They’re Mostly Wannabe Dictators

The virus has unleashed petite tyrants to haunt their tiny jurisdictions, using the cover of crisis to arrogate powers belonging to the people. Witness Robert J. Taylor, mayor of Ostrander, Ohio (population: 643 in the 2010 census), who just ... [Read More]

The Government’s Pandemic Strategy Is a Reckless One

The current coronavirus strategy of most governments is a recipe for a worldwide economic disaster. In many countries, the strategy of confinement and forcing shops to close is a surefire path to large-scale business failures. The cascade of economic ... [Read More]

Coronavirus: Listening To (And Rebutting) The Critics

All through February and into early March, the media was awash with headlines that scoffed “Don’t worry — it’s just the flu”. While most of those news outlets have pivoted and are now more likely to print sensationally ... [Read More]

More than Half of All US COVID-19 Deaths Occur in Only Four States

As of March 24, nearly 30 percent of all the COVID-19 deaths in the United States have occurred in New York state. Of the 910 deaths reported so far in the US, 271 happened in New York. Washington State was in second place, with 13 percent of the ... [Read More]