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A Big Risk-Off Week

Given a need to travel on Friday, I’m commenting here on the basis of a four-day work week, so things could change dramatically tomorrow. But this is one of the biggest risk-off weeks in quite a while with everything down except T-Bonds. But this is nothing but a con game played by the Fed over and over again, manipulating public opinion to believe ... [Read More]

COVID 19 and Limits to Global Growth

Robert Moriarty, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Jeff Deist return as guests on this week’s program. The Club of Rome warns that “the earth’s interlocking resources–the global system of nature in which we all live–probably cannot support present rates of ... [Read More]

The Party is over & our “Friends” Have Gone Home!

It’s been quite a party for America since World War II and especially since 1971 when President Nixon threw open the monetary liquor cabinet to Americans by detaching gold from money. That meant Americans didn’t have to work for their wealth because ... [Read More]

Pretending the US is Solvent

Except for gold, all the key market metrics were up this week. I have a feeling—it’s only a feeling—that some of gold’s weakness may be due to price manipulation by the bullion banks to shape a bearish psychology before June 24 when Basel III goes ... [Read More]

Will Basel III Lead to Honest Gold Price Discovery?

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return. Bullion banks and central banks have controlled the rise in gold prices through the application of newly-printed money to create fake supply and allow nearly infinite leverage in the ... [Read More]

Auberon Herbert: «Rechazar la imposición en todas sus formas»

By: Gary Galles El voluntariado. Es un término incómodo. Sin embargo, es lo que el filósofo político Auberon Herbert denominó como el único acuerdo social que respetaba la autoposesión de las personas—cooperación mutuamente voluntaria y no ... [Read More]

Medical Staffing and the Revolutionary Innovations We Need

A new world of medical entrepreneurship is growing. Concierge and cash-only practices, walk-in cash clinics, medical tourism, and cost-sharing plans are just a few of the ways free-market approaches are changing the landscape. Our expert speakers ... [Read More]

Can Economics Save Medicine?

A new world of medical entrepreneurship is growing. Concierge and cash-only practices, walk-in cash clinics, medical tourism, and cost-sharing plans are just a few of the ways free-market approaches are changing the landscape. Our expert speakers ... [Read More]

Explaining Malinvestment and Overinvestment

Mainstream macroeconomists may—and do—disagree with such an assessment, but Austrian macroeconomists rightly consider the Misesian/Hayekian1 theory of the business cycle to be one of the signal achievements of the entire Austrian School of thought. ... [Read More]

Central Banks See No Way out of the Low Interest Rate Trap

Since the 1980s, slower economic growth in the industrial countries has been accompanied by declining interest rates. They have even turned negative in more recent years. At the same time, investment, productivity, and real GDP growth all have ... [Read More]

Front-Running the Crash

What if everyone in the market realizes it's now the moment to front-run the crash? We have a fine-sounding word for running with the herd: momentum. When the herd is running, those who buy what the herd is buying and sell what the herd is selling ... [Read More]

The Ratification Debate: A Standing Army vs. the Militias

[This passage is excerpted from Murray N. Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty, vol. 5, The New Republic: 1784–1791.]  One of the most important aspects of the proposed Constitution was its authorization for a permanent national standing army, a striking ... [Read More]

Why Joe Biden Is Keeping the Cap on SALT Deductions

When the Trump administration pushed capping the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes (SALT), the plan was billed as a way to punish Democrats in high-tax states. But the move also increased federal revenues by as much as $100 billion. Now ... [Read More]

Why the Regime’s Regulatory Power Is a Standing Threat to America

Whenever some foreign regime that is independent of the U.S. Empire goes after dissenters, U.S. officials trot out the First Amendment to show how different the United States is. Here, people are free to criticize government officials without fear of ... [Read More]

Critical Race Theory and Our Weaponized Schools

Government schools have always been tools of the regime for teaching state-approved ideology and culture. The rise of critical race theory is just the latest phase for America's public schools system. Be sure to follow Radio Rothbard at ... [Read More]

Wages, Prices, and the Demand for Money: Keynes Got It All Wrong

Markets clear. Or so was the accumulated wisdom in the half century before John Maynard Keynes. The British economist proposed a novel theory of economics in 1936 based on the opposite premise: markets don’t clear. While Keynesian theory is quite ... [Read More]

The Fed Plans to Raise Interest Rates—Years from Now

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee voted to continue with a target federal funds rate of 0.25 percent, and to continue with large-scale asset purchases. According to the committee’s press release: The Committee decided ... [Read More]

Capitalism Isn’t a Modern Invention. It’s Medieval.

During the eighteenth century, capitalism in Europe “took off” in a way it had not done before, and as a result the West surpassed all other areas of the world in economic growth. What led to this transformation? Max Weber offers the most famous ... [Read More]

USA 2021: Capitalism for the Powerless, Crony-Socialism for the Powerful

The only dynamic that's even faintly "capitalist" about America's Crony-Socialism is the price of political corruption is still a "market." The supposed "choice" between "capitalism" and "socialism" is a useful fabrication masking the worst of all ... [Read More]

Auberon Herbert : “Reject Compulsion in Every Form”

By: Gary Galles Voluntaryism. It is an awkward term. Yet that was what political philosopher Auberon Herbert called the only social arrangement that respected people’s self-ownership—mutually voluntary, noncoercive cooperation. Government ... [Read More]

Biden Is Trying to Seize Control of Local Land-Use Regulations

In recent years, there’s been a push to move zoning decisions further from the local level. In 2019, Oregon passed House Bill 2001, making it the first statewide law to abolish single-family zoning in many areas. By expanding the state government’s ... [Read More]

Why Didn’t China Industrialize First?

By: Lipton Matthews Historians still ponder why, despite its dominance in prior centuries, China failed to industrialize before Europe. Some contend that the culture of conformity engendered by Confucianism prevented the influx of disruptive ideas ... [Read More]

The Value of Taking Risks

  Curiosity and Its Twelve Rules for Liveby F. H. BuckleyEncounter Books, 2021xx + 228 pages Frank Buckley, a Canadian-born lawyer who teaches at the Scalia School of Law at George Mason University, has given us in this remarkable book a philosophy ... [Read More]

Matt Asher Talks to Jeff Deist about the Reality of Post Covid America

Matt Asher is an investor, writer, and host of The Filter podcast. He has a background in journalism and statistics. Matt Asher: My guest today on The Filter is Jeff Deist. Jeff is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public ... [Read More]