On the the next radio program: "Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance" William Engdahl, Peter Tallman and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Flying Toward Gold Mining Profits with Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes, Amir Adnani and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. Frank heads up U.S. Global Investors that manages a host of mutual funds and now has two unique ETF’s: NYSE-JETS, an ETF that invests largely in commercial air lines, and NYSE-GOAU that invests in gold mining companies. U.S. Global’s diverse portfolio of ... [Read More]

How Much Longer Can the American Empire Run on Fake Money?

Gold rocketed to nearly $1,365 on Wednesday in New York, which is well above the $1,350 that Michael Oliver suggests is when technical price watchers will finally start to head into the yellow metal and related investments like gold stocks. But alas ... [Read More]

Ron Paul Warns of Tariffs and Rising Economic Storms

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is a guest on the radio program along with Michael Oliver and Ivan Bebek of Auryn Resources. President Trump seeks to restore jobs by placing a tariff against imported goods from China. ... [Read More]

Waco: 25 Years Later

By: James Bovard 25 years ago this morning, FBI tanks were busy collapsing the home of the Branch Davidians atop their heads. FBI was also gassing the children, women, and men - leading to a conflagration that left 76 people dead. Waco shows that it ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 4/19 – The Civil War Is At Home, Don’t Wait Too Long to Leave the Party

Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image Don’t Wait Too Long to Leave the Party What It's Like to Live in America Without Broadband Internet Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alibaba founder tells US Our ... [Read More]

Palladium Continues To Soar!

And now… Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts… April 19, 2018 * Chuck tells us why we should look to buy euros... * Silver finally gets back above $17! Good Day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Another cold and snowy day in Chicago ... [Read More]

Gold – A Unique Repeat of the 2007 and How to Profit

April 18, 2018 Since Spring is in the air here are some colorful charts and show you where we feel the price of gold and stocks are within the current market cycles. Below are monthly charts of the SP500 index and the price of gold. The first ... [Read More]

Gratitude and Wonder for the Internet

By: Gary North This is a simple video, cheap to produce, and free to post. It is about the fact of its own existence. The talking head is the remarkable investigator James Corbett.We are witnessing an incomparable transformation of world ... [Read More]

The Mises Lecture That Inspired Ron Paul to Run for Congress

By: Tho Bishop It's amazing what you can find in the Mises digital archives.Here is a lecture by Ludwig von Mises on Socialism that he gave at the University of Houston. In the audience was a doctor from Lake Jackson, TX. After listening to this ... [Read More]

Historical Controversies Podcast: Season 3

By: Mises Institute Today, Chris Calton kicked-off the third season of his Historical Controversies podcast, which will recount the controversial history of the American Civil War.The complete series (including Seasons 1 and 2) is available on ... [Read More]

Peak Politico

By: Tho Bishop From Politico today:Relevant articles:The Myth of Fed Independence by Murray RothbardBurns Diary Exposes the Myth of Fed Independence by Doug FrenchSteve Mnuchin Defends the Myth of Fed Independence by Tho Bishop  Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

The Short Squeeze/Melt-Up

The Short Squeeze/Melt-Up We Predicted Started Today April 17, 2018 The US majors are all nearly 1% higher for the day with the NASDAQ up over 2.25%.  Our analysis of the markets was DEAD ON.  We called the 2678 level on the ... [Read More]

Tax Day 2

And now… Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts… April 18, 2018 * Platinum is shining once again! * Chuck treats us to a snippet of his DTL writings... Good Day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, if you are a tax preparer ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 4/18 – Healthcare Costs Out Of Control, How To Save Your Privacy

Venezuelan farms have begun feeding their workers — so they don't faint from hunger A family was billed $937 for a baby's ointment—and that's more than most Americans can afford State budget reserve could run out after two more years of funding ... [Read More]

Our Strange Attraction to Self-Destructive Behaviors, Choices and Incentives

Self-destruction isn't a bug, it's a feature of our socio-economic system.The gravitational pull of self-destructive behaviors, choices and incentives is scale-invariant, meaning that we can discern the strange attraction to self-destruction in the ... [Read More]

Trump Nominates Another Obama-Approved Federal Reserve Nominee

By: Tho Bishop In no area has President Trump differed more from his campaign rhetoric than the field of monetary policy. Yesterday Trump announced the nominations of Richard Clarida and Michelle Bowman to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, ... [Read More]

Bring Back Interest Rates!

By: Jeff Deist Let interest rates rise. Better yet, let interest rates function in the marketplace, wholly independent of central bank attempts at rate-setting or targeting.How? Not through a laughably small and slow process of Fed tapering, but ... [Read More]

Flying Toward Gold Mining Profits with Frank Holmes

Jay introduces the guests for the program, gives sponsor updates and Michael Oliver provides his usual guidance on key equity, debt and precious metals markets. Amir Adnani, CEO, President and Director of Uranium Energy, talks about the trend of ... [Read More]

Palladium Rally Driving Other Metals to Move?

Many months ago we made an interesting call in Palladium and alerted to this setup on January 24th, 2018.  This nearly perfect call included our future price expectations using our advanced ADL price modeling system.  Today, we are refreshing that ... [Read More]

It’s Tax Day…

And now… Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts… April 17, 2018 * Chuck goes down a rabbit hole... * HKMA spends $1.7 Billion with a B to defend honkers... Good Day... And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Cold, blowing snow, and it was April ... [Read More]

The Gains from Trade

By: Mark Thornton Here is a simple example of the gains from trade. The exact some physical goods has different subjective values for their owners and both benefit from exchange!  Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 4/17 – Doctors Battle Drug-Resistant Typhoid Outbreak, The End Of Reality

Morgan Stanley Warns Markets the Best Times May Be Near an End The End Of Reality Google works out a fascinating, slightly scary way for AI to isolate voices in a crowd Two American Power Centers Are About to Clash ‘We’re Out of Options’: Doctors ... [Read More]