On the the next radio program: "Note to Fed: The Laws of Math Still Apply" John Rubino, Patrick Highsmith and Chen Lin are guests.
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Beating the S&P 500 with Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy, Patrick Highsmith and Michel Oliver return as this week’s guests. Over the last 16 months, Kevin Duffy’s conservative “Coffee Can Portfolio” has gained 54.14% compared to a gain of 43.80% for the S&P 500. He did that despite 20.22% in reserves, 7.71% in portfolio insurance, 18.15% in gold stocks. Unlike the S&P 500, the ... [Read More]

Inflation and More Coming

This week was all about inflation with the CPI hitting 7.0%, a 39-year high, and the PPI hitting 9.7%, which is strongly suggesting there is a lot more inflation ahead of us. The PPI would have been even higher were it not for a temporary 6% decline ... [Read More]

The Ruling Elite Back in Charge

It was another “Inflation on” week with my IDW reaching another new high. It rose from 173.87 last week to 175.65 as of today. No doubt inflationary pressures and increased equity prices have put some downward pressure on the T-Bond. With rising ... [Read More]

Stop Trying to Turn Economics into a Branch of Psychology

Recently, a relatively new economics called behavioral economics (BE) has started to gain popularity. Its practitioners, such as Daniel Kahneman, Vernon Smith, and Richard Thaler, were awarded Nobel Prizes for their contribution in the field of ... [Read More]

Can You Say Marginal Rate of Substitution?

Once, when my newborn son was barely back from the hospital, I was holding him in my arms with my wife looking on. I asked him, "Can you say marginal rate of substitution?" My wife recognized that as a bit of economics jargon and accused me of trying ... [Read More]

Gold & Silver Prices Surge On Wednesday!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   January 20, 2022   * The dollar remained steady on Wednesday... * Bonds are off to their worst start in 22 years!    Good Day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to one and all! Another Chamber ... [Read More]

Down with Legal Tender

When one studies the history of money, one cannot help wondering why people should have put up for so long with governments exercising an exclusive power over 2,000 years that was regularly used to exploit and defraud them. This can be explained only ... [Read More]

The Municipal Convention Center Racket Is Alive and Well

The crown jewel of Las Vegas trade shows, the Consumer Electronics Show, just left town having attracted only a quarter of the show’s typical attendance. At the same time, the Consumer Electronics Show was the first big test for Elon Musk’s Boring ... [Read More]

The Louisiana Purchase and the Corruption of the Jeffersonians

The Revolution of 1800 removed the Hamiltonians from power, and in Jefferson's first term, America witnessed a major reduction of federal power. In his second term, however, an offer by French Emperor Napoleon to purchase the Louisiana territory ... [Read More]

Choose One, But Only One: Defend the Billionaire’s Bubble or the U.S. Dollar and Empire

The Empire is striking back, protecting what really counts, and the Billionaire Bubble sideshow is folding its tents. One of the most enduring conceits of the modern era is that the Federal Reserve acts to goose growth and therefore employment while ... [Read More]

Germany’s New Green Stimulus Plan Won’t Fix the Economy

Recently, there has been a debate in Germany on the constitutionality of additional government borrowing of €60 billion. The borrowing is debated because Germany has a constitutional debt brake. The debt brake limits the possibility of the government ... [Read More]

Silver Takes Off! To The Moon?

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   January 19, 2022   * dollar gets bought on Tuesday, and sold overnight! * Chuck takes us through the history of the CPI...    Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, wonders never ... [Read More]

Retail Sales For Christmas/ December Print Negative, And The Dollar Rallies?

Daily Pfennig January 18, 2022 * yesterday's low volume garnered dollar buying...  * China cuts their key interest rate...  Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! If you’ve ever wondered, wondered whatever happened to me… ... [Read More]

Why They Want To Keep the “Health Emergency” Going Forever

Last month, Colorado governor Jared Polis ended statewide mask mandates and social-distancing provisions, stating that "the emergency is over." This, of course, does not mean Colorado is now laissez-faire in terms of covid. Public higher education ... [Read More]

Why Moderates Attack Radicals

In all times of state dominance, the instability of the system gives rise to two types of reformers: the moderates who want to work within the system but end up defending it, and the radicals who have the clarity to see that the only real solution is ... [Read More]

The Billion Dollar Board

By: Robert Aro The Federal Reserve currently has a board composed of five people. At $970 million spent on board expenditures in 2021, this equates to an average cost of $194 million per each Governor. Isn’t this completely incomprehensible, and ... [Read More]

Who Needs Personal Responsibility When We Can Just Trust Our Overlords?

The historian and economist Deirdre McCloskey often laments the power that pessimism and despair seems to have over us. In her review of Thomas Piketty’s doorstop-sized book on capitalism and inequality—oh, in that long-forgotten blissful past when ... [Read More]

Brett Lindell: Designing and Assembling a Breakthrough Business in Construction

Design & Assembly is the second pin (after Imagination) in the Economics For Business GPS system — the toolset to help entrepreneurs navigate their business environment. We talk to Brett Lindell, CEO of Pantheon Holdings (which includes Aegis ... [Read More]

The Rise of the New Socialism—and What You Can Do about It

I. THE STARTING CONDITIONS In this article want to explain that a rapid departure from the free market system (or what is left of it today) is taking place before our eyes, and that this is a development that endangers not only prosperity but also ... [Read More]

Engineers and Planners

The Engineer The ideal of conscious control of social phenomena has made its greatest influence felt in the economic field. The present popularity of "economic planning" is directly traceable to the prevalence of the scientistic ideas we have been ... [Read More]

The Experts’ “Zero Covid” Plan Was a Total Failure

The Chinese regime is doubling down in its “zero covid” strategy. In recent weeks, new covid cases have been detected in several cities. In a world of the more-contagious omicron variant, this is to be expected. But what has been the Chinese state’s ... [Read More]

Global Governance versus Freedom and Free Enterprise

When assailing global governance, pundits rarely comment on its impact on small countries. Yet the degree to which small countries are ignored by global institutions—like the G7, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank—helps to illustrate ... [Read More]