On the the next radio program: "Basel III & Gold. Rocket Fuel Added for Gold’s Next Takeoff " Andrew Maguire, Chris Taylor and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Recession Likely in 2019

When I interviewed Danielle DiMartino Booth on my radio show on March 12, I asked her what the chances are that we would enter a recession in 2019. Without hesitation she said they are very, very high. She said this after noting several issues of weakness in the auto and residential real estate, despite lower mortgage rates. She also noted that the ... [Read More]

Worshiping the State – How Liberalism Became Our State Religion

Dr. Benjamin Wiker visits for the first time as a guest on the show, while Michael Oliver and Bob Moriarty return. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the U.S. Government from establishing or funding a religion, but Dr. Wiker explains why that is ... [Read More]

Under “Basel III” Rules, Gold Becomes Money!

Thanks to Chris Powell of the Gold Anti Trust Action committee (GATA), I was alerted to the fact that on March 29th, new BIS rules, termed “Basel III,” will go into effect. Those rules will allow physical gold bullion (but not paper gold) to be on a ... [Read More]

My Interviews with Companies I Brought to the MIF

Below are links to the presentations of the companies I brought to the MIF in Toronto in early March, which are covered in my newsletter and are some of my favorites, as well as my one-to-one interview with each one of them.  You can just click on ... [Read More]

Will America Face an Economic Recession in 2019?

Danielle DiMartino Booth, Michael Oliver and Robert Moriarty return as guests this week on the radio program. Danielle who always provides insightful commentary regarding the Federal Reserve and its monetary policy, especially during times when ... [Read More]

Panel: The Significance of Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Sponsored by Steve and Cassandra Torello. Featuring David Gordon ("Hoppe and German Philosophy"), Mark Thornton ("Hoppe as Textbook Writer"), Stephan Kinsella ("Hoppe on Property Rights"), Thomas DiLorenzo ("Hoppean Political Economy vs. Public ... [Read More]

Liberty vs. War: A Brief History

[The John Bartel Lecture, presented at the 2012 Mises Institute Supporters Summit: "The Truth About War: A Revisionist Approach." You can watch a video of this lecture here.] In his book, Anatomy of the State, Murray Rothbard wrote, Just as the two ... [Read More]

Henry Hazlitt’s Long-Term Economic Thinking: Foundation of Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Hunter Lewis. Recorded at the Mises Institute on March 22, 2019. Includes an introduction by Joseph T. Salerno. The Austrian Economics Research Conference is the international, interdisciplinary ... [Read More]

Political Capitalism: How Economic and Political Power is Made and Maintained

The F. A. Hayek Memorial lecture, sponsored by Greg and Joy Morin. Recorded at the Mises Institute on March 23, 2019. Includes an introduction by Joseph T. Salerno. The Austrian Economics Research Conference is the international, interdisciplinary ... [Read More]

The High Cost of Mandatory Paid Parental Leave

In the latest episode of conservatism as “progressivism driving the speed limit,” former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum proposed the idea of paid leave at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This idea is starting to manifest itself as ... [Read More]

Two Down, One to Go, and the Fed is Stuck

My most important economic predictions have come in rock solid By David Haggith at http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/2018-2019-economic-predictions/ Two of my biggest and longest-term predictions for 2018 and 2019 proved resoundingly true this ... [Read More]

20 Days Left to Find Buying Opportunities In Gold

Our researchers have been glued to Gold, Silver and the Precious Metals sector for many months. We believe the current setup in Gold is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for skilled traders to stake positions below $1300 before a potentially ... [Read More]

The Fed Changes Horses In The Middle Of A Stream…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts March 25, 2019 * Currencies & Metals continue to be stuck in the mud... * Federal Budget hits a record deficit! Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Front and center this morning, I want to say thank you ... [Read More]

Will the Trade War End in a Rural Bloodbath?

By the end of March, Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet at a formal signing ceremony to ratify a historic trade agreement between the world’s two largest economies . It has been one long year since the United States fired ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 3/25 – Economic Gloom Hits World Stock Markets, America In 2050

Italy Signs Deals With China Worth 2.5 Billion Euros, More to Come: Di Maio Economic gloom hits world stock markets America in 2050 Study declares 95% of reported bitcoin trading is fake Schools Aim to Teach Teens Financial Savvy JP Morgan, banks ... [Read More]

The Media, Mueller, the Big Con and the Democratization of Narrative

Falling for a con is painful. The first reaction is to deny being conned, of course. The second is to blame skeptics for being correct in their skepticism.Here's the fundamental "story" of the Mueller Investigation: elites don't like "the little ... [Read More]

The Data Don’t Speak for Themselves

Obituaries for the late Princeton economist Alan Krueger have mixed praise for his personal character with implicit (or explicit) endorsement of his research approach. Krueger, writes Noah Smith, “helped turn the economics profession into a more ... [Read More]

The “State of Nature” Is a State of Poverty

From time immemorial men have prattled about the blissful conditions their ancestors enjoyed in the original "state of nature." From old myths, fables, and poems the image of this primitive happiness passed into many popular philosophies of the 17th ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 3/23 – Housing Market Tipping In Favor Of Buyers, The Year the World Falls Apart

Housing market is tipping in favor of buyers, real-estate agents say 3-21 Hanson…Massive House Price Growth Deceleration; A BRICK WALL Politics Has Failed, Now Central Banks Are Failing Doug Casey on the Year the World Falls Apart The Cambridge ... [Read More]

7 Market-Moving Charts Investors Need to See

Stocks erased their weekly gains and bond yields fell today as investors reacted to a number of economic developments. Chief among them were a Treasury yield curve inversion, the first since before the financial crisis, and continued slowdown in the ... [Read More]

Decades of Transit Trouble on New York’s Subways

As the New York City subway system continues to deteriorate, this word is verboten by political and media elites here: Privatization. Even the supposed friends of private enterprise, the Manhattan Institute, don’t argue for the abolition of the ... [Read More]

What Did the Founders Mean by “Invasion”?

Even by the middle of the 18th century, the English language lacked a widely-used set of standard definitions to English words. While English dictionaries existed, those that did were widely considered deficient for a variety of reasons. Famous ... [Read More]

Adam Parks: Flood!

In late February, Sonoma County California experienced intense flooding causing several hundred millions of dollars in damage. Fortunately loss of life was very low relative to the fires that ravaged the same region the year before. In this week's ... [Read More]

The Path Forward

Executive Summary Learning how to become rich requires 'unlearning' what we're taught in school Clarifying the path forward Recommended reading for getting started on the journey Why investing in your continuing education is so critical at this ... [Read More]