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This ETF Provides One-Click Access To A High-Yield Covered Call Strategy

From Contrarian Outlook: If you’re worried about a pullback, I don’t blame you. But don’t sit in cash and earn nothing when you can hedge your portfolio and collect yields up to 8%. Let’s talk about a couple of funds that use a well-worn options ... [Read More]

Six Graphs that Reveal Big Problems for Student and Auto Loans

By: Jonathan NewmanThe New York Fed’s most recent household debt report showed ballooning debt and delinquency in student and auto loans. Total household debt has just about reached its previous late-2008 high of over $12.5 trillion.You’ll notice ... [Read More]

Trump Obamacare Repeal Blew Up Bigly Because of a House Divided Against Itself

Trump’s really big supporters openly grieved that the explosion of his emphatically promised Obamacare replacement bodes poorly for all of Trump’s plans. Fox’s Sean Hannity and Lou Dobb’s regaled the Republican party for failing to take the reins and ... [Read More]

A Growing Challenge To U.S. Dollar Dominance

With the Federal Reserve's recent interest rate hike, the U.S. dollar has been grabbing all the currency headlines recently. Traders are actively debating what the current pace of Fed tightening means for the dollar. So far, it doesn't look good. The ... [Read More]

Investor Alert: Strategist: Keep Calm, Tax Reform Is On Its Way

Stocks had their worst day in months on Tuesday. The S&P 500 Index retreated more than 1 percent for the first time since October, and the small-cap Russell 2000 Index gave back more than 2 percent for the first time since September. As of today, ... [Read More]

India’s Stock Market Could Outperform All Others In 2017 And 2018

From Taki Tsaklanos: Which will be the strongest stock bull market of 2017 and 2018? That is the million dollar question for any investor. InvestingHaven’s research team forecasts that the most powerful stock bull market this year and next year will ... [Read More]

What If Trump’s Policies Aren’t Bullish For Banks After All?

From Zacks: There are enough reasons for banks and their investors to cheer, as President Trump’s policy goals appear to open a number of avenues for profitability. Among others, the expected roll back of the Dodd-Frank Act, which has been limiting ... [Read More]

Here’s How The Tesla Inc Model 3 Could Change Driving Forever

From Jon Markman: Humans are lousy drivers. The fix is coming later this year. A new car promises superhuman driving powers and it will change everything, says a noted analyst. Adam Jonas, an auto analyst at Morgan Stanley, believes new ... [Read More]

Ultra Long-Term S&P 500 Chart Could Signal A Top Forming

From Taki Tsaklanos: When analyzing long term stock market charts it is recommended to compare the charts on different timeframes. Moreover, it can be very helpful to look at long term stock market charts on an inflation-adjusted basis. This article ... [Read More]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Pares Losses As Trumpcare Bill Fails

From Brad Hoppmann: There was only one story on Washington and Wall Street Friday, and it was the fate of the Trump/Ryan healthcare bill in the House of Representatives. Well, after plenty of horse trading and sausage making by the White House and ... [Read More]

Technicals For Gold Miners Remain Weak

From Jordan Roy-Byrne: Last week we wrote that precious metals should see upside follow through but to be wary of the 200-day moving averages and February highs before becoming excited. The metals did follow through as Gold gained 1.5% and Silver ... [Read More]

Russia Is Preparing For $40 Oil Through At Least 2019

From Zainab Calcuttawala: Russia is budgeting its federal spending to expectations that oil prices will hover around $40 a barrel for the next several years, according to a new report by Bloomberg. Such preparations go against predictions by ... [Read More]

BlackRock: Stocks Can Still Rise As The Fed Continually Hikes Rates

From BlackRock: With two more Fed hikes potentially on the horizon in 2017, Rick Rieder clears up a few wrong assumptions some market watchers are making about rate normalization. The Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates last week as we had ... [Read More]

Will Trumps’ Fiscal Stimulus Really Lead To Inflation?

From Invesco: Financial markets have reacted strongly to the election of US President Donald Trump. While equities in the US and elsewhere have risen strongly (reflecting expectations of stronger growth and therefore improved corporate earnings), ... [Read More]

Week in Review: March 25, 2017

By: Mises InstituteOur guest on Mises Weekends is Professor Per Bylund, a man who studies entrepreneurship for a living. Why is the role of the entrepreneur — the individual who risks capital, time, and energy to build a business — almost completely ... [Read More]

Fed Financial Statements: $6 Billion Drop in Fed Remittances

By: C.Jay EngelAs the Fed continues to increase the rate of interest it pays on excess reserves, the Fed's profits that are left over are slowly going to shrink in size. Since the Fed sends its profits to the US Treasury each year, the US Treasury ... [Read More]

Trump faces his first big test.

* Say a prayer for Chuck. * Trump's first big test. * New Home sales rise. * Palladium hits a 2 year high... And Now, Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good morning. As you all are aware, Chuck is headed under the knife first thing this ... [Read More]

An Inside Look At The World’s Largest Actively Managed ETF

Considering the largest ETF proper in the U.S. listed product landscape is the $212 billion passive-index based SPY, smart-beta and actively managed ETFs still have quite a bit of work to do in terms of potential upside in asset growth. When we go ... [Read More]

Small Caps Are Suddenly Back In Vogue As Q1 Draws To An End

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows update, which today focuses on a renewed interest in small cap stocks, reversing an earlier trend, along with big-time inflows into emerging markets amid end-of-quarter ... [Read More]

Deutsche Bank Could Face Billions In New Fines For FX Conduct

From Zacks: Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB) recently indicated that it is anticipating imposition of a monetary penalty from the Federal Reserve and New York’s Department of Financial Services, according to a Bloomberg report. The penalty is related to ... [Read More]