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These Sectors Are Most Vulnerable As Corporate Debt Nears Record Level

From David Dutkewych: Years of cheap credit have not only helped the U.S. economy recover, but the world’s economy. There’s no doubt about it. But at what cost? Financial stability, at least according to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) latest ... [Read More]

German Stocks Overcome Speed Bump & Surge To Fresh All-Time Highs

From Dana Lyons: After pausing briefly at its 2015 all-time highs, the German DAX has jumped to new highs. Just 3 weeks ago, we noted the milestone, and challenge, facing Germany’s DAX stock index. A furious 4-month, 20% rally had brought the index ... [Read More]

Emerging Market Bonds Remain Attractive, As More Countries Improve

From BlackRock: The latest quarterly update of the BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) makes it easier for investors to determine how emerging market bonds stack up. Richard Turnill explains. Investor demand for emerging market (EM) debt has been ... [Read More]

Is The Renewed Equities Rally For Real? Fundamentals Say Yes

From Franklin Templeton Investments: With US equities charging to new heights, some market observers are questioning whether the market is climbing a “wall of worry” based in part on policy promises that haven’t yet been delivered. Grant Bowers, vice ... [Read More]

The NFL Draft and the Division of Labor

By: Doug FrenchTonight, the second-most-popular televised football broadcast of the year takes place from New York's Radio City Music Hall. ESPN will broadcast round one of the NFL Draft, with the remaining rounds to be broadcast on Friday and ... [Read More]

End of empire

"Already, China dominates world trade. Her own economy is already significantly larger than that of the US on the PPP estimates. While being the largest consumer of raw materials, China also exports more finished goods by value than any other ... [Read More]

ESPN is a Reminder That on the Market, No One Is Too Big to Fail

By: Tho BishopThis week ESPN announced they were laying off 100 on-screen personalities and writers, the latest round of staff cuts for the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports. Some of the issues plaguing ESPN are obvious, they are first and ... [Read More]

Social Media ETFs In Focus Following Twitter’s Blowout Earnings

From Zacks: The social media space is likely to be on fire post Twitter Inc.’s (TWTR – Free Report) first-quarter 2017 earnings release. The stock soared 7.9% in the key trading session on April 26 as the micro-blogging website beat on both lines and ... [Read More]

British Pound ETF Momentum Continues As Brexit Fears Fade

The infamous “Brexit” referendum vote occurred in June of 2016, and most everyone remembers the general panic and precipitous drop in the British Pound Sterling in the immediate days after these results. For tracking purposes in ETF land we watch FXB ... [Read More]

Bullish Options Bets Seen In The Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows report, which today points out some big money returning to large caps, continued inflows to small caps, and some interesting options activity in a popular financial ... [Read More]

U.S. Dollar Weakness Should Prove Bullish For Gold

From Sean Brodrick: Are you old enough to remember Warner Bros. cartoons? Man, I used to love those on Saturday mornings. And what’s happening to the U.S. dollar now reminds me a lot of the old “Road Runner” cartoons. I think King Dollar is having a ... [Read More]

Atlanta Fed Cuts Q1 GDP Forecast

By: C.Jay EngelThe Atlanta Fed's GDPNow model has steadily dropped from above 3% growth forecasted for Q1 2017 down to just barely positive as of today: 0.2%. Here is the reasoning from the Atlanta Fed:The forecast of first-quarter real consumer ... [Read More]

Tiny Trump Hands Deliver Teeny Tiny Tax Plan, US Stocks Collapse in Despair

The big announcement of the really, really big Trump Tax Plan with the “biggest tax cuts in history” came out bigly on Wednesday, as Trump promised. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Trump’s latest ... [Read More]

Traders Don’t Think Trump’s TRP Will Pass.

In This Issue. * Rupees and pounds rally. * kiwi is worst performer overnight!.. * Oil remains below $50. * What's Fannie thinking? ******************************************** And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. ... [Read More]

Gold’s Panic Sell-Off Presents A Buying Opportunity

From Sean Brodrick: Gold investors, forget Europe. Yeah, yeah, gold prices went down on the idea that France might vote for someone boring. Panic leaked out of the market like an old balloon. So, gold prices went down. That’s nice. I told you why ... [Read More]

Harness The Self-Driving Car Revolution With This ETF

From Jon Markman: Most people are self-driving car skeptics. They just can’t imagine the cumbersome robot cars we see in the media today will ever become good or cheap enough for widespread use. A big hurdle is LiDAR, the light-based radar technology ... [Read More]

This Leading Stock Market Indicator Remains Firmly Bullish

From Taki Tsaklanos: U.S. stock markets are hitting new highs this week. The Nasdaq Composite index broke through the psychologically important level of 6,000 points while the small cap index Russell 2000 broke above 1400 points. The Dow Jones index ... [Read More]

Dow Jones Industrial Average Stumbles As Trump’s Tax Plan Details Emerge

The U.S. markets took a breather on Wednesday, following two massive up days drive by tax reform hopes. Market Technician Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial examines the sideways action and updates the crucial technical levels to focus on as the ... [Read More]

These Six Stocks Are Leading The Dow Jones Industrial Average Higher

From Corey Rosenbloom: With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) breaking to new all-time highs, let’s take a look at the six surging stocks in the Dow Jones: Our principle is that stocks which are strong tend to get stronger. That’s why we ... [Read More]

Oil Fails To Hold Gains After Higher Than Expected Draw

From Matt Smith: In today’s game of rock-paper-scissors from the weekly EIA inventory report, crude inputs were propelled higher (like a rock), blunting the impact of super-strong imports (the scissors). On paper, the crude draw is bullish, but a ... [Read More]