HEADLINES: Wounded Knee Pix, Nix on FCC, XL Pipeline, & hotel wolves


Nebraska judge says no to XL Pipeline. (Associated Press) Says governor improperly invoked “eminent domain.” (For more on XL Pipeline, see our piece about environmental and health risks, here.)

Remarkable photos of the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890—and the uprising in 1973 when Native American activists took over the community of Wounded Knee (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota) in protest over conditions and treatment. (Denver Post)

UK court ok’s decision to hold Glenn Greenwald partner and copy his files at airport despite free press implications. (Guardian)

Climate zones moving at rate of almost four feet a day (NPR)

Disinformation 101? Pro-corporate website and GOP seek to create firestorm over FCC research-gathering on tv and radio newsrooms. (BizPac Review) The linked article doesn’t make clear that, given the value of broadcasting licenses, and the limited spectrum, FCC is actually supposed to make sure the public interest is served—just like monitors of educational quality. Even without the “Fairness Doctrine.” Besides–who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall at Fox News, see how the distortion machine works?

Colorado legislator accidentally leaves loaded gun behind after a debate on concealed weapons permits. (Denver Post). Who actually believes that things are “more safe” these days in Dodge City for the rest of us?

Sochi update—wolf in the hallway? (Digg) Or “Putin’s Pet”? Or “Bobsled Bob?” Watch video and decide.