Stall Speed Economics—Why Wall Street Is an Accident Waiting To Happen

Almost daily, David Stockman, my guest on last week’s radio show, provides brilliant market and economic commentary for his paid subscribers. On Thursday he wrote a missive with the above title and concluded the piece with the following summary: But as the twitter storm and alt-Right agenda reduces the White […]

David Stockman: Get out of Stocks Now!

David Stockman and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. The S&P surged to an extremely overpriced 26X PE as investors bet that Trump can restore economic growth and corporate profits again. But how rational is that given that Americans had just elected the most disruptive, erratic, […]

David Stockman: Get out of Stocks Now!

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day and Michael Oliver says the gold bull market continues after the recent correction and gives dollar view. Michael Oliver continues the conversation talking about the high possibility of major shifts in the markets with precious metals, dollar and commodities. Michael Oliver continues the […]

Gold Shares Look Even Stronger

Michael has been consistently more bullish on the gold shares than on gold bullion. The price and momentum charts shown on your left certainly help to understand but they also underpin his bullish view on gold mining shares.  Here is what he wrote earlier today:   Relative performance of gold […]

Gold’s Looking More Constructive Again

The average monthly gold price based on the London PM Fix is charted on your left. The average for the month of January 2017 was $1,192.65. That compared with a 20-month average of $1,230.33 and a 40-month average of $1,251.24. The average for the first two days of February was […]

Who Wins The Impending Trump-Yellen Brawl?

John Rubino and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. Whether the Fed believes that the economy is getting better and thus rates must begin to rise, or if rates are rising from an absence of buyers of U.S. Treasuries, it seems the Federal Reserve is determined […]

Doug Casey Compares the 1930s and Today

Anyone who understands free market economics knows the current system based on Keynesian economics is heading for some sort of catastrophic economic depression. The two unknowns are “when” and “how” does it play out? Does it end in hyperinflationary “crack-up boom” or in the form of a 1930s-style deflationary implosion. […]

Who Wins The Impending Trump-Yellen Brawl?

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day and talks about the big move in gold and the dollar that was caused by Trump’s talk about foreign currencies. Michael Oliver comments on the big move on the dollar, believes the Euro move us as the dollar value declines and thinks […]

The Metals Investor Forum Was a Smashing Success

The latest Metals Investor Forum (MIF) held on January 20 and January 21 was another smashing success. In fact, as word has spread of the high quality of these events, even larger cap companies are sowing an interest in participating. For example, to my surprise, Osisko Gold Royalties requested entrance […]

Is Trump America’s Last Chance for a 1776 Revival?

Is Trump America’s Last Chance for a 1776 Revival? On the latest radio program, Richard Maybury and Michael Oliver return, while Patrick J. Cruickshank visits for the first time. Prior to the election, Jim Rickards opined on this show that Donald Trump may be the last chance America has to […]

Is Trump America’s Last Chance for a 1776 Revival?

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day, and Michael Oliver gives his latest views on gold and other major markets of concern. Patrick J. Cruickshank, CEO of Chilean Metals, talks about their iron oxide copper and gold exploration properties in Chile and Nova Scotia. Richard Maybury, publisher of U.S. & […]

The Crack-up Boom Is Ending and That’s Very Bullish for Gold

This is a rather short missive this week because I have been involved in traveling to and participating in the Metals Investor Forum at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver. In addition, as the markets are in a state of anxious limbo while the world awaits a new king, […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Finance

Peter Grandich and Michael Oliver return as guests for the radio program. With early success as a stock broker, Peter was known as “The Wall St. Whiz Kid.” But despite money and fame, Peter was very unhappy. Not only was he unhappy, he was clinically depressed and thought of taking […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Finance

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day, talks about the Metals Investor Forum and gives some of the speakers and companies that will be there. Michael Oliver gives an update on the markets from his latest technical work to help us sort through all the noise and gives insight […]

The Big Question for 2016: Commodity Inflation or Credit Market Deflation?

As you can see from my IDW on the left, this measure of credit expansion and credit contraction is for the moment at least in the expansion or inflation mode. After moving over the three-year moving average it fell back to test it. It passed the test and, so far […]

Too Many Alligators to Drain the Swamp?

On this week’s radio program David Stockman, Chen Lin and Quinton Hennigh return. The stock market makes new highs as investors buy the notion that fiscal stimulus and tax cuts under Trump can return America to prosperity and rejuvenate the Middle Class. Never one to wear rose-colored glasses, former Reagan budget […]

Too Many Alligators to Drain the Swamp?

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day, and Quinton Hennigh, President and CEO of Novo Resources, shares an update on the company. Chen Lin, who has found ways to make money in all kinds of markets, will share his favorite themes for the New Year, and pass on some […]

Michael Oliver for the Technical Analysis and Dan Oliver for the Fundamentals

There is a humility that the best technicians have because they know that collectively markets are a lot smarter than they are. But not being a technical analyst myself, I like to try to understand the reasons for market moves and I know you do too. Michael Oliver, indeed, does […]

Will 2017 Be a Good Year for Gold Bugs and Honest Money?

I have gained an enormous amount of respect over the past couple of years for the consistently accurate technical work of Michael Oliver. I certainly do not suggest he is infallible, nor does Michael himself believe he is. But I have not personally found anyone who is more helpful to […]

Market Outlook for 2017

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Jim Payne return as guests. With optimism surrounding the Trump election, stocks have made new highs with the Dow nearing 20,000. But once the Trump “honeymoon” is over and reality sets in, what will be the direction for stocks, bonds, commodities and currency markets? We […]